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Posted: Feb 09, 2010 9:33

With the help of a great friend, Biohaze has secured high-resolution scans of Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition coverage. This week's issue of Famitsu officially unveiled the presence of Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton as the final two playable characters in The Mercenaries Reunion for Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition. As we all know, both characters were supporting characters for Chris and Jill during the original Biohazard. Rebecca went on to be the co-star of Biohazard 0, and had a major role in The Umbrella Chronicles. Barry made a cameo in the ending of Biohazard 3: Last Escape and starred in Biohazard Gaiden.

Also in the issue is more coverage of Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape. Lost in Nightmares is particularly interesting in that it seems to have camera angles that resemble the remake of Biohazard.

The game hits the PS3 in Japan in 9 days, on February 18, 2010.

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Posted: Feb 13, 2010 0:34 


Playr has uploaded a three and a half minutes gameplay video of Chris and Jill solving some puzzles in Lost In Nightmares. You can watch the video at BiohazeTV in high definition.

Thanks to Archelon for the tip!
Posted: Feb 20, 2010 0:48 

Perhaps in the same way that zombies are dead, and you can still see them moving. These obviously aren't what we've come to know as zombies in the series, but they definitely qualify to be called "Zombies". They aren't living people, they're infected with the virus, and they seem to want to eat you, even though the game won't let them.
Posted: Feb 21, 2010 5:39 

Perhaps in the same way that zombies are dead, and you can still see them moving. These obviously aren't what we've come to know as zombies in the series, but they definitely qualify to be called "Zombies". They aren't living people, they're infected with the virus, and they seem to want to eat you, even though the game won't let them.

I have to agree. Yes its not the 'zombie' we all love and know, and its isn't exactly 'pushed' but these things are rotting, they aren't human anymore..i too have looked. They may not be the typical classic zombie we have seen, but they sure aren't alive in the typical sense...

I dunno..they are zombies but just not the ones we are used too.
Posted: Feb 21, 2010 19:01 

Just to clear up a few things.

Failed Uroboros Test Subjects 'do' mutate into the leech/tentacle blobs. All those ones you saw in 5-2 on the conveyor belt would have eventually done so. The files in the game blatantly state this. That is exactly why they are dropped out of their tubes and onto that conveyor belt to be put into the furnace to burn them up before they mutate and cause a problem. They didn't really care to have mutated tentacle blobs roaming free and absorbing all the scientists in the facility :P

The subjects in LiN are the same exact model obviously but obviously not meant to be Uroboros Test Subjects since Uroboros didn't exist until after Wesker's meeting with Spencer. It might have simply been an 'early' version of Uroboros that Spencer/Alex was working with prior to receiving the anti-bodies from Jill that made Uroboros complete, thus why there was no true success and so many failed experiments.

So regardless, they've been infected by some kind of Progenitor based Virus (Uroboros is based on Progenitor too as is T and every other virus pretty much outside of Las Plagas) and didn't meet the expectations desired and were left to rot.

It's stated that Alex left prior to the Butler leaving and when the Butler left, the only people remaining were Spencer's security. So the test subjects have been vacant in the sewers for a least a little while. So they're not being fed and are obviously decomposing.

By any normal means, they'd be dead. But, being they were infected with an unknown Virus, the virus is keeping them with motor functions at the very least.

They lack hair, their rib cages are clearly very visible showing their malnurishment, they lay limp and spasming on the floor while moaning, and jump up with their mouths gaping wide open trying to bite you when you approach them.

So when it's all said and done, these can be quite easily classified as Zombies. Just because they're not T-Virus infected Zombies doesn't make them any less zombies.

Just as Ganados and Majini 'can' be classified as zombies by definition. In fact, the Ganados and Majini fit the actual original description of Zombies better than T-Virus Zombies. Zombies are people who have lost all ability to control their own actions or goals in favor of being controlled by another and serve to live out his desires. That's what a traditional zombie is. The 'undead flesh craver' was simply a different spin on Zombies created later on.

So basically, T Zombies, Ganados, Majini, and the specimens in LiN can all be classified as 'zombies' and it would be an accurate and correct proclamation.

The latter three may not be 'zombies' in terms of what we've come to know from Resident Evil, but, they are still 'zombies'. Just because they're not undead/flesh craving (although the evidence I presented above indicates they may very well be in LiN's case) doesn't mean they can't be zombies. There is more than one 'type' of zombie.

Hopefully that clears up the arguing.
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 21:23

By: Yama & cvxfreak

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition (known as Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition outside Asia) is an expansion release of the original 2009 game, containing two new chapters, an additional minigame, a new set of costumes and new playable characters, shedding more light on the important plot developments left unanswered in the original release. It is available as DLC for both the PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live), and as a complete disc for the PlayStation 3 only. The DLC and PS3 disc-release content are otherwise identical.

In August 2006, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield travel to Europe to seek the location of Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the three original founders of the former Umbrella Corporation. Infiltrating his giant residence, Chris and Jill are reminded of their first encounter in the Spencer Mansion thanks to the architectural similarities. This mansion looks empty, but they soon discover creatures running loose and booby traps set to prevent them from advancing.

After Chris and Sheva Alomar save Jill, they leave her behind to pursue Wesker at her insistence. Soon, she encounters Josh Stone, who assisted Chris and Sheva earlier. Jill realizes that she has vital information that can help Chris in his fight against Wesker, so together, she and Josh fight through Majini hoards in order to retrieve a helicopter that can take them to Chris and Sheva before it’s too late.

The Mercenaries Reunion plays the same as the original mode, which involves killing enemies within small timeframes to form chain combinations in order to score points. The Mercenaries Reunion features modified stages and a new set of characters.

Rebecca Chambers
Barry Burton
Excella Gionne
Josh Stone

A fourth costume option for Chris showing him in an exoskeleton-like armor suit.

Sheva in a similar outfit to Ingrid Hunnigan, who was Leon S. Kennedy’s support during Biohazard 4 and Biohazard Degeneration. Originally from the PC version.

The closest thing anyone will ever get to a shirtless Chris. Originally from the PC version.

Sheva in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition was originally to include functionality with the PS3 Wand, allowing an aiming system previously seen with Biohazard 4: Wii Edition. By moving the wand, an on-screen reticule would move accordingly, allowing for easier and faster aiming. Capcom has promised to include the functionality at a later date via download, when Sony launches the new controller in 2010.

PlayStation 3 Premium Theme (¥200) - Japanese PlayStation Store Only

Xbox 360 Avatar Clothing
Coming Soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace
*$ Prices in USD

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition – JAPAN – February 18, 2010 - ¥4990
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 – Various

NOTE: All Xbox 360 disc SKUs contain the original game with download codes for the same DLC detailed below.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 - Various

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $4.99

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 – $4.99

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $1.99

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 - $1.99

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 400 MSP

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 400 MSP

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 160 MSP

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 160 MSP
Posted: Jun 15, 2010 17:04 

Vito wrote:
i hope to god its not a on-rails but damn im sold.

Hey partner of Team Slayers. LOL this game are great i need buy a nintedo 3ds the next year but i buy a Jill valentine figure of hot toys :biggrin:
Posted: Dec 29, 2010 6:18 

Updated the OP with an extra bit of information people here might like... :smile:
Posted: Sep 01, 2011 16:33 

Im confused now (I blame collage for this =S).

Is this organization the one that employed Wesker after the Mansion Incident or the one that Ada sent the Master Plaga sample when she betrayed Wesker?

Im so confused @_@

Given the characters involved I'd bet my money on the 3rd Organization; the one that Wesker works for. They have the resources to develop the t-Abyss and supply it to Veltro. It would also suggest another behind the scenes role for Wesker in this game. He may not feature in person, but I bet he is heavily mentioned in the files.

Ada's organization will be kept for Leon's next appearance I suspect.
Posted: Sep 01, 2011 17:45 

Vito wrote:
So by that:

Adas organization (Have the master plaga) = the Organization/Agency.

Weskers organitazion (betrayed for Tricell) = the 3rd Organization.


Correct. The confusion stems from the fact that they have yet to give any of them proper names and still say "organization".
 Post subject: Re: HD Version Impressions
Posted: Oct 08, 2011 13:42 

Nowhere did I say RE4 was a "bad" game or that it wasn't something that wasn't going to be remembered down the road. In fact, I even mentioned that it WILL be remembered in the future for being the game that supposedly saved the series. In many ways it did. All I'm saying that it wasn't fun for me. And by the way, saying RE4 is more of an RE game than RE5 is not really much of a compelling statement. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that statement is flat out wrong. The only thing that RE4 had going for it was atmosphere. And even then it was pretty one dimensional. It put on this masquerade that it was trying to be a horror game, but at the same time you were shooting anything that moves like any other shooter to date. Not to mention a lot of RE4's mechanics were borrowed from other games. The aiming mechanics were borrowed from Splinter Cell. A 2001 Xbox game that handled its control scheme far more smoothly than RE4 does.

RE5 at least makes no qualms about the game it is trying to be. Even despite cosmetic differences, characters like Chris and Jill are still the same people they have been throughout the series. Unlike Leon who has turned in Neo from the Matrix. Also, having an obscure lab secretly conducting experiments on thousands of people is very much indicative of what RE and Umbrella have been about. Not to mention, Lickers alone are far more recognizable than anything in RE4. If you took Leon and Ada out of the game and added two different characters, and changed the name of the game, you would never be able to tell it was an RE game.

I should also note that RE4's premise is indeed much sillier than the rest of the series. Granted, other games might be just as silly, but RE4 takes it to a new extreme. It was like a combination of James Bond and Austin Powers. I mean, Salazar even says "Meeester Kennedy" for god's sake. And world domination through parasites? Really? At least Steve had other more "real" issues besides being a whiny kid, and Alfred being insanely murderous and over protective of his sister made him unique (he's similar to Chief Irons if you think about it). I will admit Marcus was a bit ludicrous though.

However, I think as someone else said, nostalgia might be clouding some people's judgement. That and RE5 being the successor also makes people look at RE4 more fondly. I remember just a few short years ago many people (not pointing at anyone here) were claiming RE4 to be the devil and would be the reason the series is dead. Because for the longest time, I thought most people disliked RE4 Leon because of his terrible one liners because that wasn't conducive to making a good survival horror character.

And me being burned out on RE4 is kind of a moot point because I can still replay REmake, RE3, RE2, and the rest of the classics even having played them very frequently for a much longer period of time. The problem with RE4 is that it has no real depth to it. It is what it is. Just a third person shooter with clumsy controls. Its weird because even though game with superior playabilty than RE5 (Dead Space and Gears of War for instance) have been around, I can still enjoy RE5 by myself or with a partner. I suppose at the end of the day it is a matter of opinion. I get a headache playing RE4 for more than 20 minutes. With RE5, I still enjoy going through the campaign as Chris and playing as Jill in general. I won't continue to argue which game is better since it is pretty pointless. I'll just say I far prefer RE5 to RE4.
Posted: Dec 15, 2011 19:14 

As far as the "spoiler" scene goes regarding canon and all:

It doesn't necessarily interfere with the existing canon if you allow it some liberties. All we saw in RE2 was Hunk and his team go in and have a confrontation with birkin which resulted in Birkin getting shot and Hunk and his team leaving with the sample followed by Birkin injecting himself with the G-virus and his eyes immediately turning red.

After that we simply have the team in the sewers with Birkin coming after and slaughtering them followed by Hunk completely seperate from them, waking up in the sewers sometime later.

The changes don't necessarily negate any of that, just take some liberties regarding it. Hunk's team could have gone on ahead and it's wolfpack and Hunk who encounter Birkin as he comes out of the lab and have to try and escape from him. And with Hunk staying behind it obviously can explain why he ended up seperated from the rest of his group and left unconscious in the sewers.

Wolfpack stay outside during the confrontation with Birkin so the scene itself is still in tact as they weren't in there, and the rest of his crew can still get slaughtered in the sewers by Birkin after he loses track of Wolfpack thanks to Hunk and whatever happens to Hunk to seperate him from Birkin.

So again, it all still fits into the canon, it's just adding in to existing canon. That's something you should 'expect'. Nothing I read flat out changed what we saw in RE2, so I don't really see much to complain about in that regard.

And the game is indeed a what if scenario but that's only when you take on the what-if parts. We've been through this before. The game follows canon lore but has what-if elements added to it. Again, not much different than Outbreak, UC, or DSC. You take the elements that are canon and apply them to the existing lore and the rest you leave as is. UC and DSC change around a lot but we don't focus or worry about those parts, we only take the Sergei, Alexjandra, Krauser etc. type stuff and add it into the canon and don't worry about how the rest was changed.

Same with ORC.
 Post subject: A Discussion about Wesker
Posted: Jan 03, 2012 21:15 

It's been discussed before, but, I really wanted to bring this to the forefront because I keep seeing the same stuff everywhere regarding RE5 Wesker. The most common complaints are:

-Wesker went from a behind the scenes master mind to a comic book villain
-Wesker's plan with Uroroboros was stupid and made no sense
-All the scheming he did prior seems to have been thrown away and made irrelevant in RE5
-Wesker's plan in RE4 was to Revive Umbrella, this was thrown away in RE5

Here's the thing though, none of this is really true. Let's look at the facts:

-Umbrella is a worldwide large scale company that controls and owns an entire town, has money out the wazoo, tons of influence even in the US government, and pretty much can do whatever they want.

-By RE4, Wesker now has money out the wazoo himself, tons of influence and power, and samples and data on pretty much every virus etc.

-Spencer's goal which later became Wesker's is basically Survival of the Fittest. Even if 99% of humanity dies in the infection and only 100 people survive. Those 100 people go on as a new breed of humanity with superior DNA that can breed and repopulate the earth. No more weak humans, only the strong humans now fused with the Progenitor virus thanks to Uroboros. And Spencer/Wesker would be the god/creator of that race and thus rule over them aka ultimate power.

That last one seems to reinforce the comic book villain motif right? But, let's take a look back at the previous two facts I mentioned. Both Umbrella aka Spencer and Wesker already have more money than they'll ever need, tons of influence and tons of power. What do you honestly expect their end game goal to be? If Spencer already controls everything, what is possibly the purpose of all? What possible goal could he have behind all of his efforts other than the god complex one?

Wesker already has again, more than enough money, power and influence. He also has all of Umbrella's data and the data from other companies as well and samples of everything. What is his end game? To Revive Umbrella? To what end? He revives Umbrella, now what? He's back doing exactly what they were doing before, research and selling BOWs to various militaries. This is his end game? To go from making billions to zillions? That'd be along the lines of Dr. Evil, which is even stupider.

Not to mention that he essentially did complete his goal of reviving Umbrella when he went to Tricell. Tricell became the new Umbrella for all intents and purposes. So that plotline was not thrown away. Reviving Umbrella as Umbrella would never work considering Umbrella's public image post Raccoon City. Reviving it as Tricell however worked perfectly.

Next we have the claims about his scheming being thrown away and his master mind persona being chucked and him completely changing.

None of that is true. In RE5, Wesker spends the great majority of the game unseen. It isn't until the final two chapters of the game that he even shows up. And it's only due to Chris & Sheva's continued persuit of him and interference in his plans that he's 'forced' to come out of the shadows and become a front runner villain.

The game is the finale of the Wesker storyline. It shows his end-game scenario. What the purpose of everything he did was for. It's illogical to expect him to remain a behind the scenes villain for that. How can the series close up his storyline and provide his end-game if he's constantly in the shadows? He has to become the front runner villain in the finale for the story to play out properly and to close the book on his saga, which was the entire point of the game. Eventually it had to happen. Eventually Wesker's master plan had to be revealed and Wesker had to take center stage as the primary villain. This is that game.

Nothing about Wesker 'changed'. His plan was not 'pointless'. No plot points were made irrelevant, and he did in fact succeed in Reviving Umbrella.

Wesker still remains behind the scenes throughout the great majority of RE5. When he does show up, he acts no differently than he did in CODE Veronica where he contantly taunts Chris and co., has multiple opportunities to kill them and lets his ego let them get away etc. All of the same stuff happened in CODE Veronica.

And his end-game scenario is entirely logical. Again, think about Wesker's position by the end of RE4. Please explain to me WHAT you honestly expected his end-game to be at that point? What could he possibly do other than world domination that would make all of the time, energy and resources put into obtaining the amount of power, money, influence and data he collected worth the while?

He already had his hands in Umbrella, The Organization, the US government, Tricell and many other corporations. He didn't need more influence or power on that level. He already had enough money to buy his own island and retire on it for 100 lifetimes. And he already had enough virus' and data to start world war III if he so chose. So again I ask to everyone who complaina bout his 'comic book villain' end game plan to please explain to me where he was logically supposed to go from there? What 'end-game' plan can you possibly suggest that wouldn't simply be anti-climatic and make all the time and effort involved be redundant? The same for Spencer.

In RE1 it was about creating the 'ultimate life form'(Originally, before all the retcons, sequels and remakes). In RE2, Birkin was working on the G which he saw as much the same, the ultimate perfection of the virus to heal all injuries etc, which is almost identical to Dr. Connor's research and subsequent turn into the Lizard in Spiderman. CODE Veronica has Alexia trying to perfect the T-Veronica Virus for the exact same end, for her to rule over the world as Queen with everyone else being her slaves. RE4's Saddler does the exact same thing with the Las Plagas.

What else did you expect from Wesker?

I can completely understand and respect not 'liking' the uroroboros plan or how the events of RE5 played out. I myself would have envisioned things going a bit differently. But, despite the fanboy bias, the plan made perfect sense and was the only logical next step after RE4. There was simply no other goal that could be 'big' enough to make all of that worth the effort since again, we already ruled out money and influence and existing power considering he already acquired all of those. The only possible motivator left is 'ultimate power' aka world domination aka 'become a god'.

Feel free to discuss this, I just don't understand most peoples gripes and complaints. It's like they have this pre-conceived notion of Wesker in their head that makes no logical sense but they're engrained to follow it regardless. They just like him being the cool guy behind the scenes and want him to stay like that forever despite that being illogically impossible.
Posted: Jan 05, 2012 17:09 

he won't stand among them as a God. Worse, he won't exactly get there love. He did just murderise everyone they ever knew or loved and turned them into a writing mass of death tentacles. So unless he's talking about it from a 'I remade the world and then everyone hated me forever' sense of being God...

Wesker was genetically bred to be the 'perfect' host for Uroboros. He already has supernatural abilities before even using the virus on himself. He would obviously be superior to the regular humans who managed to survive the infection and bond with the virus.

As well, he's for lack of a better word, a Tyrant. No one ever 'loves' their Tyrant in reality. They're simply 'forced' to. Look at how many stories, movies, games etc. involve someone coming in and murdering someone's family and then forcing the kid to grow up with the tyrant as their father/mother.

Look at how many stories involve the entire world being controlled by one guy that everyone hates but are stuck serving else they be killed themselves.

Tyrants don't care that people hate them. The simple fact is, the people 'have' to worship them and bow to their will and feign love if they wish to keep their lives. They rule through fear and any Tyrant wouldn't have it any other way.

So the whole argument about Wesker being 'equal' with the others and them hating him is irrelevant.

And we have to hope to hell that the Uroboros monster/monsters created wouldn't want to eat Wesker's new Human Plus. Because we're either going to see several trillion Uroboros life forms from the combined people and animals, or Uroboros of truly titanic proportions. Aheri was only Excella infected and fed with, what, maybe two dozen bodies? And that required an orbital cannon to destroy. Imagine what an Uroboros made from China would resemble, if it merged into one super being.

It's not much different than the numerous world war 3 scenarios where the earth is ravaged by nuclear radiation, yet, the new world order takes place either way and the dictator rules the new land. Neo Tokyo, New New York, New Los Angeles, etc. There's even Land of the Dead where a city thrives and lives on in spite of the world being overrun with Zombies.

Add in that Wesker can control Uroboros once merged with it, as well, he knows how to destroy it. All the bodies of failed candidates were sent to the incinerator if you recall. Wesker also owns his own satellites and tons of other stuff. He could have easily had a safeguard in plan for that very scenario to clean out the garbage left over throughout the world for him and his new breed to take over.

And of course the new Human Plus would have...a fun time even if Uroboros wasn't trying to eat them. Because it would be eating any uninfected human and animals, obliterating the eco-system. I'd hate to think what would happen if it was able to infect plants with any kind of ease, too, but there's no way to know that.

Again, we never got to see it because his plan never succeeded. But, Wesker 'is' in fact a schemer and a plotter. Theres' plenty of reason to believe he had a plan in place to deal with the failed infected once his goal was achieved.

My second issue is Wesker just isn't that bright. As emotional as things are between him and Chris, he should still have simply punched Chris so hard that Chris actually died on the plane to Africa because Wesker had punched through time and space itself. This is Wesker's grand plan, his masterpiece, his attempt to save all of humanity from itself. One laughably squishy human should be a small price to pay, no matter how much you wanted to taunt him. If he absolutely had to prove his superiority, which given his God Complex makes some sense, then he should have simply killed Chris after revealing Jill. Victory complete. Not only have I pulled your guts out at Mach 3 you know your partner is forever my crotchless slave.

This is not RE5 Wesker. This is Wesker in general you're talking about. He did the SAME exact thing in CODE Veronica REPEATEDLY. He tells Chris he's about to kill him then Alexia appears on screen and instead of simply snapping Chris' neck and tossing him away, he just does the latter by itself. Next he has Claire in his grips and hates Chris and wants to taunt and punish him and rather than kill her to really drive it home, he simply says 'fine' and lets her go when Chris tells him to. Then he has multiple opportunities to kill Chris yet just stands there laughing and taunting Chris and toying with him. He has Chris held in the air by his neck yet again, instead of simply snapping it and being done with it, he tosses him to the ground and laughs.

Please don't try to act like these traits are unique to RE5 Wesker. Again, he did all the same crap in CODE Veronica. Wesker is a egomaniac plain and simple.

Even after he's de-powered and crashed in a volcano, he could still win. Run away from the volcano, since he was still likely faster than Chris or Sheva could manage to catch. The fight on the plane shows he's weaker, not powerless, and Chris and Sheva would not be able to stop him bolting. Regain your powers. Take back the ship if that's really the only place with Uroboros on it - Wesker on his own could defeat anything the BSAA could land on the ship, once he was back to form, and he could probably afford to buy every mercenary in the world to help him. More likely he has other labs with Uroboros elsewhere. Do it again, while Chris is off patting himself on the back, succeed.

This is a fanboyish dream because it's not viable. All of the Uroboros specimens were on that plane. Excella was dead and thus his ties to TriCell were gone. By the time he got back to the lab it would have been under siege by the BSAA. And there was no going back to the ship, it was already damaged and likely going to sink over time due to Adheri. Remember, the flood gates were closed off down below but Chris and Sheva reopened them to get to Wesker. All the Water is now still flooding into the bowels of the ship. It's not going to survive. As well, the jet flew quite a distance away and landed on a volcano in the middle of no where. Wesker had no way 'to' get back to the ship to begin with.

Wesker had just spent ALL of his time and effort and energy into this plan and Chris/Sheva just outright ruined it in one fell swoop. In order to 'redo' the plan he would literally have to spend YEARS doing it all over again, getting a corporation like TriCell to rebuild the virus/missiles, plan everything out all over again. You don't just have your lifes work taken from you and go 'oh ok no big i'll just go spend another 5-10 years trying again, see ya!'

Especially when you're an egomaniac like Wesker. Chris just screwed up his entire plans, AGAIN. He already did it in RE1 and now he's here doing it again. Wesker has NOTHING left for him at this point other than revenge.

Let's also take into consideration he's stumbling on the volcano which shows he's not up to speed anymore. He's injured and unstable. He's in a deserted volcano in the middle of no where. And Chris and Sheva who just ruined all of his plans and defeated him despite his super powers, multiple times are still alive and well. And so long as Chris is alive he's going to keep screwing up Wesker's plans no matter how many times he retreats and starts over.

So again, the only thing left for him is revenge. And obviously he's not been able to kill Chris thus far at peak condition with his powers(Even if it is entirely his own fault), and now he's in a much weaker state. So his only option is to merge with Uroboros and try to kill Chris once and for all.

But it would have been better if Wesker had been forced into a corner by Chris, rather than raging away and doing the dumb option.

Uhm..................that is EXACTLY what happened. Wesker toyed with Chris in the tomb area and 'left' him to play with Jill while he headed on the ship with Excella. Chris persued.

Wesker threw Excella and all the dead bodies at Chris as Uroboros. Chris persued. Wesker had his hangar guarded to hell, Chris persued. Wesker was 'forced' to fight Chris and Sheva himself. Chris persued and poisoned him.

Wesker 'fleed' into the jet. Chris persued. Chris and Sheva tried to override the jet to stop the launch. Wesker was forced to fight and deal with them to prevent them from doing that. Chris still managed to screw up the jet and Wesker got thrown out of it and landed on the volcano with the jet.

Now, he's here stuck in the middle of no where, his plans ruined and himself severley injured and weakened. He's literally FORCED INTO A CORNER by Chris the entire way.

This is what I'm talking about with this topic in the first place. Some of you are really biased in your views about RE5 and RE5 Wesker that you just see what you want to see and hold things against the game and Wesker that make no sense. Like the comment above about "If he had been forced into a corner it would have been better". Again, that's EXACTLY what happened.

Or the "Wesker's so stupid in RE5, he should have just killed Chris, he had tons of chances to." when he did the SAME thing in CODE Veronica.

Wesker wasn't this cold, calculating, mastermind that killed anyone in his path, was always behind the scenes, serious to a fault, and an evil genious that everyone seems to think he was. Wesker was ALWAYS a meglomaniac and an egomaniac. He plotted and schemed but he was always full of himself and was the source of his own downfall every time. He's always been the typical 'comic book villaiin', again, watch him in CODE Veronica. He's nothing SHORT of a comic book villain there. Even his final line in that is him there statign "Until we meet again. MWAHAHAHAHAA! MWAHAHAHAH! MWAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

No offense personally to you DarkMoon. I just don't get this fanboy bias where people seem to remember things very subjectively to what they 'want' to remember and hold things against RE5 that are just unfounded. Like somehow this was the first time Wesker ever did any of that kinda stuff and he was totally different than he was previously. Because that's not even remotely true. It almost seems as if some of you only played Remake/4 and base your entire knowledge of Wesker off of those.

Wesker is Wesker and always has been. RE5 did nothing to change any of that.
Posted: Jan 26, 2012 21:20

Following concerns that the lack of information on Biohazard Damnation may have led to its cancellation or possible evolvement into Biohazard 6 , Biohaze has contacted Sony Pictures Japan about the situation and fear not, the movie is still on track.

To read the email response check the next post .
Posted: Feb 03, 2012 8:19 

Vito wrote:
Yama wrote:
It's uploaded and hopefully will be subtitled for everyone shortly.

Where is it?

Give me a chance, it is in Japanese you know!
Posted: Feb 20, 2012 23:53 

Image Image

Might have to wait for Rod or Yama or whatnot to actually add them to the avatar gallery to use em, but, at least they're done and ready to go. Enjoy.
Posted: Feb 22, 2012 13:59 

OK, Specter and Vito's avatars have been added to the gallery, plus 2 other RE6 icons:
Posted: Mar 26, 2012 13:44

Dual Pixels is reporting a close source to them, who has insider knowledge of Nintendo, has leaked a list of upcoming Wii U titles. One of them is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Bio Ops . Judging by the name, it's possible this is an enhanced version of Nintendo 3DS' The Mercenaries 3D .

Take this info as a rumour until Nintendo and Capcom reveal their Wii U's lineup at E3 2012 (June 5-7).

Source: Dual Pixels | Tip: Vito
Posted: Mar 28, 2012 16:21 

Hope this saves you time Rod:
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