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 Post subject: Re: Needs more Excella! =[
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 13:39 

Yeah but it'd be a redundant storyline from RE2 and RE4 with Ada being 'bad' yet secretly good then bad then proving she's not really evil at the last moment yet again.

It's like I said, we already know she's a grey area character. Pushing her to full fledged villain (or full fledged hero for that matter) would kind of ruin her character. She works best as a morally grey character who has morals and a conscience. She'll do what she has to do for her job and her own motives whatever they may be, but, she isn't cold hearted.

Even after RE2, in RE3's epilogue she promised never to be that girl again and in RE4 we see she is definately not allowing her emotions to interfere with her the way they did with Leon in RE2. She clearly doesn't drop her gun when asking for Las Plagas like she did when asking for G. She's not kidding around anymore. But, at the same time, all of RE4 and Seperate Ways make it clear that Ada isn't a bad guy either. She clearly goes out of her way to help Leon numerous times, shows clear care and concern for him despite her stone wall facade, and screws over Wesker by sending him a fake sample instead of delivering it like she was supposed to.

So as I said, I just don't think it would really play out right to try and make Ada a full fledged villain. If they turned her totally evil it'd just ruin the character. And if they had her have a change of heart at the last second etc. it'd just be yet another redundant and recycled RE2/RE4 Leon/Ada thing. By that point it would just get old and wouldn't even be entertaining anymore.

It'd sorta be like if they brought Wesker back again in the next RE. It would just get 'yawn' by that point because now they're just doing the same plotlines with the character over and over. Know what I mean?
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 15:19 

Was just about to post that if you press back/select on the mercs stage select it'll show you your enemies routed + highest combo with each char as well.

And to Agent Wong, both Rebecca and Barry are based on RE1 PSX not Remake.
Posted: Feb 21, 2010 19:01 

Just to clear up a few things.

Failed Uroboros Test Subjects 'do' mutate into the leech/tentacle blobs. All those ones you saw in 5-2 on the conveyor belt would have eventually done so. The files in the game blatantly state this. That is exactly why they are dropped out of their tubes and onto that conveyor belt to be put into the furnace to burn them up before they mutate and cause a problem. They didn't really care to have mutated tentacle blobs roaming free and absorbing all the scientists in the facility :P

The subjects in LiN are the same exact model obviously but obviously not meant to be Uroboros Test Subjects since Uroboros didn't exist until after Wesker's meeting with Spencer. It might have simply been an 'early' version of Uroboros that Spencer/Alex was working with prior to receiving the anti-bodies from Jill that made Uroboros complete, thus why there was no true success and so many failed experiments.

So regardless, they've been infected by some kind of Progenitor based Virus (Uroboros is based on Progenitor too as is T and every other virus pretty much outside of Las Plagas) and didn't meet the expectations desired and were left to rot.

It's stated that Alex left prior to the Butler leaving and when the Butler left, the only people remaining were Spencer's security. So the test subjects have been vacant in the sewers for a least a little while. So they're not being fed and are obviously decomposing.

By any normal means, they'd be dead. But, being they were infected with an unknown Virus, the virus is keeping them with motor functions at the very least.

They lack hair, their rib cages are clearly very visible showing their malnurishment, they lay limp and spasming on the floor while moaning, and jump up with their mouths gaping wide open trying to bite you when you approach them.

So when it's all said and done, these can be quite easily classified as Zombies. Just because they're not T-Virus infected Zombies doesn't make them any less zombies.

Just as Ganados and Majini 'can' be classified as zombies by definition. In fact, the Ganados and Majini fit the actual original description of Zombies better than T-Virus Zombies. Zombies are people who have lost all ability to control their own actions or goals in favor of being controlled by another and serve to live out his desires. That's what a traditional zombie is. The 'undead flesh craver' was simply a different spin on Zombies created later on.

So basically, T Zombies, Ganados, Majini, and the specimens in LiN can all be classified as 'zombies' and it would be an accurate and correct proclamation.

The latter three may not be 'zombies' in terms of what we've come to know from Resident Evil, but, they are still 'zombies'. Just because they're not undead/flesh craving (although the evidence I presented above indicates they may very well be in LiN's case) doesn't mean they can't be zombies. There is more than one 'type' of zombie.

Hopefully that clears up the arguing.
Posted: Mar 06, 2010 23:23 

Oh and to answer Stu's question about the Rocks. Alls they do is allow you access to some extra items, that's about it. They aren't necessary to complete the level.

Edit: And the last post was aimed mostly at Dvader. I forgot who had stated it when I was replying and couldn't hit quote because I wasn't logged in yet so I just hit post reply. Anyway, he was mentioning about how the Mike section of RE4 and Seperate Ways were so much better and better paced and how DE is just one big mercs level with enemies pouring out of no where randomly with no cohesion etc. Which is entirely untrue.

The simple thing is that DE again is an 'extreme' version of RE4/5's gameplay. Thus it's giving you non-stop action and truly making you feel like it's a 'Desperate' Escape. You're overwhelmed constantly. So there's a LOT more enemies coming at you and to deal with in total than RE4 could even handle.

So the goal of the scenario was to make you feel overwhelmed and really have your wits about you. So I don't see how you can use that as a reason to complain about scenario in of itself not being paced right. It's like saying the DLC isn't right because it accomplished what it set out to do?

There's also the fact of like Zem mentioning how DE proves the stop and shoot mechanic just doesn't work. I don't agree at all considering I had no problem with that mechanic ever.

Complaining about the number of enemies and lack of being able to move and shoot at the same time is a testament to your own skill at the game, not the fault of the game itself. While the gameplay may not be your cup of tea or even 'for' you specifically, it doesn't make the gameplay in of itself a problem or faulty.

I for example can play RE5 extremely well. I'm very good at Versus and am Rank 3 on Single Play professional for DE on the leaderboards, so I'm fairly good at how the game plays. On the other hand, a game like Gears of War which others say is superior, I am mediocre at best and feel the controls are very odd and just don't feel 'right' to me.

So it all comes down to personal preference. There's nothing wrong with RE5 or DE's gameplay or the stop and shoot mechanic. It just comes down to 'you' as a player may not be cut out for that kind of gameplay. Just like you might like Basketball but might be better suited for Baseball because you just aren't able to play Basketball the way you need to, to be 'good' at it and handle an actual game of it. Doesn't mean basketball plays wrong or is inferior to something else. Just means you're not cut out for it or need a lot more practice.
Posted: Mar 06, 2010 23:03 

To Dvader: Regarding DE having enemies all over the place and coming out of no where with no set placement etc. You obviously haven't played DE well enough to understand it. You also talk about the Mike Section of RE4 in comparison and then trash DE for not being as well done as well as talk about how DE just pushes you from one section to the next killing everything in your way. Isn't that EXACTLY what the Mike section of RE4 was like? Yes, in fact it was.

DE works identical to that Mike segment in it's setup and it's pacing.

There are set triggers for enemies depending what point you're at in the level. And you obviously keep pushing forward killing everything and moving on. If you know the spawn locations you can easily work with what is thrown at you without triggering an overload. It is NOT like mercs. Mercs has enemies coming from all spawn points constantly. DE does not work like this UNLESS you trigger those spawn points.

And even then, there is a set number of majini per spawn point. Even the gun turrent guys. On Amateur and Normal there is only 2 majini per turrent. Kill one and another one will come along and take his place, kill hiim and the turrent will remain inactive. On Professional and Veteran there's 3 per turrent.

All bosses only come out once you trigger them to come out. For example once you reach the area with the turrents, if you head past the shack and the truck you can climb on and down the slope to the first red door you can go through. The second you open that door it triggers the boss to come out and start heading your way.

Just the same, once you hit that door and open it, it triggers the majini from the far side of the ledge below up above the ladders there to start flowing out and the majini next to the first red door you need to blow open to start coming out as well (a new wave of them, not the original wave from that spawn point).

Again, it's no different than the Mike section. If you know how things work you can plan ahead and keep the pace of enemies at your own leisure and take them out at a decent pace THEN trigger the next wave when you're ready.

The ONLY reason it seems like there is an 'endless' amount of enemies is because most people are dealing with the enemies and trying to keep moving on and get everything while continuing on, not waiting for the enemies to dry out first. That's why you'll have enemies from the beginning of the level coming at you at the end because you ran ahead too fast and triggered everything at once so now you have a swarm of non-stop enemies like in Mercs. That's entirely the fault of the player, not the level design.

There is also set enemy layouts as well. Hit start then restart a level a few times and you'll see certain layouts. For example the second checkpoint you reach where you start out on the huge slope and you have the chainsaw guys there and have to get the key to move on. If you restart that area you'll see one of the following setups when you walk out the door:

-Majini with Stun Rod or Majini with nothing or no Majini up on the assist jump crate
-Fat Man Majini + One or Two Majini with knives or nothing next to the barrel


-Majini with stun rod or Majini with nothing or no Majini up on the assist jump crate.
-Four or Five Majini with various weapons standing around the red barrel


-No majini on the assist jump crate
-Single Majini with random weapon standing next to red barrel
-Red Chainsaw Majini laying on the floor next to the barrel which only triggers once the dialogue between Doug and Josh is finished

There's also the choice of whether you fight Armored/Gun Majini or Town Majini per each run through which also determines if you fight Chainsaw Majini or Gatling Gun Majini or Executioners or Reapers etc.

So there is a LOT of work and effort put into the design of Desperate Escape. There is a LOT of variety there to keep things different on every run through. So it's never the same exact run through every single time unless you purposely make it so by restarting until you get the desired enemy layout.

Desperate Escape, again, is done very well. It keeps a constant stream of action coming with no 'down time' to lull the action. That was indeed the focus of this scenario. Whereas Lost in Nightmares was a homeage to the best of old school RE, Desperate Escape is a homeage to the best of RE5. It's like an 'extreme' version of normal RE5 gameplay, minus all the lulls in action where you kill a wave and then move on through calm and quiet until the next small wave.

So again, don't blame your ignornace in how DE actually works and how it's level design is setup on the game itself and claim it lacks proper design and call it just an endless stream of enemies from random locations with no setup or placement and that it plays identical to mercs when in fact all of those statements would be incorrect.
Posted: Mar 08, 2010 8:32 

All I was saying was that Capcom spent an inordinate amount of time and money on the marketing campaign for this game. Was it more than what they spent on the actual game itself? Probably not, but my point still stands.

How so, because you say it does? Any high budget media is going to have an equally high marketing campaign. It's common business practice. You spent a LOT of money on this title therefore you want to get it out there as much as possible to ensure you get equal return on your product. No one's buying it if they don't know it exists nor have been persuaded to buy it.

As to the rest of your post. Your original post popped in claiming RE5 to be a large dissapointment that apparently no one really cared for and RE4 is superior and everyone agrees etc.

You say sales are unimportant. But if RE5 was so 'lukewarm' as you state, why did AE and Gold Edition sell so well then? If people thought RE5 was 'ok but nothing amazing' why would they go out and buy a second copy just for two new scenarios if they didn't believe the original content was that amazing to begin with?

If the game was again, so lukewarm, why was it and why is still in the top 10 most played online games for xbox live in both japan and US? Again, Biohazard 5 and Resident Evil 5, not one or the other, are both in the top 10 for most played online games.

If the games are so lukewarm again as you stated to the vast majority of gamers, why are so many gamers still playing the game even a year later just as much as they were when the game was released?

You said it can't compete with other games yet the above alone proves it can. If both the japanese and US versions of the game are both in the top 10 most played online games for Xbox Live (not even counting PC or PSN players) for over a year, as well as it being listed in the top 10 games on gamefaqs repeatedly throughout the year, obviously it must strike a high cord with a good number of people.

Reviews really don't mean all that much. Hell when I first beat RE5, I felt slightly dissapointed. Everyone else on here on biohaze was all OMEG THAT WAS SO AWESOME. While I was the only one who was sitting in the corner with a stunned expression on my face going "....that's it?" and feeling let down. Yet, I quickly got over that initial dissapointment (while it started to set in for everyone else) and saw the game PAST my expectations and as you mentioned yourself, saw it for what it is as a game itself and really quite enjoyed it and found it to be a very solid game.

So reading the initial reviews of players initial reactions to a game is quite misleading and judging the quality of a game based on that isn't very accurate. Again, had I written a review right after I had beaten Re5 it would have received a far lower score than I would give it today or even a week later after I had beaten it.

I never said RE5 was the be all end all of games. But, your claims that it can't compete with other games and isn't well received aren't very true. For all the people who complain about the game, there are an equal amount of people who quite love and enjoy the game. It just so happens people in general prefer to complain more than anything else. So someone satisified with the game who isn't a fanboy isn't going to rush to go "This game was great" compaired to someone displeased who will easily find it imperative to say "THIS GAME SUCKS!"
Posted: Mar 13, 2010 16:42 

Josh isn't top tier. 'Near' everyone in reunion has a headshot + instant kill melee so they all have Midnight Wesker potential in a way. That doesn't make them top tier. You have to factor in the entire arsenal and all of their advantages before determining top tier material.

Josh is good and his melee's are strong, but, he lacks an effective means of dealing with plagas, namely duvalia. He only has one rocket as well. While he has the m3, it has recoil and recovery animations which leave him open for punnishment against bosses so he has to be careful. The M3 can deal with Duvalia, but, it takes a good few shots to do so.

Compaired to someone like Excella who can Humiliate her way to a 150 combo easily, has 12 flash rounds for every plaga in a level, flash round + AK for Reapers, and just a small burst of AK to kneel all other bosses for her to Disco Spin it into oblivion. Excella's only weakness is that a lot of her melee's have really long animations. Outside of that, Excella is beyond overpowered.

Excella and Barry are top tier in Reunion with Warrior Chris and Business Sheva close behind. Josh and Rebecca would follow behind that.

Rebecca can be good with her flame spray but her machine gun often head shots and instant kills rather than allow for a melee setup, just as well, the rest of her melee's are piss poor that if the headshot fails or the majini falls back for any reason, her Kick isn't going to kill them and now you just potentially lost your combo.

Heavy Metal Chris I hate with a passion from a costume standpoint and playstyle standpoint. The Gatling gun has a long startup which makes it useless in tight corners when you're surrounded. It also has terrible accuracy so you can often be firing directly at an enemy and still take a bit before you even hit the damn thing so it can easily hit you before you hit it.

HM Chris also runs at half the speed of normal chars which just hurts your time already. Now his stun rod........Yes you get melee setups with it, and yes you can get +5 for killing with it. But, half the time the stun rod pushes them back making you have to run up and stun them again before you can kill them or melee them. When you're surrounded by a group and the stun only pushed one back and you have to stop and run forward, you can easily get grabbed or hit by another majini.

HM Chris can be effective yes but he requires a lot of effort to use effectively and in the long run, I don't think it's worth it compaired to other chars. Not only that, add in the fact that standing there stunning everything an entire match can become dreadfully boring fast. But, to each their own if you enjoy it.

Oh and on a final note about Excella, Just to show how powerful her melee's are: My friend and I went and did a knife only Reunion run with Dual Excella's. We played on Prison and netted a 130k score by using nothing more than two Excella's, Knives, and melee's. Most other chars wouldn't be able to handle it as well. But, Excella's overpowered melee's make it a breeze. Again, this was with nothing but knives. Now 130k isn't any kind of score to brag about in Duo, but, for using nothing but knives and melee's, it's quite impressive in my book.

And lastly to Foxy, her handgun often fires 2-3 bursts rather than a single bullet which negates a melee. Whereas with her AK, firing only a single bullet at a time is reliable and works like a charm. Her AK is also far more powerful and helps when dealing with bosses to setup an effective kill with Disco Spin. Plus it gives you less clutter in your inventory when all you have to worry about is machine gun ammo.

But again, it's all about preference. There's plenty of people who enjoy her handgun. I just feel it's a waste and prefer to stick with the AK.
Posted: Mar 22, 2010 0:29 

Your post is just ridiculous biohazard. You completely missed my point in every which way, and are still arguing Chris vs Leon when my original point had NOTHING to do with other chars beign 'better' than Leon, rather that RE4 Leon is NOT Leon and is someone completely different and bland in comparison to RE2 Leon who WAS a character with actual personality and relatability etc.

You went off the handle ignoring this in favor of "Well he's more entertaining than chris in re5 so yahoo! tee hee hee!"

And every RE char in the series except for possibly Claire has been a one trick pony as far as storyline and personalities go. Where have you been? Does that mean that these chars are unlikable or unbelievable or unrelatable simply because there's no Final Fantasy level of character development in them?

Chris is a moralistic guy who follows his beliefs and fights for those he cares about. He's all about justice. You may find him boring but he definately is someone you can relate to and respect.

Leon is just an arrogant show off who has qualities that are BEYOND the sense of reality. No one in this world is going to stare at some giant mutated monster and make wise cracks at it and show zero fear in it regardless of whether they survived an undead outbreak 6 years prior, meanwhile speaking in a complete monotone voice and showing little to no emotion or care about anyone or anything around him let alone himself.

That kind of character is not someone you can care about or relate to or respect. Leon in RE2 made some smartass comments at times but he was a completely believable character who showed true emotions and personality traits that are very relatable. He has 'character'. RE4 Leon is just a Mary-Sue and nothing more. Not nearly as bad of a Mary-Sue as Alice in the RE movies because that slut is the DEFINTION of Mary-Sue, but, none the less, Leon is a Mary-Sue either way.

And lastly, as far as chris punching boulders as a counter argument to Leon's unbelievable feets.....

Chris has a whole like minute long QTE where he has to do a SHIT load of pushing and hooking and clenching and shoving in order to move that damn boulder in an adrenaline fueled moment to save sheva's life. ONE single thing in the game that while stretching the bounds of believability still can 'fit' into the realms of believability to some degree. This one tiny thing in a game filled with Chris showing fear, concern, surprise, and other NATURAL emotions to everything going on around him and when giant monsters come his way.

Compaired to an entire game littered with scenes of a character laughing in the face of death, doing outrageous things to escape death, and showing absolutely no connection or emotion to anything going on around him at every turn of the game.

Yes, that's really QUITE compairable.

You act as if I tried to make Chris out to be the most well written and depth-filled char in video game history when alls I said was that he's believable and the same guy he always was. They didn't take his character and turn him into Dante from DMC or Bruce from Evil Dead just for the sake of sales.

RE2 Leon would have fit fine and dandy into RE4 and actually made the game that much more enjoyable for it. There was zero reason to turn Leon into a lifeless egotistical narcissist.
Posted: Mar 31, 2010 15:54 

I'd only go to the afterlife premiere solely to go and get anderson and milla's autographs then rip them up in front of them and tell them to eat shit and die.
Posted: Apr 05, 2010 15:56 

There are plenty of fans who didn't care if the movies followed a retelling of the games. There's plenty of us that would have been happy with an "Outbreak" type of movie in which it features all new characters set in the events of RE as sort of a 'side' story.

The problem is, the movies do try to take characters and elements from the games and just absolutely butcher them. And the biggest problem of all is Alice. I've said it so many times now but she is the definition of a Mary Sue.

She's a character that is so perfect, so beloved by everyone, steals EVERY scene, is invincible, has more power than all of the enemies combined, and the entire story of the movies revolves around her and almost no one else. EVERY single other character in the movies is an 'extra', there is no true 'co-stars' to Alice. Every last thing is about Alice and always about Alice. The only exception is the very first RE movie which was the ONLY decent movie in the series.

As I've mentioned, even the badguys love Alice. Spence was in love with Alice in RE1. Whatever his name was in RE2, the main human badguy was infatuated with Alice. Nemesis was in love with alice. In Extinction the Dr. guy wants and needs alice and is infatuated with her.

Every single character she comes in contact with immediately respects her and considers her a worthy foe or ally, or wants to protect her or loves her etc. etc.

Every existing char from the games falls into helpless school girl mode in the movies that Alice has to protect and steal every scene from. Look at Jill in Apocalypse. She cannot do ANYTHING on her own, Alice has to save her ass every step of the way and blatantly steal scenes from her because Jill can't mount a cool action scene on her own.

Alice is so overdone and so forced down your throat that it's unbearable to watch let alone like or care about her.

So please spare me the dribble of "Fans just don't 'get' the movies". There's nothing to get, it's terrible writing by a terrible writer for his slutty girlfriend who wants to be an action star. And THAT is the truth. Go read some actual interviews by milla and paul about the RE movies. He blatantly writes these movies with her in mind and adds in scenes and stunts she herself suggests and wants to do because she wants to be an action star.

So these movies aren't about RE, they're about making milla an action star and absolutely nothing else. So again I say there is nothing to 'get' about these movies. They're just trash.
 Post subject: Versus: The Unofficial FAQ
Posted: Jul 25, 2010 21:47 

A lot of you may know of my previous website which housed a player listing for Versus. Well, I've removed the player listing from my site and replaced it with an in-depth FAQ that details the majority of tactics, tips and even weapon spawn locations on Versus to help out new players, as well as maybe teach a veteran something new they might not have known previously.

Keep in mind the FAQ is a work in progress and I'll be adding to it as time permits. Basic Layout and design will improve over time to. Currently only one and a half stages are done for the Weapon Spawn Locations part of it, but, I'll be adding to that to include every stage eventually.

Things I plan to add in the future but haven't at the moment:

-Specific Character Abilities (Safari Chris' resistance to Flash Grenades, Weskers Dash, etc.)
-Using Enemies to your advantage
-More in-depth character analysis
-Finishing the Weapons Locations Section

This topic is for discussion on additional tactics I may have forgotten to include or am not aware of myself. As well, if anyone wishes to submit screen captures or videos that will help demonstrate the tactics or tips I've mentioned, you can submit them here if you like. And be sure you will be given credit for you contributions.

I believe this is a definate contribution to the Versus Community that will help a lot of players. New players will finally have a resource to help them get better at the game rather than complaining about the tactics, and Veteran players will have something to link to, to help new players out with explaining some of these things.

Only thing I ask is that you not contribute information I've already posted as it's redundant. You may add to something if you feel it's definately important to note, but, if it's barely anything worth noting or doesn't affect or change anything, I'm not going to add it.

Lastly, you're free to use any of this information for your own purposes. I only ask that you provide proper credit for the information and link back to me as a courtesy.

Feel free to discuss and share your own tactics not listed above. Also, if you disagree with me on what's considered 'cheating' and not, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, lets keep the discussion civilized. I layed out very clearly why those are the only two tactics that can be considered 'cheap' or 'cheating' and was very unbiased when labeling things so, please try to be aware of that.

And lastly, once again, if anyone has videos or screencaps or would be willing to 'make' videos or screencaps showing off the different tactics and tips listed to help demonstrate these things on the site for new players, I'd be more than appreciative.

Best Regards to All

Posted: Sep 13, 2010 0:55 

and yet again, ikari shows his lack of a sense of humor

character spoilers in a fighting game? come on, nobody cares about that.

and besides, Big Stu doesn't even post in this thread

Oh give it a rest. Three seperate posters posted it in spoilers. I simply questioned why we were doing that. The day all humor on the internet becomes universal, non-subjective and easily recognizable by every person on the planet with no confusions or misunderstandings............oh wait that will never happen :P So you don't need to be a dick about it :P
 Post subject: Re: Sheva ... really
Posted: Sep 23, 2010 18:07 

^Fully agree with bubbaq.
 Post subject: Re: Sheva ... really
Posted: Oct 05, 2010 19:23 

I agree the plot probably would have been a lot better, never debated that. And I've mentioned myself before how 'stupid' some of Sheva's lines are and especially how she seems to love stating the obvious or repeating something someone JUST finished stating, in the form of a question.

I can't even think off the top of my head because I'm semi-tired at the moment but it was like:

Chris: Wesker!
Sheva: What? This is wesker?
Chris: Jill!
Sheva: What? Are you sure that's her?
Chris: Jill....
Sheva: Jill?
Chris: Wesker!
Sheva: Wesker?
Chris: Umbrella!
Sheva: Umbrella?

Or one of my favorites is:

CHRIS: Where is this facility? Answer me! What is the Uroboros Project!?

IRVING: The, you two are just on top of everything, aren't ya? The
balance of the world is changing and you're completely oblivious to it.

SHEVA: What's changing? What are you talking about!? Is it the Uroboros
Project? Is that it?


EXCELLA: Evolution. It's a philosopher's stone, one that will choose through
DNA who shall proceed to the next stage. My vision and his combined, now made a

SHEVA: Evolution? What are you talking about!?

Stuff like that quite often annoyed me, where she would either repeat something already stated, or just act completely oblivious and ask a question about something that was JUST explained to her. But, all I was stating was that despite stuff like that, Sheva herself doesn't bother me. She's far from the greatest RE char, and definately not someone I would place on my high list for desired returning characters. But, I certainly don't hate or even dislike her. I don't think anything she did despite how underwhelming she may have been outright deserves 'hate'. And if she did show up in a future game for some reason, so long as it was logical for her to do so, I wouldn't really complain or care too much. I wouldn't go YAY! over it, but, i wouldn't really care either.
Posted: Nov 22, 2010 2:21 

Update: I'm told this is a 'today only' deal. Not sure if that's true or not since it was listed as deal of the week. But, just to be safe, get it while you can, don't wait.

Not a joke, the full collection of Age of Empires III is available on Games for Windows Live for 10 cents or 10 msp for the deal of the week instead of it's normal price tag of $39.99. Grab it while you can. Even if you're not that into RTS games, it's 10 cents, you can't go wrong.

Just be wary that the deal apparently went 'so' well that they ran out of activation keys so you may not get one right away and may have to wait until they roll out new ones this week. 3 friends and I all bought this. Two of them got the access keys and it worked fine. My other friend and I haven't gotten our access keys but the staff at GFWL has addressed the problem quite a few people had and ensures that access keys are coming for us shortly.

Official word by the staff on that matter for anyone confused by what I just said:

Due to the overwhelming success of the Age of Empires III sale, we have temporarily run out of keys to unlock the game. You can still buy the game at this amazing price and you will get/see a key in the next week. When new keys are added to the system you will be auto-assigned a key, there is no need to call support or take any other action from your end. We will post here on the forums when the keys are available and the next time you click 'View Game Keys' for the game you should be assigned one. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the game.

Here's the link to buy it:
 Post subject: Re: Sheva ... really
Posted: Nov 23, 2010 4:34 

Chris and Jill being on a mission together is no different than Chris on a mission in Africa with an African BSAA Member to guide him through the local.

They clearly did not make LiN for you. :lol:

What is that even supposed to mean? I've been playing RE since it's debut on the saturn in 1997. If I recall, you didn't even get into it until far more recently, and aren't even that into a lot of the older games that much.

Despite being an 'old' fan, I can still respect the 'new' stuff, and 'new' chars and not hold grudges because "OMEG JILL ISN'T THE PARTNER!". My comment did nothing more than reflect the 'acceptable' and 'realistic' notion of Chris + Jill on a mission = believable and 'fits' just as well as Chris + 'local' BSAA member on a mission together 'fits' and is 'believable'.

No, I was just saying them as two different insults. If someone is a "flamer" it does not make them a douche bag.

And to Knuckels, Agent_Gundlach, and anyone who took offense; I apologize. I was not trying to offend you, but the character of steve. Didn't want to upset you guys.

Sorry to bring it up again, but wanted to apologize folks.

Yes, but the problem is in trying to 'offend' steve by calling him a *I will be banned* basically. What you were saying is quite literally "Steve sucks because he's a douche bag and a *I will be banned*." Obviously, gay and gay friendly people are going to not be too thrilled by such a comment as it is insulting.

No hard feelings meant, I just hope you understand exactly what the problem was. Insulting someone for their sexuality or perceived mannerisms isn't much different than when people insulted and persecuted african americans for their race, or deemed women inferior to men due to their gender.
Posted: Jan 27, 2011 17:44 

Jedah owns. Really wish they woulda added him as a DS rep instead of like Felecia or something, or in addition to the other three at least. He's one of my all-time fav fighting chars.
Posted: Oct 17, 2010 4:19 

Old news, but, KOF2002 UM coming to XBLA Nov. 3rd. - 800 MS points.

Only people really missing from that roster are Chizuru, Saiyshu, Eiji, Orochi and the USA Sports team. (K'9999 as well but Nameless takes care of that). Which, all things considered, isn't really bad at all. Pretty much everyone in KOF up to 2002 is in it otherwise. Music's all redone too supposedly. Definitely looks a lot better than the original 2002 release which i disliked almost entirely for aesthetic reasons. So, looks pretty solid so far.
Posted: Feb 15, 2011 5:04 

STARS Chris confirmed as a DLC costume: ... /127402668
Posted: Mar 10, 2011 18:15 


Thought you guys might get a chuckle out of that. Saw it on a magazine in a supermarket and took a pic of it with my phone for Biohaze.
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