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Posted: Feb 07, 2010 5:26

Two new functions have been added to the Biohaze Community Forums:

1. Reputation System , which consists of giving 'thanks' to a user when their post(s) are helpful. By clicking this button below a members post, you are giving them one reputation point.

Users may use this feature as many times as they wish, although obvious abuse will result in a warning. Users with the most reputation points will be added to a special ranking and receive special privileges.

If you want to receive a PM when someone thanks you, go to User Control Panel > Board preferences > Notify me if someone thanks my post (select 'Yes'). For a complete list of these actions, you can check the ' Reputation ' link in the navigation bar.

2. Facebook integration . You can now login with your Facebook account and link it with Biohaze (optional). To link/unlink your accounts or invite your Facebook friends to Biohaze, go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Facebook settings.

If you are a new user reading this news, you can register simply by clicking "Facebook Connect" at the bottom of the board index without the need of a password. Select your desired username and become part of the Biohaze community in a simplified manner.
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 0:42 

Err.. I actually like that he revived some old threads, mostly cause this is my first time seeing them. But yeah it can be nice for newer users like myself who didnt get to chat the first time around :smile:

The dodge command is probably the reason RE3 is my favorite Resident Evil game. Like Foxy said, it adds a layer of skill to the game, creating a difference between experienced and inexperienced gamers. Looking back at the posts on this thread, I rememebered that I was one of those inexperienced gamers once. They made me remember that when I was younger, the dodge feature was lost on me, I didn't even know you could control it.

I remember the first time I dodged, it was against the Hunter outside of the hospital that tries to stop you from getting away from the explosion. And it wasn't even like a sidestep, it was that full backtuck roll dodge thing, and it was epic.

Nowadays the game is completely different, playing it and dodging Nemesis feels routine, but the timing involved like Yama said keeps it exciting and fresh, you never know if you're gonna mess up and get grabbed, and die. :lol:
Posted: Feb 10, 2010 8:49

Launched today on XBLA is the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Picture Pack #5. Of interest to the Resident Evil community though, is that one of the pictures features our very own Jill Valentine.

Remember, it's Picture Pack #5 you need, you can add it to your download que from this link.
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 6:40 

Stu wrote:
This thread is the very reason we need a negative feedback option.


Posted: Feb 12, 2010 23:29 

Noteworthy bits include that the "Making of" footage is no longer on disc (the JPN PS3 disc of the original dubbed as a BD movie disc as well so that footage was in 1080i). Versus mode is noted to be the same as the one off PSN (thank CVX for the translation)

Other than that, the install seems to be a whopping 6GB. That's nearly 1.2GB more than the original (after the last patch).

Let's see if they upped the quality of the LPCM track or at least have it override the DD one. SFIV is Capcom's only game on PS3 that actually has multiple codec support (DD, DTS), and the higher quality one overrides the lower ones (if your receiver supports it that is).
Posted: Feb 14, 2010 20:59 

Found this pretty interesting post at Capcom Unity:

So I got on my Japanese PSN Account the other day and noticed that they had a Resident Evil 5 theme that the US Store does have. So I Purchased it and I flipped though all the Background images had the character the theme includes are Chris, Sheva, Jill, Excella, Josh Stone, Resident Evil 5 Logo, Ricardo Irving, Wesker, and Ozwell E. Spencer so it got my thinking this could be for the RE5 Alternate Edition in Japan but the weirdest thing was Jill is featured in a costume I have never seen before She's in a blue outfit with blonde hair. Take a look at the photo below and see for your self sorry the image isn't that good I took a photo of my TV.

Why would they release a blonde Jill render with the BSAA uniform? Only time we've ever seen her like that in-game is in the PDA picture (sleeping inside the tube).
Posted: Mar 08, 2010 2:26 

It most certainly didn't. The bosses, the enemies types, pretty much everything was a pain imo with the clunky controls.

I'd probably of liked it better if it had at least kept the RE3 dodge system, but it didn't. How it is now there's literally no way to keep from getting hit half the time, such unfair gameplay I really despise.

That and the story was meh, as well as the environments and having to back track way too much. :/
Posted: Mar 19, 2010 16:02 

He lacks even the simplest of basic emotions and believability in his character. Chris may whine or may be boring to many. But, at least he's human. He shows clear emotions whether you like those emotions or not. He doesn't simply walk around seeing a huge monster pop out followed by him scoffing at it and making a snarky comment. Nor does he face death in the face and simply grin and make another snarky comment. Nor does he walk around pretending to be all badass and awesome and capable of doing anything without the slightest of concerns

So whats better, a boring , somewhat whiny, one track mind character who hasn't changed since the beginning or a snide, cocky, show off who laughs at the dangers he is facing?

You forgot to put that the whiny, boring and one track mind character does behave more or less like a human over the other one and can be more or less relatable

..Not really. He seems to have no changes throughout the game, he remains a static character. When he finds Jill, his one track mind stays a one track mind and shifts suddenly to Wesker for the third act. Chris in no way to myself seems relatable, human, nor any of the above.

That said, Leon isnt exactly human either, but that is why I liked him because of the two, at least he shows some fun in his mannerisms. In fact, I would argue that perhaps the only character that could truly be said to have evolved and developed quite a bit over the series is now dead. Wesker himself, even for the short amount of screen time in Re5 actually did develop as a character, while Sheva and Chris could have been said to have started as static, and remained that way throughout.
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