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Posted: Mar 13, 2010 16:42 

Josh isn't top tier. 'Near' everyone in reunion has a headshot + instant kill melee so they all have Midnight Wesker potential in a way. That doesn't make them top tier. You have to factor in the entire arsenal and all of their advantages before determining top tier material.

Josh is good and his melee's are strong, but, he lacks an effective means of dealing with plagas, namely duvalia. He only has one rocket as well. While he has the m3, it has recoil and recovery animations which leave him open for punnishment against bosses so he has to be careful. The M3 can deal with Duvalia, but, it takes a good few shots to do so.

Compaired to someone like Excella who can Humiliate her way to a 150 combo easily, has 12 flash rounds for every plaga in a level, flash round + AK for Reapers, and just a small burst of AK to kneel all other bosses for her to Disco Spin it into oblivion. Excella's only weakness is that a lot of her melee's have really long animations. Outside of that, Excella is beyond overpowered.

Excella and Barry are top tier in Reunion with Warrior Chris and Business Sheva close behind. Josh and Rebecca would follow behind that.

Rebecca can be good with her flame spray but her machine gun often head shots and instant kills rather than allow for a melee setup, just as well, the rest of her melee's are piss poor that if the headshot fails or the majini falls back for any reason, her Kick isn't going to kill them and now you just potentially lost your combo.

Heavy Metal Chris I hate with a passion from a costume standpoint and playstyle standpoint. The Gatling gun has a long startup which makes it useless in tight corners when you're surrounded. It also has terrible accuracy so you can often be firing directly at an enemy and still take a bit before you even hit the damn thing so it can easily hit you before you hit it.

HM Chris also runs at half the speed of normal chars which just hurts your time already. Now his stun rod........Yes you get melee setups with it, and yes you can get +5 for killing with it. But, half the time the stun rod pushes them back making you have to run up and stun them again before you can kill them or melee them. When you're surrounded by a group and the stun only pushed one back and you have to stop and run forward, you can easily get grabbed or hit by another majini.

HM Chris can be effective yes but he requires a lot of effort to use effectively and in the long run, I don't think it's worth it compaired to other chars. Not only that, add in the fact that standing there stunning everything an entire match can become dreadfully boring fast. But, to each their own if you enjoy it.

Oh and on a final note about Excella, Just to show how powerful her melee's are: My friend and I went and did a knife only Reunion run with Dual Excella's. We played on Prison and netted a 130k score by using nothing more than two Excella's, Knives, and melee's. Most other chars wouldn't be able to handle it as well. But, Excella's overpowered melee's make it a breeze. Again, this was with nothing but knives. Now 130k isn't any kind of score to brag about in Duo, but, for using nothing but knives and melee's, it's quite impressive in my book.

And lastly to Foxy, her handgun often fires 2-3 bursts rather than a single bullet which negates a melee. Whereas with her AK, firing only a single bullet at a time is reliable and works like a charm. Her AK is also far more powerful and helps when dealing with bosses to setup an effective kill with Disco Spin. Plus it gives you less clutter in your inventory when all you have to worry about is machine gun ammo.

But again, it's all about preference. There's plenty of people who enjoy her handgun. I just feel it's a waste and prefer to stick with the AK.
 Post subject: Re: Competitive Fighters
Posted: Apr 06, 2010 1:26 

So, let me get this straight. You would rather pay more for DLC content than just $40 for a new game? So, even if it IS your offense to your intelligence, but that preference is pretty stupid. Unless you got $ like that just spend (most likely not since you complain about costume pack prices), I really can't see why you would prefer that. And for the record, considering the content that will be included in Super SF4, like Dizzy stated, it's definitely enough to warrant a retail release. Also, you seriously can't use RE5GS as an example. Yeah, they released it as both retail and DLC, but guess what...the DLC was for people who already had the game. The retail was for everyone who wanted the entire bundle. The DLC additions for people who already had the game, were at a reasonable price...and at the most it was 4 different things (the costumes packs and the extra chapters). SSF4 would not be able to do that. All the new characters, stages, bonus stages, extra music tracks, 3rd costume packs would amount to more than $40 of DLC. Putting all of that on a disc and charging $40 is the GENEROUS route they took. Which is why they actually have my respect.

We've already established the settlement on the "crude comment" bit, I don't know why you re-mentioned it, as I never brought it up once in my previous post. From my last post on, all I've been trying to do is explain why simply your "desire" for it to be DLC would just NOT work. I kid you not, there's THAT much content that it would just not work. It's also logically questionable as to WHY someone would want to pay more for stuff just so that their old game isn't "useless". But whatever, like you said... it is YOUR opinion. No offense, but when something just logically doesn't make sense, opinion or not, I get carried away in trying to convince people otherwise. I'm officially done with the "debate/convincing". All it comes down to now, is personal preference. I have mine, you have yours. Simple as that...
 Post subject: Re: Xbox 360 Thread
Posted: Dec 19, 2011 21:12 

I have a ton of avoided, some that don't even make sense. They put whatever they can to help feed their salt. The better you are and the more rape you hand out, the more negative you'll receive. Nobody appreciates good competitive play, they just want to win. Reach, MvC2 and now KOFXIII have steadily shot my avoided up, which lets me know I'm doing things correctly. Haha.

Also, the system is busted . It says % preffered or did not submit a review / % avoided. If that were the case, based on the thousands upon thousands I've played with and maybe a couple handful of negatives I received, I'd be 99% or so. The fact is, the system doesn't work and never has. It only counts people who prefer or avoid, not didn't submit a review. It's asinine too, considering very few people will go through the trouble of preferring a player after a good match, they'll likely just say so and leave. However if you annihilate someone, their more likely to get butt hurt and will be the one to go through the trouble to leave a negative. So all in all, you'll be getting much more effort towards negatives than any other neutral submissions.

In the end, laugh at it. It's a juvenile system.
Posted: Dec 19, 2011 21:18 

Yeah, I see the trend. StarCraft and BF were accidentally put in the bad games box, right?

<3 for having the SIREN BD.
Posted: May 31, 2008 4:08 

Did anyone notice the part where Leon goes to the surveillance room and Ashley is screaming "Leon! HALP!" to the camera and out of nowhere that one Ganado looks right into the camera and makes this noise and then signals to the other Ganado to flip off the switch?

Okay whoever wrote that part of the story is an idiot. I'd like to think that Mikami was completely oblivious to the entire story honestly. Think about this for a moment. Let's assume that Ashley just likes to scream to Leon. I can accept that. Then she is screaming into the surveillance camera for some reason. Fair enough.

Why the hell then does that Ganado just coincidentally think Leon is in the surveillance room? Out of all places? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep it on in case Leon got there and they saw it and needed to send more guys? Now this brings me to my second point - why is there a switch to switch it off in the room? Does not that defeat the purpose of the surveillance?

That's one of my many problems with this stupid story. This game was fun but it completely ruined RE with it's stupid ass story. Also the AI is too funny in this game. Lastly as soon as that cutscene mentioned above is over I like to knife the screens and I know you do too.
Posted: May 31, 2008 7:33 

Big Stu wrote:

So you show your true colors you crazy liberal!
 Post subject: Re: 2012
Posted: Jul 10, 2011 11:18 

Posted: Dec 16, 2011 21:25 

I have a bad habit of being *think of a better word*

Posted: Dec 24, 2011 18:00 

I only got the ps3 to be able to play a game with my friend who's xbox broke. I still and always will prefer xbl over psn and it is my console of choice for all major and multiplatform games.

So no worries there. Outside of playing with it for the newness factor, I wont use it much beyond playing uncharted 3 and some others with my friend. You'll see me regularily back on xbox soon :)

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Posted: Dec 26, 2011 16:21 

Looks pretty fly.

I want to be more excited for SFxT than I am, hoping the gimmicks don't overshadow the actual game. Regardless, hyped as hell for P4 UiMA.
 Post subject: Re: 3DS questions...
Posted: Dec 27, 2011 22:39 

I can only focus one eye myself and I can't see the 3d because of it. But its no big loss. I play games for the games not for gimmicks like 3d

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 Post subject: Re: What IS it!?
Posted: Dec 27, 2011 22:48 

How is it your favorite if you barely played it? Or do you mean, you barely played it back then, but went back to them and whatnot?
 Post subject: Re: Capital Punishment
Posted: Dec 29, 2011 19:56 

Don't people get a personal satisfaction from punishing person who did something bad to them even it means killing that person?
Like if somebody killed someone from my immediate family I would not hesitate to kill them, thats me dealing out punishment to somebody who has done something horrible to me and your damn right I would feel happy about it too.

Punishment is the act of correcting misbehavior and ensuring it doesn't happen again.
Revenge is getting personal satisfaction out of causing pain to others.

The latter is a primal urge which borders on sadism.

If I had suffered a loss I would feel better knowing the taker of a loved ones life truly suffered a horrific end as in side effects of testing. Rather than a quick death.

Human torture is unacceptable and speaks volumes about your mental state.
 Post subject: Re: GOP Primaries 2012
Posted: Jan 01, 2012 19:16 

The Commission isn't elected. Just as the mystery man wasn't elected, nobody even knows who he is, yet he is calling the shots.

You're right. I got 'Commission' and 'Council' confused. The Council is, however, the head of each EU Member State. And all the EU countries have an electoral system at least as democratic as the US. But we've been through this. The Council is the leader (the President, if you will) of each member nation. The Parliament is made up of MEP's voted for by region in each country. The Commission is proposed by the Council (who we elected) and yay or nayed by the Parliament (who we also voted for).

Very clever! Now, maybe you should trying quoting the whole thing?

A political and economic theory of that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated...
(in Marxist theory) A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

I didn't know you were a Marxist, Unny! The things we learn each day.
 Post subject: Re: 3DS questions...
Posted: Jan 03, 2012 0:48 

As usual, the best use of the hardware comes from first party titles. But in no way is that in their defense. If the main appeal to the current hardware lineup (motion for the Wii and 3D for the 3DS) is barely made beneficial by third party devs, than the entire focal point is a waste. Wii's happiest faculty is that games can be made for it cheaply and this is only due to lackluster hardware, thus it's less complex to develop for. I can see the same thing happening for the 3DS in comparison to the Vita. The more love these units get due to being a part of the Nintendo brand, the more consumers loose out on receiving technically sound games.

Ninty has never been my burning love in the game industry, though I have always supported them (barely ever missed a hardware launch). Sad to say, I've continually lost respect and praise for the company over the past five or six years. Successful due to blinded mainstream does not equate to successful gaming console. Just look back in time to see what those were. If I may, there were consoles that were deemed unsuccessful due to lifespan *cough* *cough*, but trounce anything Ninty has done in the past five or six years combined.
 Post subject: Re: Jane By Design
Posted: Jan 03, 2012 0:04 

Watch it be a troll backfire and it ends up being gdlk.
 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Thread
Posted: Jan 03, 2012 5:10 

Yeah, looking at someones profile on PSN is pretty much worthless. All you see is there name, a short saying and how many trophies they have, that's it. And there isn't much for you to customize yourself to make yourself unique and show some personality in it. There really isn't anything else involved, and it's not very easy to compare and track games they've played or progress they've made on games. And it's not readily easy to interact with them outside of sending a text message either.

Even when you do send a message, it can often go unnoticed very easily and there's no way to instantly open the message and reply. You have to manually go to your inbox every time.

Like I said, I just feel isolated on PSN. I have a few friends I added on PSN but I've not really interacted with or played any games with any of them still. The only person i've played with is a R/L friend of mine who I had to talk to on the phone to try and setup a match and find each other etc. Even when we do find each other in game, it's difficult to try and get a voice chat going that's just between us and doesn't include every other person hearing everything we're saying and forcing me to constantly have to keep muting everyone else every time.

And the second the match is over, bamf, no more voice chat with my friend. Back to the phone to try and coordinate again.

On the flip side, on Xbox I can see my friends all the time, see a visual representation of them as their avatar to see some individuality and personality in them instead of just a text name. I can see what game they're playing, what they're doing in the game, who they're in a party with if any, and I'm presented with a multitude of options to interact with them or invite them to any game at any time, and party chat with them at any time continuously no matter what either of us are doing. And with the new update, I can now set beacons for games I want to play with friends and see what games they're looking for friends to play with currently on to. And comparing games and progress is extremely fast and simple.

I'm not playing an Xbox Vs PS3 war here or anything. Like I said, I like my PS3 a lot. It's just PSN that I'm not happy with. After so many years on XBL, I think I'm just spoiled by it. I always hear everyone going on about paying for XBL and how PSN is better because it's free. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Regardless, I hope the next Xbox makes a 'Home' like thing for the avatars and actually integrate it into XBL to make it a fully functional 3d world 'dashboard' so to speak. I think that would be a lot of fun. Or if Sony manages to do that with PS4, I'd be all over them with glee just as well.

Oh and one last unrelated thing, I really dislike having to install every damn game I wanna play before being able to play it -_- Installation should be optional......
Posted: May 31, 2008 7:16 

Well I think that that proves without a shadow of a doubt that RE4 is guilty of the crime of which it is accused. The statute of limitations never runs out on criminally bad storylines. Thank you. There will be no further questions.

Court is adjourned.
Posted: Jun 03, 2008 16:39 

People cried heresy over RE4. But now people don't think of it like that so much, because of how much the series has evolved over time.
I'm pretty optimistic believe it or not about some things, but I am still crying heresy. RE4 has blasphemed the RE name even if it was fun and looked awesome and had Mercenary mode.

I go back and I play Rebirth or Re2 and I think of how awesome these games are and I think to what has happened from RE4. Granted stupid stuff happens in stories, especially from video games but I didn't want it to happen to this game series.

I still think this is legitimate criticism even though I make these threads in jest. RE4 is still relevant, it is part of the main storyline. It may have gotten people into the series but the older games have so much more value to me. Sure I beat 4 like 5 billion times like other people and it was cool, but it just doesn't deliver to me. The replay value is good, but the atmosphere and the very nature of the game isn't like my beloved series.

Nothing to tie it in good enough. I will say right now 100% I would have preferred RE4 not only to have a decent story, but to play like the classic games play. Sure, I understand people wanted the upgrades to gameplay, but I think they could be implimented differently so as to not make the game pure action. I don't know if 5 will ever erase the poopstain that is this game. Will that even be good enough?

I wouldn't be so kind to call the plot "light" it is pure idiocy. Believe me when I say my beef is with the core story, not just some Ganado looking into the camera and this whole thing. That was just hilarious.
Posted: Jan 05, 2012 18:46 

Dizzynecro wrote:
It's mostly the front page comments

Yeah, for the most part. Agreed.
Dizzynecro wrote:
I guess if you don't have a bunch of dudes on steriods in the game then your mechanics and engine must suck. :rcg:

Sad but true.
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