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Posted: Nov 15, 2009 12:27 

Yeah so Capcom left a pretty big mess with the ending of Seperate Ways and the story of Resident Evil 5. Let us begin:

1) In the English version of Resident Evil 4, we are led to believe that there is a "Master Plaga" specimen which is of dire importance to three groups: Albert Wesker, the Los Illuminados, and The Organization. Ada Wong is sent to retrieve it by Wesker and the Organization, but is secretly working against Wesker.

2) This is actually complete bullshit, at least until we finish this. Ada retrieves 8 Plaga samples (in the Japanese version, known as "kiseitai", parasite body), and retrieves the "sample" which is of major importance (known as "shihaishu", dominant species). It just so happens that Master and Control mean the same thing here. Go figure.

3) The English version of Seperate Ways explicitly states that The Organization requires samples of the parasites themselves to conduct tests and confirm or disprove theories concerning how they work. Wesker also wants them for more sinister ends. According to the English ending, Ada sends Wesker "a different present, just as the Organization ordered". In the Japanese version, this reads "I gave Wesker another present. As per the orders of the "organization"". So Ada retrieves the samples and sends Wesker something else. All fine and dandy for now... then come RE5.

4) From the very offset, it is apparent that Tricell and Albert Wesker have managed to get Las Plagas. Including Control Plagas. How? Didn't Ada send Wesker a "different present"? Well, we'll come to that soon. In the official Resident Evil 5 guide, it is also mentioned by the developers that Wesker managed to get Las Plagas from a side-game in Resident Evil 4. This is backed up by what is seen in the game, and also by the loading screen timeline which says he got them from Ada Wong.

5) Pretty messed up so far isn't it? Well blame Capcom's piss-poor knack at explaining things. Lets take to the skies! I mean the guides.

6) Alright, since we have begun translating the Biohazard Kaitashinsho guides we have discovered some of the most interesting information that, to be honest, blew my fucking balls to bits. Whats sad is that this information is completely lost to the majority of the population since, y'know, we can't read Japanese (though some of us are trying to learn!). We at Project Umbrella are essentially making it our mission to bring this information out of the rut and make it available to EVERYONE. So far, we're succeeding. With the help of the Biohazard 5 Kaitaishinsho guide, we have solved this plot hole. And with a single enemy bio, no less:

Irving Transformed

When facing Chris and Sheva, Irving injected himself with the embryo of the "Control Plagas" parasite in the way of solution, and transformed into a giant aquatic creature. Because it has obvious differences in appearance with the parasite used by the chief plotter in the South Europe Incident, it is supposed to be a modified subordinate Plagas parasite similar to those in that incident. However, it also has some characteristics of the Control Plagas. Injecting the parasite won't make the host lose his mind, and makes it possible to control the parasite with the host's will. The new type of Plagas have had other ways to control and command, so the purpose of its development is only to improve its fighting abilities.

Did I just blow your fucking mind, or did I just blow your fucking mind? Yes you heard that right. There is an entirely new type of Plagas that has gone unmentioned for two complete games. And here we have it in a single enemy bio. THX CAPCOM

7) So how does this bio solve this entire debacle? Well to begin, the bio outright states that Saddler had a Control Plaga, and that the one injected by Irving appeared different. But didn't Wesker get the Control Plaga, shouldn't they not have to mention this? Well, no. Read on. It mentions that the Plaga injected by Irving is actually a modified Subordinate Plaga "similar to those in that incident" (this quote refers to Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar, who were initially believed to have Control Plagas as well). It has characteristics of the Control Plagas, in that injection won't cause the host to lose his mind. Seem familiar? Oh, and apparently the Control Plaga isn't even used to control other Plagas in RE5, as they have "had other ways to control and command" the new types of Plagas. This is backed up by one of the files in the game which state that Control Plagas aren't actually needed to control the Majini.

8) Mind blown. So back to RE4. This modified Subordinate Plaga has actually existed before RE5, and is present in RE4 as stated by the bio. Though you wouldn't know that with Capcom's exceptional story-telling. So, now we can pin-point that there are actually only TWO "real" Control Plagas in the series. One was injected into Osmund Saddler, as implied by the bio, and the other was retrieved by Ada. So THATS why they called it their "lifeblood", and why they were so intent on getting it back. It was one-of-a-kind. In the English version of RE4, Jack Krauser states that his mission is to retrieve "the sample Saddler developed, thats all". In the Japanese version, Krauser actually says "raised", as in bred or cultivated. Its importance just went up a few nothces, dont you think?

9) Go to 10

10) Time for the finalé. What does all this mean? We have a Control Plaga imposter type Plaga... imposter you say? Didn't Ada say, rather sarcastically, that she sent Wesker a "different" present? Wouldn't Wesker make it his mission to hunt her down and choke a bitch if he knew she screwed him over? What if he didn't know? Wouldn't it be pretty stupid if the Organization ordered Ada to send Wesker (a traitor with an alliance with a rival company, Tricell at the time) something that could potentially shift the balance of the world rather quickly? Yeah it would be stupid but hey Capcom don't seem to want to make you aware of it.

Bottom line? Ada sent Wesker the modified Subordinate Plagas, which has some characteristics of the Control Plaga. She kept the real, purebred Control Plaga and gave it to the Organization. Now doesn't that make more sense than the clusterfuck we were left with?

Hope this was as informative for you any of you as it was for my plot-obsessed ass. Word to Capcom; stop screwing us over please. ;_;

Special Thanks to Prime Blue for bringing the colossal fuck-up to my attention, and much more thanks to BioTech who made the solution possible.
Posted: Mar 17, 2010 17:29

Written by FLAGSHIP (responsible for the story lines of RE2, CV, Zero, Survivor, Dead Aim, beta RE4's etc) and broadcast to promote the game, you might recognize one primary element from this one as being hinted at throughout the series. Raccoon City's neighbouring town: Stoneville. This particular album was written before the concept of a nuclear detonation over Raccoon City became a part of the series storyline, so in this story, the US Army, Air Force and Umbrella burn Raccoon City personally, and later, Stoneville.

Credit goes to BioTech for the excellent translation.
Posted: Apr 11, 2010 23:02 

Project Umbrella will be translating the book virtually fully, I am just awaiting on my order arriving.
 Post subject: Sherry's Fate Revealed
Posted: May 04, 2010 19:57 

As translated from the "Inside of Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles" glossary section, page 183, "Sherry Birkin".

"Sherry now is under the custody of the US government, but among the personnels in the department, many of them were spies planted by Wesker. So in fact Sherry now is in a terrible position of double jeopardy."

Wesker's Report was indeed right, there was a misconception about what Wesker says all along. He simply has access to her and the G-Antibody, but does not have her herself.
 Post subject: The REAL "Nemesis Report"
Posted: Jul 06, 2010 22:42 page 081 of the Biohazard 3 Last Escape Official Guidebook - Complete Conquest .

Basically, exactly how the NE-alpha takes control over a host is described in great detail. On top of this, the whole thing about at least one Nemesis-T Type escaping confinement is also from this very page. The Chinese guidebook merely copied information directly from this guide and added their own fanon taken from the US version of the game (such as the "NE-T virus", which does not exist at all in the Biohazard/Resident Evil series).

I need a full translation. Anyone up for it? Until then, here's two very very very rough basic translations using software:

"Mansion incident" with valuable verification of the data obtained in combat, the umbrella biological weapons research team, T-BOW made for most of the virus, as it provides "goods" and low enough to get led to the realization that not only possess the intellect.

Even the tyrant and the body was considered the ultimate completion, the instruction to perform satisfactorily for 11 could result, each branch of the research team to explore the possibility of a different approach to improve their intelligence possibly be. Is suggested that one of the answers, the research had been continued from the previous report to the European headquarters support, and new creatures to make different kinds of parasites Ku drew while strengthening the capacity of BOW, Con choosing a unique role to keep under its complete control brains speak was more diabolical biological modification of Soshi. Then there was developed, parasites "NE-type α"
- The one known as Nemesis. They are transplanted into the spinal cord and biological weapons at the cellular level, the body Ding - pulling in cell growth and virus to form its own brain around the medulla. Frontal lobe of the host to destroy the central nervous system and eroded at the same time landing in the altered brain neural circuits to work with self-Su Bae, a brain function. Nemesis and thus take charge of the case I think you grow into the host, and to control completely as my body.

The experiments were transplanted into the body of the latest models these tyrant "Nemesis-T type" of the reports have been made interesting. Nemesis budding culture of ego in the process, it was a known case of breakout from the facility with fellow hoes. It is proved that the dramatically improved physical intelligence tests, BOW also suggests that the risk could be a new intellectual life Hirugaesu revolted against humanity. At that time, humanity will survive power?

Most of B.O.W. where the biological weapon study team of the umbrella was made with "European-style building case" using T- virus by the inspection of provided valuable actual fighting data came to recognize the fact that only low intelligence could have so that "product" could not be just enough.

For these 11 results that were not able to even execute an order even in tyrants regarded as an ultimate completion body, the study team of each branch office will grope for possibility of the intelligence improvement by different approach in each. What was shown as one of the answers was able to always continue a study at a European branch office of the main office direct control; was the living body remodeling method that was original and was more devilish that it was said put it under the control of it in the brain をち perfection, and to do Kon 卜 roll while strengthening ability カ of B.O.W. by letting a new creature of the another kind be parasitic at all. What was developed in that way an infestant "NE-α type"
-It is one designation Nemesis. When these are ported at a cell level by the spinal cord of the biological weapon, I take in the internal 丁 - virus cell and multiply it and form an original brain in the vicinity of the hindbrain. I erode in the central nerve at the same time and destroy the frontal lobe of the host and change a neural circuit to link the brain of staying brain function をす ベ て self. Nemesis controls 成 りかわつて thought to a host in this way and completely controls the body as my thing.

In addition, about the experiment body "Nemesis - Model T" that these were transfused into the latest tyrant, an interesting report is accomplished. Self sprouts by a culture process of Nemesis, and it is the example that planned escape with a friend from an institution. It shows that the intelligence of the experiment body improved drastically and suggests the new intellectual living entity that B.O.W. revolts against the human and the danger that it can be. Is the human the mosquito which may survive then?
 Post subject: Project Umbrella Updates
Posted: Jul 02, 2010 2:17 

So yeah, been making a lot of updates to the articles lately, if anyone's interested. I'll just be posting quick lists here.

Posted: Mar 21, 2011 18:58 

Don't think you know that TheBatman is one of the people who helped me with this timeline. It essentially is a continuation of the Biohaze timeline. And by indirectly bashing it, you're also bashing the original timeline and TheBatman's effort. Nice. :neutral: Where did i bash it? Tell me. All i said is i'll wait for the Biohaze timeline, i didn't bash your offering, did i?

I dunno, coming into a topic just to say "not interested" (then "fuck off") over someone's work is a little bit of a dick move no matter how you look at it. But good luck on the waiting, I suppose. Do please just stop posting in this topic if you have nothing to add.
Posted: Mar 21, 2011 15:41 

...finally. Just in time for the 15th Anniversary. ... vil-%CE%B1
Posted: May 31, 2011 10:40 

It's a beta placeholder, that's all. The text is almost the exact same, just a different font.
Posted: Jun 14, 2011 20:19 

If such a fantastic team as this exists, why would they send the piss poor alpha team to get the G-Sample? Isn't that a higher priority than killing cops? Unless they were completely confident that HUNK could solo the mission, and that these cool guys would only slow him down.

With that little nitpick aside, I'm starting to come around to these characters, at least in a gameplay sense. I enjoy variety.

Because this team doesn't exist in the Biohazard canon nor do the events of the game.

The HUNK training Vector thing is pretty stupid, since HUNK was being trained himself at the time.

Yes there is. These supposedly highly trained special forces guys were slaughtered by a monster that couldn't take out a random biker girl or a rookie cop. Also the fact that HUNK doesn't care about any of his team members ("Survival is your responsibility") points to the fact that they're all just meat shields for him to carry out the mission. I think the best conclusion to be made here is that Umbrella had complete confidence in HUNK alone, and sent a dummy team with him.

All members of the U.S.S. are valued, otherwise they wouldn't be members of the unit, they'd send HUNK in with the U.B.C.S. or something. HUNK is the best Special Agent in Umbrella's employ but that doesn't mean the rest of the unit are meat shields.
Posted: Jul 14, 2011 19:27 

You can keep the current gameplay style and still bring back horror. I think the problem is less with the gameplay and more with the fact that the development teams lately just fucking suck at horror. BH4 and BH5 had great set-ups and even better potential, but the execution was terrible and worse with each game. The gameplay style is hardly ever the reason horror is rare, it's just that everything else about the game isn't designed for horror. Over-abundance of ammo, plentiful health items, bad AI, bad choice for scenery/bad lighting/bad shadows etc all contribute to it.

And lets face it. Enemy design in the series lately is utterly hilarious. There's nothing scary about the majority of the enemies from BH4, UC, DC and BH5.
Posted: Jul 23, 2011 2:52 

It's up. ... t-Umbrella
Posted: Jul 31, 2011 1:01 

Brief History of Umbrella Corporation

⋅ Spring 1968: Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford and James Marcus establish " Umbrella Pharmaceutical ".

⋅ Unknown Dates: Two more companies named " Umbrella Medical Equipment " and " Umbrella Industries " are established. The companies form a konzern; a conglomerate named the " Umbrella Corporation ".

⋅ 1984: Umbrella Japan Co., Ltd is established.

⋅ May~October 1998: The biohazard caused in the Arklay Laboratory leads to a string of events which seal the corporation's fate.

⋅ 1999: Many lawsuits are filed against Umbrella. The U.S. Government issues an indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella U.S.A.

⋅ February 1999: Umbrella U.S.A. stocks crash and the company goes bankrupt, no longer operating in America. Business begins to stall for the rest of the company and sales steadily decline.

⋅ September 18~23, 2002: Umbrella lose many valuable samples and customers due to the bioterror incident on the Spencer Rain. The secret auction planned by Ozwell E. Spencer to procure funds for the revival of the corporation fail.

⋅ February 18, 2003: The T-A.L.O.S. Interdiction Operation takes place. Both T-A.L.O.S. and Sergei Vladimir are destroyed, and the U.M.F.-013 is stolen by Albert Wesker.

⋅ 2003: Albert Wesker turns in data from the U.M.F.-013 as evidence against Umbrella to the Supreme Court. The corporation loses all of its cases.

⋅ 2003, 4th of unknown month: Umbrella Headquarters announces that it is close to being placed in receivership.

⋅ 2003, unknown date: A business suspension order is issued to dismantle the Umbrella Corporation. Some of Umbrella's dummy companies and branches outside the U.S. continue acting secretly.

⋅ March 10, 2004: The Umbrella board of directors decide the dissolution of Umbrella.

⋅ March 14, 2004: The "Announcement of Company Dissolution" is posted, and the Umbrella Corporation ceases to exist.

I'm hoping this topic will help flesh out the infamous corporation even more. There's still quite a lot we don't know. I'm in the process of making a major revision to the article on Project Umbrella so this will help a great deal. I have no real idea how accurate the brief history above is, there's still some confusion even with Umbrella's downfall (there are two business suspension orders at two different times) and the exact date the company went bust is also iffy (implied to be 2003 most places, but Umbrella Japan went out "congruent to" the corporation in March 2004). I'd like for it to be discussed in detail here.

Secondly, I believe that Umbrella was originally established in Germany or at least held significant presence there. The Umbrella Corporation itself is a "konzern", which is a German business type. The Ashford family was originally the Krueger family, German aristocrats. Now they are English aristocrats (Ashford is an English name, Alfred was educated in England, they all have quite noticeable English accents in their portrayals). In a CV ad which has a few minor background details from the scenario draft, Alexia was the head of the Umbrella Germany Laboratory when she was nine before becoming head of the South Pole Base a year later.

Spencer is an English surname, but it has French origins. The Spencer family could be either/or. I believe he was referred to as a "count" in the earliest scenario for BH4? If so, that would make him French. The English equivalent to a count is an "earl". Spencer being French would also explain the heavy emphasis on France throughout the series.

Finally, I would really love to actually figure out how Umbrella was structured. It was a konzern, so it was a conglomerate made up of several smaller companies. However, what were these companies? We can be sure that Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Umbrella Medical Equipment and Umbrella Industries were among them, but what about Umbrella Japan, Umbrella Europe and Umbrella U.S.A.? Was Umbrella Japan a subsidiary or an independent company? Were Umbrella Europe and Umbrella U.S.A. independent companies or were they just branches? If they were just branches, what company in the konzern were they branches of? Etc. I'd like to figure this all out.

Here are the relevant excerpts, more will eventually be added as the topic progresses and there is a bigger need (and hopefully, more sources discovered): - BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Advertisement (text appears to be from original scenario draft albeit translated, the inclusion of minor background details resembles the bits of info in Noboru Sugimura's GUN SURVIVOR 4 BIOHAZARD HEROES NEVER DIE scenario draft which is publicly available)

A huge conglomerate made up of several smaller companies from different fields with a unified vision to monopolize. - Baker FAX correspondence (UMBRELLA) - Copy ~ UMBRELLA site

Pharmaceutical Company Umbrella and its Domestic Corporation Dissolve

The global pharmaceutical company "Umbrella" and its Japanese corporation "Umbrella Japan (Co., Ltd.)" (head office: Tokyo) issued a bankruptcy notice. The dissolution of the company was announced and the liquidation process has begun.

The Japanese corporation of Umbrella was established in 1984. Back when it was founded, it only imported and distributed drugs that were developed in the USA, but in 1987, it initiated the construction of the "Umbrella Laboratory Japan". The company's strong points were the utilization of biotechnology, original research and advancing the development of products.

However, its stock prices dropped beginning with the "Raccoon City tragedy" caused by Umbrella.
The damage done by rumors only added in recent years and the revenue kept getting lower.
There was a multitude of lawsuits concerning the Raccoon City tragedy and the Umbrella head office went bankrupt because it lost all of these cases in the end.
The Japanese corporation of the company was looking for an alienation target, but made the hard decision to dissolve as no domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies or enterprises pursuing a different business showed interest.

Excerpt from a morning paper on March 15, 2004

Umbrella Corporation

The origin of all the evil in the BIOHAZARD series. On the surface, Umbrella is a well-known giant international pharmaceutical enterprise with the motto of "Protecting the health of the people" and hot-selling products worldwide. Their main industry is pharmaceuticals and the company also developed new medical equipment, and through these achievements Umbrella gained great reputation from the public. But behind the scenes, Umbrella was actually using the Progenitor Virus discovered and researched by its 3 founders to develop B.O.W. for military application. The U.S. government was their first customer, and afterwards more and more people and organizations started to show their interest. Meanwhile, in order to deal with unstable B.O.W., a plan of developing and selling Anti-B.O.W. weapons was made and carried out soon after. While talking about the insanity of Ozwell E Spencer - one of the founders of Umbrella Corporation, the U.S. government and other B.O.W. buyers must take their responsibilities. After the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, lawsuits were filed and Umbrella was charged to take responsibility for the Raccoon incident and business stalled. Then in 2003, a business suspension order was issued to dismantle and all of Umbrella's business was shut down, and the company eventually collapsed. However, during this time, some of Umbrella's dummy companies and their branches outside the U.S. continued acting secretly. One example is, during the time of "Operation Javier", most of the B.O.W. released by Javier were purchased from them.
 Post subject: Leon's Updated Epilogue
Posted: Aug 14, 2011 20:56 

The scene at the end of "Memory of a Lost City" in BIOHAZARD THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES where Leon is taken into the custody of the U.S. Government almost word-for-word mirrors his epilogue file in BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE . Except "Ah, but she knows too much." 「ああ、だが知り過ぎている」 has been replaced by the lines starting with, "She is carrying the precious antibody against G." 「貴重なG抗体を宿している」, and a part where the official makes it clear to Leon that they aren't going to kill him or Sherry, which was somewhat implied in the original. And is completely missing from the English version of DC, go figure.

The part about Sherry carrying the G-antibody actually comes from Wesker's Report . It's the "something" inside her which Wesker alludes to. Although the original text for WR seems to imply Birkin hiding something in her, which just isn't the case.

"You know we can do something to you and that little girl."

Leon Scott Kennedy was facing the man who identified himself as a U.S. government intelligence official.

"So you're going to kill me..."

"This is a country of hope and freedom, we won't do things like that. No one can predict death, you may even die tomorrow.... It's a fact that can't be denied, except for God himself."

The man distorted his lips slightly into a smile.

"Leave Sherry out of this. She is not guilty."

"She is carrying the precious antibody against G. Of course, we won't do anything despicable to her."

The man glanced up briefly, looking him straight in the face.

"Let's talk frankly. We value and appreciate your ability. And this won't be bad for you. To make everything go peacefully, you have only one choice. Work for us."

Leon closed his eyes and replied.

still no mention of him joining an anti-Umbrella organization ;P
Posted: Aug 26, 2011 6:56 

The following translations are from the biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho guidebook, thanks to TheBatman.

Once the Plaga parasite begins to rapidly multiply and spread throughout the world, there is no technology in existence for humanity to resist it. Persons who have become Ganado or hosts are easily detected in small towns or close-knit communities where unusual words or actions are quickly detected, but they easily blend in to the crowd in large cities where even neighbors don’t know each other. Powerful monsters for which a gun is no match can blend into society and increase their numbers. Even if discovered, it would be impossible to take the same eradication action in a major city using mass destruction weapons, as was used in Raccoon City. This quiet infection would eventually reach the ranks of national government. And think of the possibilities of developing parasites capable of more advanced deception, or joining forces with an important person who has been infected with a dominant strain Plaga that retains the consciousness of the human, and who agrees to become under the control of Saddler…

This bargaining for power is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil. Leon feels that even worse is for a person in whom society has placed trust to have such aspirations.

Ramon was a descendent of the rulers of this area from ages ago, and even in the 21st century in which such sovereign rulers were all but extinct, his was one family that had continued to hold de facto power over a large and fertile region. He could even be called the king of this land. From the time they were born, the villagers had no choice but to declare their loyalty to the Salazar family. Unless they made a decision to never return to their hometown again, there was no escaping the ages-old convention of being tied to the land.
In return for this right of holding a high stature, and ruling/financial power, families normally were responsible for protecting the people. They were obligated to use force to fight off outside attacking enemies, and to fairly judge crimes within the land, treat the citizens well, and lead them to peaceful lives. In the most ideal case, they should firmly deny their own status as rules continuing to live in the old ways because such responsibilities are being managed by the national government in modern days. If they don’t, such families in the region are nothing more than parasites sucking the blood from the poor.

In the past, the Salazar family sealed away the Plaga, which was a dangerous indigenous creature, and fought against the dark cult of Los Illuminados, who worshiped this power. While people were enticed by Saddler’s charming charisma, the contemporary Ramon did the forbidden and released the Plaga, exposed the innocent villagers to become living sacrifices, and this caused Leon to harbor unspeakable anger.

Behind a large set of side-by-side opening doors, inside a space with a domed ceiling resembling a cathedral, is a frightening scene engraved on the minds of humans. A giant living thing, with roots embedded in every wall, full of sticky liquid, some combination of plant and mollusk. This is the mother of all Plagas. The root of all-evil which must not be touched.

“I respect your strong will.” Ramon laughs as he gives himself up to the twisting tentacles. Already undergoing a transformation, the crazed leader began fusing with the Plaga queen.

Ada wears “mystery” on her shoulder.

There is no confirmed information about her. Nothing is known about when and where was she born, her nationality, race or exact age, or even the name given to her at birth.

Only the woman who calls herself Ada Wong knows the truth about herself.
Thought to be Asian, she has smooth pearl-like skin and fine beautiful features.

The complex curves of her alluring body seem perfect and without waste, without losing any of her feminine appeal, and with perfect proportions. But, all of this, squeezed into a thin dress, is no more than an “enigma” hiding her true quality, like a form of powerful thought control over those who gaze at her.

The deception continues.

When Ada first approached the leaders of organizations secretly working behind the scenes of world events, they were truly unsure about what to do. A spy with no certain details about her past, which was fabricated from false footsteps – but her incredible abilities were the only sure thing about her. Proof of this was her live escape from Raccoon City.

Even the word mayhem, cannot sufficiently describe the horror of that place, a city wiped off the map out of fear for the madness out of control there. For this reason, the G-virus, which she brought back from that place, she enjoyed steadfast high regard for successfully completing such a difficult mission. The name Ada Wong became a sort of legend among those in the spy community.

It was the approach of this female spy. In the organization, there were some voices calling or her elimination out of suspicion that it was the work of another agency. For anyone even attempting to approach her, Ada was so mysterious and harbored an air of danger.

However, the organization was already harboring an uncontrollable spark that threatened to burn the organization from the inside out. Albert Wesker, former Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. commander, who infiltrated the organization by bringing with him the fruits of research of the giant Umbrella corporation, which brought the danger to Raccoon City – his influence had grown to the point of being undeniable. In order to control this rot from within, the dominators used a plan to draw in Ada. While not an unconditional request, if she could function in the role of monitoring Wesker, it would be beneficial even if Ada could not be trusted. Furthermore, if they both kept each other in check, it might automatically limit the chance of any activities as double spies, which would very unfavorable to the organization – this is what they determined.

Ada then accurately carried out this role. Even while remaining cautious, she used the fact that she was in the care of the organization to her maximum advantage, approached Wesker and became convinced that he would be the greatest effective spy agent if he were used as a pawn. The self-assured Wesker, taking pride in the fact that he was being selected, began devising a power plan for making her feel under his control, to ensure that he could use Ada, the most valuable “unit,” in the most critical parts of his plan…

Wesker was cunning, of course, and knew that the top of the organization would learn of his actions through Ada. In fact, he intentionally leaked information that he didn’t mind getting out, especially information he wanted them to hear, but even so, the truth begins to vaguely appear. What was Wesker planning…? The faint evidence for this creates an unnatural rut in the accumulation of deluge of information, conjuring up the image of the shadow of a large, thick umbrella blocking out the rays of the sun…

Within the jumble of speculation, only Ada was able to maintain complete mystery. Only her objective cleanly fell through, as if through a gaping hole, as if she was actually working her hardest for the “organization,” as if her greatest pleasure was to serve that role.

The deception continues.
Posted: Sep 01, 2011 17:45 

Vito wrote:
So by that:

Adas organization (Have the master plaga) = the Organization/Agency.

Weskers organitazion (betrayed for Tricell) = the 3rd Organization.


Correct. The confusion stems from the fact that they have yet to give any of them proper names and still say "organization".
Posted: Sep 12, 2011 0:04 

I did some machine translations and it doesn't look like there is anything interesting. Some of the gameplay stuff is obvious (one puzzle apparently results in the room filling with gas) but there's no story stuff. Rachel is apparently going to play a big role though, but it's all vague.
Posted: Sep 20, 2011 11:08 

Probably the biggest clusterfuck to arise from the BH4/BH5 era. In BH4, great importance is put on a "sample" which becomes pretty synonymous with every major story-driven scene in the game, and is mentioned so many times alone by Albert Wesker that Richard Waugh found it amusing during voice recordings. In Separate Ways, we learn that this is a "master Plaga" specimen. Ada escapes with it and gives it to another organization different from Wesker's (whether or not it is Umbrella's rival company "The 3rd Organization" or another one entirely is a contentious matter still to be looked into).

In BH5's files, we have the "control Plaga", very similar to the "master Plaga" previously. Different names though. Surely they're different? No. They're the same fucking thing, just translated differently by the translators on each game (Shinsaku Ohara for BH4, Miguel E. Corti and SDL PLC for BH5). Both names it is given in the English versions of BH4 and BH5 are alternative and inaccurate translations. The original Japanese term is " shihaishu ". The name of the parasite is actually most accurately translated as "dominant species" (or "dominant strain").

The origins of the dominant species are never actually explained in-game, however Krauser does mention that it was developed by Saddler (raised/cultivated in the Japanese version, same meaning). In the BH4 Kaitai Shinsho guide, it is revealed:

The dominant strain Las Plagas was developed out of repeated genetic modifications, in order to maintain the awareness of the host human

in Archives II, it is revealed that it was developed specifically by Luis.

The objective; obtain a sample of the 'dominant strain Plaga' being developed by Luis at the Los Illuminados cult. Ada intercepted an e-mail requesting medical assistance sent by Luis to a university friend, and from this correspondence learned that he wanted to leave the cult as a personal decision.

So, she decided to approach him and offer him a deal; she would protect him if he would steal a sample from the cult.

Finally, what about the twist ending of Separate Ways where Ada betrays Wesker? It's also explained in Archives II.

Upon hearing information about a parasite in Europe that gave superhuman strength to its host, Wesker planned a mission to steal a sample of this "Plaga" parasite from the cult of Los Illuminados. In 2004, he ordered Jack Krauser and Ada Wong to go there to steal a sample of the dominant strain Plaga. Although meticulously planned, Krauser was cut down by Leon and Ada betrayed him, resulting in only obtaining a subordinate strain Plaga sample. However, through another means of acquisition, he successfully obtained a "dead dominant strain Plaga."

So there we go. The "dominant species Plaga" is a genetically modified Plaga parasite designed to give the host control over the parasite.

Still working on trying to confirm if there was anything natural about the dominant parasite at all, or if only the "sample" was modified. There are some hints in various material that Saddler was somehow special from the rest and had control over other hosts of the dominant species Plaga. There is also the fact that he is the only dominant species host who is able to manipulate the Plaga within Leon and Ashley, none of the other hosts (Salazar, Mendez, Krauser) ever exhibit this ability. Ada calls it a "secret art" in her report, which seems to be tied with the Salazar family's ability to control them when they fossilized and sealed them centuries ago.

What annoys me is that Japanese players have had access to this shit for years.
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 22:15 

Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that one up! By the way, do you have any kind of source for it? Like in what game/magazine/collectible did this appear in? I'm having this same discussion in the RE5 movie board and I would like to share it with the people there!

Interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura (scenario writer of BH3) in the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Complete Conquest of Nemesis guidebook.
Posted: Nov 02, 2011 21:16 

And Terragrigia is not.
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