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 Post subject: Re: Needs Remake?
Posted: Feb 07, 2010 8:31 

Another thing i'll add to the subject...if Capcom did remake RE3 and it didn't go the way people wanted it to, Capcom would have the same old "lazy port" shit hurled at them again.
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 15:09

A lot of tasty info about this is starting to emerge now, there's a blitz coming this month, so now's as good a time as many to start the thread! Most of the stuff that follows is taken from various magazine leaks.

First, some pictures, all scanned. Blatant copy and pasting will follow immediately after, it's all good shit!

There is an optional hardcore mode, the character needs to drink water, ammo has weight, healing isn't instant etc. Normal mode is more similar to Fallout 3 gameplay.

The storyline is focused on the New California Republic vs. Caesar's Legion vs. New Vegas residents.

You are not a vault dweller but are given a Pip-Boy by someone who is one.

There is a screenshot of a vault suit as well.

There is an assault rifle looking like the M4, as well as a new big gun with a backpack, held like a minigun.

There are special moves for melee weapons in VATS - specifically a move for a golf club called "Fore" which seems to be a groin shot.

The Hoover Dam is in the game and is supplying electricity to the city.

There is a quest to rescue a ghoul from some super mutants. The ghoul can then become your companion

The Geckos are back.

There are both dumb and intelligent super mutants, including the elite Nightkin.

Some super mutants look similar to the ones in Fallout 3, while others are new. There is e.g. a female super mutant with a 1950s hairstyle who apparently is one of their leaders.

Screenshots include a guy with a beard and straw hat, a ghoul an NCR Ranger

The only picture of New Vegas itself is concept art and not a screenshot

Some location screenshots include a huge model dinosaur advertising a hotel, some satellite dishes, an array of solar panels

A character generation shot showing a "vigour machine" instead of the skill book

NCR base is the McCarran Airport, Caesar's Legion is based in the Vegas Strip, while super mutants are based in a place called Black Mountain. There is also a town called Fremont and another called Primm. A topless reuve is mentioned as being in the latter. Area 51 also appears.

NCR Ranger armor is similar to a brown combat armor with sleeves, there are concept arts of a Ranger

Skils have a bigger effect on conversation choices. E.g. someone with a high Explosives skill may be able to have a coversation about explosives where appropriate.

There is a Reputation system in adition to Karma.

First-person action RPG with the same engine as Fallout 3 (sorry, Van Buren fans).

Set in the Mojave wastelands. Vegas didn't get many nukes. More intact buildings, as well as desert vegetation. Vegas itself is mostly intact.

You don't play a Vault Dweller (or descendant of one) but a courier, left for dead and saved by a friendly robot.

The overarching story is a struggle between the locals, Caesar's Legion (a faction of slavers from the east) and the New Californian Republic. Vegas itself is mostly intact.

Both karma and reputation are tracked. If I'm reading it right there's separate reputations for each of the settlements, as in 1 and 2.

All dialogue options are shown to all players, regardless of whether you have the stats to succeed or not, though there's no punishment for failure.

Bartering is not just lower prices but negotiating for better rewards.

VATS returns, and melee weapons have special moves in it. The golf club has "Fore!", which is a shot to the golf balls (so to speak) that knocks the opponent down. Weapons also now have knock-back upon death, with shotguns sending mans flying.

Super Mutants return, but in two varieties - the smarter ones from Fallout 1, and the idiot ones from Fallout 2. On at least one occasion you can convince them to fight amongst themselves.

New weapons include what appears to be an M4 and a grenade machinegun.

Followers can be managed through a context-sensitive menu, with orders like "follow", "stay" or "attack".

Hardcore Mode! In this mode, Stimpacks heal over time (as opposed to instantly), combat is tougher, ammo has weight and you can suffer dehydration, so keep some water on you!

One of the screenshots has a Super Mutant with a blonde wig and pink heart-shaped glasses.

You're a courier, wounded and left for dead in a shallow grave. A friendly robot, Victor, digs you out, and his doctor owner Mitchell patches you up. You take a "vigour test", which is some sort of electric parlour game. This decides who you are and sets up SPECIAL. You can also take some Rorschach tests, but the mag says this is for fun. The Doc then gives you a Pipboy as he was once a Vault dweller.

Hoover Dam", and "Helios" (a solar plant, confirmed by the mag to have been built by Poseidon) are fought into and then you can direct the power to wherever you choose. In the case of Helios you can also keep the plant for your self use the energy to call down a powerful laser, or even try to distribute to all equally, however there is a risk of overloading the reactors.

There is a "reputation system", in which all three factions (NCR, Ceasar's Legion and the locals) will either see you as good or bad toward them individually.

There is a screenshot of three Capital Wasteland mutants running toward the player, who is wielding what *looks* to be a heavy incinerator, but has a TV screen and no flamer fuel tanks. He's also wearing NCR combat armour, which is in gold/mustard colours.

There are two separate screens of supermutants that look to be more local, grey skin, and the two are wearing very different clothes. One is Tabitha, who is hearing a blonde wig and love heart glasses. The mag implies she's "not all there".

One that quest, you rescue Raul, a ghoul who Tabitha kept alive to fix her favourite robot. He appears to be a follower, as the mag says you can give him items, and also commands, such as "stay, follow or attack", and also tell him to switch to melee, in which case he'll mutter "sure, I'll put away my rather effective gun, and switch to this piece of um, metal tubing here".

From what I read, the "all dialog" thing seems to imply there will be failures for skill checks as well as speech checks, though, as the mag states, there is no penalty for failing a skill check. In fact, the mag gives an example: A woman who the player tried a Sneak skill attempt on in conversation failed when convincing her an ambush would help the town be rid of a gang of raiders. She simply says ""Good luck with your, uh, ambush"

And then if all this wasn't enough, there's a little more clarification on some of it...

JE Sawyer on dialogue skills :

This is how it works. Each skill-based dialogue option has two different texts: one for high skill (which will result in success) and one for low skill (which will result in failure). If you do not meet the required threshold, you see the latter.

Jason Bergman on Area 51 :

The Area 51 thing was pure speculation on PC Gamer's part. We did not show it or confirm whether or not it's in there. PC Gamer put it in because it's Nevada, and they think that means it will be in there. I'm not saying it is or isn't, just that we haven't said either way.

More JE Sawyer on dialogue :

There are a few reasons for including this: * In the same way that a locked safe beyond your Lockpicking skill indicates, it lets the player know that there's an option here. * Some of the NPC responses to low skill checks can be pretty entertaining. I also do want to clarify what is meant by "no penalty for failure] All it means is that you won't wind up in a worse position than you were before selecting it. If a dude bursts in and is intent on killing you, he's still going to want to kill you if you fail the Speech check to talk him out of it.

Josh on hardcore mode :

It's true that a lot of people have modded in those features, but a lot of the things in Hardcore mode are also things that I personally wanted to play the game with. I realize not everyone does, but it's the only way I play it.

And apparently people are worried about how much money all the dialogue is going to cost :

When taken in the context of all of the VO that needs to be recorded for the game, alternate responses for low-skill dialogue checks account for a very small percentage of lines. F3 also (often) had alternate lines for failed skill checks; they just originated from the same player line. Player lines aren't voiced, so there's no real increase there.
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 7:28 

I watched Planet Hulk last night after Stu mentioned it. And it was a really good movie. Although I'm disappointed by the rest of the by the rest of the heroes at the relative ease with which they exiled the Hulk from Earth. Did you get the same "WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?!" moment at the kiss?
 Post subject: Re: Mercenaries Glitch
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 11:37 

Yeah, but evidently he's happy enough with his own way of getting a high score, so there's no need for you to wade in trying to force your own methods, that's all that's being said.
Posted: Feb 09, 2010 9:33

With the help of a great friend, Biohaze has secured high-resolution scans of Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition coverage. This week's issue of Famitsu officially unveiled the presence of Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton as the final two playable characters in The Mercenaries Reunion for Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition. As we all know, both characters were supporting characters for Chris and Jill during the original Biohazard. Rebecca went on to be the co-star of Biohazard 0, and had a major role in The Umbrella Chronicles. Barry made a cameo in the ending of Biohazard 3: Last Escape and starred in Biohazard Gaiden.

Also in the issue is more coverage of Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape. Lost in Nightmares is particularly interesting in that it seems to have camera angles that resemble the remake of Biohazard.

The game hits the PS3 in Japan in 9 days, on February 18, 2010.

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Posted: Feb 09, 2010 14:03

Just in time for the first downloadable content for the title, Resident Evil 5 will be launching on the X-Box 360's Games On Demand range in a week's time, Tuesday, February 16th.

To coincide with the launch, the recently announced range of avatar clothing will launch on the same date.
Posted: Feb 09, 2010 17:30 

Okay, as promised. Here is the first part, the only completely original chapter in the whole book.


This story is about a screen; about a powerful, invisible shield called Umbrella. It is of course, a purely hypothetical story.
Some countries in this world are referred to as ‘rogue states’. They say that they support terrorism, and that they are both militarily and economically placed under huge pressure. However, other countries are considered to be ‘developing a social network’ and receive every possible assistance.
There are still many people who are foolish enough to believe that a clear dividing line differentiates the good from the bad and the bad countries that are spawned by the good countries must be punished with a vengeance. These days, even a primary school child would know that such distinctions are completely arbitrary, and only on the basis of profit and power are these interests taken.
Who is good? Who is evil? Who has the power to decide? Ground water, which, depending on how you see it, perhaps not even the ‘good guys’ can be counted.

Figuratively speaking, a cold, poisonous rain patters onto our world. Because of this poison rain, we are all dependent on a screen in order to survive. Anyone who has found a place under this umbrella can anticipate as much support as possible. But those who are not under this umbrella will be declared a rogue state.

The beginning of this legend was in 1967 in the tower room of an old castle. The castle was owned by Ozwell E. Spencer, a Lord well known throughout Western European nobility. Lord Spencer had put parts of his castle under the disposal of a certain Dr. James Marcus who had for many years been in the employment of a prestigious Swiss university.
Marcus was discovered at this university thanks to his research about the extinct earth-antiquity of microbes to a very interesting virus. However, there was a conflict of interests between different groups inside the institute, of which Marcus found himself once again on the losing side. This led to him being sidelined and relegated to a meaningless position. This was due to a scandal which involved falsified test results, with Marcus stood at the end of the line with no one to pass the buck onto, despite him having nothing to do with the whole affair. But even this was not the end of his losing streak. His previously very generous research grants, which came largely from public funds, were radically cut back. The university did not prevent him from continuing his research; however, they refused him any further financial support. This was a clear sign to Marcus that his days at the institute were numbered.
In a seemingly hopeless situation, Marcus contacted his old friend Spencer and pleaded with him for financial support. Spencer responded promptly. He first made enquiries about Marcus’s research, and gave him an answer just a few days later. His offer was, however, subject to two conditions: First, Marcus would leave the university immediately. The Spencer foundation would occupy him with a much more generous salary than he had ever received from the university. Secondly, Marcus had to keep the final results of his research under strict secrecy. If these two conditions were met, Marcus would have state of the art lab facilities at his disposal and a place to live. Any contacts with the outside world were to be avoided if possible.
Well, Marcus probably would not have made this pact with the devil were it not for the fact he could immediately continue his research.
Spencer’s offer seemed very generous and he readily agreed. The two then employed another nobleman, a man named Edward Ashford. Marcus’s future was now secured, his epoch-making research could continue.
On the day when Marcus finally reaped the fruits of his years of work on microbes, he ran around purple-faced through the laboratory and was excited as a teenager would be before his first date.
“Please understand me, Ashford! This discovery will shake the world! It is nothing less than the fulfilment of an ancient dream of humanity!”
“I have sympathy for your feelings,” said Edward Ashford sleepily. He was slumped over his chair as he sat. “But to wake and get me up in the middle of the night from my sleep! What you believe, as I feel…”
“I beg you! Don’t imagine it like that! After all, this is about a miracle! The discovery of a miracle!”
“You know…”
Ashford looked for a moment at the ceiling.
“Lord Spencer is not here. He hates it if one bullies him. I am against most probably too good-natured.”
“All right. Nevertheless, Ashford, you have to watch this! Here!”
Marcus brought the image of the scanning electron microscope on the monitor. The otherwise pitch-black screen showed some objects resembling rice grains with tails.
“Look closely,” he said with the pride of a boy showing his best friend his most valuable toy. “These are E.Coli.”
Ashford was unimpressed. “Well you may be surprised, but I actually recognise…”
“I have killed them with the help of 0.1 ppm of chlorine.”
“I understand. So you have woken me up in the middle of the night to show me a dozen dead E.Coli?”
Marcus put his finger to his lips and pointed to the screen.
With a very thin needle, something was injected into the nucleus of the dead coliform bacteria. Amazingly the bacteria suddenly began to beat wildly in frenzy. More than that, they became longer and longer and eventually divided in the middle to form to separate parts.
“They divide, Ashford!”
Marcus had tears in his eyes. But Edward didn’t seem to share his excitement in the least.
“Doctor…” Edward’s voice indicated he was clearly annoyed. “It is surely not the first time that cells emerge from a state of apparent death and re-animate. Such a thing is even common in higher organisms, but…”
“Wrong, wrong,” interrupted Marcus, violently gesturing with his hands. “This is something completely different! These cells are not apparently dead! Their nuclei were destroyed completely, their cells completely perforated. They were completely dead, completely dead. And then, after I gave them our aforementioned virus – you know the original virus already and implanted it – they began to grow and multiply again!”
On the screen it was clearly visible, as the revival of the coli form of bacteria continued to increase with almost incredible speed. Edward stared at the image.
“Completely dead,” he murmured thoughtfully.
“Exactly. Without a doubt. Why would I lie? And everything is described in this document!”
Marcus handed Edward a thick wad of paper.
“Should I read it all now?”
“No. I will briefly explain it to you. You are not a layman. One look at the test results and you have understood what an amazing thing this is. So, what you see here are the old drawings of an experiment in which the Miller Experiment of 1953 has been recreated here more or less. I have a glass beaker with methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour filled and hermetically sealed. Into this mix I gave ten units of the original virus, which previously was killed with 1ppm of chlorine. It has then been heated and exposed to an electrical discharge. Now, what do you believe was the outcome?”
“You’ve already told me. Basically, you have repeated the Miller experiment. I’m sorry, but the results of this experiment have been known for years.”
“Listen to me! In principle, it is the Miller experiment. He has simulated a primitive atmosphere and provided evidence that life could form in this atmosphere of organic compounds. And from this arose, ultimately, life. This is however, about something completely different! Well, to the point that from amino acids and proteins, nucleic acids occur in both experiments. But in my case the protein eventually becomes a structure with a membrane, which has begun to multiply by division.”
“Impossible. That can not be.”
It was only natural that Edward steadfastedly refused to believe Marcus. Simply because he had just claimed no less that he had successfully recreated in the laboratory, the birth of life on Earth 3.8 billion years ago.
“But it’s true. Full details of the experiment are described in detail in this paper. If you think that I am lying, just repeat it and examine it yourself. You can repeat it as many times as you like, the result will always be the same; the original virus causes the primitive DNA to arise from the protein soup.”
Edward wanted to believe it but still could not bring himself to. But the possibility that there may be something in this let the excitement from Marcus gradually skip over to him.
“You are right Marcus. We should tell Spencer.”
“Finally! Finally you understand!” Cried Marcus as Edward grabbed his right hand, beaming.
“Let us go immediately to Spencer.” Edward threw his overcoat over himself and took Marcus, still wearing his white lab coat, in tow. It was a memorable night. And the events of that night would finally lead towards the creation of the Umbrella Corporation.
Posted: Feb 10, 2010 8:51 

If one of the resident graphics experts could come up with a graphic for this i'd appreciate it. I'm between laptops at the moment and don't have any graphics programmes on this one.

And Los Jilluminados, don't say i never do anything for you!
Posted: Feb 10, 2010 9:38 

scans from the PSM3 preview
Posted: Feb 11, 2010 20:47 

I've posted my ideas for a possible reboot of the franchise on a few other Resident Evil fansites, and I even made a blog post about it over on Capcom-Unity, so many of you may have already read my thoughts regarding it. For those who have not, however, and are interested, here is a link to my blog post. Be forewarned. It is quite lengthy.

Also, these ideas are based on the assumption that Capcom will continue with the basic gameplay mechanics and design as set forth by Resident Evil 4 rather than completely redesigning it from scratch or doing a complete 180 and returning to the pre-RE4 design.

For further reading, I also have somewhat of a companion piece regarding the general design philosophy of Resident Evil 5's dev team and how it affected this particular title's development, as well as where such a philosophy may lead from here and how it may affect future titles in the series.

It's not nearly as long as the previous blog post.
Posted: Feb 14, 2010 12:53 

Eoweniel wrote:
Uhh... What?
Basically, he said this...
SynchPedro86 wrote:
Posted: Feb 14, 2010 18:14 

Posted: Mar 06, 2010 17:39 

Yeah it's Wong, i just tore them a new one before seeing he'd already dropped me a message haha
Posted: Mar 06, 2010 17:41 

I insulted him on Xbox Live thinking it was the burglar :razz: But he told me via Biohaze's PM that he bought a cheaper, refurbished 360 until he gets it back/buys another.
Posted: Mar 17, 2010 21:23

The Biohaze Community Forums have been updated with five new language packs. You can choose between French , German , Italian , Spanish and Portuguese , as well as the previously available English and Japanese.

For a better experience, you are now able to quickly change the language by clicking one of the flags in the navigation bar (default style only).

Please remember that posting on the forum should still be conducted in English unless otherwise allowed by a forum staff member.
Posted: May 28, 2010 20:40 

Excellent topic, the ideas here are all great. Clearly Capcom can't just give us RE4 again, we do want something new.

Here is my idea, and it borrows elements from what you guys wrote. Two characters, two different scenarios like RE2. This time though they play completely different. One character is a military type so the game is action heavy and plays like RE4. The other character is a normal civilian and this person has to improvise or hide themselves away from danger, this gives us a completely different type of gameplay experience.

The games setting needs to be brought back to a town, no more world exploring locations that don't resonate with us. It needs to be a normal town (ok not so normal cause I want puzzles back) where an outbreak happens. I like the idea of a semi open ended game. You can choose different paths but they all lead to the same point which is an area that advances the story. For instance the military guy needs to reach a convoy setup at the other end of the city. Now you can take the main road but that is probably filled with zombies, take some alley ways but who knows what creepy stuff lives there or go through buildings which can lead to supplies but who knows what else. The heavily scripted stuff comes at the objective locations, these segments can play out like a huge RE4 setpiece.

The controls need to be changed, full analog control, push the stick in the direction you want to move and they move that way. Your character will be able to move like a person, they can duck, crawl, jump, climb, etc. In a way it should feel a bit like Uncharted. In this game you will need to navigate an urban setting which will may require jumping from rooftops, getting up on dumpsters or cars, inside buildings you will need to be able to jump over furniture so they may be used as objects to create barriers. When you aim the camera will go back to it's normal over the shoulder position but this time you can move while aiming. Though I would impose a slight penalty like have the cursor a bit shaky if you move while aiming, to get a steady shot you need to stand still.

For the civilian character they will need to be able to pick up and use ordinary items. If they are running from something they need to be able to drop stuff to block the path of the enemy. They can use the stick of a mop, a chair, kitchen knives, any every day item as a melee weapon. But not as a way to kill things, more of a way to keep enemies at bay. A fight with a licker as this character should be as frightening as a boss fight. Just to keep things incredibly tense I would throw in a Nemesis like enemy that follows you around like a Terminator, not all the time but enough to know you are never safe. There will be elements of stealth, or I should say hiding for dear life as you hope to avoid certain enemies. You know the horror movies where the character is hiding in a closet and they could see the monster and they try to not breathe not make a noise but of course they do so the monster turns and faces the closet and slowly comes. I want that in this game.

The camera will be completely changed. I want a cinematic camera, something like GoW or Uncharted. Obviously when you aim it is always behind the back but at other times I want the most cinematic shot, like old RE games but without being stuck in one spot. I want the camera to shake a bit, when a zombie horde is on you I want the camera to convey that sense of urgency by moving about, simulating a struggle. Imagine this scenario, the solider enters a dark alley the camera is positioned behind the character and low to the ground to show the full length of the creepy dark alley. As you go in it starts to pan up to give a better view of what is in front of you. You hear something behind you so you enter aim mode to check it out and you see some crimson heads coming full speed into the alley. You decide to run down the alley now the camera is set to a sideways sort of overhead shot of the alley so you may see your character running and the zombies in pursuit behind you. As you reach the dead end of the alley pans above and looks behind your character as you see the zombie horde closing in.

I would love for there to be plenty of puzzles and locked places that need keys. I want that maze feeling of old RE's back.
Posted: Sep 14, 2010 2:14

Capcom Japan announced just moments ago that a 3D CG film sequel, Biohazard Damnation, will be releasing in 2012 in cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment. It will once again star Leon S. Kennedy and will be a 3D film distinct from the live-action Resident Evil movie series.

Stay tuned for more information!

Capcom Japan Press Release
 Post subject: Biohaze Fall Update Live!
Posted: Sep 28, 2010 0:56

I'm proud to announce that the Biohaze fall update is now complete and viewable to the public. I'll waste no time in announcing that 170 character pages have been added or redone in their entirety. For those who have been asking for more Outbreak, you'll have a ton of reading to do!

Following the character section is a new index that houses a bevy of new features. Series organazations, locations, reference materials and infectants (infectants coming soon!) have been added within a dedicated menu. In addition enemies have been modified and added to, game facts have been added, game page coding has been amended and other minor tweaks and upgrades have been added for better usability.

Since the new Biohaze released last November an informational update has been in the works. The sites re-release was intended to launch with the informational update but for various reasons it never made deadline. This can be considered the second part to Biohaze's former remake. Since the initital re-release your feedback made a significant difference! Character, enemy and weapon page layouts have all been re-created for better usability.

Though the informational update is most certainly huge, we're not stopping here. Some of the data is already "out of date" and huge updates will be following. The most noteworthy being the next version of Biohaze's timeline. Being re-created from the ground up to include all of the most current information, you can expect something on the scale of a Biohazard encyclopedia.

As always, thank you for supporting Biohaze and our affiliates. Most of all, a huge thanks goes to John ( TheBatMan ) for spending hours upon hours writing all of our exclusive information. Without him this website would not be Biohaze.
Posted: Oct 29, 2010 17:22 

And they say two brains are better than one.
 Post subject: Re: Post your setup.
Posted: Feb 18, 2011 23:39 

Nice set up, albeit a little tight. Make sure that PS3 gets plenty of breathing room. Nice stand.

Edit: Just looked behind myself at my own, learned the meaning of hypocrisy. :lol:
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