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Posted: Jan 08, 2018 11:02 

So guys, I posted this over a community here. They came up with some interesting questions so, I decided to post them over here just in case some of you had the same doubts!
"Why would Boxing be in the required training program instead of Kickboxing? If Kickboxing is more complete, shouldn't it be replacing Boxing in that aspect?"
Well, from my perspective (since I wasn't involved in the USAF training program's foundation LOL) no. Boxing is commonly teached in almost every single US Military branch, from the Air Force to the Marines, some of these branches have their own Boxing school and even tournaments.
Boxing teaches you how to proficiently use your fists in combat as well as knowing how to defend yourself from punches. Its main focus is just that, fists, giving you a very detailed training in that type of combat.
If you guys noticed, Karate already was in the required training program, which teaches you a great variety of kicks from the most basic ones to the advanced types. With that being said, the USAF already had individual martial arts that focused on punches (Boxing) and kicks (Karate), combining these two in the required training program would already provide the airmen with the necessary punches and kicking techniques to defend themselves in a combat situation.
Remember, they were still soldiers and not professional martial arts competitors, they basically needed to learn a bit of everything in order to at least be effective fighters in hand to hand combat.
Now, they could've still practiced Kickboxing even if they already knew Boxing and Karate. Kickboxing actually teaches you more independent techniques from the two mentioned above and it can still manage to make you an even more complete fighter, that's why it was a part of more independent training programs and not the required ones.
Including it in the required category would simply make it feel like filler because soldiers were already learning Boxing and Karate and as I mentioned above, the number of CQC training hours was reduced because of reasons like this.
So you guys can have an accurate idea about the required training program:

- Boxing (effective in punches)
- Karate (effective in kicks and even a variety of throws and joint locks)
- Judo (most effective martial art in grappling techniques)
- Aikido (complements Judo in a way as well as it works your defense reflexes and mentality)
- Jiu-Jitsu (it teaches execution style of attacks to the soldiers like chokes that can be converted to neck breaking techniques)

As you guys can see, only the essentials were a part of the required training program, this is like common knowledge when it comes to hand to hand combat. Although, independent training programs were also important since these Airmen were able to improve themselves to newer levels not teached in the main programs.
I was able to make this whole thread by doing a lot of research as well as watching a documentary about the United Sates Air Force Combatives program that passed on History channel. My Judo teacher also helped me out on this latest update regarding what's essential and what's suplemental in military training programs (he was a former Portuguese military).
A lot of effort really went into this so I could bring you guys the most accurate hand to hand combat subject and I really hope it was useful! :smile:
Also, feel free to post anything related to Chris's training and hand to hand combat moves right here on this thread.
Posted: Jan 06, 2018 6:04

Time for Fallout , the popular game series set 200 or so years after a nuclear war.
Considering how massive this series is, don't expect my lists to be completely comprehensive. I will cover only those monsters I consider most creative, ghastly, and cool looking. Giant insects and animals are not included, so no Radscorpions, Giant Mole Rats, Bloatflies, etc.

Monsters in Fallout are mutant creatures that are the result of radiation exposure from the nuclear fallout, or Pre-war lab experiments that escaped and reproduced in the wasteland. This post will cover radiation mutants, and a second one will cover engineered ones.

Radiation Mutants, part 1 : Brahmim - Two headed cows used as beasts of labor by wastlanders.
Bighorner - Derived from Big Horn Sheep.
Mongrel - While some dogs are comparatively unaltered by radiation, some (like humans) are more affected than others. Mongrels are the mutant variety, and feral packs hunt in the wasteland.
Radstag - Two headed deer.
Ghoul - Humans who are heavily irradiated will either die or become Ghouls. Some Ghouls are still sane and capable of reasonable thought, but others have degenerated into hostile animals (Feral Ghouls). Both types are healed by radiation, and can live hundreds of years.
Ghoul (sane) - Still mentally human, but commonly treated as lesser beings by the non-Ghoul wastelanders (or "Smoothskins"). They rarely have hair exeeding whisps, have no noses or exterior ears, and are covered in radiation burns and necrotic skin.
Feral Ghoul - Essentially zombies. While they can be found outside, they prefer dark areas, like old buildings or underground areas.
Radiation Mutants, part 2 : Mirelurk - Mutant crustaceans, they come in several varieties based on the species they are descendants of, but all species live together and even interbreed. Mirelurk (standard) - Descendants of crabs, these have a variety of appearances. Some have an extra set of claws, others have a darker shell. Some walk on typical crab legs, others on legs greatly resembling those of a human.
Mirelurk Hatchling - Hatched from eggs presumably laid by a Queen, these are violent themselves, but have low attack power. About the size of Radroaches (or small dogs).
Mirelurk Hunter - Mutated from Lobsters. These spit acid.
Lakelurk - Living together in and around lakes or amongst other Mirelurks, these humanoid creatures are descendants of turtles. They have a sonic attack. Called "Mirelurk King" in Fallout 3 , but this was retconned in Fallout: New Vegas .
Mirelurk King - Mutated from frogs, these have taken the title "Mirelurk King" from Lakelurks in Fallout 4 .
Mirelurk Queen - Enormous Mirelurk mothers that spit acid, launch eggs, and crush anything in their path.
Nukalurk - Mirelurks that live in water contaminated with Nuka Cola Quantum, a pre-war soft drink. Due to an isotope found in the drink, they glow blue.
Yao Guai - Mutant bears, named by Chinese prisoners in the US. They might be Ghouls.
Radiation Mutants, part 3 : Slurper - Salamanders in Far Harbor.
Angler - Likely descendants of Angler fish, these use the lures on their heads (which look like fruit that grows from the surface of water) to ambush prey by submerging themselves.
Fog Crawler - Giant Shrimp. These hunt in the radioactive fog of Far Harbor, and are the toughest enemy type in all of Fallout 4 .
Bloodworm - Mutated bloodworms are about the size of a fully grown human. Their larvae infest Brahmin corpses, and burst out to attack nearby targets. Able to burrow underground and sporting four-pronged mouths, these are similar to the RE3 Gravedigger.
Trog - Humans in the final stages of infection with the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (or TDC). TDC is a disease native to the settlement known as "The Pitt" (post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh), created by a mixture of radiation and the pollutants/toxins found in the area. While early stages are characterized by skin lesions, in mid-stages the chemical makeup of the brain is altered, turning people into the savage "Wildmen". Wildmen eventually degenerate into Trogs - hideous quadropetes that feed on human flesh. They are sensitive to light, and so are kept out of The Pitt by spotlights. But if power ever went out...
They can be heard speaking occasionally, usually begging to be killed, and let out sounds of relief upon death.
Tunneler - Creatures found in the Divide. After the eruption of a nuclear warhead still in it's silo, the ground split open, and these began to pour out. Natural creatures or underground mutants, they are expanding their territory to the surface, threatening everyone. While hunting in groups, they can rip apart Deathclaws with ease. They look like Sleestack from Land of the Lost , and reuse Trog animations.
Swampfolk - Denizens of Point Lookout who have mutated in response to radiation and inbreeding.
Many enemies in Fallout 4 have "Glowing" subtypes. These are so saturated with radiation that they glow green, and do radiation damage to enemies. Before this game, the only Glowing enemies were the "Glowing Ones", Ghouls (usually Feral, but not always) that can emit large blasts of radiation capable of healing and reviving other Ghouls.

Stay tuned for a second part.
Posted: Apr 08, 2017 10:39 

Other tidbits:

- Ethan is a System Engineer living in Los Angeles
- Lucas has been fascinated with electrical circuitry/electric boards since his childhood, hence his ability to rig such traps
- Alan had been posing as Mia's husband on the ship
Posted: Apr 22, 2017 20:02 



Should we be worried?
Posted: May 25, 2017 0:26 

You're welcome, guys! :smile:
Posted: May 28, 2017 10:45

Made by a fan using the handle Lord DeeJay, the game is currently in alpha stage and made with the Unity engine. Check out a playthrough of it here and be sure to check the description for a download link.

He's used a mishmash of both REmake and RE1 art style as well as audio. Definitely an interesting take though we should mention that the current build has no controller support.

Source: Residence of Evil via YouTube
Posted: Jun 25, 2017 22:00 

Do you think Leon bailed his ass out when he flew in there with a bike?

Diego / Glen was crushing Chris when Leon showed up.

I call that creature Ariego ahah
Yeah, Chris was tired after two fights in a row, he didn't have the strenght to keep going and was unarmed too.

Saw Vendetta last week. Loved it, although there are things I don't exactly like. Leon feels unbelievably shoehorned into the movie. He also acts like complete dick towards Chris for no apparent reason.

Glenn Arias is exactly the type of villain I hoped for the "Commander" so it's a shame he's wasted here. Oh well...

The Los Illuminados link is an interesting one, but I feel they wasted an opportunity to dig deeper in it. Let's hope it's a setup for their future comeback. Revelations 3 perhaps? At least tittle Revelations would actually make sense for once.

Overall it's solid 9 out of 10. Best RE CGI movie yet.

I think Leon acted liked that because he was drunk or something and he probably was still suffering from what happened and acting like a dick was Leon's way to deal with it.
I do agree that Leon was just forced into the movie, Chris had a lot more screen time and influence in the story too. Leon was barely in the movie and even the action scenes were 50/50, I think they both shared amazing action scenes and Chris even had the horror aspect of the movie.
Although, Leon did well as secondary character, his presence was forced? Yeah, but it wasn't bad to have him around.
That whole Illuminados remnants is still a bit confusing but we'll manage that...
Vendetta is really the best movie with the RE title on it. I'm not saying this because it was a Chris movie but it had a great animation, entertaining and straight to the point story, was creepy AF in the Mansion and Chicago's University had a more horror aspect into it too!
Also, the action scenes here were top notch and unmatched by any of the CG movies as well as it had the best combat scene in the series imo.
Can't wait to acquire my collector's edition next month!
Posted: Jun 26, 2017 23:33 

Watching Vendetta again. Will post 2nd viewing thoughts here later.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it even a lot more! :smile:
In my case, Chris vs Arias fight was a lot more enjoyable the second time around. That Sumi Gaeshi though :mrgreen:
They performed pretty equal to each other, Chris might've lost control of the fight as soon as he took the first punch but in a matter of seconds he quickly regained control of the whole situation with his outstanding Judo techniques.
A great fighter is also defined by his capabilities to outline an unfavorable situation.
Other than the fight, I think I've enjoyed every single aspect of the movie to the fullest during my first watch.
Posted: Jun 28, 2017 21:56 

No problem guys! Here's a picture of our young Redfields! :lol:
Posted: Jun 29, 2017 10:26 

That crystal puzzle actually makes me pause the game and take a deep breath before going for it! :mrgreen:
That happened to me a couple of years ago, I was doing the perfect run and ended up dying for this god damn trap.
But this game is a masterpiece, can't get enough of it!
Also, the Combat Knife is a beast in this game (possibly my favorite weapon in Code Veronica :lol: )
Posted: Jun 29, 2017 16:38 

Have you watched Vendetta a second time yet Kevin?
Did it yesterday, still, my opinion remains the same buddy. An unnecesary film with nothing that we haven't seen before and with the main characters ending the same way as they began, literally just like Rebecca said at the end.

Are you guys wondering if we are going to see more of the Silver Dagger in the series? I'm sure they are different than the rest of the BSAA's units and their combat gear feels more like an armor.
I actually enjoyed their design in Vendetta and would like to see more of it in the future.

I could see that happening in this way in RE7's DLC: Umbrella Co. chopper leaves after whatever they are there for, and just at the end a BSAA chopper with the Silver Dagger logo on it lands, and the real "C" comes down from it.
Posted: Jul 01, 2017 19:27 

I've mastered Code Veronica to the fullest and this is actually ironic since people consider it the hardest in the series but to me he's the easiest one :mrgreen:
The Tyrant in the airplane is actually piss easy, just save those 3 anti-B.O.W rounds + a few acid rounds and you can beat the boss without using a single herb. Also, to easily finish off Alexia in the final battle just save all the explosive Arrows and she wouldn't even last a minute.
The knife is a very effective killing machine in this game and you can save a whole lot of ammo thanks to it! Using the knife on the Bandersnatchers is more efficient in my opinion (make sure you place your character on its armless side). The Hunters, use a shotgun shell to take them down and then proceed to slash the creature with the knife :lol:
Also, it is possible to kill the adult Albinoid with just shotgun shells, you can also use the explosive rounds from the grenade launcher to give it a boost but you should stick to the shotgun only due to its widespread of range.
The Nosferatu is the only boss that can be a little bit trickier but the Sniper Rifle should be enough, people just have to adapt to its weird crosshair and make every shot count, other than the Sinper, the Handgun and Knife can actually cause it a little bit of damage.
This topic made me want to go play CVX for the 100th time! :mrgreen:
 Post subject: Re: About Julia Voth
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 15:53 

I agree. It really needs to be special. Think of all the things they want to say to each other!

They have a lot of catching up to do my friend. I just hope that Capcom gets things right if they are really thinking about including them in a next movie.

I think Leon and Ada in RE 2 was great.

even though they barely knew each other but by the end of the night were all over each other I still loved it given the circumstances they were under, Capcom still pulled it off there, it still felt right, which was amazing.

everything between them in subsequent games after that unfortunately felt forced though.

Yeah, I guess you can say that buddy. But as a kid I remember thinking "How are you even falling in love with her Leon? You barely know her" especially after hearing Leon say this to Annette "I know her! Ada wouldn't do something like that!" and I was like... "Huh? You know her for a couple of hours only! How can you be so sure about that?" :lol:
Posted: Jul 03, 2017 13:37 

I'll go with Hunters and Lickers :lol:
Posted: Jul 03, 2017 13:44 

Thanks for the reply. I get that. :)
Just think they should give it more thoughts when creating this. Right now it doesn't feel well thought of IMO.

Another mistake I think they made with Vendetta is to set the final stage in New York.
I think this is the first time they set things in a location with real world name.
But how could traffic be like that at 6:00pm in New York downtown? If something like this happens in New York at rush hour, the traffic will be dead.
If they just name it a fictional big city, it will feel much better for me.

No problem buddy, glad I could help! The vaccine confused me too at first but after trying to know more of it, I was able to comprehend it a lot more.
Regarding the traffic, both Wesker and Herb gave you the most plausible explanation about that.
Posted: Jul 03, 2017 21:51 

Fighting Uroboros Wesker is awesome, especially in a one on one (just leave Sheva without a weapon and wait for Wesker on top of the arena that he will face you).
Although, I really like the hand to hand fights against him! It's really satisfying to perform a Kick Boxing combo on Wesker as well as some side elbow strikes as a counter attack :lol:
Posted: Jul 04, 2017 16:44 

Whether The Family is an exclusive plot point for Leon or Chris is a pointless argument because the answer is it is neither. Leon was chasing down Simmons in 6, not The Family. They are a global, secretive sect representing the new world order and if Capcom decide to bring them back literally anyone from the series could encounter them, old or new. There's absolutely nothing to suggest it has to be Leon, or Chris for that matter. But precisely because their intentions are benign, I don't think we'll hear from them again outside the odd background reference. The references to The Family in the book are misleading because all it says is that there are people in the U.S. Government who were loyal to Simmons and were selling secrets. These are the people Leon were chasing down and they are members of the government, not necessarily members of the Family. If they were to reappear in some capacity, I'd like an X-files type Deep Throat informant to provide the key cast with clues about ongoing B.O.W. operations, bio-terrorists and organisations.

That's what I've been trying to say, The Family isn't a personal thing for Leon like Wesker was for Chris.
Even if Capcom persists on them being heavily involved in the B.O.W underground, it would only be a matter of time before the BSAA stumbles upon one of their facilities or whatever.
Everything that happened in RE6 was the fault of one of The Family members, if Simmons hadn't created Carla and even simulated the Marhawa Incident, Chris would have never been involved in this.
The Family plot suits most characters in the series, especially those within the BSAA and Government... The thing is, The Family itself doesn't want to destroy the world or sell B.O.W's in the black market just for the sake of watching the world burn. No, all they want is a stable world where they can use that same stability to manipulate things in their favor.
Although, another member like Simmons can arise again and might be against one of our characters.
Basically, this all about who in The Family is going to slip again... Like I said, you cut off one head, there's still plenty of them to go through and I highly doubt that Leon will be the only character related to this whole conspiracy.
Also, The Family members aren't stationed within the US Government only but other Governments as well.
Posted: Jul 04, 2017 20:18 

The Reapers from RE5 can sometimes be a pain in the a*s, it's always good to carry a Grenade Launcher loaded with Flash Rounds to keep them at bay.
They are my favorite modern B.O.W in the series.
 Post subject: Re: Leon and Ada in RE8?
Posted: Jul 06, 2017 22:00 

Everything feels better with our main characters, no doubt about it. If Capcom wants to introduce new characters, they better give a conclusion to Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire's story first...
Knowing Capcom, they might just introduce more and more characters without giving the others a proper conclusion.
Posted: Dec 05, 2017 11:24 

such an artwork buddy. such an artwork.

it deserves another look.

you know what buddy, I wish the jacket was black. that's all.

The alchemists, who in their own way knew more about the nature of the individuation process than we moderns do, expressed this paradox through the symbol of the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The Ouroboros has been said to have a meaning of infinity or wholeness.

The Ouroboros is a Greek word meaning "tail devourer," and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. ... In alchemy, it represents the spirit of Mercury (the substance that permeates all matter), and symbolizes continuous renewal (a snake is often a symbol of resurrection, as it appears to be continually reborn.

This artwork definitely is a piece of art buddy. The description of what Ouroboros is right below the image made it look even better.
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