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Posted: Feb 09, 2010 17:30 

Okay, as promised. Here is the first part, the only completely original chapter in the whole book.


This story is about a screen; about a powerful, invisible shield called Umbrella. It is of course, a purely hypothetical story.
Some countries in this world are referred to as ‘rogue states’. They say that they support terrorism, and that they are both militarily and economically placed under huge pressure. However, other countries are considered to be ‘developing a social network’ and receive every possible assistance.
There are still many people who are foolish enough to believe that a clear dividing line differentiates the good from the bad and the bad countries that are spawned by the good countries must be punished with a vengeance. These days, even a primary school child would know that such distinctions are completely arbitrary, and only on the basis of profit and power are these interests taken.
Who is good? Who is evil? Who has the power to decide? Ground water, which, depending on how you see it, perhaps not even the ‘good guys’ can be counted.

Figuratively speaking, a cold, poisonous rain patters onto our world. Because of this poison rain, we are all dependent on a screen in order to survive. Anyone who has found a place under this umbrella can anticipate as much support as possible. But those who are not under this umbrella will be declared a rogue state.

The beginning of this legend was in 1967 in the tower room of an old castle. The castle was owned by Ozwell E. Spencer, a Lord well known throughout Western European nobility. Lord Spencer had put parts of his castle under the disposal of a certain Dr. James Marcus who had for many years been in the employment of a prestigious Swiss university.
Marcus was discovered at this university thanks to his research about the extinct earth-antiquity of microbes to a very interesting virus. However, there was a conflict of interests between different groups inside the institute, of which Marcus found himself once again on the losing side. This led to him being sidelined and relegated to a meaningless position. This was due to a scandal which involved falsified test results, with Marcus stood at the end of the line with no one to pass the buck onto, despite him having nothing to do with the whole affair. But even this was not the end of his losing streak. His previously very generous research grants, which came largely from public funds, were radically cut back. The university did not prevent him from continuing his research; however, they refused him any further financial support. This was a clear sign to Marcus that his days at the institute were numbered.
In a seemingly hopeless situation, Marcus contacted his old friend Spencer and pleaded with him for financial support. Spencer responded promptly. He first made enquiries about Marcus’s research, and gave him an answer just a few days later. His offer was, however, subject to two conditions: First, Marcus would leave the university immediately. The Spencer foundation would occupy him with a much more generous salary than he had ever received from the university. Secondly, Marcus had to keep the final results of his research under strict secrecy. If these two conditions were met, Marcus would have state of the art lab facilities at his disposal and a place to live. Any contacts with the outside world were to be avoided if possible.
Well, Marcus probably would not have made this pact with the devil were it not for the fact he could immediately continue his research.
Spencer’s offer seemed very generous and he readily agreed. The two then employed another nobleman, a man named Edward Ashford. Marcus’s future was now secured, his epoch-making research could continue.
On the day when Marcus finally reaped the fruits of his years of work on microbes, he ran around purple-faced through the laboratory and was excited as a teenager would be before his first date.
“Please understand me, Ashford! This discovery will shake the world! It is nothing less than the fulfilment of an ancient dream of humanity!”
“I have sympathy for your feelings,” said Edward Ashford sleepily. He was slumped over his chair as he sat. “But to wake and get me up in the middle of the night from my sleep! What you believe, as I feel…”
“I beg you! Don’t imagine it like that! After all, this is about a miracle! The discovery of a miracle!”
“You know…”
Ashford looked for a moment at the ceiling.
“Lord Spencer is not here. He hates it if one bullies him. I am against most probably too good-natured.”
“All right. Nevertheless, Ashford, you have to watch this! Here!”
Marcus brought the image of the scanning electron microscope on the monitor. The otherwise pitch-black screen showed some objects resembling rice grains with tails.
“Look closely,” he said with the pride of a boy showing his best friend his most valuable toy. “These are E.Coli.”
Ashford was unimpressed. “Well you may be surprised, but I actually recognise…”
“I have killed them with the help of 0.1 ppm of chlorine.”
“I understand. So you have woken me up in the middle of the night to show me a dozen dead E.Coli?”
Marcus put his finger to his lips and pointed to the screen.
With a very thin needle, something was injected into the nucleus of the dead coliform bacteria. Amazingly the bacteria suddenly began to beat wildly in frenzy. More than that, they became longer and longer and eventually divided in the middle to form to separate parts.
“They divide, Ashford!”
Marcus had tears in his eyes. But Edward didn’t seem to share his excitement in the least.
“Doctor…” Edward’s voice indicated he was clearly annoyed. “It is surely not the first time that cells emerge from a state of apparent death and re-animate. Such a thing is even common in higher organisms, but…”
“Wrong, wrong,” interrupted Marcus, violently gesturing with his hands. “This is something completely different! These cells are not apparently dead! Their nuclei were destroyed completely, their cells completely perforated. They were completely dead, completely dead. And then, after I gave them our aforementioned virus – you know the original virus already and implanted it – they began to grow and multiply again!”
On the screen it was clearly visible, as the revival of the coli form of bacteria continued to increase with almost incredible speed. Edward stared at the image.
“Completely dead,” he murmured thoughtfully.
“Exactly. Without a doubt. Why would I lie? And everything is described in this document!”
Marcus handed Edward a thick wad of paper.
“Should I read it all now?”
“No. I will briefly explain it to you. You are not a layman. One look at the test results and you have understood what an amazing thing this is. So, what you see here are the old drawings of an experiment in which the Miller Experiment of 1953 has been recreated here more or less. I have a glass beaker with methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour filled and hermetically sealed. Into this mix I gave ten units of the original virus, which previously was killed with 1ppm of chlorine. It has then been heated and exposed to an electrical discharge. Now, what do you believe was the outcome?”
“You’ve already told me. Basically, you have repeated the Miller experiment. I’m sorry, but the results of this experiment have been known for years.”
“Listen to me! In principle, it is the Miller experiment. He has simulated a primitive atmosphere and provided evidence that life could form in this atmosphere of organic compounds. And from this arose, ultimately, life. This is however, about something completely different! Well, to the point that from amino acids and proteins, nucleic acids occur in both experiments. But in my case the protein eventually becomes a structure with a membrane, which has begun to multiply by division.”
“Impossible. That can not be.”
It was only natural that Edward steadfastedly refused to believe Marcus. Simply because he had just claimed no less that he had successfully recreated in the laboratory, the birth of life on Earth 3.8 billion years ago.
“But it’s true. Full details of the experiment are described in detail in this paper. If you think that I am lying, just repeat it and examine it yourself. You can repeat it as many times as you like, the result will always be the same; the original virus causes the primitive DNA to arise from the protein soup.”
Edward wanted to believe it but still could not bring himself to. But the possibility that there may be something in this let the excitement from Marcus gradually skip over to him.
“You are right Marcus. We should tell Spencer.”
“Finally! Finally you understand!” Cried Marcus as Edward grabbed his right hand, beaming.
“Let us go immediately to Spencer.” Edward threw his overcoat over himself and took Marcus, still wearing his white lab coat, in tow. It was a memorable night. And the events of that night would finally lead towards the creation of the Umbrella Corporation.
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WESKER 3 {Part 1}


"Who is afraid of Marcus? Nobody...", Dr. Birkin hummed while he worked the monitors. Beside him, Wesker had settled on the chair, but appeared to be neither interested in the monitors or the boisterous and merry-looking Birkin.
"He is nowhere to be seen. So he bailed."
The monitors continued to show constant changes in live images from all corners of the Umbrella Training Centre. Judging by these pictures, the training centre was a kind of haunted house in a way, which was teeming with ogres and monsters.
The first director of the training centre for future high-level personnel of the Umbrella Corporation had been just that, Dr. James Marcus. But before more detail can be revealed on the fate of the ill-fated scientist, it is necessary to say a few words about the international conglomerate Umbrella.
Everything began with the discovery of the 'proto-virus' in 1967. This discovery was one of the reasons for the rapid growth of Umbrella. It has to be assumed that this virus in ancient times made a crucial contribution to the emergence of life and death on earth. In other words, this original virus was the answer to the question of questions, a question whose answer has facinated scientists for centuries; the question of the origins of life.
In any case, the virus had the ability to mix genetic information to cause unique mutations. And it possessed the ability to transfer these altered genes into other organisms by infecting it and causing a fresh spontaneous mutation. This ability to transfer to spontaneous mutation functioned both between whole individuals and between individual cells. The original virus was one of the great discoveries of the century, but hardly anyone took any notice. And nowhere were the facts of this discovery ever published. But why?
Behind this wonderous discovery stood three men. Ozwald E. Spencer, a famous noble, Edward Ashford, also noble, and Dr. James Marcus, Spencer's friend from university times. Lord Spencer was the most inhuman man, which you can imagine. Although blessed from birth with wealth and prestige, he still suffered from a painful ambition, an insaitable greed for more. Spencer dreamed of ruling over everything and everyone. The whole world he wanted for himself. Anything less, simply would not satisfy him. Of the three, Spencer was the only one who really understood the potential power of the proto-virus over mankind. And it was only logical that he instigated the launching of Umbrella Corporation in order to feed his hunger for power. This differentiated his thinking and his attitude from the outset in principle to Ashford, who was concerned only about the reputation of his family, or from Marcus, who wanted simply to pursue his research with a vigour.
After its establishment, the Umbrella Corporation gave itself to the outside world the appearance of a globally operating pharmaceutical company. But secretly with the help of the research on the proto-virus they could significantly advance in the field of biological weaponry. Spencer's first goal was to dominate the arms market. In fact, the Umbrella Corporation grew like wildfire to a considerable size. This rapid growth had been fuelled mainly by the political power of the original virus as the ultimate threat.
While Marcus was one of the discoverers of the original virus, the rapid growth in size and power of Umbrella meant he was soon pushed to the sidelines. Power struggles and plots had never been one of his strengths. Spencer, however, was a true expert in fighting with hooks and eyes, and had an easy time dealing with Marcus. Almost overnight, Marcus was pulled out of all the company's planning and shifted to the post of Director of the company's own training center. The scientist immediately realised that this was done to remove him from the power centre of the group. But he never fought against his transfer because he knew he could gain something positive from it after all: There, in this remote training center in the woods, it would easily be possible to evade control by the central office and work quietly on his research. In a sense, therefore, Marcus was even grateful to Spencer for this transfer.
Posted: Nov 08, 2009 17:01 

Yeah, he's great. Its a shame they never used him more. I'd have like him to have had an influence in both Remake and Zero, even if it was just in files. Hell we don't even know if Wesker and Irons ever conspired together. I have always had a hunch that Wesker knew Irons was on Umbrella's payroll but Irons never knew about Wesker.
But i guess with the destruction of his city in RE3 and the series moving onto a global scale, there was nowhere further for his character to go.
Posted: Feb 17, 2010 17:16 

Everyone seems satisfied enough. It's nothing spectacular by any means but a worthy addition. A few new files enhance the plot a little but there is nothing groundbreaking. We already know how events play out so there isn't any major spoiler as such.
Posted: Mar 06, 2010 5:15 

I always loved RE5 too, although it was not perfect. It was a strange experience playing LIN then moving straight onto the main game. I think if I were playing it for the first time I would have found the sudden change in pace and setting a bit frustrating. Suddenly losing Jill for Sheva, switching a creepy mansion at night for the bright sands of Africa and also the paranoia of being hardly any enemies to there suddenly being hordes. It comes as a bit of a jolt, even when you are expecting it. It also makes you realise just how long the game takes to get going. You have all the 'Wesker Children' sub plot stuff at the start, then the game completely changes and in all honesty the plot doesn't really get going again until 5-1.

Desperate Escape does a good job of fleshing out the game's climax. To me it always felt a little rushed how you don't come across Wesker at all in the game until the end of chapter 5-3 then before you know it, the game's over and done with half an hour later. To get it as chronologically as close as possible. I played through chapter 6-1 and 6-2 then saved and switched to Desperate Escape before rounding off 6-3. It's a good fit and adds to the sense of urgency as you head towards the climax of the game. Unfortunately the impact of DE makes the already poor 6-3 chapter even more of an anti-climax in my opinion.

Overall I'm happy with both new episodes and they add to what was already a great game. I'm glad people seem to be re-evaluating their original opinion on it.
Posted: Apr 10, 2010 6:56 

When asked about the game's influence on the film, Anderson states: "I was writing the script before the game came. Once the game came out, it had huge elements that were already in the screenplay. Capcom is so funny. Every time I go to Japan and meet Capcom, it's like seeing the Umbrella Corporation. They won't give you straight answer about anything. So I kind of new they would tell me that Wesker was in the game, kind of, but never really confirming it. Sure enough, he was the main villain and he was the main villain in the movie, as well. Completely by coincidence, a large chunk of this movie takes place in a big ship and there was the ship in "Resident Evil 5". We have an awful lot of stuff that they already put into "Resident Evil 5". So I did a whole big pass on the script to bring it more in line with the imagery from the latest game because I felt the latest game was fantastic. I think it kind of reinvented the video game franchise. I wanted to take a lot of it, frankly, kind of steal from it and put it into the movie. There is a whole fight scene with Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller that's taken almost shot by shot from "Resident Evil 5". It's the one when Chris and Shiva are fighting Wesker. So we're putting Claire in there instead so it's brother and sister fighting against Wesker. So what's great in the game is its one continuous shot where the camera rotates around Wesker fighting the two and he kicks their asses. They never cut which of course, you can do in animation. It's a bit more difficult in live action. Se we're probably going to shoot the fight in 10 different segments then seam it together in visual effects. So the finished effect will be as if the camera never stops rotating around."

I actually appreciate Anderson's honesty there. Shame his producing partner is not the same. Jeremy Bolt basically thinks RE5 was all down to Extinction and I quote; "I know for a fact RE5 was set in Africa because of our movie."

Posted: Apr 20, 2010 19:40 


"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." - From the film; 'Dawn of the Dead'


"Hey darling, I'd like a glass of milk.," said Delores in a soothingly soft voice, "And then some toast."
"At least you are not too demanding," said Jason as Delores tenderly snuggled against him.
"I don't think its too much to ask," she replied. Her hands wandered over Jason's body and caressed him. The two were in bed. Naked.
Delores' fingertips just circled the small area which Jason wanted her to touch the most.
"Before we get to that..." Delores voice was excited now, she locked lips with Jason's mouth before finishing her sentence; "I breakfast."
Jason clicked his tongue and rolled out of bed. His parents were away, would not be back until tomorrow at noon, he had liked that and of course, had let Delores know immediately. Such an opportunity did not present itself too often. Delores didn't take much persuasion before they put a very enjoyable night behind them.
But, thought Jason as he pushed the bread into the toaster, does this girl really love me? I love her with all my heart but...Why is Delores, the prettiest cheerleader and the most desired girl in the whole school who could have picked anyone she wanted, picked me?
Jason lacked self-confidence, and he couldn't believe it. Maybe she was just playing a little game with him and wanted to take advantage. It was hard for him to keep his doubts in check. Worse, he began to hate himself for his doubts. But then he remembered last night and came to the conclusion that that basically no matter what motivations were in play he should just enjoy the game. And yet...
"Hurry up!"
"Yeah," Jason replied cheerfully as he poured the milk into a cup. From the garden he suddenly heard a strange noise. A scratching noise.
"Oh, great." Jason blurted.
Valentine, the domestic cat, had been shut out the night before. He usually showed no interest in Jason, but when he brought a girl home the cat would get downright angry. Even with Helen, his cousin. For women and cats were a bad combination, Jason thought to himself.
He opened the door from the kitchen into the garden, but there was no sign of the cat, and nothing else.
"Jason? What the hell are you doing?"
It could not possibly take this long. Delores was angry. Her relationship with Jason had only just begun. She appreciated his loyalty and devotion, and his almost sickening obedience flattered her. At this point in their relationship they could afford no misunderstandings.
"That's enough Jason!"
No answer. He begs for punishment thought Delores, wrapping a towel around herself and standing up.
"Can I finally get my breakfast now?"
Her tone had nothing teasing or playful left in it and she made it sound unmistakably clear that she was angry. But it was in vain. A creature suddenly stood before her. It no longer understood human language. It had only one objective, namely, its overwhelming hunger. And it satisfied that objective, with the help of Delores. But compared to the chaotic events that took place in Raccoon City that day, this was an almost trivial incident...


Leon S. Kennedy was having what we would call a very bad day. At precisely the same time as Raccoon City was transformed into a hell on earth – the young policeman was about to take up his first ever shift with the Raccoon City Police Department.
Even just the night before he had been standing under an unlucky star. Through sheer stress and nervousness he could simply not get to sleep. It was only towards the early hours of the morning had he managed to doze off. And of course, his morning alarm clock had just to give up the ghost and die. The terrible punishment for this delay would be waiting for him practically outside his own front door; a city full of zombies. Raccoon City was populated by hordes of the living dead. Thus, Leon had had to fight his way through to the police station through hordes of monsters. On his way he met a young woman named Claire who was searching for her missing brother. His name was Chris Redfield, and was one of the elite police officers for the RCPD. Even for them it had been a really bad day.
Leon had promised Claire to help find her brother, but before they could think too far ahead they had been forced to separate. As soon as Leon arrived at the police headquarters, he found that it too had been transformed into a nest of zombies. Whilst searching for Claire, whom he had arranged to meet at the police headquarters, Leon was looking around the ground floor of the building. But he could find neither Claire nor any other survivors. He then worked his way up until he reached the roof of the building.
Leon probably owed his survival to the fact that he had found plenty of weapons, which he had found in the building and taken himself. After a fruitless search of the flat roof of the police station, he heard a cry from the road below him. The young policeman threw a glance downward. Zombies and zombie dogs attacked several people running round in hopeless panic. Leon took out his M16 Ge-Defence from his back and took aim at his targets. He was quite used to shooting whilst standing and he was an excellent marksman. The young policeman fired. Next to the creature, the bullet drilled into the asphalt of the road. Leon corrected the settings of the scope and fired a second shot. One of the zombies was hurled backwards and collapsed. More targets were fired at and it was as if an invisible hand was knocking all the zombies down on the road below. The young policeman did not waste ammunition, every shot knocked one of the zombies stone dead.
Suddenly a shot rang out in the distance, and at almost the same moment Leon felt a burning pain on his right cheek. He touched the spot and saw bright red blood on his fingers. Someone was shooting at him. He quickly looked around and again another shot rang out. Shards of the concrete floor on the flat roof flew up in the air right next to him. Leon tried to identify the direction from which the shots were coming from. His eyes wandered upwards and above him a helicopter was circling. With the helicopter looking down on him on the flat room, Leon was a perfect target for it.
Leon ran towards the staircase and made his way down. He pulled his pistol from his holster and shouldered the rifle. Here, inside the building, a long-ranged weapon was clearly at a disadvantage. Taking the direct route, he reached the ground floor and stormed back through the entrance hall. But there was not a soul to be seen. Only dead bodies, which trudged throughout the area.
Leon wondered who had shot at him from the helicopter. Hard to believe that zombies were in the helicopter. Incredulous, the young policeman shook his head. That would just be too much. As he gasped for breath, his mind raced. But the longer he thought about it, the less likely it seemed that he would come to a conclusion. Finally, he brushed this thought aside and went down to the parking garage in the basement, for this area had not yet been searched.
Carefully, and holding his gun at the ready, Leon looked around. Fortunately, there seemed to be no zombies roaming around down here. Suddenly, a shot rang out and the projectile buried itself in the pillar next to him. Leon turned around and saw a strikingly attractive woman with an exotic face. She stared back at him with anxious eyes. This was the first encounter between Leon and Ada.


Wesker was sitting in a small cabin, which had the look of a cockpit in an airplane. It was a mobile command centre, a special edition for the Umbrella Corporation. The car was parked in the suburbs of Raccoon City, because from here Wesker could follow the events taking place in the city and if necessary, could escape from the town without any problems.
No less than twelve monitors in various sizes shone inside the car. Wesker kept them all in mind as he advanced from one camera to the next with astonishing speed. His eyes did not leave the monitors when he heard radio traffic which had suddenly started up in his headphones.
-The Raccoon City Police are all dead. Brian, however, escapes us.
-Kill him. If under any circumstances he manages to escape, his relationship to the company may be exposed to outside sources. That will be a big problem.
-Do not worry. The guy has already virtually committed suicide. He wanted to stay inside the police department and not venture around outside. Even if he changes his mind now, he has no chance of escaping.
The conversation was overlaid by the sound of a helicopter in the background. Despite the noise, Wesker’s superhuman hearing allowed him to identify the voices. No doubt, one of the voices was clearly Sergei. In the distance, gunshots could be heard over and over again.
-Look at that little guy there who wants to play the big cowboy? He is condemned property as a human being. This is making me look bad!
A metallic click was heard, Sergei was obviously loading a fresh magazine, pulled the load lever through and pushed the selector switch up. These noises were familiar to Wesker and he got an image in his head of Sergei with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
A shot rang out. And another. It appeared Sergei was shooting at someone from the helicopter.
-Sergei? Sergei!
-What is it?
-Time is up Sergei! There is no more time for your little game!
-Sorry, but this is one game I have to finish.
Wesker grinned ciontemptuously. Sergei just always had to exaggerate. He wasted his precious time on such follies. Guys like Sergei who were intoxicated by their own lust for power, were doomed. For how powerful they were now, one day they would perish. And that day for Sergei was already creeping closer. Wesker was absolutely convinced of it.
Wesker listened to the radio traffic and repeatedly changed the frequency. There were obvious overlaps with radio frequencies, which led to a big mess for the listener.
-Stop! Do not come any closer! Noooo!
-Answer me please! I absolutely need reinforcements here now!
-This will be our last broadcast. For several days now we have had no contact with the outside world.
-Alpha Team. This is Hunk. Please respond.
Wesker’s ears pricked up. This man he knew. Hunk was a member of the unit that that was composed from an elite pool of special agents, and like the UBCS, they represented a dark side of the Umbrella Corporation.
-On frequency 777 we want our listeners to enjoy chat with pleasant music and…
-Hunk? Can you hear me? Hunk? This is Nighthawk. The radio is damaged.
-‘G’ is guaranteed. But the rest of Alpha Team have been wiped out. I am moving now towards the extraction point.
-You are the only one left? You are real angel of death.
-This is our last ever show. If anyone is still alive out there, get out of this town as fast as possible!
-The traffic in the city has come to a complete standstill. There are big concerns for the welfare of the inhabitants.
-Hunk! Hunk!
-I hear you.
-What about William?
-He is caught up in a deadly game. Shortly before his death it looks like he administered ‘G’ to himself and revived. He is the reason that the unit has been wiped out completely.
-Understood. And what about the remaining G samples?
-Unknown. They were probably released into the environment following the battle. It will probably soon be necessary to implicate countermeasures.
-Roger. We will derive immediate response!
-You have to believe us! Help is on its way! We’re stranded here. All we can do is re-transmit. This place is full of monsters!
-We have so many injuries! All is lost!
-What has become of this city? Raccoon City is lost. These monsters are not just dead, they are damn immortal!
-So far, this is the latest news we have obtained. The Umbrella Corporation, which operates a production facility for pharmaceuticals in Raccoon City, has today in regard following...
-It's over, it's over. Everything is over!
-Please help. I repeat! Need help urgently. Get me out of here! I am injured and cannot move.
Hunk had apparantly fulfilled his mission and escaped via helicopter. Wesker had come to the city looking for the very same thing, namely the so called G-Virus, which he assumed had been developed in the underground laboratory in Raccoon City. William Birkin, who had once worked with Wesker in the Arklay Mountains, had been involved in the development of the virus.
The Umbrella Corporation had managed with Hunk's help, to extract the G-Virus from the city in the midst of all the chaos. In necessary, Wesker would have easily been able to steal the G-Virus from Umbrella by force. But there was another, less risky alternative, with whom he had entrusted to his more subtle reserve force, the female spy, Ada Wong. But apparently, Ada had not yet been successful in gaining possession of the virus.
At that moment, the picture changed on one of the monitors. A message from outside had hit. A pale, middle-aged man was staring at the screen facing Wesker. His eyes were moist and he was trembling like a little lap-dog.
"What does this mean?" He asked.
Wesker did not answer. He stared at the man's face in silence.
"Dead bodies are running around. They run around and eat people. You were probably aware of this the whole time. You knew that this research would lead to such a crazy thing. Am I right?"
"What's next?"
"If you knew it, why did you not prevent it?"
"Why should I?"
"I have my wife and my children..." The man buried his face in his hands. Violent sobs could be heard. A jittery motion spread over his face and he stared with fierce red eyes at the camera.
"So you did know. You knew and you did nothing about it?"
"Listen," said Wesker, showing not the slightest hint of emotion. "I have another agent out there with you. All you have to do is hand the transmitter over to her. Then your job is done. Then you can leave, go whereever you want and you will never hear from me again."
"One moment! Can you tell me how to get out of here? It is almost impossible for a normal person and I'm not a damn superhero! Hey, listen to me!" The man shouted and pushed his face close to the camera, as if to bite it.
Wesker turned off the screen. It was as if he had switched off the whole world with it.


To successfully complete your missions even under the most adverse circumstances and survive was a talent Ada Wong had demonstrated for various organisations with her intelligence work, and she was proud of it. Her unshakable self-confidence told her that this mission would be no different. Even if the city she happened to be in had transformed into a complete nightmare, full of the decomposed walking dead.
Violence and death reigned in the streets of this city, but in Cambodia or the Khmer Rouge during the massacres of Hutu in Rwanda, for them it could not have been much different. Throughout the crisis and conflict areas of the world she had done her jobs, and she had always returned home alive. Thus the state of Raccoon City were in her eyes, nothing special.
The world was full of misery. There were these resurrected dead beings, who feast on the flesh of the living, yet they did not shake Ada much. Her mission this time had merged with Albert Wesker. No doubt, the fee that had been offered to her was more than tempting, but even more than that was Albert Wesker the person, that made her accept the offer. Ada had already met some men who wanted to stand as rulers of the world. But the men who dreamed of holding the world in their hands often fell into two catagories; Some were mere fools, others were capable fools.
Wesker had an unusually strong will, and a pronounced energy that was just as strong. But above all, it was his gift of planning the way forward with a certain calm, sober and necessary consideration which was appealing to Ada. Apart from that fact there was no doubt that Wesker was a fool. The majority of men were fools. You had to wonder what they would promise that would be of any benefit if they were to rule the world. Finally, it would mean nothing more than they would become managers in a world where in the final result they would have to serve her.
What I need is just a little fun. And if fun is ruined in this world, then it should be my right. This was Ada's creed. The men worked with their eternal power games, but they were like dogs that were chasing each other's tails. But among all these fools Wesker seemed particularly attractive to possess, and he had long been the first to Ada that gave her the feeling that she would have interesting things to see from him.
Now she found herself under his command in the middle of this hell again. She was only just beginning their mission, and she was excited like a little child who had visited an amusement park for the first time, though Ada as a child had never had the pleasure of visiting such a park.
She was located in the parking garage of the Raccoon City Police Headquarters and was in possession of some information indicating that there was someone in prison who knew an escape route out of the city. Ada's task was not yet completed, but she had to secure an escape route. And it was for this reason, that she had arrived at the police headquarters.
Of course, it was easy for Ada to walk directly into a building where everything was lost in complete chaos. Who was there to prevent her from entering the building? It was quite possible that there were only zombies running around in here and that the prisoner had been killed long ago.
But luck is known to be on the side of the fittest and that it would work itself out somehow. And no matter what happened, Ada was optimistic enough to believe that there was an approaprite countermeasure to any possible danger situation.
The person who guaranteed Ada's luck, suddenly appeared before her; a young man in a police uniform approached hastily. Ada decided immeditely to harness this man for her own purposes. No matter how crazy the situation could be, men would believe always meeting a woman in these types of circumstances was a pure accident. No way a man could get the idea that everything was planned or could be contrived. The more likely a coincidence, the more random it would seem to the man. And it was anything but coincidence that Ada firmly believed in this rule. After all, it had happened once before and the man had never questioned his role. This time she decided to stage the whole meeting. She shot at her goal.
"I'm terribly sorry, I mistook you for a zombie," her facial expression, tone of voice, gestures, everything was perfect. Ada was playing the weak, frightened woman, who in her panic had pulled the trigger and shot. "Is everything all right with you? Are you hurt?"
"No, I'm all right," laughed the man as he approached Ada. "Not yet."
With is index finger, the man pressed down on the gun which Ada still had pointed at him.
"Oh, excuse me." Ada put the weapon back. She kept her eyes focused on her holster at all times, to add to the impression that she was completely untrained when it came to handling a weapon.
"My name is Ada Wong," she said and held out her hand.
"And I'm Leon Kennedy. Police Officer with the Raccoon City Police Department," he replied with a firm handshake.
In the distance, screams and explosions were heard.
"That sounds as though there is some work for you to do," Ada said with a modest chuckle.
"What are you looking for here?"
"Do you know a certain Ben Bertolucci?"
"Who's that?"
"I thought you said you were a policeman here?"
"Yes, but today is my first day, you see," said Leon and held out a note.
Congratulations on your inclusion to the Raccoon City Police Department. Do not worry, we are already old hands and will take you under our wing! So, we look forward to you spending some time with us!
Your colleagues at the RCPD.
"Really?" If this man truly was a stranger here, then his use to her might be limited. Ada felt disappointed, but did not let on to the fact.
"Ben Bertolucci is a newspaper reporter who should be imprisoned here. At least, that's what I've heard. I have come here to meet him, but now with all this chaos in the city, I'm not sure what to do."
"Im afraid, because I do..."
"My boyfriend is missing here in this city. And this was over a month ago. This man disappeared without trace, but the police never took up the matter with any real seriousness. They say there was no case for them to investigate. In any case, his trail ends here in Raccoon City. That's why I'm here."
In recent times, many people had disappeared in the vicinity of Raccoon City. Ada knew this and built her lies on it. Leon had asked for a transfer to the RCPD because these bizarre criminal cases {including those that had disappeared without trace} interested him greatly.
"Would you do me a favour and take me to the cells?" Said Ada and Leon looked imploringly back at her. She made a point of taking his arm. A direct physical contact gave the opposite impression from wanting to leave, and it was a sign of confidence.
"Uh...well...that should be all right."
"Yes? This will be a big help to me."
No man was safe from the persuasion of Ada Wong, especially not Leon, whose firm belief was that the men had to act as a protector of women and children.
"In there, it will be full of zombies. You should prepare yourself for that."
Ada nodded.
"Let's go."
"Thanks, Leon." Ada moved closer to Leon, still holding his arm. The young policeman was about to take some bold steps forward...


“I was born during the Vietnam war in the Cholon district of Saigon, shortly before the city fell to the Viet-cong. I was the only daughter of a very wealthy overseas Chinese family. For generations, they were landowners who owned huge estates and fruit orchards.”
“Do you still live in Vietnam?”
“No,” Ada shook her head sadly. “1976, North and South Vietnam united.”
“I know that, too.” Leon said. “A bad time. The soldiers who had risked their lives in the war. Came home, and no one thanked them.”
“The war was a great misfortune. War itself is a great misfortune,” said Ada, even though she disagreed and lowered her sad eyes. The misfortune of others interested her not one bit. Naturally it did not correspond to the truth that the war led the first circles of overseas Chinese to originate in Vietnam. Not to mention the name; ‘Ada Wong’ and several other names. Ada chattered on about her childhood.
“The association was established in South Vietnam, a socialist model of society. The wealthy overseas Chinese have been objects of hatred. The government took control of trade and forbade private enterprise in principle. Finally, there were even rumours that the government wanted to seize all assets. These rumours spread among the Chinese in South Vietnam like wildfire. This provoked a massive uproar from the Chinese in Vietnam.”
That much was true, but it had nothing to do with Ada or her family in the slightest. She had said it with downcast eyes, as if she did not want to remember those hard times.
“I was just three years old then.”
“That must have been terrible.” Leon did not doubt Ada in what she told him. He was a bright man, but weak-looking women brought out his protective instincts. Leon believed that all women needed protection under any circumstances. He was rather old fashioned in that regard.
Ada went on and even managed to channel some tears;
“They cheated us.”
“My whole family fled to the United States. The settlement we left to a man who specialised in smuggling operations, we did not know this at the time. It was he who said we needed only to relocate to America where he had bought some farmland and was hiring employees. So we trusted all our possessions to this man. But everything he said was a lie.”
It was time for Ada to come to the crowning moment.
“This man had tricked us out of our entire fortune!”
“We arrived in America without a cent.”
“That’s terrible. I’m sorry…”
Ada knew that anger was now flaring up in Leon’s heart. Had the man who had allegedly cheated her been here, she was of no doubt that Leon would not hesitate to beat him. Ada could not remember having met a stranger who was so gullible.
“If there’s anything I can do for you, tell me. I want to help you.”
It had gone well for Ada, almost too well and for a moment she actually thought it was Leon leading her up the garden path. But the outrage that had taken in view of her childhood memories on his face could not be faked. Even for a professional liar like Ada that would not have gone down so well. Leon pulled out his gun.
“Let’s go inside,” he said softly and opened the door to the interior of the cells. As if they were awaiting fresh fodder, the zombies were restless and immediately advanced towards Leon and Ada with outstretched arms. Leon neutralised one monster after another. He was standing with his legs slightly apart and knees bent in the so-called crouch position. With both hands he held the handle of his pistol, and extended his right arm to a straight line with the barrel of the gun. His handling of the weapon was textbook.
Ada was hidden behind Leon, so it looked like she needed to take cover behind him. But there were definitely a lot of zombies, so it was necessary that Ada put some down with punches, kicks and even gunshots to defend herself with. She forgot, however, to let out a soft cry with each shot. The zombies were easy targets for Ada, but it was hard work making sure Leon did not recognise this fact.
After a while, they reached the cell block. Only one man was sat there.
“Ben Bertolucci, I presume?” Said Ada.
“Yes, I am.” Ben stared at Ada with bloodshot eyes. “And who are you? And the cop there? I’ve never seen you before?”
“I’m Leon. Today is my first day here. I overslept and arrived to this mess.”
“Then you should have stayed in bed.” Said Ben, smiling sadly.
“Be quiet. This is Ada, a woman looking for a friend, he disappeared without trace in Raccoon City.”
“Today, thousands of people disappeared in a single day.”
“Do you know him by any chance?” Ada stretched out a photo to Ben. It showed a smiling young man. Ada had randomly picked up the photo from some table, and the man depicted on it certainly had nothing to do with her. Ben shook his head.
“Then he may have fled from the city,” continued Ada. “Do you know how to escape from this town?”
“I know. But forget it.”
“Why?” Asked Leon.
“Because there is a man here, a giant, who…”
“What are you talking about?” Asked Ada.
“You have not yet met him?”
“You mean the zombies? Of course I have seen so many that I…”
Ben cut Ada off.
“No, this thing is no zombie. But you will find out once he catches you. He will destroy you.” Ben made a gesture as if he was crushing something in the air with both hands.
“Then let’s leave together. If you stay here, you will be killed sooner or later.”
“Behind bars I am safe. At least when the zombies come here they will not get in. At some point the army will come and I’ll be rescued. Until then, I’ll just have to wait.”
Leon picked up the carelessly discarded key and set out to unlock the cell door.
“Hey, leave it. Stop it!” Ben shook the bars angrily and it made a deafening noise.
“All right, all right. We can’t force you to escape with us, but if you know an escape route you can at least tell us,” said Leon.
“Give me something to write.”
Ada took a paper and pen from the table and handed them to Ben, who drew a simple map on the back.
“The sewerage system. Through here it is possible to escape the city.”
Ben returned the paper to Ada, who added, “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”
Ben waved her away without a word, and waved violently with his hands as if to shoo off a pushy dog.


Composure in extreme circumstances was the key to success, but Ada lacked this as she rummaged through the bowels of the underground labs of the Umbrella Corporation. How had it come down to this? She did not understand it exactly. Their mission was solely and purely to get the G-Virus into their hands. Once that was done, this city could rot in hell. And they had certainly had some good opportunities to acquire the virus.
For instance, when she came across Sherry Birkin, the only daughter of William Birkin. Presumably, the little girl had mistaken Ada for a zombie and had ran away. Ada had not escaped the fact that Sherry had bore a medallion on a chain around her neck. No doubt the G-Virus was hidden inside.
Had Ada wanted to, she could have snatched the medallion from Sherry, it would certainly have been possible. But she had not done. And there had been other promising opportunities to get the virus. Ada had to think hard now, and she did not really understand why these thoughts depressed her. Perhaps it was down to her moody nature. The fact was, however, that the danger grew every minute they remained in the city. Ada was not like the other agents who would senselessly put their lives at risk. But something was different this time.
Finally, Ada had entered the underground laboratory of Raccoon City. There she met Annette Birkin, William’s wife.
“All that are behind the G-Virus, die!” Claimed Annette and announced with some pride about the terrible weapon her husband had created. “The T-Virus only spawned wayward zombies, but the G-Virus is something completely different. William is an outstanding scientist, he is a genius. He was so obsessed with his research, he even injected it into his own body!” Apparently the madness had already begun to take hold of Annette. The wife of the famed researcher continued her strange rant. “The effect of G caused William to lose all reason as a human fully. He has become G itself. But you will not find out anything more off me. Goodbye, spy!”
Annette had turned a gun on Ada, but too an experienced agent like her, this was a very careless move. Ada stole her weapon without any trouble, and in the unsuccessful attempt to oppose Ada, Annette toppled over the railing and plunged into the depths below.
"Have a good flight!" Cried Ada, waving behind her.
There it was again, the old Ada Wong.
For example, when they had attacked the mutated Birkin Tyrant and injured it, Leon had developed sympathy for the woman who he had discovered in the parking garage of the police headquarters and had taken her into his care. And in view of his selflessness, Ada became a little tame, which was wrong in itself. Finally, she turned to what she always did when she wanted to put a man into submission. The only problem was that this time she did not feel entirely guilt free.
At her last job, Ada had met a certain man by the name of John. He was the chief scientist at the Arklay Laboratories and she began an affair with him to obtain a series of secret information. This type of trechery had been done many times before by Ada. To lead a man behind the light, was an exercise for beginners.
John had been both incredibly stupid and incredibly good-natured. Right up until the moment when he became infected with the T-Virus, died, and mutated into a monster, he had nothing but Ada in his mind. Up until that point she had never experienced a man so selflessly expending for her. John had loved her without any ulterior motives and with all his heart.
Ada again had fulfilled her mission with a certain professional pride that she could decieve him so easily. But nevertheless, perhaps the circumstances of the job, which should have been solely dealing with the acquisition of attaining the secret information, quietly gnawed at her heart a little?
Was it possible that the continuous betrayal and the many murders had resulted in her heart becoming permanently damaged? Just like crystals collected on the bottom of a wine bottle that was long untouched. The word 'repentance' had never had a place in Ada's life dictionary. She had always led a life full of betrayal and intrigue, and she had always survived. After that she was proud, and regretted nothing, yet now and again she was overcome with an unbearable sadness that would materialize out of the blue. She had felt like this once more when Leon had thrown himself protectively in front of her to intercept the bullet, which had been meant for her, with his body. But Ada was tough, and she knew that these moments would not get in the way of her work. She was clueless in some repects that she could regard love as something holy. And yet...
In the underground laboratory a siren wailed and warned of the impending self-destruction. Leon, who carried the G-Virus with him, looked for an escape route from the laboratory. From the concourse he ran from one part of the plant to the next. And Ada lay in wait to snatch the G-Virus sample.
"I've been expecting you Leon," she said, and levelled her gun at him.
"What's going on?"
Leon seemed embarassed. It was the face of a hurt man, and that tormented her.
Yes, it is true, thought Ada. I like Leon. This realisation hit her suddenly, and Leon could see it in her face. All this caused in Ada in this respect, was a hint of a smile.
She spoke;
"I've been waiting, Leon. Hand over the G-Virus."
"What? This cannot be happening?" Leon looked puzzled.
She was fond of him. It was like the dubious pleasure one felt when you showed a little meanness to a small child. Or the game where a cat teases you with a spike of foxtail grass. The more you loved the other, the more joy one was prepared to get from such things.
"I told you to leave me behind. And I meant it. Children who do not listen will make their mother angry. So hand it over, or I shoot."
"Just try it," said Leon and he began to approach her.
Ada had assumed that if she did have to shoot him, it would not be necessary to kill him. A shot in the arm or the leg would be enough to relieve him of the G-Virus. Yet she could not bring herself to do it.
Previously, Ada would not have hesitated for one second in shooting Leon, but now after everything they had been through together she lacked the necessary composure. Immediately afterwards, she felt her back come under fire. The long thought dead Annette had mobilised her last reserve and after she had fired the shot, Ada fell on the spot.
The shot threw Ada towards the railing beside her. The railing was low. Before she could stop herself, she dropped and lost her balance. Leon jumped to her aid and held out his hand towards Ada. It was an act of desperation. Leon got home of Ada's forearm. The view down showed that the floor of the basement must have been dozens of feet below them. Not even the light reached the bottom.
"Leon," said Ada, looking up at him. Leon had grabbed the railing with one hand, from which he was leaning out as far as he could, and with his other hand he held Ada's wrist. The policeman felt her slipping away.
"It's okay. Let me die."
"Shut up! I'll pull you up!" Said Leon, but he himself had half his body now hanging over the railing. From this position, it would have been virtually impossible for him to pull her up.
"It's over! You know this yourself."
"Be quiet!"
Millimeter by millimeter Ada slipped from Leon's hand.
"I promised you that we would escape together, Ada. We're getting out of here together!"
"Leon...with you I would have run away with you..." she whispered and looked at him with a smile.
"But why..."
Ada had let go of Leon's hand. He tried desperately to grab Ada's finger. But she had slipped away from him and plunged into the depths. Leon's desperate cry resounded around the stairway.
Still falling, Ada threw out a hook that got caught in a railing a few floors below. The hook unreeled a wire, which was connected to Ada's belt. There was a sharp jolt when the rope caught and a sharp pain went through her wounded shoulder. Ada gritted her teeth and swung like a pendulum until she finally reached the railing and flipped over onto the floor.
"That was fun, Leon!" Cried Ada and sent the greeting back up from where she had fallen. Then she jumped for the stairs and headed towards her next destination.


Ada ran through the underground channels. Her body was covered with wounds and her steps were increasingly unsecure, due to the high loss of blood she had suffered. She had still not fully managed to control the bleeding. At the entrance to the sewerage system she had desposited several prior weapons. As an intruder, it had been necessary to secure an escape route. and she had dumped some first aid kits and ammunition in a locker in the subway station. Once Ada managed to get up there, she would figure out the rest. Every time the wind kicked up the stuffy, humid air, a nauseating stench began to spread. The sewers was not exactly the ideal place for a round of jogging with open wounds. Her tottering steps yielded Ada in a race with the sewer rats.
She grinned. How easy it was not be overwhelmed, and she'd make it. A conceivably unfavourable environment and herself in a pitful state. She'd had these types of experiences before, and made it through often enough. She remembered how she had once smuggled herself with a group of migrant workers who were harvesting sweet potatoes. They were carted off in a rickerty truck on a farm, where they were staying in a dilapidated pig sty and had to fill baskets of potatoes throughout the day, which the tractor in front of them dug up from the ground. When she got home from work she was so badly exhausted she could barely stand up. She had also been commissioned to spread pesticides.
Ada saw two men in this work every day, more or less having to bathe in these pesticides as they were working and brought severe poisoning upon themselves. The owner of the farm had no health insurance for these men. He didn't give a damn about them. These poor bastards got huge sores on their heads and groin, had been hit by nausea and dizziness until they writhed and twisted and finally died. Those that died did not even get a half-decent burial, and were buried by their colleagues in the woods with their bare hands.
Ada had seen all of the suffering of this world, and therefore it did not seem to her particularly hard to have to run in such a wounded condition through the pipes and drains. In addition, even though she thought in such a way, she could do nevertheless do nothing against the fact that her injuries left her slow and that the fatigue and exhaustion were becoming stronger. She had to get out as quickly as possible here - and not just because of the filth. The sewers were a haven for monsters.
Especially a biogenetic weapon named Hunter, enourmous frog creatures reinforced with razor sharp claws. Ada saw more and more. Fortunately, she had a rich arsenal of weapons available, threw hand-grenades in vast quantities, and railed a hail of bullets from her machine gun at the Hunter. However, this was only possible if as long as she kept enough distance between her and the monster frogs. Unfortunately, the Hunter possessed the most alarming leap strength, which they used to bridge the distance to Ada in no time. Under normal circumstances it would have been easy for Ada to withstand the first wave of attacks and then attack herself at the same time, but now she was no longer able to muster the energy.
One decision made a split second late and the claws of a Hunter would rip into Ada. Added to the problem was that her bullets would do little against the hard scales of the monsters. If the enemy was standing directly infront of her, a salvo from the machine gun would not be enough to stop the Hunter. Again and again, Ada suffered small wounds in the arms and legs at the hands of these giant frogs. Although thre wounds were not life-threatening, they were so deep that the agent continuously lost more blood. With some disinfectant and a simple medical kit, such injuries were not a serious problem, but they were too deep to leave them simply uncared for. Ada lost more and more blood, and her life force continued to drain. The fatigue made things increasingly harder.
She had to get a first-aid kit. Then she had to reach the Apple Inn, where her contact was waiting for her. There she would be able to recover somewhat from the exertion. An unmeasurable number of monsters seemed to have seized the sewers. Finally, Ada's generously overcharged ammunition began to slowly run out. Ada climbed an iron ladder. Finally, she had reached the subway station.
The agent disinfected her wounds and smeared it with antibiotic ointment. Then she sewed up her wounds and put on larger bandages. She almost looked like a mummy, but there was probably no one left alive in the city to take any notice of her appearance. Finally, Ada took another pain killer before she stepped out of the subway station.
An ominous croaking sound was heard. Crows. When Ada looked up, she saw dozens of black feathered birds circling above her. With a rifle it would be quite possible to hit them at this distance, and if she were in full possession of her senses, Ada would have tried that. After two or three shots the rest of the swarm probably would have fled, assuming they were common crows, but it was not possible for her to tell. So she grabbed her shotgun and ran as fast as she could in the direction of the Apple Inn. At the same moment the swarm of crows turned on her. She turned round and fired at the crows above her. The flock scattered but the crows did not flee. Ordinary crows reacted very sensitively to loud noises.
A swarm that had just been shot at, would never try to attack again, but seek immediate salvation in flight. But this great black swarm did not even think to try and escape. Ada ejected an empty shell and fired again. The crows that had escaped her shots, tried to beat their claws into Ada's neck. Ada brandished her knife and and in a circular motion through the air, tore at the wings of the birds that came too close. The sign for the Apple Inn hotel was now in sight. Ada ran and ran and ran, but her steps were more difficult and uncertain. It was as if someone had grabbed her by the ankles and was trying to detain her. The painkillers had helped somewhat, but her blood loss and exhaustion she could not get rid of.
Ada's desire waned. Why did she not simply fall on the spot? Just forget everything, lie down and sleep, she thought. By biting her lip and focusing on the pain, she tried to fight against this deceitful temptation. And she ran, ran on and on. She could not stand still under any circumstances. As long as she kept moving, she came closer to her goal. Ada finally reached the hotel.
The Apple Inn was a business hotel which had evidently seen better days. Ada pushed through the glass door and rushed into the lobby. The crows went off with breakneck nose dives against the glass door. Ada crossed the bloodstained reception as fast as possible and headed for the stairs. In the background she could hear the shards of glass cracking. Was it possible for them to break through? thought Ada. She stepped into an elevator, a corpse lay on the floor. She put a bullet in his head before he could straighten up. When the elevator finally reached the desired floor, the door opened with a loud squealing on the quiet landing. Ada made sure the air along there was clean, before she made through the hallway towards the appointed room. Once there, she laid her hand on the doorknob. The door opened easily.
The cheaply furnished room was filled with the stench of death. But then again this stink was everywhere in the city. In here the source of the unpleasant ordour was face down under the desk. This guy was probably still alive only a few hours ago. For several months now he had been acting under Wesker's orders as a clerk at the Umbrella Corporation, as a spy, so to speak. However, with Umbrella he played only the role of an ordinary employee; not a position in which you would normally come into contact with company trade secrets. But it was not his job to ferret out any secrets. Nine-tenths of his life were devoted to a sad-existence as an employee of the Umbrella Corporation.
He had come as a spy to Raccoon City with his wife and daughter to Raccoon City and assumed the greyness of everyday life to live as an average employee. The commission that Wesker had charged him with was not very demanding. Any mail that arrived at his home had to be passed on to a specific person in the company and communicate with another person about specific things he was briefed in advance about over the telephone. This was basically his task. The most exciting job which he had been entrusted with was to steal some documents from the safety deposit box of a superior. He had found that quite exciting, as it made him feel like a genuine spy. He was proud of himself, so much so, that it didn't take much before he blurted out to his family about it.
Also, his last order should not have been so complicated. He had to pick up a transmitter he recieved in the mail and bring it to this hotel and deliver it to another agent. That was all. Last night, when he had been informed of his task, he never would have thought that today would have ended up like this. Early in the morning, he phoned the company and wanted to report in sick due to a cold. But even though he kept calling back, he just could not get through. He got up, got dressed, sat in the living room and waited and waited. But there was no breakfast. Because at that time his daughter had already had breakfast and that breakfast had consisted of his wife. It was a miracle she had not driven him mad. He fled as he saw his daughter had become a cannibal.
In the city, hell had raged, and he assumed that the Umbrella Corporation was not entirely innocent. Although he was aware of the existence of the T-Virus {if only so much that the company was secretly researching a virus}, but he had no idea what a catastrophic effect it would have. Rumors had said that it was able to bring the dead back to life, but he had given them no credence. He would never have thought that this virus could turn the earth into such hell.
On the way to the hotel he had seen terrible things, and a nauseating stench hung over the city. The fact that he knew the creatures that were attacking him again and again, were actually already dead, he could not bring himself to kill her. So he had fled before them, until he finally managed to escape into the Apple Inn. In his room he started his work and set up the monitor and the transmitter. His job was almost done. Then he had to wait for his contact man.
In such situations, it is never good to have too much time to have to think about these things. His daughter had just eaten his wife! Greedy, like a hungry hyena, she had repeatedly rammed her head into into the body of her mother. As much as he tried to supress his memory, this terrible scene played over in his head like a movie. He could stand it no more and cried incessantly, until he became quite hoarse, and his tears had dried up. Then he stared dully at the ceiling. The cruelty of reality had crushed him. From his pocket he took out a bottle that was filled with sleeping pills, which his doctor had prescribed for him. he poured the entire contents with a swing into his mouth and gulped down the tablets.
After a while a severe nausea came over him and he vomited up the tablets into the toilet. He was so miserable that he began to cry. He felt for his pistol in his pocket like it was his talisman. He looked at the weapon yet he hadn't even wanted to use it on the zombies outside, and looked at it remotely. Bathed in sweat, his thoughts raced two and fro for a while. Then he made a decision and pulled the trigger.
Two hours later, Ada appeared. When she saw her contact dead, she smacked her tongue in frustration.
"What a loser."
On the table was the monitor and the transmitter. The screen lit up straight, and on it appeared the ruthless face of a familiar man in sunglasses.
"He was in dispair at the situation and chose death. A weak man."
"I cannot stand weak men."
"Yes, I know. But you are weak, Ada. You have disappointed me. The betrayal that you have committed to this...Leon. You have done considerable damage to our organisation."
"Disappointed, why?" Ada took out a box with ampoules and she held it in front of the monitor. "You see?" Ada waved the box back and forth. "These are pieces of tissue from Birkin-G."
"You have fulfilled your mission?"
"That was what you wanted, right? Why can you not hear the bluff and just say what you want?"
Wesker did not flinch.
"Unfortunately this is not too valuable to me for I can acquire it through other means. But I want to reveal something; In the near future Raccoon City will be hit by a strategic nuclear weapon to raise the city to the ground."
"Never...Even the Umbrella Corporation would never do something like..."
"I speak the truth."
"And now do I have to beg for my life or what?"
"You have indeed made a mistake, but you have such talent. It would be a shame."
"Thank you. This is already the second time you have told me this."
Some time ago, Ada had infiltrated a criminal organization in America, which was developed and led by Chinese. Soon after her admission she had drawn attention to herself and quickly gained the favour of the supreme boss. Then, of course, she had the envy and jelousy of her 'sisters' in the organisation. Ada's rise came at a time when the organisation experienced a remarkable boom. They soon grew from a small band who hardly anyone knew to one of the leading groups of Chinese underworld organisations in America. The rise of the group had occured so rapidly that even the US Government caught wind of it for the way they dealt so harshly with the competition. Finally, Ada's organisation was crushed by the FBI in a pincer movement but by this time Ada was already looking to distance hersef from the group.
Shortly thereafter, Wesker had come into her life. He stood in connection with a company that was in opposition with the Umbrella Corporation, and was on the look out for top-quality agents. After he had made several detailed enquiries about Ada, he had come to the conclusion that she would be an ideal placement for the job.
"I could also now just easily deliver you to the FBI, but that would be such a waste for your talents." That was the phrase Wesker had used on her back then.
"And in your opinion, Wesker, what should I do?" She repeated the same question she had asked him at the time.
"I'm going to provide you exactly with the information available that you deserve. The management of the Umbrella Corporation will fly by helicopter from this city. If you miss this opportunity, there will be no escape for you."
In addition to the transmitter a small case opened up. Inside was a strngly shaped weapon with a gas canister so that one could shoot a rope with a grapple hook at the end, a very unusual weapon. On the edge of the monitor, a card was shown, on which a point was marked with a red arrow.
"Don't forget the tissues of G will you, they are more important to me than you. Good luck."
The transmitter turned off.
"If the T-Virus can cause such hell, then what does Wesker plan to do with the G-Virus?" Ada murmured to herself.
No matter how awful this hell had become, Ada was determined to survive. This whole planet was somehow becoming hell it seemed. Wesker cared for only that which he could take advantage of. It was typical of Wesker, once people could no longer be useful to him, he just let them go. Ada understood this very well, she probably was still of some value to him.
She left the hotel.


By now the city had prevailed into something out of a horror movie. The dead were celebrating a ghastly banquet. Over time, the screams and gunshots had lessened. But at the same time, the number of zombies who had been enjoying their gruesome meals on the streets, had increased significantly. Lots of major fires had broken out in several different places and had been ignored by anyone left alive and left to spread unchecked. It was an apocalypse, the worst nightmare of the end of the world. And running through this town where everyone had let go of all hope, was Ada, her body now almost entirely wrapped in bandages. The more cumbersome trotting zombies were dispatched by her, one after the other. When she was stuck in a dead end and got into trouble, she jumped without hesitation into an emergency exit into the interior of a building. Unfortunately, Ada had walked into a hotbed of Lickers.
The Lickers were nightmarish creatures with bared muscle strands and exposed brains. They looked as if someone had removed the skin from them and blown their skull off. These monsters, with their long tongues, now went up to Ada. They were everywhere, stuck to the ceiling, and crawling along the walls. But Ada was not deceived by their sophisticated movements and riddled them with her machine gun. When several of them got too close together, she resorted to hand grenades. She eventually fought her way up to the roof of the building. There, however, she ran into an old acquaintance: the crows. However, these crows were not part of the large swarm that had chased her into the Apple Inn. Ada lifted her gun and took them out accurately one at a time.
"Do me a favour and leave me alone, I damn well do," she murmured as she killed the last of the birds. Then she hurried off to the corner of the roof and fired the rope with the hook from there. Her goal was the fire escape of the adjacent building which easily took a hold of the hook. Ada went to the edge of the roof and pushed away. At the same time, the strong wind took hold of the rope and Ada almost slammed into the wall of the building, but she managed to grab the railing of the fire escape and pull herself up. She ran up the stairs until she reached the roof of the building and swung with her rope to the next building and then the next, and the next - just like a superhero from an American comic.
She moved closer towards her destination and the time, she could not afford to miss, moved inexorably closer. It was the moment that would mean life or death for Ada. Everything now lay in her own hands. And feet. An incrediable surge of feeling alive overwhelmed her. Despite her injuries, rarely had she felt better and more alive. Zombies and monsters were turned into mincemeat before her as she struggled forward. The moment when she had just shot her grapple hook into a road bridge overlooking the highway, it happened.
A loud roar rose up behind her. This voice, she wanted to hear the least. It awoke her memories, to which they attached no special value, memories she wanted to forget. Ada turned around. There it stood, the flagship model from the arsenal of humanoid biogenetic weapons created by the Umbrella Corporation. Its official name was 'Tyrant R'.
Persistently, the Tyrant had followed Ada from the research plant up until this point. Thanks to its amazing healing powers, it was in a position to recover its injuries and the destruction of its own body in no time at all. While it was following Ada, it skin had formed into a hardened shell reminicent of oyster shells. This armour was not only as hard as steel and could shred an opponent down in seconds. Its arms were swollen even in relation to its giant body and from the overly long fingers sprung razor sharp claws. The upper body was like a grotequely shaped tortoise, a creature that was a freak of nature or sprung up by the gods on a whim. And this monster now ran with breathtaking speed towards Ada. The Tyrant had shown that it was not as clumsy and cumbersome as it had appeared at first glance. It kept straight for her and attacked immediately with its big claws from left to right. Ada jerked back as the claws narrowly whistled past her. At the same time the agent fired a volley from her MP at the monster. The carapace of the monster splintered, and the Tyrant staggered. However, its movements were of the most astonishing speed, and yet these impressive movements were little more than primitive behaviour patterns. Ada felt the claws of the Tyrant more than once, but she had analyzed the movements of the monster and she knew how it worked.
"You need more than just brute force to get with a woman, kid."
Ada moved herself to repel the attacks of the Tyrant with her MP and attacked it with grenades as soon as it withdrew itself. Soon she was able to block its attacks completely, and her own attacks were becoming increasingly effective. The relentless grenade impacts could not pass into the body of even the toughest animal without leaving some damage. The armour of the Tyrant burst, tore its skin, and scraps of burnt flesh and blood splattered around. The monster seemed to gradually lose its agaility and its reaction speed was decreasing rapidly. Ada was now able to easy follow the actions of the Tyrant with her eyes . The bullets from her machine gun pierced the exact places where its skin had been torn open. After a dozen shells had exploded inside its body, the monster finally fell to the ground and remained motionless.
She should have given the Tyrant the death blow while it was down, but she did not have the time. Ada had but one chance to escape Raccoon City, and that moment would come the moment the helicopter would appear in the sky above her. A new horde of undead began to gather, probably attracted by the scent of flesh, living flesh. Ada knew that she could not defend herself too loudly otherwise she would be be too noticeable and the helicopter may spot her and she may not be blind to them trying to join as an extra passenger out of the city. With a pistol in each hand, she killed the zombies one by one by targeting shots to the head. For the time being, Ada was dealing with only ordinary zombies. Bio-genetic weapons on the other hand, would be a bit more tricky with just a pistol. Weapons with a high destructive power, such as grenades - were taboo for Ada at the moment.
In the distance she saw a Hunter, who ran in their direction. In order not to be disturbed, Ada jumped onto the roof of a truck, standing by the roadside. And then it came: a military helicopter that flew with a fairly low speed, and carried a large container underneath which must have been acting as a burden. When she could reach the hook, she coukld finally escape from Raccoon City. While the agent continued to fire at the zombies with one hand, she laid the other on the helicopter and took aim. The Hunter was approaching fast. If she started a fight with him, she would miss the opportunity to hang onto the helicopter. She just had to be faster.
"Come on, come on, already," Ada prayed silently, waiting for the right moment. "Now!"
She squeezed the trigger. With a muffled snap the hook shot up, the rope dragging behind it. The helicopter was now just above her. The hook hit the container and was perfect. Ada ran. She could already feel the Hunter breathing down her neck. The rope stretched. Two or three steps and she jumped, her toes broke away from the roof of the truck. At the same moment the Hunter attacked her. Its razor-sharp claws chased after Ada's ankles, but they missed by a whisker. Instead, it just held one of her shoes in its claws.
"If you like it, I will give it to you!"
Ada was inspired by the wind, pulled up and climbed onto the roof of the container, where she could look inside thanks to a small hole. In the light of her small flashlight she saw the logo of the Umbrella Corporation and the words 'UMF-013." It was a computer, and one of the type Red Queen, as used in the Umbrella lab. Ada had no idea who the crew of the helicopter were transaporting it, but it looked as though it was going to be a long journey.
Ada's mission was complete. Wesker had done her a favour, and in doing so they assumed good intentions, even though she knew he was totally indifferent to what would become of her. It seemed likely that her relationship with Wesker would continue for a while. Relations are at their easiest when ultimately you are clearly deceiving each other right from the beginning, thought Ada, smiling quietly to herself.


Directly above Ada, inside the helicopter, someone was smiling happily.
"Do you take me for a go-getter," asked Sergei Vladimir, as he fiddled with a curiously shaped knife.
"How could I expect a man who has just stolen the central computer from his own company to be reasonable?" Said the old man who sat directly opposite him.
Sergei laughed out loud which sounded almost like a cough.
"The people who are later regarded as heroes later have never acted reasonably."
"Are you saying you are to be a hero?"
"In any case, the word applies more to me than to Lenin."
"There is certainly no lack of self-confidence in you..."
"I just know what I can. I have the U.M.F-103 in storage. On its drives all the information about Umbrella's T-Virus research are saved. So in some ways I suppose you could say I had Umbrella in storage. Using the computer, I can resurrect Umbrella at anytime and anywhere," said Sergei and let out his cough-like laugh once more. Outside the missile raged at high speed towards the city. It was the pale horse, which would being the final death to Raccoon City.
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The snowflakes danced like powder. The snowstorm that had temporarily robbed the view, had subsided. Two transport helicopters raced low over the plains. Immediately after the storm had passed, the helicopters had started. Now they were on their way to an old chemical factory. Chris and Jill were sitting next to the men of a Russian Anti-Biohazard unit. The Russian government had finally granted their permission. While Chris and Jill had still been on the road from the hotel, the two military helicopters had already been prepped and and were present at the base. A few minutes after taking off from the base the Vulcan machine gun on the helicopter suddenly let out a deafening noise. When Chris and Jill looked outside through the cabin window, they saw three Hunters swirling through the snow. The bullets of the machine gun hunted them and the snow splattered several feet up into the air. Then the farthest Hunter was caught and was turned into a mangled lump of flesh within a split-second.
"Looks as if we already have an immediate Biohazard case." Said Chris.
"We've had reports of these for the last few days. That is why we were very interested in a quick solution," the Commander beside him replied.
"I understand. From now on we will fight together against the common enemy."
The Commander nooded vigorously and then shouted in Russian; "All hands, prepare for landing and be careful out there!"
"Aye!" The team replied in unison.
With a whirring noise the cargo hatch of the helicopter opened. The factory was now almost directly below them: lead grey tanks, cross and traverse lines, a bridge with naked, rust-coloured steel pillars and a collection of buildings that looked like the skeleton of a gigantic beast. They had tied belts around their hips for abseiling. For Chris and Jill there was no exception. During exercises for urban warfare, where you had to make a parachute jump or rappel from a helicopter, they had completed well enough. With practiced hands they fastened a carbine to the right side of the roping belt. Then each rope was fasted to a pole, which was mounted above the exit of the helicopter. With these ropes they would slide down to the chemical plant, a technique that was known as speed rappeling.
"We still cannot verfiy the existence of new types of weapons?" Jill asked.
"Not yet. But there is no doubt that their development is fairly advanced," said Chris.
"No problem then, as long as it isn't yet complete," said Jill and she disappeared down.
"That will show itself." Chris growled and followed her.
Like raindrops the soldiers slid down their ropes from the helicopters. Everything happened very quickly. From the intital exit to the first movements on the grounds of the factory, only five or six seconds had elapsed. As the snipers in the helicopters gave cover, the crews of the two machines formed into two groups and stormed off. Russian words flew back and forth, the main military terms Chris and Jill could both recognise. They both spoke Russian well enough so as not to hinder the implementation of the operation.
Immediately after landing, the zombie shuffled forward to satisfy their hunger. Even this place, therefore, had become hell on earth. The snipers in the helicopters opened fire. The special unit members saw their headshots work their way through the prostate bodies of the zombies. The two groups penetrated into the interior of the factory. Once they came to a fork in the road, two soldiers dropped back to take up combat patrol, and took a different route to the rest of the group. Of course they had all memorized the blueprints of the factory, only now was it possible to scan the terrain for gaps. The proceedure, known as Clearing - was always on the same surface. Closed doors were blown open with explosives, once the doors were opened, grenades were thrown into the rooms, and then the rooms were stormed and secured. Throughout the plant between gunshots and explosions was always the cry of "Contact here!" too.
Chris and Jill fought their way forward with the commander of the unit on the main corridor.
"Caution, take cover!"
A hand grenade was thrown, and the operatives ducked into cover. A loud crash was heard and splinters flew through the air.
"Nice fireworks," Jill mumbled. Several zombies had been torn to pieces. No sooner had the group hit the floor when a pack of Hunters approached on them.
"Biological weapons approaching at 12 o'clock! Ready!"
The monsters were armored with hard scales but were soon turned into mincemeat by the group that was under fire. Their claws were harmless, as long as they kept their distance.
"Be careful! Check out your surroundings exactly. 100% attention at all times until the target object is completely eliminated!"
The monsters had disappeared from the main corridor.
"Each individual confirm whether the situation is safe!"
"Okay, Go!"
"Keep battle formations!"
Chris and Jill seperated from the rest of their group and went up some stairs. When they reached the end, a black dog rushed up to them. It was no ordinary dog. Its skin hung in tatters, and the black-ish red, swollen flesh and sinew was bared. Cereberus, the name of this biological weapon was developed from a military trained doberman that had been modified with the help of the T-Virus. It's evil nature and extremely quick movements of this being had turned it into a real hell-hound.
Jill's bullet pierced the forehead of the dog that jumped at her. Next, a group of three hell-hounds attacked. Chris stopped two of them with his machine gun, replying to Jill's effort with a coup de grace. The last animal, they cut through the throat when it landed on the former elite police woman.
"I can see no more dobermans."
"Yes, yes, the dobermans. We can only prey that no biogenetic poodles appear!"
The two worked their way further down the corridor and the loitering undead there were soon felled with bullets. A zombie with a blood-fed race appeared abruptly on a side-corridor. His snow-white eyes started at her blankly. As if something did not fit, the zombie suddenly ran at them at a speed that was impossible for an ordinary undead. It's long, sharp claws were menacingly erect and he rushed towards them with an aggressiveness and vitality that was in a totally different league to the other zombies.
An operative who could be killed by the normal, sluggish movements of a zombie would be bitten by one of these creatures before he knew it. What's more, these things would also attack and devour normal zombies. This form of mutation was called Crimson Head or; 'Red Head'.
"Damn, what's the matter with him?" Wondered Chris.
"This place is like a toy box! I wonder what more surprises are in store for us?" said Jill.
A nearby light suddenly switched to red, signalling an emergency situation.This led to the ongoing feeling of tension being fuelled even more. Like thunder in the distance, more explosions were heard. Chris and Jill were developing a growing indifference to the peculiarities of this dismal place. The duo struggled to continue progressing through the corridor and killed one zombie after another.
"What is that?" Said Chris, and this time he sounded a little unsure. He had just noticed something imprinted on the lattice of a nearby air vent. It was a Chimera, a creature created with the combination of the DNA of a fly combined with the DNA of a human, a project that could only be realised through use of the T-Virus. The Chimera were grotesque creatures that have benefitted from six freely moving legs, on which it ran over to Chris and Jill, with its hook-shaped curved claws scraped along the ground and caused a grating noise that could only be described by one word; annoying.
As these creatures scurried with their hooked-claws on the walls and ceilings, it seemed like a nightmare had sprung open before them. And then a steady quantity of them appeared over the railings. After the tenth or eleventh one, Chris and Jill gave up counting. They were like flies swarming around a decaying corpse, thought Jill. A Chimera on the other side attacked. Chris and Jill put their machine guns on continuous fire. On the floor soon lay a big pile of dead Chimera. Then, the pile collapsed, and new Chimera came to light.
"Where are they all coming from?" Chris shouted.
"Had to have been from there," replied Jill.
The two hard to work hard whilst continuously firing.
"Go, take cover!" said Chris. In his hand was a grenade. C hris pulled the pin and threw the grenade so it landed exactly in the middle of the Chimera pile. Jill and himself ran round the corner of the corridor for cover. With a pile of flesh, the blast wave swept over the two of them. After the thunder died away, complete silence took hold for a moment.


Wesker moved through a dark underground tunnel with an arched vault, which seemed to be very old. The next target was the railway station on his way to the inner-web on this place. It was not long before the first zombies appeared before him.
Get out of my way!
Furious, he waved his hands, but the zombies made no move to make way for him. Instead, they trotted up to him. Constant hunger twisted their faces into grimaces. Wesker noticed that he could not penetrate the senses of these zombies like he could normally. Every time he tried, he felt something inside rejecting him. It reminded him of two magnets, the force pushing the other away with the same poles.
"I see," murmured Wesker and nodded.
The bio-weapons which he found here were all under the control of Sergei. This was a defensive measure in the event that they faced an opponent who - like Sergei or Wesker - had higher intelligence that it was able to preserve despite being infected with the T-Virus. Virulent and in great numbers the bio-weapons could be unleashed on an enemy like a boomerang, unless the enemy gained control of them. To avoid such a dramatic reversal Sergei had been using his own consciousness and essentially all the bio-weapons were provided with a stamp, like an antenna, so that the signals they received were not coming from everywhere, but purposelly all in the same direction.
But it was simply impossible for such a large amount of bio-weapons to be mastered completely. If Wesker had his conciousness sufficiently concentrated only on him, then it would be quite possible to wipe out the lettering of Sergei. However, this would take a considerable amount of concentration and power and would leave him vulnerable to the dangers that lay before him now. It seemed to be more effective to remove these barriers by using his weapon, knocking them out of the way bullet by bullet.
Wesker fired his pistol. He shot with the precision of a machine. All the zombies streaming in on him were struck down by a clean head-shot. Not one bullet missed its target. When a large bat flew out of the shadows, Wesker waited until it was close enough then killed it with his knife. He cut one wing and then the head clean off the giant T-Virus bat. For Wesker it was no more than crushing a fly. The monster fell to the ground. Wesker crushed the bat wildly twitching on the floor with his feet, then he continued on his way.
You must not!
From somewhere these words followed Wesker's conciousness.
You can not go there!
The creature that was behind this awareness crawled along the ceiling above Wesker and dropped to the floor directly in front of him. Its whole body was covered with a pink, slippery skin. It's brain was exposed and of course it had a long probe-like tongue that swirled like a whip. Wesker had encountered a Licker.
You must not go there!
Another Licker came crawling.
You must not! You must not! You can not go on!
From the ventilation opening there appeared more Lickers. As opposed to the zombies Wesker had faced so far, the Licker held a certain amount of intelligence. Therefore, he could hear their consciousness.
But if you go anyway...
If you move on...
I attack!
I attack!
Me too! Me too!
I attack too!
Kill him!
If you move on...up to this point and no further! We are strong! We kill you! Now we are attacking! You see, we are attacking! Ouch, that hurts! That hurts! Not going to hurt! Kill! Attack!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! That hurts!
Wesker's shots cut down the Lickers with deadly precision one after another. As he listened to the confusion of the Lickers' thoughts, he noted that in the line of the will of the beings that lived here, they were all fragments of a powerful consciousness. He recognised the characteristic form of this consciousness immediately. This was Sergei, no doubt. Sergei had stuck inside all of the bio-weapons that had been killed in the factory now, and he felt their agony. Even Wesker could have done with ease, should he have so desired. But he had no intention to tap into the consiousness of beings who were there by the dozens, if not hundreds, all going to their death. Besides the fact that it was disgusting, this negative impact could have such a burden on his own psyche one would assume that it could drive him insane. For this reason he filtered and blocked off all perceptions of death and pain. But Sergei was different. He sucked all of these negative feelings into himself voluntarily. A hundred times over he felt the pain, the anxiety, the fear of the death until he writhed and twisted. The smell of death put him in ecstacy. The repulsive pleasure to sniff veiled flesh...All this was so repugnant that Wesker banished Sergei and all the other infected people from his mind. He could not control his opponent anyway, so it meant no harm to him to do this.
Wesker appeared before another group of zombies and without any emotion, he set to work destroying their bodies. The work was monotonous, but he did not let up and pushed his way through the corridor.
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I think people are keeping quiet because deep down they are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. People want a genuine remake of Resident Evil 2 yet Capcom haven't done anything in the last 10 years with the franchise that inspires any kind of confidence they will be successful.

For all it's faults, a game like RE6 will sell far more than a remake style retelling of 2. That's just the era we live in. This current Capcom have yet to make a critically successful title despite numerous attempts and they've seemingly forgotten what survival horror is if Revelations 2 is to be considered a true return to the franchise roots. Kamiya is no longer around and there is literally 100 other points I could make but I'm not going to because I don't want to come across as obversely negative. Let's just say I am not a fan of this project, that's why I have nothing to say.
Posted: Jun 30, 2010 15:11 

It's coming. The reason it takes so long is rather than just add the new stuff, I have to review the whole thing to make changes when new events and evidence come to light. Rather than just do a quick rehash and stick Darkside in there I want to do it properly.
Another aspect I'm waiting for is just how long exactly Revelations is off. If it's a launch title for the 3DS, I may wait so I can include that as well. But if its too far off then it can wait.
The new version will have many changes including full Darkside and RE5 DLC content, plus a few surprises.

Good things come to those who wait...
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* It was indeed originally a 1 player game with Chris as the main character. Sheva was an NPC you would meet later in the game and instead of a BSAA agent, she was originally part of a local militia. She was changed to a BSAA agent when co-op was brought in.

* Chris has ridiculously big muscles because he has been training hard for his eventual confrontation with Wesker.

* Sheva's breasts are slightly smaller than Jill's. She is not muscley because the developers wanted her to look sexy. Her tattoo 'Shujaa' means 'hero' in Swahili.

* Wesker kept his Samurai Edge as it was deemed he would only use his super strength against 'worthy' opponents. Originally, he was to have no gun as the developers thought he wouldn't need one due to his powers. His coat is made of special material that can deflect shrapnel and other common shards.

*Jill's control mechanism was originally to be on her head but the project leader said "If we put it on her chest, we can open up her chest area and it'd be sexy." No one on the development team argued with that.

*Excella was originally a secretary to the male CEO of Tricell. Wesker becomes intimate with her to gain access into Tricell. Thier relationship is strengthened by what they believe they can gain by manipulating each other. When the male CEO idea was scrapped and Excella was put in charge, her character was changed to a more elegant celebrity type, and again the developers worked hard to ensure her breasts were always on show in the cutscenes.

*Instead of Las Plagas, the T-Virus was to be used. The public assembly stage would have had zombies and so the level map would have been three times larger than the final game. The PA stage was eventually redone three times.

* Jill 'dying' was always in the story. However, there was a time where there was a branch in the scenario where she would die for real depending on how the story progressed.

*The Executioner was originally just a chainsaw majini with a large axe, but it didn't look right, so a bigger enemy was created.

*There were running zombies, though its not stated if they were a new breed or crimson heads.

*The scene with Kirk's crash and the Kiepepeos was originally a spectacular cutscene to demonstrate the first appearance of the creature. But it was dropped in favour of introducing the Kiepepeos in the sewers and the helicopter crash was done in real-time.

*Chris began the game on his own, but at one stage Jill was leading a team of BSAA agents who Chris presumably met up with. Pg 74 has a shot of Jill being attacked by biker Majini.

*Kijuju originally had a night level which included a large tower in the centre of town. The player could go up this and from the top could see across the whole of Kijuju.

*Irving was originally an experiment himself and had a bar code on the back of his neck to identify him. Originally you were still in the city when you fought him.

*The scene were Chris and Sheva were seperated in the Ndipaya kingdom was originally Chris falling down a large pit. He falls into a waste management building for the Umbrella Africa lab and had to fight his way through that alone. Sheva entered the African lab alone and found Jill's test tube and this time she was still in it.

*When the game was single player, the Ndipaya levels were a lot more adventurous. When co-op was added, they had to reduce the number of tricks and traps.

*The Ndipaya valued the Ndipaya flower for its medicinal purposes, but its overuse eventually ended up wiping out the entire civilization.

*The Progenitor flower was originally an aquatic flower.

*Wesker originally died by simply falling into the lava without mutating. This was then changed to him dying via rocket launcher as a homage to the earlier games.

*The volcano and erupting lava location was chosen to emphasise that this truly was the end for Wesker. {Ironic given all the 'Wesker still lives, the rockets missed him!' threads.}

*Wesker could originally control Uroboros with his mind.

*Originally the final battle was a full on raw fight between Chris and Wesker but this was changed with co-op when it became 2 on 1.

*Development on the game began in 2004.

*The weapons Merchant was brought back after RE4.

*Originally there was a huge level that was just desert. But since there was no cover available they would have to resort to enemies popping up out of the sand so it was dropped. This level also contained the wreckage of a ship on a long dried out lake. A weapons merchant had set up shop here.

*At one stage the timed level where you have to survive for a set period of time until the helicopter arrives to rescue you was a night stage and the enemies were all Lickers.

*Originally when the game was 1 player it began with a battle against an Uroboros {which at this stage was just another BOW} in the streets of town. Secretary Excella and Irving are looking on from a safe distance. Cameras have been set up all over town and they are being monitored by the male Tricell CEO.

*Eventually, Sheva got separated from Chris and was captured by Excella and her men. After she is rescued, we see her shaking hands with Jill.

*The CEO character is betrayed by Wesker and Excella and is murdered in cold-blood.

*There was a Tyrant in the game, and it killed Excella under orders from Wesker.

*In the first battle between Chris and Wesker, Chris is beaten to within an inch of his life until Jill rescues him.

*When Jill fell with Wesker at the Spencer Estate, she stabbed him in the right eye with a knife. As a result, Wesker had a glass eye in his right socket which was to be his one true weakness.

*The final battle ended with Wesker still human but knee deep in rising lava. Chris was about to go under but a jet arrives piloted by Sheva and Jill. Chris jumps onto the wing and the player fires the rockets, killing Wesker. The game ends with the players getting out of the jet and walking away.

*The first city section had a train full of zombies that derailed in front of the player.

*The weapons merchants had shops in town. But the player has to rip down barricades to get to the door as the merchant has been protecting himself from the zombies. You then pressed the action button to knock on the door The merchant then peeks through a viewing slit where the scene switches to first person. He asks if you are friend or foe and if there are any zombies around.

*One scene involved the players jumping off a second floor balcony onto a set of unstable pillars. Lots of zombies would be milling around on the floor below and the player had to jump from one pillar to the next while the zombies shook them trying to make the player fall.

*There was a night level where there is a car crash and there were a lot of local NPCs trying to protect the barricades, fighting back the zombies with primitive weapons. Chris and his partner which at this stage was undecided between Jill or BARRY {!} would have to stop and help out for a predetermined amount of time.

*One level had a set of tacked drum cans which would fall and the zombies would try and crawl over them and one another to get to the player.

*There was once a massive fortress siege scene. The majini were firing bows and arrows. Chris would be assisted by 12 allies in this scene.

*Like the scene where you have to protect Josh as he works the elevator, there was a similar one where you had to protect Jill from an El Gigante as she worked the power supply unit.

*You had to fight 10-15 El Gigantes at the same time.

*The zombies were changed to Majini because the developers believed another zombie-filled game might not be able to hold it's own through to the very end. Group attacks and organized assaults would not have been possible with zombies.

*{RE3.5 ALERT} One unused enemy design was a creature that attacked by creating hallucinations to confuse their pray. They would emit a fine mist of gaseous substance from their body, and if Chris were to inhale any of it, the screen would switch to a distorted thermal view. Upon review, this whole process didn't fit into the game very well, so it was dropped.

*The Tyrant was cut out because the staff felt it messed with the whole Wesker - Uroboros angle.

*When Uroboros was just a standard BOW, they were called U-9 and U-11. One was to get so large it would consume a whole train and chase Chris as he ran along the top of the carriages.

*Spencer is Saddler. His final battle with Leon is why he is now in a wheelchair.

Info courtesy of the Art of Resident Evil 5 book.

{And yeah, I made the last one up.}
 Post subject: About Alex...
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For those interested. Here is a little insight into Project W and the ever so mysterious Alex. Again, taken from Biohazard Archives II.

Birth of a new human species
“Those who are mentally and physically superior should lead those who are not.” This is the guiding principle of Spencer, leader of Umbrella. Ever since the discovery of the primordial virus, this survival of the fittest doctrine was at the root of his power that increased with the each ruthless assassination of his friends.
Spencer’s objective is the “forced evolution of humanity using viruses.” His goal is to bring an end to the current human species, which has survived for 200,000 years since the birth of humanity, and replace it with a new human species of his creation. If the objective is the creation of a new ideal world, the number of possible victims is not a concern. Whether it’s one or 100,000 lives, he will continue killing as long as necessary. The creation of Umbrella, the development of B.O.W. - it was all just a cover that nobody figured out for continuing development of the primordial virus; for Spencer, the fortune and fame of Umbrella were just secondary.
Spencer considers himself worthy of being called a “god” for leading humanity to the next level. However, behind this great aspiration and vision, his body was growing old and diseased. Dying without completing this great mission would not be an option. Spencer enlisted the help of one man to again possess a healthy body. That man’s name was Alex, one man of the Wesker Project.

The Wesker Project
According to Spencer, the people who live in an ideal world should themselves be ideal. The people who have obtained super strength and intellect through evolution caused by the primordial virus should not turn their backs on their god. Thus Spencer turned his attention to training the ideal skilled beings for this ideal world and executed a project for this. This is the “Wesker Project.” This project, named after the lead researcher Wesker, involved gathering up several hundred children born to the most intellectually gifted people around the world, raising them until they have perfect bodies and minds, and then releasing them back into the world after giving these gifted children special educations. All of the subjects were given the name Wesker and given doses of the prototype virus to identify the most gifted individuals. Most of those who undergo this “screening” succumbed to the virus and died, but tiny few survived. These were subject #12, Alex, and subject #13, Albert.
Alex became a member of Umbrella after the experiment and worked secretly for Spencer, after gaining his trust. Furthermore, Spencer greatly admired Alex’s superior intellect and leadership skills, and in order to perform research to release him from his aging body, Spencer named him head researcher and continually provided him with money, equipment, supplies and experimental subjects. But no matter how long they waited, the expected results never came.
Alex, “the other Wesker,” also became an Umbrella researcher, but he had even greater neo-human trait than Alex: an absolute ambition. Albert obtained superhuman powers as the result of the “Western Style House? Incident.” He began to think of himself as “chosen by god” and dreamed of becoming a next generation god. Then, upon learning the truth about Spencer that had been covered by a veil, he is released from the curse of the Wesker Project.
“God… …I see. I will take over.” Albert decides to take over Spencer’s ambitions and takes his life without a moment of hesitation.
After Spencer’s death, Albert enters the final stage of his own “Uruboros Project.” The plan is to spread the virus around the world by loading on to a bomber on the Uruborus missile and releasing the bomber into the westerly trade winds when the missile reaches the troposphere. All humanity will be judged by the Uruborus virus, and only the chosen ones will survive. Worthless beings with inferior DNA will simply wage violence in search of new hosts for the Uruborus virus. "
Posted: Jun 14, 2011 14:31 

As most of you are aware we are finally due an English language version of Resident Evil Archives: Volume 2 later this Autumn. Until this announcement I was working on a full translation of the Biohazard Archives 2. This project has now been suspended for obvious reasons, but here is what I have.

Character Track

LEON S. KENNEDY (Pages 60-61)
Formerly a Raccoon City police officer, he is now an agent reporting directly to the President. His middle name is Scott. He has a strong sense of justice, keeps his cool and is not easily unnerved, and furthermore, has a fearless streak. Compared to when he was a rookie police officer, he has grown considerably both physically and mentally, and reveals his degree of comfort even in tough situations by telling jokes.

A kidnapping incident happens involving Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States President. Under orders to investigate and to rescue her, Leon flies alone to Europe, and according to witness reports, heads directly to a village far away from the city. The Los Illuminados are headquartered there.

During his investigation, he realizes that this is not just an ordinary ransom kidnapping. The objective of Osmund Saddler, the cult leader, was to use the Plaga to control host bodies that could manipulate important people in various countries, in order to rule the world.

His rivals included Ada Wong and Jack Krauser. He had little time to be surprised by their appearance, however, with the start of a battle to the death with people who were turned into monsters by the Plaga infection.Leon was one of the only survivors of the massive virus incident that happened in Raccoon City in 1998. He happened upon a biohazard on his first day serving as a Raccoon City police officer, with his first action after graduating from police academy being a city filled with zombies. After meeting Claire Redfield and Ada Wong in the city streets and at the police station, they attempted to escape from the city by working together. Although Ada was a spy working for an organization that was enemies with Umbrella, they began to have feelings for each other. After Ada was cut down by an enemy B.O.W. attack, Leon swore he would not rest until Umbrella was destroyed.

After the Raccoon City incident, Leon was scouted by a man who claimed to be a U.S. government intelligence agent. Leon must have attracted the organization's interest as a rare individual, a survivor of Raccoon City with great survival skills such as physical strength and decision-making ability. Even so, he would need to learn much more than he learned at police academy, and his training as an agent would require many days of hard work. During this time, he discovers that Ada is alive and has joined Wesker's organization.

Leon becomes an agent who reports directly to the President, and is sent on a special mission to South America where he begins investigating a drug lord who is believed to have direct contact with a former Umbrella scientist. During this time, Krauser, who belonged to a U.S. military special operations group, joins Leon in a support role. Although Krauser is full of self-pride at his capabilities as a military man, Leon was the winner here, including his human side. After their South America mission, Krauser quit the special operations group and was killed in an accident he meets shortly after.

The European countryside in 2004. Ada was still alive after all. Leon is further surprised at coming face to face with Jack Krauser again, who was thought to have died in an accident. While Ada successfully escapes with the dominant strain Plaga, the entire cult including Krauser is destroyed, and Ashley is safely rescued. The mission was complete. After returning to the U.S., Leon prepares the "Leon Report" on the Ganado. This report is a confidential document not to be viewed by anyone other than a member of his organization or the BSAA.

About one year later, Leon is dispatched as a Special Commander of a quick response force to the airport of the U.S. city of Harvardville, where people are becoming zombies. He encounters Claire and they fight the zombies together to rescue the people in the airport...but a related incident flares up shortly thereafter. He leads the resolution of the bioterrorism turmoil being planned by Wilpharma, the pharmaceutical company that rose to lead the pharmaceutical industry after the collapse of Umbrella.

ADA WONG (Pages 62-63)
A beautiful Asian woman wrapped in a bright red China Dress with a dancing butterfly design. A spy skilled in the various martial arts, her background is enshrouded in mystery, and even her name, Ada Wong, is an alias.

At the request of Albert Wesker, she infiltrated the location in order to bring back the dominant strain Plaga being held by Los Illuminados.

At first glance, the long China dress seems to be a style poorly suited to espionage, but the dress is fitted with western accessories and style deep side slits, that allow a glimpse of a weapon holster worn on her leg, and that does not interfere with fighting action. Her items have a decidedly feminine flair to them, such as a flash bomb disguised as a pair of sunglasses and a small Hookshot sewn into her clothing, satisfying the womanly desire to wear favorite fashion items and look beautiful.

At the time of the virus leakage incident, Ada belonged to a rival organization to Umbrella. While engaged in intelligence operations in Raccoon City, she received an order from Wesker, from the same organization, to secure the "G-virus" that was discovered by William Birkin, of Umbrella. She went into disguise and used Leon, who she met at the police station, to obtain the sample, but a succession of dangerous situations gave the two of them time to be close to each other. Leon confirmed her feelings of love for him when he offered himself to protect her, and just a few hours later she did the same for him. In order to protect Leon, she suffered a grave wound from a B.O.W. "Tyrant," and grew weak in his arms.

Leon thought she was gone, but although she was severely injured, she was not dead. Perhaps she was pretending, afraid of slowing down Leon with her injuries. Reaching a hotel in town, she showed the "G" virus to Wesker via video monitor. This was a tissue sample taken from Birkin, who had taken the G-virus himself and mutated into a G. Wesker immediately sent a rescue helicopter and got Ada out of Raccoon City.

She found herself standing in front of Leon again after 6 years. Not fighting for the same side this time, they kept a cautious distance, such as offering words of help when backed into a corner. Ada at first gives Leon a rocket launcher at the critical moment of battle in a fight with Saddler, but then points a gun at him and demands he hand over the dominant strain Plaga sample, and then tosses him a jet ski key to aid his escape, as if she still enjoys this relationship with Leon.
She escapes by helicopter to a different organization than Wesker's and disappears. Even in this mission to capture the Plaga, the true identity of the woman who has been called the "key to the true purpose" remains enshrouded in mystery.

ASHLEY GRAHAM (Pages 64-65)
The sole daughter of the United States president. While appearing to come from a privileged background and having a selfish personality, she has a bright personality and is not afraid of anything. She is kidnapped by Krauser while traveling from her university in Massachusetts to visit home. She is taken to the European region that is under the control of the Los Illuminados cult. It was a crazed village of people who were under the control of the "Plaga" parasite. She was discovered by Leon, who aimed to rescue her even as they are attacked by Ganados.

She had already been infected with eggs by the time Leon found her, and symptoms of the parasitic infection began to appear even during their attempted escape. Although she was frantic for a time out of fear of the parasites living inside her body, she regained her composure and even was able to tell sarcastic jokes, and at times find and offers strategy ideas to support Leon. Her tenacity under these cruel conditions must have encouraged Leon. Just as they make their safe escape, she becomes enamored with Leon, perhaps out of relief at their new safety.

She has a flamboyant style with youthful expressions, actions and words, to the point that she is ridiculed by Luis Sera in the abandoned house. She wears an orange knit top with no sleeves that shows off her figure. She wards off the cold with a brown cardigan with a pattern knitted into the sleeves. Her miniskirt is green with a diagonal hem cut. Her shoulder cardigan, belt and boot covers deliver a balanced brown tone and draw the eyes to key points, and her use of a silver belt buckle accessory finishes off her relaxed appearance.

For her second outfit, she wears a white top and bottom. Although the top is quite revealing, she looks refined with shiny accessories and a ribbon on her front, and accented with a sharp red belt. She wears a combination white and color-coordinated bracelet.

JACK KRAUSER (Pages 66-67)
Under orders from Wesker, Krauser travels to Europe and infiltrates Los Illuminados in order to obtain the dominant strain Plaga. With the aim of growing closer to the cult's inner circle, he presses ahead with his plan to kidnap the US president's daughter, Ashley Graham. He is successfully accepted into the circle, but not allowed to go near the Plaga sample, and so enlists the cooperation of Ada, although not with sincerity. He has a showdown with Leon, who has come to rescue Ashley -- Leon was his partner 2 years ago in South America, where they entrusted their lives to each other.

When he went to South America, he belonged to the United States Army. He felt a sense of jealous rivalry at Leon, who operated as a direct agent of the President, and had a faint sense that their paths would someday diverge. He left the army after completing his mission together with Leon. There were reports that he died in an accident after leaving the Army, but a body was never found.

After seeing the unimaginable strength of humans with B.O.W.s in South America, a desire grew in him to have such great strength. After disappearing by faking his own death, he met Wesker, whose name appeared in documents related to an incident he heard about from Leon, and began working in Wesker's organization. He had injured his left arm in the battle in South America, but he possessed great strength and was skilled at fighting with a knife.

As he was gathering information inside the cult, Krauser became enthralled by the strength of the Plaga. He inserted the dominant strain Plaga into his own body, obtaining superhuman physical abilities.

Upon meeting again in Europe, he fights Leon in an attempt to settle their differences, but is defeated and killed.

LUIS SERA (Page 68)
A Latino who Leon met at the abandoned house. He says that he was a Madrid police officer, but he is actually a former Los Illuminados scientist. He continues parasitic research out of a sense of curiousity, but out of a growing sense of guilt at their evil plan, he betrays the cult and attempts to escape with a sample of the dominant strain Plaga. As a former resident of the town that the cult now controls, he at first successfully escapes the cult thanks to his knowledge of the land, but is eventually captured and confined to an abandoned house. He only gives evasive replies to Leon's questions and does not reveal his true thoughts. While he engages in light conversation and doesn't show proper respect to people, this is all due to his strong sense of caution.

As a skilled scientist, he knows everything there is to know about the parasite, and has even been successful in removing parasite eggs that were planted by the cult, by himself. His initial motivation for attempting to escape the cult was to protect himself, but upon learning that parasite larva were living inside Leon and Ashley, he returns to the old castle to obtain drugs to stunt their growth, even though he knows it is dangerous. His motive for doing so must have been his rediscovery of his true heart, made possible by meeting Leon and the others.

The village mayor, whom Leon visits. A great man with a long narrow beard, dressed in a trench coat. Also the founder of Los Illuminados, he is a loyal servant who carries out the wishes of Osmund Saddler, whom he loves and respects. Unlike the common Ganado, he is infected with a "dominant strain" parasite, and is in full control of his will, even as he possesses physical strength greater than that of normal men.

Upon hearing that Leon was coming to the village to investigate, Mendez notifies the village people and increases the village's alert level. When he meets Leon, he lets him go upon hearing that he has been infected, but, upon Saddler's instructions, he interferes with his [Leon's] movement and waits for the parasite to grow to adult size. However, he becomes worried at Leon's multiple attempts to break the siege, and decides to kill Leon in order to protect Saddler's plan. His left eye is a glass eye that also functions as the key to the Salazar castle gate. This is also proof that he protected the cult from outside enemies with he himself acting as a barrier.

The eighth leader of the Salazar family, that has controlled for generations the region being targeted for the search for Ashley. Salazar had no family and lived alone, making him vulnerable to the influence of Osmund Saddler, the leader of Los Illuminados. Intending to protect the people living in the region, Los Illuminados pushed Salazar to go against the wishes of his ancestors and release the "Plaga" parasite which had been sealed away inside the Salazar castle. The power of the cult within the region grew stronger, thanks to Salazar's adoration of Saddler and his complete cooperation, eventually leading to all of the villagers becoming cult followers. He also accepted a Plaga into his body and controls all of the crazed cult Ganado followers active in the region.

He has an unbalanced appearance, with a short stature like a child and a wrinkled face like an old man, and has a savage and arrogant personality. He is known to throw tantrums like a child when he doesn't get what he wants. The unusual creatures wearing robes that Salazar brings with him are the Verdugo, a bioweapon created through the cult's research. They serve as Salazar's guardians.

The most powerful current leader of Los Illuminados, the ages-old cult from a certain region of Europe. With the cooperation of Salazar, the current landowner of the region, he revives the missionary work using the "Plaga" parasite, a method that the cult has used since antiquity. Two types of Plaga exist: a subordinate strain in which the parasite controls the host, and a dominant strain in which the host retains control. Saddler used these to gain absolute control over the region. However, he was unable to control his desire for power, and began using the parasites in experimental bioweapons development. He devised a plan to kidnap Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States President, the first step of his scheme to control the world through the power of the Plaga. He planned to first command the great nations from within and then ultimately rule the world.

He wears a purple robe as a symbol of his status as the most powerful leader of the cult, and holds a Plaga-entangled cane. Although he appears to be from a different time, he carries a tentacle fitted with sharp claws, hidden under his robe to fight off any traitors.

A man in a black coat who trades in weapons. His shop symbol is a torch that burns with a blue flame, and he seems to travel around and play his trade wherever he pleases. He keeps a vast array of weapons in a large rucksack and his coat. From his appearance it is obvious that he is a Ganado, but strangely, he does not show hostility toward others and will deal with anyone who is willing to pay. While it is unclear where he acquires his goods, even Leon is impressed at the products he has on offer. He's a skilled business talker as well, frequently saying things such as "Trust your gut" or "Great choice: you know your weapons."

MIKE (Page 73)
An armed forces helicopter pilot sent by the United States government. He meets up with Leon at a remote island where Ashley was taken, where he aids Leon from the sky as he makes his way toward a base where fighters are waiting.

Mike's helicopter was a heavy gunship armed with Gatling guns and missiles, and even Leon was inspired by the help he provided to him when they were in a tight spot. He they worked together to deftly fight off the waves of enemy attacks. Mike invited Leon "for a beer when all of this is over," but he was shot down by one of Saddler's men and killed.

ALBERT WESKER (Pages 80-81)
Albert Wesker sometimes operated in the open, such as virus thefts that occurred throughout the world and a B.O.W. related incident, and he sometimes operated in the shadows.
Upon hearing information about a parasite in Europe that gave superhuman strength to its host, Wesker planned a mission to steal a sample of this "Plaga" parasite from the cult of Los Illuminados. In 2004, he ordered Jack Krauser and Ada Wong to go there to steal a sample of the dominant strain Plaga. Although meticulously planned, Krauser was cut down by Leon and Ada betrayed him, resulting in only obtaining a subordinate strain Plaga sample. However, through another means of acquisition, he successfully obtained a "dead dominant strain Plaga."

Five years later, Wesker had motivated Excella to take the CEO position at Tricell, which had a pharmaceutical division, and, manipulating her to forward his "Uroboros Plan," he went to Africa. He continues to work toward the "creation of a new human species through the Progenitor virus," the goal that Spencer had yearned for since the days of Umbrella. He used to be a bio-engineering specialist.

His blood-stained past began with his desire to be the "creator" all that exists. As the leader of Umbrella, Spencer poured all of his efforts into the development of B.O.W., but he had a horrific ambition: to use viruses to evolve the human race, create an ideal world of this new race, and become the "god" of this world. In pursuit of this flawed-logic goal, he implements a horrific plan to gather several hundred children from around the world who possess superior DNA, and inject them with the Progenitor virus to give them even greater intellectual abilities and superhuman strength. This was dubbed the "Wesker Project," named after the lead researcher at the time, all of the children in the project were given the name "Wesker," and they were dispersed around the world and closely monitored.

Several years later, Albert Wesker appeared at the Umbrella training facility in Raccoon City. He was regarded as being the best of the elite Weskers, and was given preferential treatment with Spencer as his guardian. The Wesker Project proceeded under the orders of Spencer, who continued to harbor undying ambition, and a prototype virus was administered to all of the Weskers. Most died, but some survived. Albert Wesker was one of the few who survived, and stood as the results of this experiment to artificially create beings with physical characteristics matching those of most B.O.W. Through the Arklay Laboratory, Wesker became the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team leader of the special Raccoon City police force to which Chris and Jill belonged, but he had secret intelligence-gathering orders from Umbrella. He was ordered to use troopers at the mansion in the Arklay Mountains as experimental B.O.W. subjects, and to collect data. However, a rival organization to Umbrella was planning to steal that data, unbeknownst to him. Stopped by Chris and Jill before he was able to carry out his plan, Wesker was killed by a B.O.W. "Tyrant." But it was actually a staged death in which he had injected himself with a virus that would revive him.

Several months after the mansion incident, Wesker reappeared on Rockfort Island. This time, he was here to lead a special force of a rival organization to Umbrella to infiltrate the island. Here, he successfully stole t-Veronica, and unexpectedly met with Chris again, who had come to help his sister.

In 2006, before Chris and Jill infiltrated Spencer's mansion, Wesker attacked Spencer, who "created him." He confronted Chris and Jill and cut them down with his superhuman powers. However, before he could deal the finishing blow to Chris, Jill tackled him and they fell onto the rocks, but he kidnapped her and injected her with P30 in order to control her emotions. Then, he went back to his alliance with Tricell to realize his next ambition, the "Uroboros Plan."

In order to sustain life as a bioweapon, it was necessary for him to regularly take appropriate doses of a drug called PG67A/W. Chris and the others significantly reduced his abilities by forcing him to overdose on the drug. As a last ditch effort, he tried and failed to join with the Uroboros virus, and eventually disappeared into the lava...

Founded Umbrella together with James Marcus and Edward Ashford and survived longer than them. A cold, ambitious individual, he plotted to secretly kill the other two founders.
Spencer led Umbrella and strongly believed he was one of the ‘chosen ones,' and believed that "people should be ruled by physically and intellectually superior individuals." Upon discovering the Progenitor virus, he put into motion his plan to realize this philosophy. He founded Umbrella, and continued researching the t-virus, with only a handful of people aware of his true intentions. However, Umbrella was brought down by the actions of Chris and the others. Since then, he disappeared and went into hiding, and time was not kind to him. As he hung onto life, confined to a wheelchair and connected to life support systems, who could imagine that this old man, frustrated at the thought of dying before realizing his plan, at one time was a man who struck untold fear in people around the world. Incidentally, the name "Wesker" was given to all of the children used in various Progenitor virus experiments, and he bragged about the greatest Wesker ever created, as being his creation.

The BSAA discovered his whereabouts and launched a raid on the European mansion where Spencer was quietly living in hiding. However, by the time that Chris and Jill rushed into his room, Spencer had already been killed at the hand of Wesker.

DOUG (Page 85)
Doug is a helicopter pilot. He goes by helicopter to meet Jill, who is rushing to meet Chris, but while providing them with cover fire, he is attacked by an armed Majini and is killed in action.
Posted: Aug 16, 2011 11:42 

Early 2012 eh? Excellent.
Posted: Sep 01, 2011 16:33 

Im confused now (I blame collage for this =S).

Is this organization the one that employed Wesker after the Mansion Incident or the one that Ada sent the Master Plaga sample when she betrayed Wesker?

Im so confused @_@

Given the characters involved I'd bet my money on the 3rd Organization; the one that Wesker works for. They have the resources to develop the t-Abyss and supply it to Veltro. It would also suggest another behind the scenes role for Wesker in this game. He may not feature in person, but I bet he is heavily mentioned in the files.

Ada's organization will be kept for Leon's next appearance I suspect.
 Post subject: Re: Rachel
Posted: Sep 13, 2011 10:46 

Hmm, I wonder what some people will use the new item scanner on when Rachel is in the room?
Posted: Sep 21, 2011 16:28 

Hey Bats...This is shade off topic, but whilst playing re4 last night and listening to the dialogue between Leon and Krauser at the knife fight. It appears that someone, either Wesker or someone else was trying to revive Umbrella, so I'm sure there's an answer for it, but am I wrong?

On a topic note, I'm hoping that we will see Ada in ORC since she played a huge role in re2. You know what would be totally beast is if after you finish the game, you are able to play as the other characters in their adventures parallel to the initial play through.

Yeah, Wesker was looking to revive Umbrella in his own image but seemingly scrapped those plans after his meeting with Spencer in 2006 and instead focused his energies on creating his own Wesker Children program which turned out to be Uroboros.
Posted: Oct 02, 2011 17:23 

Biohazard 0 Kaitai Shinsho
Biohazard CV Kaitai Shinsho
Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho
Biohazard 5 Kaitai Shinsho
Biohazard Archives
Inside of Biohazard Darkside Chronicles
Bio UC Official Guidebook
Wesker's Report
Bio UC - Death's Door Opening
Bio UC - Eradication Operation file
Degeneration theatrical trailer.

Raccoon City Case Details
Another Side of Biohazard

Biohazard: The Catalysis
Biohazard Stamp Collection
Bio UC timeline
Biohazard Archives 2
Biohazard 3

All in all, the evidence points to October 1st. That is the definitive date for Raccoon's destruction
Posted: Dec 04, 2011 12:07 

I get such a bad vibe from the story as if its another game series story with RE characters stuck in randomly.
Don't worry, it will have links to the old story. Not much point in calling it 'Revelations' otherwise.

Interestingly the FBC is a rival to the BSAA set up by the U.S. Military. They were in charge of rescue operations in during the Terragrigia Panic and the BSAA were assisting. (Remember they are only civilian observers at this point. Not until they reformed in 2005 under the U.N. did they gain their special forces status.) It would seem the FBC made some mistakes during the operation and this is why Jessica and Parker transferred to the BSAA.

There are still many things to come:
*We don't know who Rachel works for. She does not wear FBC uniform.
*Who created the t-Abyss virus? Veltro are a terrorist group, I can't see them being the creators.
*They are seemingly going after Chris and Jill for a reason, luring them both into seperate traps.
*Plus, we've only really seen two locations. Just like with RE4 when we only saw the village and the castle up until the game's release.

Don't worry, the story is going to be huge!
Posted: Dec 08, 2011 14:10 

I hate it when they do stuff like this. If it were a couple of weeks away I could probably hold off, but seven weeks is too long to not look.
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