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 Post subject: Re: Heavy Rain
Posted: Feb 09, 2010 0:26 

I'm gonna board the bandwagon on this one.

The RE similarities were the only thing to make me smile during my very short play of the demo. Wasn't until i reached the hotel that i noticed it. Does make you wonder what sort of old-school Resident Evil experience Capcom could come up with.

Does anyone want to take a punt at selling me the demo? Is it more than limited controls and a ton of QTEs, or is that (with all due respect) really what it boils down to in the control department?

I think that is what it really boils down to. Indigo Prophecy was the same way, no matter what situation you got into it was all controlled with different button prompts. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing your decisions impact the story.
Posted: Feb 13, 2010 16:11 

The Barry footage is so perfect, SO PERFECT. He talks like he does from the original game. They completely embraced the cheesiness. His "Here is Barry!" line is perfect for all of us asking "Wheres Barry". This is perfect.

Now give him his own damn game Capcom!
Posted: Feb 14, 2010 18:14 

Posted: Feb 17, 2010 19:04 

Stu wrote:
Don't take that away from me :(

In fairness, i've called him worse, that was a tame effort.

Whatever, just calm it down.
Posted: Feb 26, 2010 18:53 

starring Wesker escaping the volcano of course

Terrible, awful idea. Not just because ya know, he's DEAD, but because it wouldn't even be a good scenario. There are no enemies on that volcano and Wesker would be in pieces.

Dude the boulders, there would be an army of them for Wesker to fight. :lol:
Posted: Feb 26, 2010 18:57 

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Barry and Rebecca up until now, either of them should get a fair chance on their own scenario. And if they do plan to make another DLC, then they should make 1 long scenario rather than 2 short ones.

Winner. The reason this DLC sold so much is for one reason alone.

Posted: Apr 01, 2010 16:07 

I said it in the movie thread, Wesker doing stuff makes this the best RE movie. No contest. I don't even have to see it,that one picture is better than all the RE movies together.
Posted: Apr 04, 2010 19:45 

You are not authorised to read this forum.
Posted: Apr 17, 2010 14:12 

All those are good reasons as to why UC is better but for me it comes down to gameplay and controls, DSC plays so much better. If they only mixed the two it would have been great.
Posted: Apr 24, 2010 15:20 

MvC doesn't interest me but it is nice to see Chris in there. Still they need Wesker, most logical choice by far.
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 18:18 

This thread is sad, not cause of the original topic, cause of the responses. Heaven forbid someone tries to have fun in these forums. :razz:
Posted: May 28, 2010 20:40 

Excellent topic, the ideas here are all great. Clearly Capcom can't just give us RE4 again, we do want something new.

Here is my idea, and it borrows elements from what you guys wrote. Two characters, two different scenarios like RE2. This time though they play completely different. One character is a military type so the game is action heavy and plays like RE4. The other character is a normal civilian and this person has to improvise or hide themselves away from danger, this gives us a completely different type of gameplay experience.

The games setting needs to be brought back to a town, no more world exploring locations that don't resonate with us. It needs to be a normal town (ok not so normal cause I want puzzles back) where an outbreak happens. I like the idea of a semi open ended game. You can choose different paths but they all lead to the same point which is an area that advances the story. For instance the military guy needs to reach a convoy setup at the other end of the city. Now you can take the main road but that is probably filled with zombies, take some alley ways but who knows what creepy stuff lives there or go through buildings which can lead to supplies but who knows what else. The heavily scripted stuff comes at the objective locations, these segments can play out like a huge RE4 setpiece.

The controls need to be changed, full analog control, push the stick in the direction you want to move and they move that way. Your character will be able to move like a person, they can duck, crawl, jump, climb, etc. In a way it should feel a bit like Uncharted. In this game you will need to navigate an urban setting which will may require jumping from rooftops, getting up on dumpsters or cars, inside buildings you will need to be able to jump over furniture so they may be used as objects to create barriers. When you aim the camera will go back to it's normal over the shoulder position but this time you can move while aiming. Though I would impose a slight penalty like have the cursor a bit shaky if you move while aiming, to get a steady shot you need to stand still.

For the civilian character they will need to be able to pick up and use ordinary items. If they are running from something they need to be able to drop stuff to block the path of the enemy. They can use the stick of a mop, a chair, kitchen knives, any every day item as a melee weapon. But not as a way to kill things, more of a way to keep enemies at bay. A fight with a licker as this character should be as frightening as a boss fight. Just to keep things incredibly tense I would throw in a Nemesis like enemy that follows you around like a Terminator, not all the time but enough to know you are never safe. There will be elements of stealth, or I should say hiding for dear life as you hope to avoid certain enemies. You know the horror movies where the character is hiding in a closet and they could see the monster and they try to not breathe not make a noise but of course they do so the monster turns and faces the closet and slowly comes. I want that in this game.

The camera will be completely changed. I want a cinematic camera, something like GoW or Uncharted. Obviously when you aim it is always behind the back but at other times I want the most cinematic shot, like old RE games but without being stuck in one spot. I want the camera to shake a bit, when a zombie horde is on you I want the camera to convey that sense of urgency by moving about, simulating a struggle. Imagine this scenario, the solider enters a dark alley the camera is positioned behind the character and low to the ground to show the full length of the creepy dark alley. As you go in it starts to pan up to give a better view of what is in front of you. You hear something behind you so you enter aim mode to check it out and you see some crimson heads coming full speed into the alley. You decide to run down the alley now the camera is set to a sideways sort of overhead shot of the alley so you may see your character running and the zombies in pursuit behind you. As you reach the dead end of the alley pans above and looks behind your character as you see the zombie horde closing in.

I would love for there to be plenty of puzzles and locked places that need keys. I want that maze feeling of old RE's back.
Posted: Jul 12, 2010 15:20 

This feels right. Congrats to Yama, if anyone should run a Shenmue site it is you.
 Post subject: Re: Vanquish
Posted: Aug 05, 2010 14:17 

New trailer guys, hold on to your butts.

There was some new gameplay footage that showed someone playing that knew how to play well. It was like poetry in motion. This will be the action game of the fall.
 Post subject: Shadow of the Damned
Posted: Sep 08, 2010 19:38 

Finally, that long talked about horror game by Mikami and Suda51 is finally going to be shown at TGS. It was rumored to be an "action horror" game. It will be published by EA. Here is the story:

Mikami is on fire. Soon we get Vanquish and then we get to look forward to Mikami and Suda's second love child.
Posted: Sep 14, 2010 13:15 

Thank god, the good RE movie gets a sequel.
Posted: Sep 29, 2010 3:40

Check out the last game, picks of a new Fatal Frame. There is also footage in the trailer link, click the blue thing at the top.
Posted: Jun 21, 2011 11:19 

Ah yes those were some awesome sigs from back in the day.
Posted: Jan 19, 2012 15:39 

Yama wrote:
Have a feeling we'll see something more than text, call it a hunch. ;)

Hype through the roof. You better not fail me Yama. :razz:
Posted: Jan 20, 2012 17:34 

Those are Joker's thugs. Batman is on vacation so Chris took over.
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