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 Post subject: Re: Online Conectivity?
Posted: May 06, 2009 22:09 

The Dreamcast version (and PC) had online leaderboards, among other things not found in the original PSX release.
 Post subject: Streets of Raccoon City
Posted: Sep 06, 2008 18:38 

Streets of Raccoon City


Delve deeper into the streets of Raccoon City as we explore the various intricacies found within the city.

View Feature

(Thanks to Biohaze member glue for helping with his findings)
Posted: Feb 07, 2010 5:27 

The beginning of Biohaze's February update, enjoy everyone.
Posted: Feb 09, 2010 16:01

Biohazard 5 is running for Best Sound Editing: Computer Entertainment in the 2010 Golden Reel Awards. The event takes place on February 20th, 2010. Rivals include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Need For Speed: Shift, Uncharted 2 and Wolfenstein.

In other news, a 2011 Resident Evil themed calendar is being published by Day Dream / CAPCOM. It will be released for $14.99 on August 1, 2010. ( Click here for more information )

Thanks to SG79 and scorpion1379 for the heads up.
 Post subject: Biohaze Log In Errors
Posted: Feb 11, 2010 22:16 

A handful of members have expressed difficulty logging in to the community forums today. After checking on phpBB's official website, this is caused by a recent upgrade. As of now there is no easy fix and the number of accounts affected is completely random. However, we should manually be able to get your accounts back and running. Please read the following steps carefully:

A few adjustments have been made since the upgrade, so the first step is to try and log out and in once more. If this fails, please attempt resetting the password to your account. If you are still experiencing issues, then please send me an e-mail ( to have your account password reset. To prevent any misuse, this must be done by the e-mail account tied to your Biohaze account.

If your problem is solved make sure to post or 'thank' here so I know your case is closed.
Posted: Nov 06, 2009 11:22 

I can't wait to see more of Irons in DSC, one of my favorite series villains.
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 21:23

By: Yama & cvxfreak

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition (known as Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition outside Asia) is an expansion release of the original 2009 game, containing two new chapters, an additional minigame, a new set of costumes and new playable characters, shedding more light on the important plot developments left unanswered in the original release. It is available as DLC for both the PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live), and as a complete disc for the PlayStation 3 only. The DLC and PS3 disc-release content are otherwise identical.

In August 2006, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield travel to Europe to seek the location of Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the three original founders of the former Umbrella Corporation. Infiltrating his giant residence, Chris and Jill are reminded of their first encounter in the Spencer Mansion thanks to the architectural similarities. This mansion looks empty, but they soon discover creatures running loose and booby traps set to prevent them from advancing.

After Chris and Sheva Alomar save Jill, they leave her behind to pursue Wesker at her insistence. Soon, she encounters Josh Stone, who assisted Chris and Sheva earlier. Jill realizes that she has vital information that can help Chris in his fight against Wesker, so together, she and Josh fight through Majini hoards in order to retrieve a helicopter that can take them to Chris and Sheva before it’s too late.

The Mercenaries Reunion plays the same as the original mode, which involves killing enemies within small timeframes to form chain combinations in order to score points. The Mercenaries Reunion features modified stages and a new set of characters.

Rebecca Chambers
Barry Burton
Excella Gionne
Josh Stone

A fourth costume option for Chris showing him in an exoskeleton-like armor suit.

Sheva in a similar outfit to Ingrid Hunnigan, who was Leon S. Kennedy’s support during Biohazard 4 and Biohazard Degeneration. Originally from the PC version.

The closest thing anyone will ever get to a shirtless Chris. Originally from the PC version.

Sheva in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition was originally to include functionality with the PS3 Wand, allowing an aiming system previously seen with Biohazard 4: Wii Edition. By moving the wand, an on-screen reticule would move accordingly, allowing for easier and faster aiming. Capcom has promised to include the functionality at a later date via download, when Sony launches the new controller in 2010.

PlayStation 3 Premium Theme (¥200) - Japanese PlayStation Store Only

Xbox 360 Avatar Clothing
Coming Soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace
*$ Prices in USD

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition – JAPAN – February 18, 2010 - ¥4990
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 – Various

NOTE: All Xbox 360 disc SKUs contain the original game with download codes for the same DLC detailed below.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 - Various

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $4.99

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 – $4.99

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $1.99

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 - $1.99

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 400 MSP

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 400 MSP

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 160 MSP

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 160 MSP
Posted: Feb 18, 2010 15:59 

Made a Jill avatar this morning:

Posted: Feb 14, 2010 18:04 

In case I haven't been too open about it, the February update is more or less the second part to the site's remake. First was the complete remake of the structure, then the host move and now nearly ALL of the information is being redone from scratch. Outbreak characters included, even NPC's. There will be a big news update when it is release, worry not.
Posted: Feb 25, 2010 20:02 

Those are the backdrops for the dedicated areas shown (media, settings, marketplace, etc.), however they are barely visibile due to the menus overlapping.

Here are images of the theme and it's premium content, just downloaded it:
Posted: Apr 08, 2010 13:21 

Rebirth is still the most solid title in the series in my opinion.

Kix wrote:
I hope Rebecca enjoyed the bestiality.

Haha. :lol:
Posted: Jun 25, 2010 23:02 

Seraph explained it all well, the only thing I can add is prepare to be banned for no reason other than being overseas. I've entered accurate Japanese credentials from my Uncle's place in Japan, only to have it terminated due to an overseas C.C. or accessing I.P. It makes little difference. When banned however I find they stop charging and you can easily sign back up again, so don't worry much. It's a five minute procedure tops, less if you use the link provided above on your PC.
Posted: Jun 26, 2010 15:44 

Up to you. If getting a Japanese PS2 is not a problem for you, I'd most definitely go that route.
Posted: Jun 25, 2010 12:10 

With the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2 and it's subproperties Case Zero and Zombrex, it is a wonderful time to open up a new forum based on the 'sister-series' from Capcom. Members can also utilize this forum to talk about the original game/s. Feel free to make some new topics and hop in, with the upcoming titles releasing this summer there should be a lot to discuss!
Posted: Jul 03, 2010 10:45

After many years, the king of informational Shenmue websites is being awaken from it's sleep in hope that the series will soon follow suit. After a lengthy stint as Administrator, Hellraiser has passed on ownership and direction of the site to myself. To express my gratitude and willingness to help, a new website was formed to house the years of insightful information Shenmue Dojo possesses.

Read More Here !
 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Thread
Posted: Jul 16, 2010 12:40 

^ I really hope the Ico + SotC collection gets announced soon. I want to play it, and if I go buy both of them on PS2 from Ebay for $100 each, then the collection is announced I'll be really pissed. They need to hurry up and announce it.
Shadow of the Colossus (PlayStati​on 2, 2005)
New from:$14.99
Used from:$9.99

Regardless though, I want the collection as well. As Godly as SOTC was, it was held back immensely by the PS2 hardware. Frame rate felt like a slide show, I almost thought my system was biting the dust when I first booted it up. It would benefit from a PS3make so much, especially to see the game rendering at a higher resolution.

Posted: Aug 03, 2010 11:15

Yet another Biohaze sister site has released, however this time completely designed and helmed by our very own Mr. Rod! Night Springs is a website based on the Alan Wake videogame series and looks to bring viewers up to date information and a unified community all in one!

Come check it out here and be sure to be a part of our next big project.
Posted: Aug 03, 2010 2:51 

Life is way too short to waste it on any of the bull shit. Call me cliche, but it really is. If only everyone would have an eye opening experience and a heart to form a meaningful deduction from it, we'd be in a much better position today.
 Post subject: Re: Vanquish
Posted: Aug 09, 2010 1:16 

PN03, DMC, God Hand and Biohazard 4 mixed into a groundbreaking game that pokes fun at generic futuristic settings.

GameFan Review: A+
Game Informer: 0
Posted: Aug 19, 2010 9:59 

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