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Posted: Feb 12, 2010 16:55 

It's actually simpler than it seems but people really panic at the frequency the majini regenerate. Focus on Ndesu, AND ONLY kill them if he's stunned (when he's hit enough and falls back a bit, not when the big plaga is sticking out). Never shoot them when Ndesu is at a distance either because any missed bullet as he's walking towards you means that he'll be able to stomp you.

With that said, watch your QTE's and make sure you don't overheat your gun. As soon as the plaga sticks out, both you and your partner shoot as it while ignore any projectile the majini may throw at you. They don't do much damage compared to the havoc he can raise. If you do that, you can take him out on the 2nd time the palga sticks out.
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 17:38 

Like I said, mostly I just have clumsy partners or someone (me especially) misses the frickin' dodge chances. Those do a shitload of damage on Pro and you can't really afford to be hit.

Well there is the issue QTE online lag; sometimes you can't help it. Also during the few times I tried the 360 version, I felt that the button input for them is a bit sluggish. Seemed that I had to press them all the way down, whereas it's a bit smooth on the Dual Shock.
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 23:29 

Noteworthy bits include that the "Making of" footage is no longer on disc (the JPN PS3 disc of the original dubbed as a BD movie disc as well so that footage was in 1080i). Versus mode is noted to be the same as the one off PSN (thank CVX for the translation)

Other than that, the install seems to be a whopping 6GB. That's nearly 1.2GB more than the original (after the last patch).

Let's see if they upped the quality of the LPCM track or at least have it override the DD one. SFIV is Capcom's only game on PS3 that actually has multiple codec support (DD, DTS), and the higher quality one overrides the lower ones (if your receiver supports it that is).
Posted: Feb 16, 2010 0:01 

Proper topic I'd say. Got those off the PS3 save data:


This one is larger and has a mansion exterior background.
Posted: Dec 31, 2009 19:14 

Luke Plunkett once called RE5 to have received a "lukewarm reception by gamers", days before Capcom announced a shipment of 5 million units. Apparently he thought that everyone judged games without completing them. I'm assuming this because he did the same with NGII only to reveal that he only played the first chapter... partially.

I had more fun with RE5 initially than RE4 and still do, and that's what matters to me. Both games had crappy stories but at least they made an effort to make it a sequel rather than an offshoot. I liked the gritty environments better, and I don't like Leon despite RE2 being my favorite game in the series.

It just seems that everyone expected RE5 to be yet another re-invention of the series or thought that it'll bring back the horror roots of the series. Was it perfect? Nope, but neither was RE4. RE5's main fault that stuck out was its dependence on co-op gameplay which took centre stage during development, resulting in a shorter game. From a core gameplay perspective, it's superior. Music and setting are debatable
Posted: Feb 19, 2010 13:50 

Getting my copy on Monday. NCS actually had it for $53, so even with S&H, I'm paying the same amount as the domestic version. It's going to be a full fledged $60 here even with the CAD/USD parity right now (the original was $70 for the record).

What i noticed about the ps3 version of LIN, is that there are some terrible frame rate drops here and there and anti aliasing is also not friendly in certain areas.

I've been hearing about a few frame rate drops from both console owners, which is quite odd considering how little engine is stressed. The AA factor however I'm not sure of, but if it's like the main game then it's still dynamic on both consoles. I'll have to have a look on my own TV.

The difference in the main game was that the 360 one goes from 4X to 2X then off, whereas the PS3 has QAA (2X but gives the same quality AA as 4X MSAA at the expense of some image blur) is either on or off. So the transition is smoother and not as jarring on the 360.

The triple buffering on the PS3 was a double edged sword in the main game. Even after patch 1.02, anytime the engine is stressed, the frame rate drops whereas the 360 one tears (bottom of the screen) while maintaining the frame rate.
Posted: Feb 22, 2010 15:08 

Yama is a guy.

Vito, you do realize that you can't use the old save from your western copy, right? Anyway, NCS has a pic of the backside:

The XMB icon for the game is changed to the CG pic I posted on the first page, but the small FMV loop is the same.
Posted: Feb 24, 2010 12:33 

No files. As far as difficulty goes, I guess it depends on how much you're using to the action portion and the enemy placement (it's really random). First playthrough was about an hour and 5 minutes on Normal, and Vet was about an hour and 20 minutes.

I did an Amateur run and ran into reapers for example, but they weren't in my Normal run.
Posted: Mar 05, 2010 0:43 

@ Stu and Chris

The first one, the hard one to get by, should show up when you finish off all enemies in the first area up to the point where you need both players to kick open the door. When you do, he should show up in the area behind the trick at the very beginning (you'll get a cutscene naturally with him showing up).

The 2nd one is arguably the hardest one to notice. When you reach the final part of the whole section with the two cannons beside each other (given that you clear out all enemies everywhere in the whole section), use a cannon and look up at the area above the gate you came through. You'll see guys with riot shields, shoot them, wait a bit for more to show up until the agitator makes his entrance.

The final one is the easiest to come by. Just take out all enemies in the heliport area until you get an agitator with two fat majinis show up via the elevator.
Posted: Mar 08, 2010 12:05 


All valid points in general, but despite saying that it wasn't a bad game, you seem to be largely crediting marketing efforts and the series' legacy for the success the game achieved. Particularly by comparing it to such titles as UC and DMC2. I completely disagree there since a product, whether a new IP or not, needs to have all aspects of the marketing formula done well to succeed (that of course means a good product). In RE5's case, it wasn't just an initial success like the aforementioned games, but a long term one. The game is still selling and being played to this day. In fact, they needed to ship another million after a month or so as I remember.

For the record, Capcom's marketing budget for their "HD" titles has been essentially the same from Lost Planet and on.

Maybe using Bayonetta was a bad example since the marketing was so-so and more importantly, it's a niche title; it's something that would've been more suitable for the market in the PS2 era, not in 2010.
Posted: Jun 15, 2010 17:00 

So either the PSP game is canceled or this was it and they decided to give it to Nintendo. We'll wait and see.
Posted: Jun 27, 2010 0:35 

Well, I obviously didn't literally mean we were wrong for liking those games :lol: My favorite games of all time are on the Genesis and PS1 mainly, with few being from the last gen spread across all 3 (well, just one on the Xbox). I haven't played anything this gen that left similar impressions, but that's a whole other discussion (been brought up here before). It irks me to no end when some people refer to classics as being "unplayable"; stuff like MGS, RE1 or even the Sonic games.

Also, I'm not hung up on visuals at all, but that's the main aspect that gets compared, be it among multiplatform or exclusive games. Been like that since Genesis/SNES days, and I've been picky since then, even though I stopped caring 8 years ago. Aside from a handful of truly bad ports, I do think it's gotten ridiculous that you'd need 500X zooms and an analyzer to figure out what's better. Lots of other little nagging angles including input lag, which existed even when sprite-based games were running at 60Hz. Anyway...

I'm 30 and I was primarily a fan of arcade games, particularly fighters so I'm from a generation where we had to deal with poor console ports regardless of the system.

Lastly, "more love" didn't necessarily anything relating to business relations, just a preference to working on the 360. Even EA's DICE, who lead on the PS3, prefer the 360. R* did try giving Sony a timed exclusivity deal with GTAIV after all (and Kutaragi's late response sabotaged it)
Posted: Aug 08, 2010 16:41 

Ah, thanks. We now have confirmation that Morikawa will be voicing him in SF X Tekken and the voice in the trailer was a mere placeholder.
 Post subject: Re: Competitive Fighters
Posted: Aug 24, 2010 20:45 

Time to get a new sarcasm detector, Ikari.
Posted: Oct 31, 2010 20:35 

Jacko wrote:
DmC Dante.

Posted: Nov 04, 2010 1:15 

EpicREFan wrote:

Hey, a man can dream, right?

Yup, but can you also dream of a 60fps game not developed by NT? That's a better dream.
Posted: Feb 07, 2011 16:40 

Before some of you continue on with the great discussion, have a look at Shini's age. At 14, most of us can relate to the possible frustration of being on an allowance and not having enough money for his hobbies.
 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Thread
Posted: Feb 16, 2011 20:52 

R4 (Ridge Racer Type 4) is hitting PSN next month. Won't mind a digital copy of that gem and I certainly wouldn't mind Rage Racer either.

Such a shame that the series is turning into a NFS clone, done by a low key Euro developer no less.

God though, R4 had such a great soundtrack and for its time, great graphics and feel to boot: ... re=related
 Post subject: Re: i have a question
Posted: Mar 04, 2011 13:56 

i have another question its about the gallery with the painting with the switch how do you get whatever you need to get to get whatever it is from that like i said answer to this question will be vary appreciated and thank you

You need to press the buttons in order from newborn to an old game, then finally press the one for the large painting in the far right corner.
 Post subject: Re: PlayStation Thread
Posted: Mar 06, 2011 14:18 

RGG Of the End is... well, they really could've done another series than this weird chimera. The demo was more awkward than fun, and it definitely doesn't look as good as RGG4.
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