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Posted: Apr 17, 2011 15:07 

So did I. But they revived it, because they thrive on what little drama this can dredge up in communities like this one. I honestly don't think Yama, DaMa and Dot50Cal even know each other that well to want to start pointless "site wars" between RE boards or whatever Beasley calls it.

At dread guy: I did not pattern myself after Beasley. Rather, he copied me. We spoke to each other a few years ago when the "comparisons" between us began. I joined his forums shortly there after and found it was a good place to chill out. They're not dumb people all of the time, you know...
:lol: What is this? If you really wanted this to stop you'd have avoided mentioning it, that simple. :lol:

Anyway, guess it's time for a new computer. Currently running in safe mode, the only way it could boot. :neutral:
Posted: Jul 13, 2011 19:07 

Like I said. He's trolling. Best not to bait him although frankly his and bastardcat_comics' responses do not set a good example for the biohaze forum. If you don't wish to contribute any questions for a particular actor then that's fine. But in a topic asking to be respectful such remarks paint a bad image for the community and especially for future interviews down the road.
These two users represent the whole community now? I guess your fairly recent incorporation to Biohaze shows. :wink:

Also, message for everyone: this topic is for questions to Richard Waugh only, off-topic posts from now on will be deleted. Continue with them and a 1-week ban awaits you, it's on the house!
 Post subject: Re: I'm back!
Posted: Jul 14, 2011 3:33 

He made a mistake. Thankfully for him, Dick was on vacation and he wasn't treated as harshly as Bob...
Posted: Jul 24, 2011 17:56 

Sony's first party publishing has been better than ever this generation, it's actually quite surprising. I'm happy to see them that low on the list.
Nope, they will never top Crash Team Racing and Crash Warped.
Great games, sure, but there wasn't much variety back then at all. On the contrary, there is quite a bit now. All I'm going to say is Heavy Rain, because there is nothing better this generation.
Posted: Jul 31, 2011 1:01 

Brief History of Umbrella Corporation

⋅ Spring 1968: Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford and James Marcus establish " Umbrella Pharmaceutical ".

⋅ Unknown Dates: Two more companies named " Umbrella Medical Equipment " and " Umbrella Industries " are established. The companies form a konzern; a conglomerate named the " Umbrella Corporation ".

⋅ 1984: Umbrella Japan Co., Ltd is established.

⋅ May~October 1998: The biohazard caused in the Arklay Laboratory leads to a string of events which seal the corporation's fate.

⋅ 1999: Many lawsuits are filed against Umbrella. The U.S. Government issues an indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella U.S.A.

⋅ February 1999: Umbrella U.S.A. stocks crash and the company goes bankrupt, no longer operating in America. Business begins to stall for the rest of the company and sales steadily decline.

⋅ September 18~23, 2002: Umbrella lose many valuable samples and customers due to the bioterror incident on the Spencer Rain. The secret auction planned by Ozwell E. Spencer to procure funds for the revival of the corporation fail.

⋅ February 18, 2003: The T-A.L.O.S. Interdiction Operation takes place. Both T-A.L.O.S. and Sergei Vladimir are destroyed, and the U.M.F.-013 is stolen by Albert Wesker.

⋅ 2003: Albert Wesker turns in data from the U.M.F.-013 as evidence against Umbrella to the Supreme Court. The corporation loses all of its cases.

⋅ 2003, 4th of unknown month: Umbrella Headquarters announces that it is close to being placed in receivership.

⋅ 2003, unknown date: A business suspension order is issued to dismantle the Umbrella Corporation. Some of Umbrella's dummy companies and branches outside the U.S. continue acting secretly.

⋅ March 10, 2004: The Umbrella board of directors decide the dissolution of Umbrella.

⋅ March 14, 2004: The "Announcement of Company Dissolution" is posted, and the Umbrella Corporation ceases to exist.

I'm hoping this topic will help flesh out the infamous corporation even more. There's still quite a lot we don't know. I'm in the process of making a major revision to the article on Project Umbrella so this will help a great deal. I have no real idea how accurate the brief history above is, there's still some confusion even with Umbrella's downfall (there are two business suspension orders at two different times) and the exact date the company went bust is also iffy (implied to be 2003 most places, but Umbrella Japan went out "congruent to" the corporation in March 2004). I'd like for it to be discussed in detail here.

Secondly, I believe that Umbrella was originally established in Germany or at least held significant presence there. The Umbrella Corporation itself is a "konzern", which is a German business type. The Ashford family was originally the Krueger family, German aristocrats. Now they are English aristocrats (Ashford is an English name, Alfred was educated in England, they all have quite noticeable English accents in their portrayals). In a CV ad which has a few minor background details from the scenario draft, Alexia was the head of the Umbrella Germany Laboratory when she was nine before becoming head of the South Pole Base a year later.

Spencer is an English surname, but it has French origins. The Spencer family could be either/or. I believe he was referred to as a "count" in the earliest scenario for BH4? If so, that would make him French. The English equivalent to a count is an "earl". Spencer being French would also explain the heavy emphasis on France throughout the series.

Finally, I would really love to actually figure out how Umbrella was structured. It was a konzern, so it was a conglomerate made up of several smaller companies. However, what were these companies? We can be sure that Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Umbrella Medical Equipment and Umbrella Industries were among them, but what about Umbrella Japan, Umbrella Europe and Umbrella U.S.A.? Was Umbrella Japan a subsidiary or an independent company? Were Umbrella Europe and Umbrella U.S.A. independent companies or were they just branches? If they were just branches, what company in the konzern were they branches of? Etc. I'd like to figure this all out.

Here are the relevant excerpts, more will eventually be added as the topic progresses and there is a bigger need (and hopefully, more sources discovered): - BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Advertisement (text appears to be from original scenario draft albeit translated, the inclusion of minor background details resembles the bits of info in Noboru Sugimura's GUN SURVIVOR 4 BIOHAZARD HEROES NEVER DIE scenario draft which is publicly available)

A huge conglomerate made up of several smaller companies from different fields with a unified vision to monopolize. - Baker FAX correspondence (UMBRELLA) - Copy ~ UMBRELLA site

Pharmaceutical Company Umbrella and its Domestic Corporation Dissolve

The global pharmaceutical company "Umbrella" and its Japanese corporation "Umbrella Japan (Co., Ltd.)" (head office: Tokyo) issued a bankruptcy notice. The dissolution of the company was announced and the liquidation process has begun.

The Japanese corporation of Umbrella was established in 1984. Back when it was founded, it only imported and distributed drugs that were developed in the USA, but in 1987, it initiated the construction of the "Umbrella Laboratory Japan". The company's strong points were the utilization of biotechnology, original research and advancing the development of products.

However, its stock prices dropped beginning with the "Raccoon City tragedy" caused by Umbrella.
The damage done by rumors only added in recent years and the revenue kept getting lower.
There was a multitude of lawsuits concerning the Raccoon City tragedy and the Umbrella head office went bankrupt because it lost all of these cases in the end.
The Japanese corporation of the company was looking for an alienation target, but made the hard decision to dissolve as no domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies or enterprises pursuing a different business showed interest.

Excerpt from a morning paper on March 15, 2004

Umbrella Corporation

The origin of all the evil in the BIOHAZARD series. On the surface, Umbrella is a well-known giant international pharmaceutical enterprise with the motto of "Protecting the health of the people" and hot-selling products worldwide. Their main industry is pharmaceuticals and the company also developed new medical equipment, and through these achievements Umbrella gained great reputation from the public. But behind the scenes, Umbrella was actually using the Progenitor Virus discovered and researched by its 3 founders to develop B.O.W. for military application. The U.S. government was their first customer, and afterwards more and more people and organizations started to show their interest. Meanwhile, in order to deal with unstable B.O.W., a plan of developing and selling Anti-B.O.W. weapons was made and carried out soon after. While talking about the insanity of Ozwell E Spencer - one of the founders of Umbrella Corporation, the U.S. government and other B.O.W. buyers must take their responsibilities. After the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, lawsuits were filed and Umbrella was charged to take responsibility for the Raccoon incident and business stalled. Then in 2003, a business suspension order was issued to dismantle and all of Umbrella's business was shut down, and the company eventually collapsed. However, during this time, some of Umbrella's dummy companies and their branches outside the U.S. continued acting secretly. One example is, during the time of "Operation Javier", most of the B.O.W. released by Javier were purchased from them.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 18:28 

^Only problem with those purchases is that RE4 HD is coming out next month and Silent Hill HD Collection (2 and 3) are coming out soon as well. So if you never owned either one and wanted to get a copy, shoulda just held out for those two. But, oh well. I'm sure as a gamer that Spencer was completely oblivious to this news!

But hey, don't let that get in the way of a nice bit of condescending drivel eh?
Posted: Aug 20, 2011 19:16 


Which was your first idea with Revelations? Did you have it when you first got to know the 3DS?

Not only the 3DS interested me because it had 3D, also because you can display high quality graphics. With this hardware, the terror of Resident Evil can be fully explored. That's how we decided to create this survival horror game with the "Revelations" name.

Survival and puzzles are the main focus again, will you keep this formula for future Resident Evil titles?

The concept behind Revelations is survival horror. This time, we wanted to focus in horror rather than action. The high quality of the graphics, sound and immersion from 3D fit perfectly with the horror vibe we were looking for.

How is the development turning out?

We just finished all the graphical production. What's left now is implementing all the remaining resources until we give it the final touches. This is the key that defines the quality of the game.

Are you satisfied with the technical potential of the handheld?

For graphics, like in The Mercenaries 3D, we used our MT Framework Mobile engine, and as you can see, the hardware has a great potential for a handheld. The audio options are solid too, and that is a basic element to translate the feeling of horror to gamers.

How have you used the 3D function?

The most imporant aspect for us is how much immersion we can create, so players can feel the atmosphere as if it were real. In this case, the 3D vision and the horror feel complement each other perfectly.


As most of you already know, the new storyline takes place in 2005 and tells how the BSAA was formed, after the events in Resident Evil 4 and before Resident Evil 5.

Keeping the over-the-shoulder view, the progress of the game will alternate between the original protagonists of the first game. We will be able to control Jill Valentine, who will be joined by Parker Luciani, another BSAA member.

Both agents will start their mission in a seemingly abandoned luxury cruiser in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, searching for two other BSAA members, whose last GPS signal pointed to the cruiser. The other two BSAA members are Chris Redfield - one of the main characters in the original game -, who we also get to play with, and his partner Jessica Sherawat. Both are lost in a mountain range in eastern Europe, without communication and isolated by snow and thick fog.

Suddenly, there's a big explosion a few meters from where they are. A plane just crashed nearby and they decide to search the zone for survivors but they only find a frozen soldier. This is time to use the Genesis scanner, a tool that will let us find objects to upgrade our weapons.

We first find a flight plan inside the soldier's clothings which will guide us to the Valkoinen Mokki airport (Finland), at the top of the mountain. There lies an airstrip used by Veltro, a terrorist organization that will take Umbrella's place in the creation of horrific biological experiments.


As part of all these new "pets" in the game, a pack of infected wolves with exposed rib cage is awaiting us inside a frozen cave.

We have no option but to lobotomize them with Chris' M3 shotgun, but we also can use a rifle, a M92F pistol, knife and timed grenades.

As in the originals, ammo is very scarce, but Jessica is there to give us a hand firing a few shells once in a while. Though, it seems she's more interested in gossiping about Chris' life than protecting us.

Every few minutes she asks us about Jill in a somewhat jealous tone through in-game dialogues that share important details between their relationship though the years.

Either way, it's not all about snow. Large exterior locations have their counterpart inside the ship, which are much more claustrophobic and maze-like, somewhat resembling the mansion from the first game or the train from Resident Evil Zero. Jill will encounter all kind of horrific creatures which are unknown up to this point, including those deformed and viscous beings that resemble the Regeneradores from Resident Evil 4. They come from everywhere: vents, closets, shelves and even from the ceiling, reviving the type of scares from the original game.

But the big novelty in Revelations is that you are not safe even underwater, for the first time we will be able to dive and encounter zones plagued with infected sharks, piranhas and more.

Facing such variety of situations, you can imagine the effort that Capcom is doing to offer a suitable control setup for every type of player and, at the same time, make the most of the 3DS' functions. The first type is the gyroscope, which in theory, will serve to point and move the camera, although it remains to be seen whether this will remain in the final version.

The control setup is almost idectial to Mercenaries 3D, in other words, we can move with the stick while we shoot, but to aim with more precision you'll have the option to enable the first person perspective. The touch screen will display a larger-than-usual invertory and a radar resembling those in the Metal Gear series.


Gameplay style isn't the only element resembling the console games, the technical quality has also left us drooling. The main characters move naturally and show a lot of details in their models such as Chris' biceps, the pieces of snow falling from the sky and Jessica's hair.

Even the steam expelled from their mouths when talking makes us feel the cold in a very believable way. We can see very well worked textures, especially those inside the ship and luxury saloons. The only part yet to polish is the poligonal count in some of the enemies (a bit square-ish when they are too close) and the 3D depth that is less apparent than in other titles, though the Genesis scanner shows a very interesting overlay effect.

Another quality aspect is the scenery atmosphere which combines realistic illumination with the recreation of natural elements like fire, smoke and water. Texture quality here is top notch, especially in the furniture, wall decorations and rocky caves.

But let's not get fooled by all this eye-candy. Even though we stare at every inch of the map looking for puzzles, danger is around every corner, just like in the old times.

Forget about mindless shooting, action without a moment of breath and enemies spawning unlimited times. Next year, Resident Evil returns to its deepest roots, and will be accompanied by this old friend called FEAR.

Translated by yours truly.
Posted: Sep 18, 2011 21:42 

Playing some Team Fortress 2 now.
Posted: Nov 10, 2011 15:43 

Wish she played like MvC2 Jill instead though.
Posted: Nov 13, 2011 17:33 

Mass Effect 2.
 Post subject: Re: Korean language
Posted: Dec 19, 2011 14:33 

Because America is the most powerful country in the world, Britain pretty isn't even a sovereign country anymore and England doesn't even have devolution so they're also effectively a non-country. Plus for the past 70 years all they have done is attatch themselves to America like a remora to a shark. When people think of the English language, they don't think of some little tiny island monarchy, they think of America, the Hegemony of the Free World. Not to mention the majority of the members here aren't British, they're American. Compare these two:
America: 312,799,000 people / 3,794,101 sq mi
England: 51,446,000 people / 50,346 sq mi

Also lol @ "Britain created the language" XD, good one.

Anglo-Saxon settlers brought Old English to England. It evolved in England and became Middle English, and then later Early Modern English/Elizabethan English and finally Modern English following the Great Vowel Shift in the south of England in the 15th century. Ergo, what we now refer to as the "English language" arose exclusively from England. Americans speak it because of English colonization of America. Furthermore, most Caucasian Americans are actually of German descent. And if they're not German, they're of British descent (all of the founding fathers were British also).

Additionally, Britain is a sovereign unitary state. England does not require devolution as it is the central country in the state, while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have a degree of autonomous devolved power. Britain is also not a monarchy, the "Royal Family" has very little actual power and is almost exclusively decorative in this day and age.

In conclusion, shut the fuck up.
 Post subject: Re: Why the lock?
Posted: Dec 20, 2011 10:49 

Judging by your responses in this thread, and the North Korean language thread, i've figured out why the thread was locked Ununoctium.

You're just a bit of a nob.

Lock upheld.
 Post subject: Re: New BSAA Website Opens
Posted: Jan 07, 2012 2:07 

Use Source: ( Name Here(/url) to post the Source or any URL for that matter instead of just linking a long link. Just replace the ( & )'s with [ & ]'s. It should end up looking like this:

Source: Capcom-Unity

If you need help with using BBCode just PM me.
Posted: Jan 08, 2012 15:34 

I watched The Thing 2011 and The Thing 1982 and then played the videgame for the ultimate 'Thingathon'.

My favourite horror movie/series ever.
Posted: Jan 25, 2012 19:22 

We recently got the chance to have an extensive interview with Masami Ueda, chief composer of the BIOHAZARD series between 1996-2005. ... t-Umbrella
Posted: Feb 01, 2012 19:41 

This game continues to look more and more amazing, i'm blown away by every trailer.

There's no way this game can fail, i have huge expectations of it raising the bar for all third person shooters that are released in the future.

Against all odds, Slant Six really look to have reinvented the wheel with this one.

And don't get me started on the story, can't wait to digest it all over again!!
Posted: Feb 03, 2012 14:21 

Today I managed to secure an interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura, the scenario writer of BH3. We will present our questions in 1-2 days. Here is his videogame portfolio:

Dino Crisis 1&3 (Movie and Event Part Scenario)
RESIDENT EVIL 3 (Planning, Scenario, File Text, All Worldview)
RESIDENT EVIL 4 (Part Planning)
Devil May Cry (Part Planning)
Clock Tower 3 (Movie Part Motion Capture Assistant Director)
Meiwaku seijin Panicmaker (Planning, Scenario, File text, All Worldview)
Blade Dancer PSP (Quest Scenario)

Questions will mostly be focused on BH3, with one or two about his involvement with BH4 (presumably the scrapped versions) and Degeneration.
Posted: Feb 07, 2012 1:20 

Dear lord, Los Jilluminados will be out in full force lobbying (and bitching) about how she should be in this game because Chris is in it or how she doesn't get enough attention. :lol:
Posted: Feb 12, 2012 12:17 

What a stupid puzzle. Can't do it. Keep getting locked out. If its totally random why do you only get three attempts?

Anyone got a spare code?
Posted: Feb 15, 2012 4:53 

T-virus milkshake was mentioned on the live stream by the host, something about a free bar and milkshakes being given out. No idea what was in them, to be fair the milkshake interests me more than the game at this point. Someone mentioned 'vanilla', however.

I drink your milkshake, Mr. Spencer. I drink it up.
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