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 Post subject: Re: Silent Hill Downpour
Posted: Mar 16, 2012 18:29 

There's modern mechanics you can utilize if you desire, but this isn't part of that action romp third person shooter category. You don't have people (or the game) holding your hand on this adventure. You have to piece things out for yourself.

I've been waiting for a survival horror game that challenged me in every area aside from action, and gave me genuine fear in the process. And from my experience the more action integrated in Resident Evil the less it tends to scare. RE6 seems to step up that action, and since its found a target audience of attracting CoD gamers I don't expect this game to take steps back anytime soon.

Resident Evil Revelations was a game trying to return to its roots, and as far as the new games are concerned it did the best job of playing like a traditional survival horror game. My complaints with that one fell on the idea that this game seemed tailor made to be a co-op title with the amount of time you interact with characters. It may be a single player game, but with partner characters like Parker, Jessica and Quint following you and mocking the environment or its creatures it really brings the scare level down. In a game like the RE remake the characters were new to their threat and took the situation more seriously. Most of the time you were by yourself solving your way through the challenges with little interaction from the supporting cast.

In Downpour it's just you. You'll run into people. Some can be helpful, but for the most part they are vague and leave you with figuring the rest out on your own. Or they want you to put yourself on the line to get something in return. Even with an objective to continue the story forward, this game is chalked with a lot of side quests that can benefit you if you wish to peruse them.
 Post subject: Silent Hill Downpour
Posted: Mar 16, 2012 17:07 

I can say at long last that we FINALLY have a true survival horror game in our midst that not only proves to be one of the best horror games in recent years, but also one of the best Silent Hill has to offer. Given the track record of the games made after Silent Hill 3 I have to say that I was weary about this game right off the bat when it was first announced. Yet another team was handling it. Akira Yamaoka was stepping down from doing the music. There were delays. It's natural to think this could have been the worst game.

Not by a long shot.

Daniel Licht proves to be a worthy successor to Akira Yamaoka. His score sets the mood, brings a fresh perspective and has tidbits that pay tribute to Akira and vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The exploration is so grand that I found myself getting lost even with the help of a map. For a small town this game creates a wide open environment to travel through.

The plot is your typical Silent Hill fare. Not of looking for a missing daughter/wife but rather of troubled souls venturing through the town and facing their own demons. This time we have a convict who on a prison transfer manages to escape when the bus crashes and he makes his way into the town. Through this journey you uncover more about what kind of man he is, and some of your decisions will help determine his fate in one of many different endings. You do not need to have played any Silent Hill game to understand this one although there's references to the previous games that Silent Hill fans will note off the bat. Could be a music choice, a painting, a room, or even a cameo appearance from a character. Doesn't effect the plot, but pays tribute to the games before it.

There's a lot of side quests to be had. Each involving more time and exploration out of the game. Some of them can enhance the plot while others are merely there to give you a new perspective on the city or reward you with health and ammo for solving them.

There's a good range of monsters. Some of which you can not make out too which adds to the fear of not knowing exactly what you're running away from or fighting.

The biggest thing horror games have lacked over the years has been challenging puzzles. I'm happy to say that Downpour excels in this category. You have game difficulty and puzzle difficulty just like the good ol' days. And these puzzles have required me to venture into other locations to find a hint of some kind or refer back to the notes I've found. Checking the game stats I've spent a fare share of time in the journal section reading all the pieces of information that I find which are plot and puzzle related. A modern horror game that has my brain working is refreshing.

Combat is not the strongest point, and that's not bad for this game. They stripped some of the mechanics of the more action heavy 'Homecoming' and made it so that you have to run and evade more than confront. You have the choice to use one melee weapon and a handgun or two fire arms. Melee weapons are varied and scattered everywhere. They range from objects such as a brick to a rake to an axe. Ammo for guns is also scarce. You can block enemy attacks if timed right, but chances are you'll still take some damage so you're best best is run as often as possible.

Med packs are needed to replenish health. There's no health bar on the screen, but the game implements damage done to your character (that transitions over to cutscenes) which help you conclude the state of his condition. The more bloody and torn up he looks as he staggers through the game the less health he has. If you need a definite answer go to game stats and see a health percentage there.

The game also takes the best part about Shattered Memories and incorporates chase sequences through the Otherworld during times when fighting isn't even an option. At this point it's running for your life toppling things behind you to slow your pursuer down. It's very tense and heightens your quick reflexes without adding any kind of action.

The water effects are also really neat. Rain plays a heavy focus in the atmosphere. The more it rains, the more aggressive enemies become. For such a big game the weather is randomized so you never know when it'll rain for sure. If it does it is recommended to take shelter in one of the many buildings you can explore just to wait for the weather to get better. Good weather doesn't mean no monsters unlike Shattered Memories. It just means you'll encounter fewer.

This game was designed for old school fans of the survival horror genre. There are certain mechanics that can help casual gamers out, and the good news is that these are optional. You can turn "item shine" on and off. You can turn button prompts on and off (ie. Press "X" to open a door). There's also a save checkpoint system so even if you die (and you will) you can always return to the last checkpoint. With easy difficulty in puzzles and the core game then this could be a real treat for casuals adjusting.

With all that said I should talk about the bad parts which unfortunately are technical. There's frame rate drops and screen tearing. The delays should have been enough to fix bugs and such, but as you progress from area to area it is jarring to see the game slow down as you run through. The graphics are a mixed bag since the water effects are cool, but everything else looks outdated.

Now I've read the mixed reviews for this game. I have to say that the technical complaints I agree with. If not for those then this game would be near perfect. That said, this isn't a survival horror game that holds your hand all the way through. It requires you to think, use your instincts, be patient and have good reflexes when they're needed. If that's too difficult for you then stop right now. Otherwise this game is a must have for any fan of survival horror games. Not just Silent Hill, but Resident Evil, Clock Tower, Siren, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, etc.

Vatra proved themselves as worthy developers to carry on the Silent Hill name, and this game should be a challenge for other developers to see if they can make a survival horror game scarier and more effective than this one.

Play it.
 Post subject: Re: RE 6 VA's
Posted: Apr 12, 2012 2:41 

Lots of reasons factor into whether an actor returns or not. Most of the voice over community is constantly keeping work, and actually enjoy getting call backs for returning roles. However most of the time auditions are made in advance for characters who have been voiced by other actors.

The way the original RE was cast and recorded is not the same as how RE6 is handled for instance. The original work for the first game was done in Japan.

I can say that RE2-CVX relied heavily on talent over in Canada. Capcom had actors who worked on Marvel vs. Capcom audition for RE2 which at the time didn't have a working title. Alyson Court had no idea she was even recording for a sequel.

When it came to the Resident Evil remake they localized in L.A.

Then with RE Zero they went back to the Canadian talent. This is why Richard Waugh returned as Wesker in Zero, but not the remake. In Canada he was listed for the role so he got the call back.

When it came time for RE4 they had a cast lined up in L.A. and the game went though different iterations before they settled on the final version we have today. Kris Zimmerman was originally attached to direct the voices for RE4 and wanted Paul Mercier to play the role of Leon. But she left the project and the replacement VO director kept Mercier on board despite the new direction the game was going. With returning characters like Wesker and Ada they used Richard Waugh and Sally Cahill in Canada as opposed to recasting in L.A. They pulled their resources in for recording in both territories.

With Umbrella Chronicles the localization was strictly L.A. based. The voice for Wesker in the RE remake (Peter Jessop) was asked to come back to the role but he had other projects lined up and couldn't do the voice. So in that same agency they auditioned for other voices and just happened to have D.C. Douglas read for Wesker. He was already set to record minor roles in Umbrella Chronicles, but when he auditioned for Wesker they decided on him. He has since played the role. They recast Ada because the game was localized. However when Darkside Chronicles was being made they decided to pull their resources together and use Alyson Court and Sally Cahill to play Claire and Ada in that game. This marks another occasion where a actor that was recast returns to the role. But this doesn't always guarantee anything. ORC used Alyson Court for Claire, but replaced Sally Cahill with Courtenay Taylor when it came to Ada Wong. And that's who I suspect to be Ada in RE6.

Roger Craig Smith didn't voice Chris in Umbrella Chronicles. The only people that carried over from UC were P.J. Lee (Jill), D.C. Douglas (Wesker) and later Stephanie Sheh (Rebecca). And P.J. Lee had voiced and did the mocap for Jill in RE5 as well as performed for Mercenaries 3D. For some reason or another she didn't return to Revelations despite doing Jill's voice for the teaser and demo that came with Mercs 3D. Michelle Ruff auditioned and got the role of Jill for Revelation and ORC thus far. Her and Roger Craig Smith also did original characters from the RE: Degeneration CGI film.

What is true is that during auditions a lot of the VO directors like Stephanie Sheh and Liam O' Brien will cast themselves in roles and look to people they've worked with in the past. Look through most of the games they've done and you'll see that the agencies they belong in pull these actors to a lot of products in L.A. Going to my Wesker examples both Peter Jessop and D.C. Douglas play prominent characters in the Mass Effect game series.

Personally I have my favorites when it comes to which actor's voice I enjoy for which character. Especially in RE. But at this point I'm used to the idea that every actor working in this franchise is replaceable...... Except Alyson Court. I think she's either really lucky or her prior work with Capcom outside of voice acting might give her special treatment over the rest.
Posted: Sep 21, 2012 8:46 

Knuckles wrote:

-Barry being asian and being a try-hard badass.

Posted: Oct 02, 2012 5:23 


Posted: Oct 04, 2012 9:58 

Had an unforgivable cruel chase sequence followed by QTEs with the last chapters. Died so many times....

I think Jake and Piers should stop their pettiness. Street cred is a big thing for them. And I'm sure Jake and Piers are from the streets. Sherry and Chris gotta keep em from shooting a brother up.
Posted: Oct 07, 2012 3:18 

You see? It's personal with you. Battle suit Jill avatar is fitting because you got to be brainwashed if you're against Chris.

Jake had his chance to shoot him. Already wasted a bullet. Instead what did he do? Pussy out (LIKE A BOSS).

And unless this board was for the undeniable praise of RE6 I think I'm free to post my impressions (both good and bad) as I see fit. It's your choice if you want to read them.
Posted: Oct 05, 2012 19:46 

Saw this on Facebook and it made me question who the real zombies are in Resident Evil....
 Post subject: Re: Ada's Scenario
Posted: Oct 06, 2012 9:13 

Carla says that Wesker is a colossal imbecile and a fool who tried to destroy the world. Pretty big talk coming from a wannabe Ada clone that threatens world chaos for no other reason than revenge. She's by far the most out of touch character in the series thus proving once and for all that two Wongs don't make a right.
Posted: Oct 16, 2012 0:15 

You never see the perspective of the innocent lives he has directly and indirectly taken.

RE2: I'm a hit and run victim. Probably passed out. A cop comes along and stops to stare at me. Doesn't call for help or anything. Next thing you know I come to and find infected are swarming the streets. With enough courage I muster what strength I have left and reach out to grab the cop's attention so he can protect me. Instead he shoots me point blank.

RE4: I'm preparing a fire and setting up Halloween decorations for the fall. I keep to myself most of the time. A man comes walking into my house uninvited. He speaks a language I'm not familiar with and waves a photo in my face. He's carrying a gun. I tell him in my own language to get out of my house. I'm not certain if he's a threat or not, but since he's armed and entered my house unexpectedly then I'm not taking any chances. I warn him off by lunging at him with the only weapon I have. He again speaks to me in a foreign language and before I know it he shoots me down. My friends nearby see this and assume the policia brought in a mad man who intruded and open fired on me. They seek vengeance and as a tight knit village they lash out.

RE6: There's an outbreak going on. My family and I seek refuge in the cathedral. The less people try to mess with anything, the better the outcome. We try and keep a low profile when two agents open fire and lure more infected closer to our whereabouts. We're cautious about letting them in, but we don't want to leave them to die. Some help. Others stick behind. We let them in despite the chaos going on outside. They say they're not here to rescue us. Fine, but on the bright side someone will find this cathedral and the chances should be good if government agents are here. Instead we see them shuffling about and opening secret passage ways. Now one thing I learned is that if something is a secret and kept hidden it means that people aren't aiming to have it found. And most of us would rather avoid opening up entry point for possible infected to come across. Instead this agent and his partner fiddle around with the mechanisms and unleash an unholy demon on us.... OUUUUCH....

This thing not only attacks my family, but releases a gas that infects everyone in our vicinity.

So yeah, you guys can make excuses for him. But Leon is a dick. Just sayin'.

Should we be surprised that as bad of an omen as he is he can't even enter a plane now at this rate? Who knows what has been left in store for him that could jeopardize the rest of the crew.
Posted: Oct 18, 2012 20:02
For those that aren't aware (because Konami says "fuck all!" to marketing) North America can finally play 'Silent Hill: Book of Memories' on the Playstation Vita. Europe and Japan to follow soon after.

It's a spin off developed by Wayforward going for an RPG dungeon crawler experience. Has many fanservice references to the past games and a hundred files to sort through. The soundtrack is performed once again by Daniel Licht (TV's 'Dexter', 'Silent Hill: Downpour) with leading vocals and voice performances directed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Jeremy Blaustein (MGS, SH2, 3 and 4) is handling the localization/translation of the script written by fan favorite Tomm Hulett.

So yeah. That's out there. Unlike the Silent Hill: HD Collection I have experienced no game breaking bugs or glitches so far in the game. It's a departure, but that's to be expected for a spin off. If you're open to different game play styles of a particular series (such as Metal Gear Ac!d or Metal Gear Rising) then you might want to give this one a try if you're a fan of Silent Hill. Anyone who enjoys character customization, dungeon crawlers, or optional multiplayer co-op with friends might find some fun with it. Otherwise I can't recommend this game as a reason to own a Vita if you do not have one. But 'Book of Memories' along with 'MGS:HD Collection' should take up plenty of time on the hand held as far as Konami games are concerned.

The soundtrack can be heard here:
 Post subject: Re: Biohazard 6 Impressions
Posted: Dec 11, 2012 3:09 

It's the kind of love Capcom buys...

Posted: Dec 11, 2012 8:02 

Neither can I. But I appreciate you input in this topic Iamnolaw.

I've played many games this year. Some with good game play. Some with good stories. Some with both. And some with none. I rank the experience on what the game tries to accomplish. While I can't say that Revelations "revealed" anything I can say that ORC was the action schlock my friends and I have been waiting for. "Guilty pleasure" really is the best way to describe it I guess. Something that just has fun with the Resident Evil world. Grab four players and go to town killing Leon, fighting Birkin, joining HUNK, saving Sherry, fighting tyrants, playing competitive modes as classic game characters, and taking down waves of zombies and crimson heads. Nothing award winning, but satisfying. It's action, but sometimes it's fun to play the villains or a new set of heroes.

Now Walking Dead was not only a good zombie game, but my favorite GotY. A point and click adventure that I've long since missed. Last point and click game I've played in the last couple years was Clock Tower I believe. In any case what I enjoyed about Walking Dead was that it not only had a solid game format that can universally be accepted, but the story and characters were well written. It's just a plus that I didn't need the comics, survival guides or TV show to understand the game but there were some fun nods to fans. It treats the characters like real people and makes you feel the sense of survival without resorting to a lot of action. The basic set up is a group seeking safety and isolation. Yet each character you come across has an agenda and you understand where they're all coming from. Even the antagonists. It makes a simple narrative complex not in the plot, but by having you face tough decisions and having to decide where to go from there. Best of all, you get the sense of dread by realizing that everyone and I mean "everyone" is expendable so you actually fear for the life of some of these characters and empathize with their struggles which include, but are not limited to, your own character that you play as.

Well I want to bring up Revelations because you brought it up about the plot being shit so I'm interested as to why you think this is and some specific examples please.

Secondly, I have skim read this topic and I agree with many of your points about the marketing of Revelations being intentionally misleading for the sake of the plot. I also agree with your comments on Vester as we clearly don't know enough about him yet. As Newsbot said he is more than likely a villain however, some of his actions in the game do make you question this and I would put him in the same category as Ada for now. Like she did before him, he has delivered a dangerous viral sample into the hands of a dangerous organisation but again like Ada, this may not make him necessarily evil. The truthful answer is we just don't know for now.

However I'm in total agreement with the others on the importance of supplemental material and its relevance. And I also agree with them about the marketing for ORC being misleading.

Bottom line is Revelations marketing was misleading for the sake of the plot. ORC's marketing was just misleading in that the final product didn't have the content I was expecting.

And when I say skim read, it is because I am in the middle of a 16 hour shift at work as I type this.

You'll have to forgive me in saying that I wanted you to read our discussion. I like to write, but what I don't like, as with most writers, is repeating what I write. And I've had to do this in my discussion with NewsBot. I know he's someone you collaborate with so the last thing I wanted was to recycle my same discussion with him and just hope that anyone chiming in would do a follow-up. After all if Revelations can be understood from people with half a brain as you say then some reading by a gamer in this topic should be easy work.

Now I wanted you to go through our discussion because, if you were serious about joining, then I wanted you to see where I was coming from. I'm grateful that you understand my stance on the trailers (though how ORC was misleading I still have yet to hear in contrast to Revelations) and the confusion surrounding characters. As you said, we don't know. But with trailers like one where Raymond infects people it does raise questions about his character. You can group him with Ada, but even in RE2 we know her cover and know that ultimately Leon had an affect on her. And her cover as John's concerned girlfriend at least felt understandable. With Revelations we don't know why he wastes time with theatrics, rats out his partner which gets Parker shot, and then spends time to save him. If he was about getting the sample like Ada in RE2 (and RE4) then why did he create an elaborate pointless game when he apparently had the sample as the trailer depicted? I mean Ada didn't have her chance to get the sample till much later in her games, and even then we wouldn't expect her to mess around. Do you see what I mean when I say the trailer screws with the plot and motivation of the character? Apparently people believe this is part of the story because it also includes what happened to Rachel. Frankly I felt that if these details were important along with the presence of Tricell then they would be part of the game itself. But if they were then it would raise those concerns.

Part of the problem of Revelations taking place before RE5 is that you know Chris and Jill will be fine so you don't care for their safety in the story. You also have gadgets like the genesis scanner that worked for the game as a useful tool in the story, but has no effect in future RE titles with the BSAA. And if Excella and Tricell was tied then obviously it doesn't matter since we know what happens. The idea of "collecting viruses" just didn't amount to much potential with the enemies since RE5's uroboros and plagas turned out to be the primary threat in the long run. It'd be different if Tricell was the new Umbrella focus, but RE6 just came out and it was all Neo-Umbrella and the C-virus. I really don't expect Capcom to do any real follow up, but if they did then hopefully it will amount to more than just a write off in some gamer's guide. But how much would you bet on that?

Now as for ORC marketing, what were you expecting of the content? Because the content was there in those trailers like the characters, combat, and concept that I've described in examples. If the quality wasn't up to par for you then that's different. But to say misleading suggests it either wasn't there or went over your head intentionally.
Posted: Dec 09, 2012 21:15 

The "No" vote is missing. This poll is rigged.
 Post subject: Re: The Walking Dead
Posted: Dec 11, 2012 21:34 

Walking Dead in just one game and three seasons has done more to satisfy a well written zombie scenario than most zombie fare I've come across including Resident Evil. And I'm just now getting to the comics.
Posted: Dec 22, 2012 19:07 

I along with other Resident Evil fans helped come up with lyrics to a Christmas song for DC Douglas to perform as Albert Wesker. Animated by Jonathan Wrathborne. Music arranged by Lily Popova. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Posted: Jan 11, 2013 21:27 

^ People continue to say this, but I say the changes he made seem minor in any real issue to what Anderson has done in the long run and to me there is no way we can say Romero took as much liberties as Paul did.

Additionally all George had to work off at that point was the first two games, and he chose to do a take on the original game... given that there is plenty of stuff in that script that mirrors events from the original PS release. Comparing that even to just Paul's first film, I can only place Umbrella, zombies, t-virus, a mansion and hidden lab from the original, and the train and the licker from the second. It's not much.

I agree that Romero only had two games to work with, and given the two as they were released it's not much to go on for making a movie. Problem is gamers and film goers have different ways of being entertained. And if RE1 was the core game to be adapted, then some of his liberties do range as just as random and confusing as Anderson's. Consider Wesker giving himself away early on or diversifying Chris and Barry. You would expect this on Anderson's level.

Now as a fan, if I looked at the scripts of Anderson's and Romero's 'Resident Evil' adaptations I would still go with Anderson's. If only because that draft felt like an original piece that could stand on its own. The first film is generally regarded as the best in the series, and it's not hard to see why. Especially when fans of the classic Resident Evil games relate to favoring the earlier entries over the new ones. But his first film had something gamers and film goers could enjoy, and that was a new experience. It's not tied into taking too many liberties with the game so gamers can still enjoy them and look back on the live action story as a new chapter.

If I look at it as a filmmaker then it feels like it could work with a reasonable budget for a gamble of a movie. Milla had 'Fifth Element' under her belt, but had not yet refined herself as an action star quite yet, let alone a leading one. And the setting of mainly the underground lab portion with zombies as the primary monsters made this a reasonable, somewhat independent project. I think the first film works as a horror movie. I cannot say the same about the sequels. The tight closed in corridors, the sense of being trapped and a small cast of characters keep it well rounded. Like 'Cube' for example. That was a great case of a small independent horror film confined by the restrictions of not having an inflated budget. One might argue that restrictions helped the earlier Resident Evil games as well.

And there was obviously some love for it. It did do well and had a sequel green lit. It's at this time that I feel Anderson may have been troubled. He couldn't direct, but was still hired to write a script. And knowing how quickly scripts can change during production I believe the mish-mash of "RE3 the Movie" and "Alice's next adventure" was when we started getting into the shit storm of the saga's downfall. But it did well. Anderson doesn't need to strive or care anymore about writing a decent or well-written sequel. He will just throw in inspiration and references to the movies he loves and fit them within his Resident Evil world that he crafted. Whether it's 'Aliens' or 'Mad Max', Anderson will find a way to structure 'Resident Evil' around it. And it's working for him. More so than adapting classic literature like the 'Three Musketeers' to the big screen.

The current state of both the movies and games is that neither side cares anymore. There's always more action and less coherency or they're struggling to find an identity of their own. It's a popular brand to sell and make good money on. Currently Anderson is much more comfortable in making profit from his zombie movies than Romero. Resident Evil is going through the motions. We can only endure to see if there's any entertainment to be salvaged at this point.
 Post subject: Re: Metal Gear Rising
Posted: Jan 12, 2013 23:50

More can be found here:
Posted: Jan 13, 2013 21:13 

ORC was a joke tho... like that game sucked so hard. No one should take their re-imagining seriously. Like to me... the only version of the Nemesis that exists and will forever be flawless is the original RE3 nemi with the rocket launcher and no computers inside of him.

Operation: Raccoon City was the game Resident Evil fans deserved, but not the one they needed now.
Posted: Jan 22, 2013 23:36 

HUNK is Resident Evil's Boba Fett. Don't take that away from him. He belongs in minigames and cameos. He's perfect for Raid Mode.
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