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Posted: Feb 23, 2010 19:37 

I'm a huge fan of the city setting, the idea of the 100,000 populace succumbing to the virus, then after your flesh felt a lot more intimidating than the island which probably had a population of a few hundred at most. Not to mention Nemesis was a terrifying foe back in those days, the idea he could follow you room to room and even use weapons against you, opened a whole new level of fear within the franchise.

I personally prefer Jill as a character to Claire, so I was a lot happier playing as her (despite her wardrobe malfunctions :lol:). Although it was fun to play as Chris again, and Code Veronica X brought a lot more plot points. I'm sticking with RE3 due to the fact I love the enemies, the settings, the score and the characters.
 Post subject: Re: Brads Note
Posted: Sep 05, 2010 21:50 

LMFAO, wow, very badly written. Such cheese, even for a Resident Evil game.
 Post subject: Re: 3DS Friend Codes
Posted: Apr 01, 2011 18:02 

3995 - 6492 - 8661

I only have Rayman 3D at the moment...Rayman's still cool, right? Of course, I'll be getting Revelations and Mercenaries as they are released. I do have Deadly Silence but I think that game is dead online, never had a chance to play it.
I don't have any games at the moment lol Though I love rayman 2 and still want to pick up the 3ds version though they say it's not all that great cuz they didn't really update it for the system at all.

There are some audio issues with it and its not exactly a direct port. There are some changes, the enemies take less damage and there are less Lums to collect, however you die a lot easier than the Playstation version. The level select screen is also different.

I would definitely get it though, the 3D in the game is fantastic, especially in the whale level and The Marshlands. It's classic platforming at its best.
 Post subject: Re: Resident Evil: Begins
Posted: Apr 02, 2011 17:54

This is the site this was originally posted, check the date.

If the idea of this, along with the date wasn't clear enough, the whole 'game tie-in' is fucking hilarious, I'd rather stick nails in my fingers than play a game with Milla Jovovich's flat, boring, one dimensional character. Bravo to Bloody Disgusting, the website to suck the fun out of April Fools day, I think I counted about seven or eight joke articles in total, one included a port of Outbreak hitting PSN and XBL in HD with up to eight players at once.

Still sceptical? Look at the awful attempts at jokes they featured on the site yesterday:

The most surprising announcement is the possibility of a video game based on Resident Evil: Begins. Supposedly, the game will follow both Jill and Alice before the outbreak. As Jill, you'll be tasked with slowing the spreading of the T-virus and as Alice your goal will be to try to reveal Umbrella and the illegal work they've been doing in the underground Hive facility. Jill and Alice's paths never cross, well, not until the events in Apocalypse, so the game's essentially telling two very different stories.

As long as Milla is fucking the guy in charge of the film franchise, get used to her sucking up all the screen time.
Posted: Apr 19, 2011 13:03 

I really don't see it the way some others see it, Chris has probably has one of the biggest character arcs within Resident Evil. He started from being thrown into an unimaginable situation, to having to rescue his sister at any costs, to bringing down Umbrella, to the Kijuju incident. When he thought Jill died trying to save him, I feel that this was the biggest moment for his characterisation, he then became determined no matter what to protect others (moreso than himself), when Jill is attacking him (cannonically) he doesn't attack her or send her into any kind of critical situation because he still cares for her. Even if you play Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 he has this same trait.

Leon on the other hand, all I can see with him are his blank facial expressions and wisecraking jokes, which I do not see as any form of characterisation, it's more of a generic action hero character trait. Even in Degeneration he had absolutely no emotive response to Claire, only "Try not to get killed." at one point, which, if we're supposed to believe there's any form of sexual tension between them both, failed miserably. Chris has gone through a LOT more than Leon has.

I'm a Jill fanboy, but even I can admit to Chris having more personality than her and most of the other characters, I think Claire is the best developed within the series.
Posted: Sep 19, 2011 16:56 

Mr. Rod wrote:
She meant Jensen lol Look at her other tweets. :wink:

That was the joke LMAO. :wink:

I've seen her other tweets and I mourned for the English language.
 Post subject: Re: Weird dreams!
Posted: Jan 09, 2012 2:13 

I dream about a guy in a dirty red and green striped sweater. He's got burns all over his body and this weird glove with knives on his right hand.

Probably nothing to worry about, goodnight everyone!
 Post subject: Re: Member Photo Album
Posted: Jan 14, 2012 18:41 

Posted: Jan 19, 2012 17:18 

Mr. Rod wrote:
If Jill is in RE6... how do you think they'll screw up her face?

Posted: Jan 19, 2012 17:21 

Darkmoon wrote:
JokerJo wrote:
Mr. Rod wrote:
If Jill is in RE6... how do you think they'll screw up her face?


I'm voting ears like a toby jug!

"Hard to believe that was eight years ago. I guess I am getting older."

Posted: Jan 19, 2012 22:57 

DavidKing wrote:
JokerJo wrote:

Milla's reaction of Capcom shitting all over the Retribution trailer with this:

Lol. Where is that from?
Posted: Jan 19, 2012 22:49 


Milla's reaction of Capcom shitting all over the Retribution trailer with this:

Posted: Jan 23, 2012 14:49 

Blame Capcom for implementing boob and ass physics, not me. I found the suit she wore in RE5 a parody of sexualised females within Hollywood, much like Chris' physique, I mean did you see the pose they gave him with the 'Warrior' figurine? You can bring as much attraction as you want to the table, but if they don't have a personality, then it means nothing, look what happened to Lara Croft.

Jill has been my favourite game character as long as I can remember, her evolution over the course of the Resident Evil series has been one of the most interesting in my opinion. Ever since the events of the very first Resident Evil game, where she was very cautious and scared, Jill has become somewhat a protector of those who need her skills and experience. She stayed behind when the Raccoon City viral outbreak was beginning to emerge in order to help any civilians caught up in the chaos. Fast forward to the most recent title, she sacrificed her own life (supposedly) to stop her best friend from being killed. When it's revealed that she barely survived but has been used as a test subject, you can see the three years of torture in her facial expressions, body language and voice. She is the kind of character who sets her sights on a goal, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Most people would cut and run at the first sign of danger, Jill stays behind to help even if it costs her dearly.

That's just going into her personality, she has arguably undergone the most trauma of anyone in the series in the past fifteen years, if Capcom ever wanted to introduce some psychological horror aspects into the game, they could easily with her character. The fact that she dedicated her life to stopping these outbreaks and essentially caused one herself (albeit, she had no freewill) shows a lot of room for more characterisation.

Just because she isn't in the game (thus far) isn't going to stop me from buying it. Chris is also one of my favourite characters in the series and I'm interested in what they've done to Leon, it looks like a vast improvement over RE4 where he just annoyed me.

Agreed with Eoweniel. Hard to try and argue Jill's importance and all with bouncing Jill boobs in your sig. It kinda makes it pretty obvious why you're gung-ho about Jill.

You mean like how you have a bara version of Chris, which I can only assume is twisting his nipple in your avatar?
Posted: Jan 23, 2012 14:56 

How was I bypassing it?

Jill signature = attraction?

I am not attracted to females. I like her for her characteristics. It's really as simple as that.
Posted: Jan 27, 2012 19:34 

She stole T- Abyss, shot Parker and tried destroy Queen Zenobia along with Chris, Jill and Parker on board. Also it is unclear for who she was actually working for. It is most probably "the organization".

Although during the epilogues, Parker is found alive. Despite he pretty much fell into an inferno.

Also, one of the epilogues states:

"As for Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield...they have no idea of the horrific fate that awaits them."

For self speculation, I'd like to think this might be referring to Resident Evil 6, although it does show a shot of Lost In Nightmares, this game does make a strong point in establishing possible and probable plot points for Resident Evil 6.
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 12:22 


Posted: Feb 17, 2012 10:48 

I'm more concerned about the AI in general. Kinda tired of having 12 majini standing around staring at me while one takes a swing with a pipe or tries to grab me while the rest just huddle and watch. Or lickers who like to simply choke you with their tongue and not much more. All it ends up being is more annoying than anything else because you don't fear dying, you simply get frustrated because you're stuck in a grab and unable to do anything for a bit constantly. Its more like the game randomly shutting your controller off to heed your progress while enemies standby and wait, than any actual threat.

Part of the "challenge" the enemies provide, especially on the online modes. :wink:
 Post subject: PSN Themes
Posted: Dec 09, 2011 23:15 

Has anyone managed to rip full sized background images of the RE5 PSN themes? The one's with the character names and a render to beside it?

I'm dying to get a quality version of this render:
Posted: Mar 20, 2012 0:26 

So I hear that Jill isn't even going to be in the main campaign. That was really the final nail in the coffin for me after all the trash I've seen thus far. This will be the first Resident Evil 'title' and I use that term loosely, I won't be buying in its entire 15 years.

What made you think she would be in the first place?

It seems like ever since they revealed the SPEC OPS campaign and mentioned "Witness Jill's first meeting with Nemesis", a lot of people seemed to think that meant you get to play as Jill. When it was very obvious that all it was was getting to 'see' that meeting just the same as you 'see' leon and claire's entry into town in the U.S.S. campaign etc.

I've seen so many people talking about Jill DLC since that announcement and then getting angry when they find out it's only a cutscene. I just don't get it.

I've known from the start a year ago when this was first announced that the campaign would be U.S.S. and later on they mentioned a SPEC OPS campaign. I knew I wouldn't be playign as ANY RE classic chars in the story mode. We all just hoped for RE char skins for the multiplayer and we got them with Heroes Mode.

So again, I'm not sure why this was the 'final nail' for you. Because it's been known for months now what was going to be in the game and what it would entail.

And if you're talking about 'seeing' Jill in general, you will in the SPEC OPS campaign that's free DLC next month mentioned in the original post of this topic. Jill is in the game in cut scenes and as a playable char in Heroes Mode. So not really sure what your gripe is on that regard.

I didn't think she'd be playable apart from Heroes mode, but from what some of the trailers put across, we would see her in action around Raccoon City, the heroes trailer just depicts the DLC cutscene of her running from Nemesis.

Where did I mention in that post that I thought she was playable within the campaign mode? I didn't.

The entire game is based around the premise of experiencing the events of RE2 and RE3 all over again from a different perspective, but all they have is a Nemesis battle and the STAGLA gas station. That is not experiencing RE3, that is a reference.

It doesn't matter if it's DLC, that's not in the finished product. It's not part of the complete package, they've completely wiped out a huge chunk of Raccoon City narrative (to presumably focus on riding Leon's dick) to package later on. It's not in the processed product. It can add to the experience, yes, but it's still not in the main campaign until you download it.

The final nail in regards to the fact this is a blatant rushed cash entry to capitalise on RE5's popular co-op mechanic, they just tried to bait the old fans with the setting of Raccoon City and two of the most iconic games within the series. Seeing a character in a cutscene isn't 'rewriting' the Resident Evil history as they advertised, it's a cameo. Nothing more.

I read your review and my judgement was right. This is an awful game. No amount of multiplayer appeal will ever make me choose it over the single player experience because you are royally fucked when those servers shut down.
 Post subject: Re: Member Photo Album
Posted: Jun 20, 2012 16:52 

Preaching to the choir sister.

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