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Posted: Dec 04, 2017 23:59 

Captain Redfield wrote:
That Uroboros Wesker art looks fantastic buddy! Especially if you know the real meaning behind it.

Indeed I do.

Thanks buddy! Knew you would appreciate that one.
Posted: Feb 11, 2017 18:02 

sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it does concern RE though.

I believe that Capcom is in some real trouble here, and no, it's not just because of Resident Evil.

Is the company slowly and eventually going to crash and burn?

I know this topic gets brought up every 3-4 years but let's take a close look as we reveal one bad choice after another in the company's long running history.

*Disc locked content
Resident Evil 5 (Versus Mode charging $5)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Jill and Shuma charging $10)
Street Fighter X Tekken (Character Roster pack charging $20)

*Shipping an incomplete game sparking outrage
Street Fighter 5 (2016)

*Cancelling franchises and ignoring the pleading fan base
Mega Man (Inafune departs)
Clock Tower
Dino Crisis

*Cancelling a game in the NA region
Rockman Xover (2015)

*Making massive plans to push products to the mobile market but not following through (2016)

*Not allowing consumers to delete previous game data
Resident Evil Mercenaries (2011)

*Region Locking a franchise
Ace Attorney
Monster Hunter series

*Rebooting Franchises against fan outcry
Devil May Cry (2013)

*Outsourcing a top franchise to a third party
Operation Raccoon City (2012) Slant Six

*Altering a Franchise drastically against fan outcry
Resident Evil series (over the past 15 years)

*Cancelling a promising game multiple times (4) causing shock and alarm - rereleasing it as a changed product
Resident Evil 4

*Box Art Spelling Mistakes
Resident Evil Revelaitons (2012)

*Dropped the ball on the big screen
Resident Evil 2002-2016
Street Fighter (1994)
Legend of Chun Li (2009)

*Not Porting over beloved games
too many to list

*Closing down Clover Studios
Mikami leaves (2006)

*Publicly announcing an aggressive stock take over (block massive amounts of stock purchases from third parties) the votes fail in their favor and it opens the company up to buyout
Yoshinori Ono resigns (2014)

*Banning a player from the Capcom Pro Tour
Noel Brown (2016)

*Crossing over games that don't make sense
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

*Console Exclusivity (shifting consoles between sequels)
The Dead Rising series

*Market Oversaturation
as mentioned before, not porting beloved games, but then turning around and porting certain games too many times, (Resident Evil 4 ported 19 times)
porting games over with no upscale or extras (too many to list)
Killian departs

Discontinuing a licensed legacy causing fan heartbreak
Disney - <Nintendo> Chip n' Dale, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin etc.

*releasing shipping data instead of sold data and not explaining if digital sales count causing confusion in the community.

*releasing hackable demos months ahead of a games release that open them up for data mining.

What I am doing about this?

Well, I hate to say that Capcom is a sinking ship and that I am prepping to jump off it.
It is sinking, but the water has been trickling out slowly over the decades.
Now the water is coming out more steadily and the ship is starting to tilt.
And whilst fans like myself and you guys will continue to chat about our beloved RE series and what makes it so special, I believe some of the smarter ones (like Rombie for example) do see an end for Resident Evil, or at least the end of the franchise as we know it (I don't know which is worse to be honest).
Those of us that do see this are still on the ship, but we have a life jacket on us if you catch my drift.

For my spare time (which I have very little) I do use it all on Resident Evil.
but slowly and surely I am prepping back to another love I have (horror movies), making that transition just in case (as I only have time and money for one thing).

So yes, the other day I played Resident Evil 7 for 2 hours then did something else that I had not done in a very long time... I popped in a horror movie (It Follows) and watched it from start to finish.
Posted: Feb 17, 2017 14:03 

Well, I'd have posted this video in the impressions thread, but my rant contains minimal spoilers (I'm sure most of us have completed the main game already). However, I thought it was better reserved for in this thread. Enjoy.

Good video, I think Resident Evil 7 is the best we're going to get.

First have horror / exploration second half action, at least it kept it in a hub environment with the ship.

And whilst most of us will agree that the Golden Era of Resident Evil was everything before RE 4 there has been some gems, such as Lost in Nightmares and RE 7 to be honest, for the most part, in my opinion. It does have more to do with the series than you mentioned, things such as HCF, I am sure more will be revealed in Not a Hero, I feel this will be the Separate Ways of RE 7.

And to all those other disappointing / cancelled horror games and franchise, what can I say?
The survival horror community is small, sadly we take what we can get.

Anyways, good stuff, thanks for sharing!
Posted: Feb 15, 2017 12:38 

I loved the first half of the game, all the way up until you reach the ship. Then I think it goes from a masterful game to a (still) pretty damn good one, just not as good.

I believe it was Dan that mentioned this in a previous post somewhere, but the second half of the RE games are never as good as the first. It's just a fact.
Posted: Feb 19, 2017 19:23 

I honestly feel that there are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Dot50cal was the Don back in the day no doubt. He's recently resurfaced so we'll see.

I really think everyone just knows who Batman is in the RE fan base and even further I feel News Bots name will be whispered among peers for years to come.

I guess this is bound to happen when a group of intellectual / mature people gather for any topic, some people simply disappear but end up becoming legends in the community (a la the Wanderer).

CVXfreak is still a legend, it's not like back in the day as the things he did then for RE were unrivaled as well as was his collection before he sold mass amounts of it, but the guy is well known and still knows his stuff.

There's new Up and comers that will one day take the reigns and run the forums (Dark Chris is pretty knowledgeable) SG79 knows the Golden Era well too, I'm not calling them new comers by any means, I'm just showing that there are and always will be varied generations of RE fans.
SG79 like me, has been enjoying RE for 20+ years.

Some RE community people that would post multiple times a day but have since become legends do still pop up for a post once in a blue moon (a la Yama).

I think the forums may not be what they use to be but then again the internet is not the same anymore either,
its a different beast with instagram, twitter, numerous blogs, Facebook and the RE community has had some hard times adjusting to all this, it's been tough but just like a zombie, we've shambled on.
Rombie is a fuckin legend as founder of RE on the internet.
Dan from Umbrella is awesome with grabbing any RE news from the net and sharing it.

It's amazing how knowledgeable some of you guys are, more than Capcom themselves :lol: you guys have had to piece together they're broken dishes many a times, they try to retcon what they can but the plot line will always have holes in it, overall though most of it works, the story isn't broken.

I just hope they wrap up Ada's story and the family as well, wtf happened with Natalia?

And whilst die hard fans like myself and Vito will always be around we just wonder what would have ever happened if the series had stuck to one writer and director? Maybe things would have been more consistent but then again look at fuckin Metal Gear :shock:
 Post subject: Re: Did You Know?
Posted: Dec 14, 2017 10:43 

in Outbreak when you ad lib when the characters are in the main hall of the University if you do it long enough one of them explains that Umbrella invested funds in 1994 which allowed them to put many of their researches in the city which explains why Greg Mueller is in there and how he was able to put a lab in there and conduct research.

also...the first signs of an Outbreak were not in the city itself but as early as 93 (Lester) in the Forest areas.
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 22:47 

A complete reboot will make me leave the series buddy.

Same here man, reboots suck. Even worse if the previous universe didn't even came to an end and they've already decided to start a new one.

Indeed. I knew we would fuckin agree on this.

I'm NEVER starting this story over.

You can do all the new spinoffs you want Capcom as long as they take place in the REverse we know.

If you erase that, as in a real reboot and ignore everything that came before it, I'm out.

Fuck that
Posted: Feb 25, 2017 17:23 

cvxfreak wrote:

Just finished reading this, great work! Will wait for File 03.
 Post subject: Dino's are in Crisis
Posted: Mar 07, 2017 20:02 ... sis-reboot
 Post subject: Translation needed
Posted: Mar 23, 2017 20:09

Any interesting tidbits from here?

I nabbed this from Yoke in the PU forums.

CVXfreak if possible good sir?
Posted: Mar 23, 2017 10:16 

Maybe they could have a game where characters arrange in a 'I fucking survived this shit' type therapy meeting, like in Saw: The Final Chapter where we briefly got to see the faces of people who survived all their horrific events which came at a price, but now they can hardly speak a word. Mia could be in a cameo hugging Ethan, where Ethan is eventually the only one who speaks up, and says we can win this..."war" (or something just as cheesy) and Chris may be there. Ashley Graham could be there too, all grown up of course. The same with other former minor characters. Etc. And Natalia could be there as well, but nobody knows yet she is Alex Wesker. Something like that would be cool, because it means nobody from the past is without merit. :wink:

I'm struggling to determine if your being serious at this stage.
Posted: Dec 22, 2017 7:18 

The problem with new technology like motion controls and VR is that the games that were made for them are always some on-rails nonsense or gimmicky bullshit.

To make these new tech successful, you'd need to have them implemented in "full games", like motion control support on RE4 or VR support on RE7.

If PSVR was limited to on-rails games or walking simulators then it wouldn't be this successful.

That has to be hands down one of the greatest avatars in these forums.
Posted: Sep 09, 2017 12:24 

Adam Benford died trying to reveal the truth behind Racoon City, so if they didn't reveal after RE6, people don't actually know what happened there, at least not the whole truth.

This is key here. I would think Leon would of did such.

He just not have though.

The government it seems still looks good in the public's eyes.
No one knows the truth about Tall Oaks either.
Neither of Simmons deeds.
Kind of silly for the government to allow Umbrella to go public after all that isn't it?
There had to be some staff there that know the truth. Are they not scared of being revealed?
Would the Fanily not try and snuff out those that know such as Leon?
Why did Ada not go public about it?

From the pamphlet again:

A large pharmaceutical conglomerate. Best known as a pharmaceutical company, the Umbrella Corporation possesses achievements in fields such as genome analysis and anti-virus medicine, yet has also conducted research and development of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) for use as weapons. Its motto is “Protecting the health of the people,” which is what the name of the company is derived from. The t-Virus, developed for the purpose of creating immortal soldiers, led to the occurrence of the Raccoon City incident, which in turn revealed the dark side of the company to the masses.

Afterwards, confronted with accusations of culpability for the Raccoon City Incident, Umbrella’s stock prices crashed, plunging the company into a period of sustained financial losses. Furthermore, the existence of Umbrella’s illegal B.O.W. research became well-known around the world, thanks testimony from survivors and a considerable amount of physical. As a result, all of Umbrella’s executives were incriminated for the company’s crimes, and in 2003, the company declared bankruptcy.

Following that, the company is reestablished in accordance with the (United States) Bankruptcy Code, but the new executives are tasked with the responsibility for atoning for the company’s dark legacy. Following reestablishment, the company’s trademark was changed, so the “Red Umbrella” has come to symbolize the Umbrella before its reestablishment, while the “Blue Umbrella” has come to symbolize post-reestablishment.

We have to think about this not from what we know about the RE universe but what the characters know.

Chris regardless of new/old Umbrella and all new staff or not etc. whatever this new Blue Umbrella contains would just look at it as an evil entity no doubt.

I'm sure he (no one does) knows the ins and outs of this new company but the logo and name should be enough for him.
sure it makes sense for him to be investigating them and for them to be getting good publicity out of the ordeal, Chris should be known worldwide by name I would think.
Posted: Dec 22, 2017 9:10 

Nice points Grem and Goldsickle but I’m sure you guys can appreciate my frustration.

Goldsickle...are you Albert Whisker?


Mr. Bigglesworth?
Posted: Apr 14, 2017 13:10

I only used google translator, but after this I am convinced it is actually real Chris...

Great work Dark Chris, as usual.

I copied and pasted from Google Translate the best I could, its pretty botched, sorry guys, Google Translate is no substitute for CVXFreak or News Bot but this will have to do for now.

That voice was heard clearly even in the explosive of the helicopter rotor flying in the sky.
The voice of the voice was Chris Redfield, that person.

A man who overcomes many crises, embraces an "unnatural" hero who does not hurt any enemies, through "justice" under any circumstances.
He is always a savior to save pinch of desperate pains.

It" pointed to him, along with Chris, overcoming many crises and constantly becoming the tusks of the users and steering the steel bar, beyond the death line, <Samurai edge>

<Light Adapter Module> <Octagon Silencer> The shape on which they are mounted is no longer a category of handguns. Form is familiar to the base ... But something certainly is different ...

Chris Redfield who embarked on herself and embraced himself from a helicopter shining in the aircraft "Blue Umbrella Logo" relieved a big sigh.
I was staring at Ethan, who succeeded in "living", as if I could fight with my figure on a young age.

June of 1998. If that horrible "Western-style incident" did not occur, what kind of life have I been living for now?
Did she seat at the Alpha team of the Raccoon City Police Special Division = S.T.A.R.S. and was able to keep trying to defend the peace and security of the day and night Raccoon City?

There is no such future, it may be seriously injured in the Republic of Idónia, becoming a person who did not return.
Or maybe I had to live a drunk life without losing my memory unless I met Poor's dead now.

A time that was only a silence of a few seconds, he was possessed by sentiment.
Suffering and sorrow only understood by the parties. Cut off such sentiments and carry out your duties again.
With steel buddy <Samurai edge> in

Draw the activity of Chris Redfield
The latest series "Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil"
【FREE】 Additional download content,
"Samurai Edge Albert .W. Model 01" has appeared!

I think these excerpts are the most damning evidence of who's identity this is...

Chris Redfield who embarked on herself and embraced himself from a helicopter shining in the aircraft "Blue Umbrella Logo" relieved a big sigh.
I was staring at Ethan, who succeeded in "living", as if I could fight with my figure on a young age.

June of 1998. If that horrible "Western-style incident" did not occur, what kind of life have I been living for now?
Did she seat at the Alpha team of the Raccoon City Police Special Division = S.T.A.R.S. and was able to keep trying to defend the peace and security of the day and night Raccoon City?

There is no such future, it may be seriously injured in the Republic of Idónia, becoming a person who did not return.
Or maybe I had to live a drunk life without losing my memory unless I met Poor's dead now.

mic drop...
Posted: Apr 20, 2017 13:02 

That's very interesting, but they could just be unused models. Jill isn't credited in the game, although Chris' two BSAA people or whoever they are, aren't even credited. So who knows?

yeah, its a bummer, above all the pics if you translate the text it just says:

A 3D model created using "Resident Evil 7" photography
Posted: Apr 20, 2017 23:31 

I'm so fuckin tired right now I don't care what the fuck Capcom is thinking.

When they said spring for Not A Hero did they mean the end of fuckin spring?

It's past noon on a Friday in Japan and there's no fuckin update on the AMW01 Archives.

That's over a week now.

Isn't the airsoft gun coming out on the 27th of this fuckin month?

When will they release these 3 other locked files that should and definitely will cover some backstory on Not A Hero as Capcom can't do it all in one fuckin hour of DLC.
Posted: Apr 21, 2017 14:32 

Dark_Chris wrote:
That wasn't my point. What if Capcom wants to release 'Not A Hero' a day before Vendetta? Perhaps the two are more or less tied together story wise. That way Capcom may avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Don't hold your breath.
Posted: Apr 24, 2017 12:53 

New Vendetta clip ... 1794591421
Posted: Apr 27, 2017 10:52 

I've played it the whole way through in VR. Best experience in gaming. Don't really agree with the article, granted there's some minor quibbles but there's some pros too like way more precise aiming and complete immersion.

right, I'm still planning on playing it in VR one day, when the price comes down.
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