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Posted: Mar 21, 2010 6:26 

No basically the DLC hasn't registered on the Xbox servers so the achievements weren't liked to the site; all we had to do was just wait for the site to update with the new achievements. It's all been fixed now.
Posted: Mar 22, 2010 15:54 

I only really find that section irritating on Professional when the Keepers don't show up on the map. Also would of been nice to vary the traps, I'm fine with the 'stand at crank while partner is bait' but we could of had some variety other than the spiked ceiling.
Posted: Dec 20, 2010 13:29 I got my Samurai Edge!
Posted: Feb 10, 2011 18:18 

I just managed to get ahold of Jills in game theme; it's one funky-ass remix of Sad but true.
Posted: Mar 11, 2011 3:14 

Unfortunately you may be correct. Leon fans are most weird and obsessive with Leon and Ada Wong. I mean, Chris represents the bad ass American shooter. But Leon just represents that emo-like guy who trys to be funny and keep his cool. It's pretty annoying to me. Leon fans are too obsessive, and need to drop it.

Or it's just that some people, ya know, actually like him?

It's bit rich calling Leon fans obsessive when the only two people in the thread talking about him loads have both named themselves based on him. At the end of the day it doesn't matter who's the main character if this is a new RE game, I'm not much of a fan of Rebecca but I still enjoyed Zero.
Posted: Dec 24, 2010 19:22 

I'm sick of the BSAA. It's a lame way to turn the RE series into a typical shooter where you are backed up by a bunch of heavily-armed soldiers.
And look what happened, they all got slaughtered in RE5 bar one. The BSAA is no different than the USS, UBCS, Army etc. unless you have a character shield you just cannon fodder.
 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Thread
Posted: Jun 03, 2011 6:43 

From what I gather the recent hacks are by people who didn't like how Sony handled the PS3 hacking fiasco. So of course the best way to remedy that is more hacking; that's like not liking how a hospital handled a car crash victim so you make more car crashes.
 Post subject: Re: Tokyo Game Show 2011
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 8:38 

IkariWarriorKH wrote:
Square's not doing so well financially so they're pretty much milking what sells to turn a profit.

Hilariously all thanks to Final Fantasy 14.
 Post subject: Re:
Posted: Jul 21, 2011 16:21 

So in summary, Outbreak apologists have gone from saying "Well, Outbreak's load times are no longer than other RE games!" to merely justifying the long load times. And last time I checked, 2 or 3 NPCs do not put that much of a tax on ram. :roll: I suppose next you'll try to pass off all of the game's problems as deliberate design choices, made to make the game more "challenging".

Just wow. You go girl.
 Post subject: Re:
Posted: Jul 22, 2011 4:10 

glue wrote:
Why antagonize?

That's a very good question, one that will probably not have a very good answer.

I say, leave the supporters be; they'll still 'support' it until the end of time. I was done with the online mode as soon as the servers went down, still a fun single player experience though.
Posted: Dec 10, 2011 19:57 

News Bot wrote:
Because they wanted a specific sound no actor on the planet can make naturally?

Frank Welker.
Posted: Jan 08, 2012 15:34 

I watched The Thing 2011 and The Thing 1982 and then played the videgame for the ultimate 'Thingathon'.

My favourite horror movie/series ever.
 Post subject: Re: Speculations Anyone?
Posted: Jan 24, 2012 11:19 

Specter-Redfield wrote:
Well im kinda glad they aren't canon. Chris freaking out over memories of kijuju? please.

People 'freak out' (Read: PTSD) over less worse stuff than that, I'd probably have PTSD after any of the shit Chris has gone through.
Posted: Jan 25, 2012 7:28 

I've been in hospital for the past 3 days so I've played through the demo a lot and I'm actually really looking forward to the game now, Hell mode wasn't that much difficult than Normal but was nice to see the game completely mixing up enemy and item placement on a higher difficuly instrad of just having the enemies take more shots to kill.

The scanner isn't as cumbersome and annoying as I'd originally thought and I quite enjoy searching around for all the little bonus ammo caches and upgrades.

All in all the gameplay is pretty solid and fun, I'm still not happy with the new characters, but at least I can ignore it over fun gameplay.
Posted: Jan 15, 2012 18:33 

Last year during the 15th Anniversary, Capcom decided to rerelease two airsoft replica weapons they had commissioned Toyko Marui to create during the 5th Anniversary, these were the Chris Model this time in full metal and the Barry Model which we will be talking about today.

3 months and £195 later...

The box is very nicely presented an dlooks great bar the scuff in the top right from transport and we can see Barry standing there with his Samurai Edge convincingly photoshopped into his hands, nice.

First thing I noticed in this box is that the pistol well is a very nice foam this time around instead of the polystyrene well inside the my Standard Model box. The three squares are extra foam to keep the weapon raised inside the well, something also missing from the Standard Model.

Everything is presented very beautifully as expected from a Limited Edition. Behind the big 15th Anniversary sign is a an extra magwell for any extended mags you may have spare, coincidentally I do. Something I was not expecting to get was the little hatpin sat there under the front of the compensator, it's the same size as the STARS emblem on the grip but it was a welcome surprise.

The box also came with the usual 'Do not point as people or animal' pamphlet, a Toyko Marui catalogue and 'History of the M92F' booklet but more importantly, this!

A booklet explaining about the Barry Model in some capacity in which I do not understand, fun times.

All the trades you'd expect are there, on the reverse is the CUSTOM kendo SHOP logo.

So let's talk about how it feels. It has a wonderful weight to it for a gun made almost entirely from plastic, it is not much heavier than the Standard Model even with a full gas and BB payload, most of the weight comes from the magazine which is about 99% metal.

Tested with 5 rounds and a mix of Ultra and m34a gas the weapons puts out around 240-50 FPS with some great kick and sounds coming from it to boot, using Sniper or Green gas will give higher FPS but is not recommended as they can potentially blow the plastic slide off. Personally I use a mix of Green and Ultra for the best FPS and accuracy.

I'll post a second part to this when I get the chance to skirmish the weapon hopefully next Sunday but as it stands right now the Barry Model is a beautiful and stylish piece of kit that deserves to be in any RE fans collection.
Posted: Jan 02, 2011 7:18 

How about the biggest flaw of them all?

No toilets.
Posted: Feb 21, 2012 6:12 

It still enrages me. How could Leon beat Wesker?

Simple! A series of coincidences and luck that ends up with them in a volcano and Leon roundhousing boulders. Same as RE5 pans out.

I just don't understand where all the Leon love comes from.

And RE4... I understand where the Leon love comes from there.

Uh... huh....

I think the past page and a half of ripping on Leon out from nowhere goes to show who the worst fans are.
 Post subject: Re: Jill & Claire in RE6?
Posted: May 30, 2012 10:16 

Yep, I'm a Jill fan. Deal with it. It doesn't mean I want her to be shoehorned in every entry like Leon has though BECUZ HE IZ KEWL!!!1

You.. what?

All right let's get this over with:

RE1/Deadly Silence
REMercsVS (Mobile Game)

Total: 10

REDegeneration (Mobile Game)

Total: 9 of which 2 are films.

Shoehorned into everything, yup. I think I just about covered all the games main series, mini games and non-canon, this is not counting references and name drops or epilogues.
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 20, 2013 10:36 

Resident Evil 6 has now become available to pre-purchase on Steam, if target amounts of pre-purchases are met then the game will come with freebies.

Right now Target 1 and 2 have been met so the Digital Soundtrack, Digital Artbook and free copy of RE5 are in with the bundle now.

Pre-Purchase Resident Evil 6 now and help unlock special rewards. Possible rewards include the Resident Evil 6 Digital Soundtrack and Artbook, a Free Copy of Resident Evil 5, and the Resident Evil 6 DLC Season Pass. Check out the store page for more details.

Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang.

Starting with three distinct, yet interwoven story threads, each with their own pair of protagonists for either solo or co-op play, both offline and online, not only will Resident Evil 6 deliver both different perspectives and gameplay styles but, with the introduction of the innovative Crossover mechanic players will be able to team up and share the horror. At key moments during the game, up to four players can join together online to tackle a specific situation, with some stages seeing the usual partnerships swapped to further increase the depth of gameplay.

Pre-Purchase is not available in all countries. Please check out the store page for more details.
Posted: Jan 14, 2014 13:10 

Looks like I'll be dusting off the old Japanese PS2!
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