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Posted: Dec 13, 2017 21:03 

Here's my overall impressions, but summarizing, i enjoyed it a lot:

" I'm still collecting my thoughts, but honestly, i enjoyed both pieces of DLC a lot.

End of Zoe was surprising and not in the way i was expecting, at all. I'm very pleased with how the combat was handled and worked in this chapter, it's fun and responsive even with the limitations of both Resi 7 and the first person view. Joe is awesome and i loved how they finished the events of the Baker accident, it was a powerful journey and it deserved a better ending.

Also, that final sequence is amazing.

Not a Hero, on the other hand, was just about what i was expecting, but it didn't fell apart because of that. They finally made the mines interesting and added a level of diversity that the main game needed, with interesting combat scenarios and a good final boss fight. I was very flattered by seeing a decent sense of pacing even with a modern, action oriented version of RE, even by keeping it simple, it was short and sweet.

I'm just not sold on Chris's portrayal (not his actual appearence, i was never bothered by that anyway), it felt like they tried too hard to appeal for his "badass" and "military" persona, sometimes making his lines feel out of place and way too cold for his personality. I can see them changing that in the near future, with this voice actor being more in tune with the character, but it will take time.

Overall i'm pleased and i enjoyed my time with both expansions. I'm just a little bit sad because i was expecting a more "horror" focused experience with End of Zoe. But in the end (no pun intended), i'm glad to see the RE team experimenting more with the mainline series and surprising me with stuff which i normally wouldn't be interested, it makes me very happy.

If they continue with that vision with RE8, but just a little bit more focused and planned like 7, i'm sure it will be great. "
Posted: Apr 22, 2017 20:02 



Should we be worried?
Posted: Jul 08, 2017 18:57 

Vulnerability in characters is a long lost thing now with Capcom.

Ethan certainly didn't have it.

He lacked emotion and made silly one liners like Leon.

Seeing Margurite crawling on all fours like a spider would've shit anyone's pants but Ethan just goes. "That's fuckin special."

The most fear he showed in the game was when sliding through a wall crack in the old house and centipedes were crawling out, he freaked the fuck out then.

Talking about 7, i don't think that vulnerability should come entirely from the reactions of specific characters, you wouldn't want to a fictional person to imprint their feelings on the player, that's the worst case scenario for a first person title.

It comes from game mechanics and balacing the feel of the game. Just like 1/2/3 and Code Veronica, 7 relies on scarcity, item management and exploring oppressive invironments to create tension. You'll know that your game is not over if you waste a couple of bullets, but you value every single one of it, thinking in what to bring to next room and wondering what's going to be your next encounter.

In RE7, the main objective was for you, the player, experience those situations on a personal level, not thinking exclaty what Ethan would do or react for each situation.

It's certainly not the best portrait of a first person character, i prefer other examples like Booker in Bioshock Infinite or Miles in Outlast 1, but they are learning. Some lines in Resident Evil 7 came naturally, like: " who builds this shit ", " you are not listening to me, there's crazy people inside this house trying to fucking kill me ", or he calling Lucas a dick after his final video message (i love that moment).

But at the same time, i hate when he interacts with Mia, it's just horrible.

Edit: thinking about it, i wonder what's gonna be the tone for RE2 Remake. We should expect something like Rebirth or a more serious approach?
 Post subject: Re: Res 4 vs Res 7
Posted: Jul 10, 2017 19:29 

That's an interesting question...

4 had an massive impact in my life, it got me into gaming, introduced me to the RE franchise and showed me that i could like horror stuff. I bought a PS2 just to play it, and many years later i couldn't pass much time without playing it again.

At the time, i can't bring myself to playing it again. After playing HD Remaster, 2 and 7, it doesn't feel the same anymore. I've discovered after going back, that i prefer the classic survival horror style, and since the last 2 years, i come back to play more of them, leaving 4 behind.

But i can't just forget the impact and enjoyement that 4 brought into my life, so for now, RE4 stands over 7. I've probably said this here already, but both of them are on my top 3 Resident Evil titles, and the order goes like this: Rebirth > RE4 > RE7.
Posted: Jul 10, 2017 19:13 

Oh I'm not gonna by it. Still won't stop me preaching hate for it though. And your having an absolute laugh if you think it's going to be fixed camera.

Pretty heavy stuff here, but i don't know how someone can see it as a serious answer though. Since i found myself searching for more RE communities, i started to see a lot of hate coming for every side possible, and this is honestly one of the worst examples.

I read a lot of your posts since i've got here, and you seem to be a very dedicated fan that cares and knows a lot about the franchise, even if you don't really like what it have become, for the most part. I have a lot of passion for the Resident Evil series as well, but i can't bring myself to the necessity of express hate about anything.

Come on man, we know so little about it, you don't need to hate a project that has no shape to the public eyes yet. But i won't just discard your concerns, i do think that many fans are waiting for another perspective on this title, so it's a possibility.

Personaly, i've would wanted to be just like Rebirth, fixed cameras, but if they want to do over the shoulders, let it be just one style of gameplay. Just like the remake from Invader Studios, have the option to choose.
Posted: Jul 10, 2017 22:47 

I'm not a moderator, but I would assume so? I've put a spoiler tag on the thread title so I don't see why not. But I don't want to get you banned so don't take my word on it haha.

Hahaha, it's okay, i came out with a simple solution that will help everyone.

It will show up only if you click on it, so you've been warned. Ladies and gentlemen, here's the White Molded:
Posted: Nov 23, 2017 8:45 

I borrowed one from a friend just to play RE7, after months pissing him off asking for it
 Post subject: Re: Is Eveline sympathetic?
Posted: Sep 12, 2017 19:28 

Evie is more a spoiled type of child than a monster to me. I saw her type of behaviour many times in life, both on adults and childs.

Her twisted vision of family, created by surreal and imaginative thoughts about a real one is something that i wouldn't expect ever of a RE plot. It talks a lot about abusive relationships as whole, expecting things that are completely unreal and then demanding it by force, like it was the victim's fault for not delivering things the way she hoped.

It's an amazing take on spoiled people, and how they become even more threatening when power comes to their hands, just like we see on the reality. Considering that the initial thought behind RE7 was the idea of encountering a monster on real life, Eveline was a perfect fit for the role. I just wish that her voice actress did more justice to her actions. I understand that they tried to make her annoying by the end of the game, because of her own personality, but it didn't came out great.
Posted: Jul 26, 2017 3:34 

The point of survival horror games, it's to overcome situations with absurd odds against you. To face your worst fears and fight for survival. It's a experience sustained by the feeling that, it doesn't really matter how much scared you are, eventually you'll have to face your fears and be better to scape from basically, hell.

Ethan is not much more than a physical representation of the player on the game's reality. Someone that actually started without knowing what is happening, just wanting to flee away and be done with it, but as the game progresses, he starts to learn how to survive and surpasses his worst enemy.

Jack is the patriarch of the Baker's family. He is strong, fast, an unstoppable killing machine that simply won't die. He toys with you, showing how pathetic and insignificant you are compared to him, acting like you are a little rat that he loves to chase. Yet, he has a personal grudge with Ethan.

With all that said, he can't actually stop your actions. Somehow, despite all his efforts, you prevail as a survivor. It goes beyond just scratching his ego, because Eveline is also a key point to this situation.

Evie wanted Mia to be her mother, but it wasn't going well. So, in her mind, the way to accomplish that, was to Ethan come along, being her father and Mia's husband. Jack didn't like that, at all. He feels replaced, as if this new guy was the best thing, putting him down to a lower and somewhat, insignificant level.

And it doesn't help that, Ethan eventually surpasses him, kill his wife, overcome Luca's games and "betrays" him with his own daughter.

Despite Jack's final boss fight being one of my least favorites, gameplay-wise, it carries the most significance for me. You, as Ethan, basically destroyed everything that he loved. In his final form, he is a big blob that moans about his losses, showing how much he hates you for what you've done and what you represents in his life. I felt somehow sorry for him, he became pitiful.

It was a powerful journey to finally be put on the level of a personal story, inside the RE universe. When i started to know more about the serie's lore, i always wanted to see more plots like Lisa Trevor, Brian Irons or Alexia/Alfred Ashford.

Honestly, i became tired of seeing big heroes chasing enormous, evil corporations that are represented by the most powerful characters and "comic book villains" that i've seen. So RE7 is a big relief for me.

Jack is incredible, and i wanted to share why i like him so much. There's so much levels to this story, it's hard to just ignore it.
Posted: Aug 04, 2017 13:40 

everyone is fed up and sick of this treatment that Capcom gives to its community.

Lmaof at this bullshit

I find it extremely offensive that a company releases an unfinished product.

An unfinished game with an incomplete story.

They pulled this same bullshit with Street Fighter 5.
That roster is still being finalized a year and a half after release.

I'm sorry guys, i've been quiet all this time but this is too much.

This type of treatment is so absurd, that i don't blame any developer for wanting to be as far as possible from any fandom or community based forum/social media. I can't stand anymore this posture that 90% of RE fans have, talking almost like every publisher and developer team are part of megalomaniac evil corporation that only wants our money. All of this without even considering every single individual who wants to create a great piece of work, that they truly believe in, put their hearts and souls on it, just for the sake of being toxic and spread hateful messages around the globe.

Personally, i think it's all the way around. Not only Capcom, but most of game developers sould be sick of the treatment that fans gives to them.

RE7 is a finished product. It's a single player, story driven experience on the perspective of Ethan Winter's character, wich is completely done after the game's completion. It has a ton of collectibles, files and unlockables if you want to play it again, plus the addition of the Madhouse difficulty that changes a lot of things.

I understand completely some's people negative reactions because of the lack of extra content, but the word "extra" is used there for a reason. After the end of the title, we understand who is Eveline, why is she there and what's her motivation. Who were the Bakers before, and how Mia got involved with all of this. The Not a Hero's chapter is an extra, just like Separate Ways on RE4 and many other modes that were incluided after the original version released.

The big difference here, is that Not a Hero is actually free, and the team decided to delay a free expansion, just because they want it to be good enough for the players. And yet, fans found a way to criticize it, just like they do with everything else.

You can say that Capcom should have launched RE7 with all this content, of course. But it's easy to demand that, you are a consumer, after all. Clearly, you didn't worked all this months on a single game, that was promoted as a single player experience. If you think that they have all the time in the world and money to spend creating more content, while trying to finish a new game until the next brutal deadline closes,'s not that simple.

Most of the developers nowadays sell a season pass and downloadable content, because developing a modern, AAA title, became very difficult. They just don't have the time, disponibility and resources to make everything they've want on the initial release. Making big games is too expensive now, and a risk, because it could end everything you've worked on if it doesn't make your budget back, and sometimes, even that is not enough.

This is the shitty reality that most people don't want to admit. It's easier to just complain and say mean things on the internet, while a developer is working in extreme conditions to deliver a title.

Nobody needs to like RE7, it's perfectly fine to criticize and judge other's people works, as long it's made on a respectful way. It's just not okay anymore to be ignorant about how everything works, or being aggressive towards anything just because you don't like it. People are better than this, and all we should want right now, is to create a better and less toxic community.

With that, many more great people would want to participate and engage with us, i'm sure of it.
Posted: Aug 11, 2017 14:48 

That's great to hear, and i hope this helps to clear a little bit the image of "Outlast 2.5", "P.T clone" and "VR gimmick" that some RE fans had until this day.

I'm very excited for TEW2, i'm playing the first one right now, and despite some problems, i think it has a lot of potential.
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 19:41 

That's great to hear, and i hope this helps to clear a little bit the image of "Outlast 2.5", "P.T clone" and "VR gimmick" that some RE fans had until this day.

To be fair, it was largely due to Capcom's marketing gaffe from the get go with that E3 trailer (which they acknowledged recently). It certainly fooled me, especially with the extremely lackluster demos leading to the final one.

I have a hard time believing that people still hold to this point of view after playing the finished game. Hell, it even mimicked the clunky combat from the original series well in first person.

While i understand part of some people's fears regarding RE7, it's more a matter of listening to the development team and being more acceptable from the start. It's almost like repeating history with the launch of Resident Evil 4.

Despite their differences, both titles suffered from fans saying it's not a RE worthy title. Some fans still propagate that RE4 was the downfall for the series, while others, even considering it one of the best games of all times, say that it's not a great Resident Evil title.

When RE7 was announced, i was shocked. There was no better feeling then knowing it was coming back to horror, but even more, it looked interesting, and honestly, good. From the little i knew, i was already invested on this new approach. Not long after the reveal, news released talking about how it wasn't a reboot, the story takes place after RE6 and they would scale back to a more intimate horror/survival feel.

Many fans didn't listen. The information was there, but some didn't trust it, or just ignore for the sake of being negative. So, not long after, they respond to the comments of it being a walk simulator saying that there was combat on the game, and they even hinted commenting that the axe was a preview of that.

I feel bad for people saying that the marketing was horrible, because it was so different and better than many modern games. The approach was to reveal little to the public for the sake of being an horror experience and surprise players when they experience it for the first time. I'm so glad that they didn't even show the first 30/40 minutes of the title, when it released i was so shocked by what happens at this part, and later seeing other people with the exact same reaction, it was amazing. It's hard to not spoil the experience when marketing a game, especially a horror game, where the surprises hits you so much harder when you don't know exactly what is going on, and what the title is capable of.

I thank Capcom for that format, they didn't lost me at any time waiting for RE7, and the speculation sorrounding it? What a journey. The team behind Resident Evil 7 wanted to evoke the same spirit from RE1 (not REmake), creating this environment that didn't reveal everything, so the mistery around the game led the players to questions like: what is this place? who are these people? how they do that? who is responsible for everything that is happening right now? what the fuck are those things? how this connects with the rest of the franchise?

For me, they accomplished that. Even with the demo, that i agree when people say it's different from the main game. It had to be, i was so glad to be surprised at launch. Plus, i always saw it as an community engagement experience (listening to the response from the public and playing a game with them), so it didn't bother me searching for some weird puzzles with the fandom, it was a blast.

The more i think about it, it's so easy to just express negativity without searching more, and abstract some simple things to understand what's really happening. I had so much fun waiting for RE7 and it didn't even disappoint it me after launch. Sure, it was very different from the last ten years of Resident Evil games, but that's why i like it so much.
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 7:59 

Good arguments, but one thing the demo did convey from the final game was atmosphere.

The "Go tell Aunt Rhody" teaser gave me goosbumps.
When the music reaches it's climax, and images representing the final game flash onscreen, like Evelyn in her chair it was like a high of sorts.

The problems people had with story presentation are understandable. But I always assumed everything linked somehow back to the series.

My biggest fear was it was going to be totally stand alone. And while it didn't connect things as much as, say 5,
building on the subtle hints from Umbrella Corp and potentialy bringing back the rival organization made me happy.

When I say the three simple letters "HCF" my jaw literally dropped. Was NOT expecting that.
Hopefully Capcom are planning a long range plot centered around BU.

Added the spoiler tags in case anyone reading somehow hasn't played it yet.

I'm very excited to know what they'll bring to the series next, if they expand correctly on this elements it will be amazing.

Mikami said that the first Evil Within was more on the style of RE4, and now from recent interviews he says that TEW2 will be more like Resident Evil 1, so i'm curious to see what RE will do now.

There is a chance of RE8 being the Resident Evil 2 of this trilogy. If they build upon 7 and add more complexity, like more enemy variety, bigger and open areas (contribuing to the feeling of being lost and discovering how it all connects, with secrects along the way), with random events like: Jack breaking the wall and the leg amputation it would be GOTY for sure.

It's hard to say right now. Maybe it will be very different from RE7, but we can only hope.
Posted: Aug 15, 2017 22:06 

Funny how the people who hate things are so much louder than the ones who like them.

Gives the impression the series is universaly despised.

Vocal minorities are always stronger than good impressions. The RE community is so divided and extreme by the tastes that it feels like whatever the situation is, whether it's the classic format with fixed cameras, action heavy on over the shoulder or horror focused with a intimate/immersive approach, it always has a negative reaction.

The series grew so much after 4, now we have many more people with different tastes. It's only natural that a specific group felt left behind after the change of focus, even if that allowed the franchise to survive for 20 years and still be revelant to this day.

Most of people just wants to play the type of game they know and like, wich is fair, but sometimes makes them ignore a new type of experience, from a great game.

I love REmake (wich is the peak of the series for me), i love RE2/RE4/RE5 and RE7 as well. Resident Evil is my favorite franchise, despite being action or horror. Only 6 was a little bit too much for me, but Vendetta and Operation Raccon City are on the bottom too, sadly.

Different titles for different tastes, it's hard to see so much hate behind all those games. Each one of them has it's own charm. Even with their flaws, they're great for what Capcom was aiming for at the time.
 Post subject: Re: Thanks Thread
Posted: Aug 27, 2017 18:44 

That's an amazing thread, i'm very grateful to be in this community. I didn't saw this many people trying to be together and willing to talk despite their differences in a looooooong time.

Evil Resident, An Herb Sanwich, Dark_Chris, You Died, News Bot, Smiley, Rombie and all the mods that keep this running, each single one of you and all people that i have yet to meet, thank you for showing me a great example of dicusssion and friendship through something that we all love. It's been a pleasure!

Special thanks to Weskers Report for always talking to me and his effort/patience to understand others without fighting, you have a heart of gold!

But also, thanks to CVXfreak, the man that brought me here and has been an incredible amount of inspiration for me in the past year. You are the man!
 Post subject: Re: RE2 Remake wishlist
Posted: Aug 27, 2017 19:07 

My wishlist:

- Make it REmake style and not first person.
- The A/B modes were great replayability, I'd like to see those stay.
- If they could manage over-the-shoulder camera without changing the classic RE feel too much, I say go for it.
- Don't make it suck. =[

That's something i was thinking about too. My first option would be fixed camera angles, but i wouldn't be outraged, neither discard the game if it is first Person or over-the-shoulder.

Especially if it's like RE4, tank controls with TPS style and no movement while aiming, just without the melee attacks/combat. I think it should work as well, just some parts would need to be changed, and maybe that's not a good idea...

My only wish is that they realise what they are messing with an cancel it.

Seriously. I hate being negative about this whole thing, but to me Bio2 is Raiders of the Lost Ark quality. It's a lightning in a bottle moment that can never be captured again. It was happy accident that came out of the failure of 1.5. From a development hell that turning into something truly timeless and phenomenal.

We've already seen what happens when Capcom try to retell the events of this game, we got Darkside Chronicles, which had Ada with a rocket powered lipstick.

Others summarized it pretty well, but i think that RE2 could be appreciated from a new generation, people that wouldn't come back and play the original version because of the limitations of that time.

But again, i agree that RE2 is already an insanely good title, but i can see people from 2002 thinking the same thing with Resident Evil 1, and there is a possibility of making a great, modernized and definitive version of the sequence. If you don't trust Capcom, it's better to just wait and see.

We can't guarantee you right now that it will be great, but seeing how Hirabayashi and Anpo are dealing with this project, them seeing how REmake was incredibly well made and knowing that RE2 is the favorite game of many people, i think they will at least respect the original content.

Also, i forgot to mention on the post, but Resident Evil 2 was the first title from the franchise that Hirabayashi ever played. He was on our perspective too, and it's always good to hear that he had the same experience, as a fan.
 Post subject: Re: RE2 Remake wishlist
Posted: Aug 30, 2017 4:25 

The Resident Evil 2 Remake project kicked off two years by now, from what we've heard, around august 2015. It's been a long and quiet wait, with almost non-existent response from Capcom while the R&D Division 1 is working hard to finish it. Right now all we have is basically, speculation.

You assume greatly that they are working hard on it, but there is no guarantees that that has taken place or that development hasn't been paused for other projects or even stopped and restarted because they weren't happy with the direction.

This is why every time I see people whining about nothing new being announced I cringe, because it doesn't automatically mean they have actually anything to show yet. It might literally have only been in the last few months they started putting something together for all we know. Or it's been replanned from scratch and we won't see anything for another year or two. Or it could be next week. Who knows.

My only wish is that they realise what they are messing with an cancel it.

Seriously. I hate being negative about this whole thing, but to me Bio2 is Raiders of the Lost Ark quality. It's a lightning in a bottle moment that can never be captured again. It was happy accident that came out of the failure of 1.5. From a development hell that turning into something truly timeless and phenomenal.

We've already seen what happens when Capcom try to retell the events of this game, we got Darkside Chronicles, which had Ada with a rocket powered lipstick.
Than ignore it and play original. Jesus it's not that hard.

I'm fine with the idea of a RE2 Remake myself, but you have no right to tell him this as if he can't say it. If he doesn't like the idea of a remake he's entitled to his opinion on why it shouldn't happen, and this is a discussion forum last I looked. He gave a justified reason why he's not looking forward to it. It's not like he just came in here and said 'It's a shit idea' and that was all was said. Then I might understand.

And even being optimistic there is plenty of reasons to believe it could be bad. Capcom hasn't had a great track record with remaking parts of RE2 in other forms, and there are strong chances that they might not be able to repeat the REmake - simply because even that existed in a specific time. If the RE2 remake at all comes out like that I'll be shocked because the gameplay of the original game just doesn't work for a modern audience - the sales of RE5 and 6 alone should show this. So in that case it is even a remake of the game rather than just a retelling again?

Also for all this song and dance about 'well such and such is on this page and will tell the game because they're a fan' is silly. It'll come down to the whole production design, what management decide will sell, and everything. While I am sure they will try their best - this isn't the days of Mikami anymore where Capcom will defer to a creators vision above possible profits. Those days are well gone.

Here's the thing, i think there is a big difference between saying that someone shouldn't be worried, make a wait and see approach while being cautious with expectations, and saying that you don't need to be express negativity and be toxic talking about something you know little about around the community.

All we have right now, just like i said before, is speculation. We don't know how development is progressing, what is happening inside Capcom or what direction they are taking with this project. This thread is about wishlists, things that you want to see on this remake and hopes you have for when it actually arrives.

Nothing here is pointed as facts, and as fans, we should all know how to manage expectations before it gets out of hand.

The big difference, is that game development is often very different comparing with the player's mindset. It's such an nebulous and distant area that sometimes, people think it's best to make assumptions, and even more frequent than that, express some type of negativity around, treating all video game companies as evil, megalomaniac corporations that just wants our money.

Yes, big companies needs our money, that's obvious. They need that to not only maintain themselves, but grow and get bigger with time, everyone knows that. But it's a big stretch to see them just like this. We can't just ignore that Inside those companies, each individual actually counts, and their own way of seeing and doing things, matter as well.

Creative minds and game developers that wants us to experience great games, doing something that they actually love, are inside all big corporations that we know. You may question their impact on AAA titles as a whole, but they have influence on their projects.

Seeing closer to RE7 development made me learn a lot about gaming development and the people that makes games. There is so much things that people assume about this title and it's all different from reality, it's just absurd. Watching everybody saying that Resident Evil 7 went to a horror because of recent horror games and that's why they tried to mimic that success alone, while modern horror titles are struggling to reach profits like open-world, shooters, multiplayer and action based games, it makes me sad. Besides The Evil Whithin, what others AAA horror games are out there these days? All i can see is indie titles trying to survive in the wild.

Reading about Jun Takeuchi having a hard time convincing the business side to not make RE7 an open-world title, with no co-op and multiplayer because he believed on his vision and thought that it would make a great game, and they actually approving it, tells a lot about how Capcom and many other game companies are not focusing only on money.

Actually, recently, EA, the most "mean" game company said that they value more critic and player's response than sales, because of the image of their franchises, and that's why they dropped Mass Effect: Andromeda (wich sold at least 4-5 million copies around the world) single-player support and got the franchise on a hiatus for now. Here's the result of the best gaming sales through the year on June by the NPD:

This "Capcom just care about money" argument is just from an angry/disappointed type of player perspective, wich thinks it's completely valid but actually, it's not.

John Wolfe a.k.a. "Harshlycritical" summarized it pretty well after his playthrough of Resident Evil 7, wich surprised me a lot:

You may not agree with his opinion about the game and first person titles, that's completely debatable, but his way of seeing the industry scenario is surprisingly well thought and put together.

Anyhow, the same goes to RE2 Remake. You can speculate and think whatever you want, but being negative about details that you can't even know at the time, expressing strong feelings based only on your mindset about Capcom and big companies, it'll make players worried and toxic towards the game.

It's completely okay to be cautious and not expect much based on your experience, just don't try to express it like a fact. Hirabayashi, Anpo and the third director are tying their best to make justice for the original, there is no reason to call them out before more info arrives.

*Edit : just to be clear, i've made that comparison with how RE7 was made and the public's reception of the game, because it goes exactly well with the argument that Capcom won't make RE2 Remake like a classic survival horror, or even more approachable to original fans because of how well it would sell. It might feels a little bit out of place on this thread, but i hope that people can see what i meant.
Posted: Aug 31, 2017 9:45 

Love this thread, nice work EvilResident!

I've been playing some recent games on my backlog that i couldn't before, and two of them got my atention, much more than any others:

*Alien Isolation is basically the go-to if you liked RE7, it applies the same formula and does amazing things with the Xenomorph chasing you around the spaceship. The atmosphere and atention to the detail is incredible, leaving you with tension while searching for resources and exploring around an oppressive environment, just like classic RE. There are other types of enemies that can get to you, like crazy/aggressive survivors or those creepy robots that will hunt you around some areas, and the combat is great, leaving you always wanting more items and scared because you can't really kill your worst enemy.

*SOMA is a different type of horror game, it has that format from Clock Tower/Outlast that you'll need to hide from enemies, but it does different things with death and the frustration of being caught. It's much more a story-driven type of title, but it does an incredible job on making you feeling alone and isolated, creating a sense of being helpless that is very unique. The exploration is a big part on this game, with the story being revealed on documents and pieces of the environment, wich makes things more interesting for a title without combat. The story itself is one of my favorites from any horror games to date, it talks about very sensitive subjects and the fear of death/disappear from this world, with an ending that got me thinking a lot more about this.
 Post subject: Re: RE2 Remake wishlist
Posted: Aug 31, 2017 9:20 

Here's the thing, i think there is a big difference between saying that someone shouldn't be worried, make a wait and see approach while being cautious with expectations, and saying that you don't need to be express negativity and be toxic talking about something you know little about around the community.

This thread is about wishlists, things that you want to see on this remake and hopes you have for when it actually arrives.

Who was being toxic here though? Someone made a constructive response to the point of the topic saying they are concerned the remake is pointless and he was hit with basically the equivalent of "U don't like it? STFU and just play your original" basically. There was nothing constructive in that original response.

Also wishing it doesn't go ahead for justified reasons is still a valid wish for a wish list.

Nothing here is pointed as facts, and as fans, we should all know how to manage expectations before it gets out of hand.

On this I agree. The thing is looking at a number of threads around here of late, I feel like there is many people here who not only don't know how to manage their expectations alone but can't even deal with several game events with no new information on new titles before they're already blowing that out of proportions. But that complaining that the company owes them news and details is much different that having an opinion about something coming out.

You keep saying 'don't be negative before you know all the facts' - but in this case you can already be for or against a remake under those exact points. Once more is out sure someone might change their mind about what they see, but inherently they are more than welcome to say they think it's a bad idea. And none of you have the right to say that's not allowed around here.

The big difference, is that game development is often very different comparing with the player's mindset. It's such an nebulous and distant area that sometimes, people think it's best to make assumptions, and even more frequent than that, express some type of negativity around, treating all video game companies as evil, megalomaniac corporations that just wants our money.

Yes, big companies needs our money, that's obvious. They need that to not only maintain themselves, but grow and get bigger with time, everyone knows that. But it's a big stretch to see them just like this. We can't just ignore that Inside those companies, each individual actually counts, and their own way of seeing and doing things, matter as well.


I think you've totally misread my intent in what I replied with. This has nothing to do with the exactness of profits above all, just rather Capcom - just like most gaming companies these days - just doesn't run as an auteur/leader decisions only based company where only the games Director's and Producers decide large and large amounts like they used to. The budgets are bigger and the risks higher, and so all games have many more facets pulling at them and more people to please and answer to than ever before.

In this case, as I said, it's all well and good the development team have a track record and noble goals to honor the original game - but unlike Mikami on the GC version of the remake, they have indeed much more boxes to tick and more people to please than he likely ever did. Alone the existence of this comes from Hirabayashi having to create a design document and pitch the project to senior operations staff - this wasn't something the company designated. And it took multiple attempts to get a green light from his own accounts.

Secondly, also as I said, the gameplay style is an inherent issue of modern day gaming. I love my original games - I've been with the franchise since the start and you could ask any of the seniors around here it's legitimate when I say the originals are still my favorites. But I'm not blind to the fact that for Capcom to make something that resonates with both fans wanting to return to RE2 AND encourage later franchise gamers to pick it up, a version of RE2 now can't be anything like the original. REmake arrived six years after the original when Capcom still wanted to make RE games new with fixed angles. And no matter how well the REmake and Zero HD did, they aren't the sales that RE4, 5, 6, or even 7 got - so how will it equate to the how the Remake was to the original. It simply just can't. And I doubt the upper management will approve any such "retro" event.

You also have to take into account the same issue was as much as RE stagnated around that era as far as progression went on gameplay, it was just what it was at the time. Main games were main games, spin off's were spin offs. Now main games have changed their mechanics, and side games sometimes offer various styles for different parts of the gameplays history. The franchise has lost a specific identity of what exactly it is. So that makes deciding how RE2 should play a very difficult decision. Certainly staff at Capcom were probably hopeful some title would rise above all these lately and give them a definitive answer, but instead you've got most of the games selling well but not great - and the one game most critically panned selling second best in the series, just only behind the top seller which was also more action oriented.

Without knowing exactly how Takeuchi went through the process of 7 I can't talk much about it (I know the history of their pitch reels and what you mentioned) but that's par for the course in having to go to battle for any project. And that's not saying RE7 didn't take risks or do something different. But we also know Capcom had higher hopes than it's achieved currently and when you do compare it to the sales of 4, and 5 and 6 especially - I'm sure there was some disappointed staff and management at Capcom.

Take in point that I've talked to Anpo personally when Rev2 was coming out and I had a long conversation about this fact of the franchise being so fractured in what it wants to be, especially after RE6.

Rev2 was considered a bridge title that they believed was the best of both worlds between scares and action. And it's lowered budget allowed them to create something more they wanted to see than senior staff at the company would have allowed otherwise - it wasn't such a big risk.

But a remake of one of the most beloved games in the franchise? I don't think you can deny a remake will come with a lot more baggage and the company will want whoever is making it to get it right. There is going to be a lot more eyes on the project and a lot of people telling other people what to do to make that happen. Hell thats why you have three project leads working on it. That's just a simple truth.

That's a type of response that you can't simply deny how it makes the discussion grow and get to new levels of conversation.

When we talk about a project based on one of the beloved games of all time, it gets even harder when we realize that people get attached on very different elements through the series. RE for some is about survival, atmospheric horror. For others, it's a masterpiece of action games, with incredible animations and melee combat. It could be the fear of the unknown, the unerving tension of walking a long hallway, the amazing set pieces with scripted and well made execution, the cheesy lines and funny/beloved characters, or even a package with all those elements.

Thinking about what this Remake should be, what they need to focus and left behind after 20 years of very distinct games, it makes me worried as well. I understand TyranT fears because i have them too, i think RE2 is such an untouchable and amazing title, it's hard not be concerned about how Capcom will handle it. It's completely valid to prefer the game how it was, without the need of modernizing it because it's already great.

Personally, i think that REmake is the peak of the franchise, an achievement that probably will never be surpassed. All my hopes for the Resident Evil 2 Remake is that they will follow the same direction and make something on the same veins, or craft something different that will blow our expectations (wich is insanely hard to believe for now).

I'm a very passionate person with the RE franchise, an enthusiast with videogames and content creation, because i know how much harder it is to work on this area and make something good. But for a consumer, that just wants to play a title that they love, it's more than valid to not be optimistic while waiting any type of work, even more considering the history of Capcom. It's my choice to express positivity and expect great things from this project.

The only thing that made me talk about it, is the thought of "they shouldn't be working because i know it won't be for me based on my experience", it basically implies that if a title isn't for you, it shouldn't exist. It may not be his intention, but it looks like, because of a great version of the game is out there already, a new generation/players with different tastes don't need to experience on their own way. If RE2 Remake came out as something that i don't really like, or even hate, but many other people appreciate and enjoy, experiencing a version of Resident Evil 2 that they couldn't before, i'll know that this project was justified. As i said before, it may not reflect TyranT's thoughts exactly, but it seems a little selfish to say that a remake shouldn't be made because you don't want to.

While it's valid as his own opinion, i think that a new version of RE2 is more than justified to exist if it will make more people happy and enjoy new things. Personally, i just hope that it'll be a modernized/definitive version of the classic, with respectiful additions and the same feeling of the original, but it's hard to blindly expect this knowing how big Resident Evil became.

I do believe that just saying "you have the original already, shut up and go play it" it's the worse kind of response to his opinion as well, so if any of you two thought that i agreed with that, i owe you both an apology.

Also, what you said about gaming development and how it's risky/hard to make an project like this, these days, was an amazing complement and addition to this thoughts. Thanks for that.

Well, back to the topic, i like the idea of R.P.D. being a HUB area with more sections outside, but i think they need to be careful with that. What i got playing RE2, is that the city is completely lost.

Zombies everywhere and chaos from every point of view. I love the feeling that, despite being not safe either, the police station is the only way to escape from that hell and stay "relatively" safe, just like with the dogs on RE1/REmake. The arms comig out of the windows and the jumpscare of zombies entering your room while opening the door just shows how you can't really go back outside.

But in another topic, i would love to see they expanding Brian Iron's plot. It's one of the creepiest things on the entire series for me. That section on the basement...that music...

The room with his "trophies" and all those people he killed, it's so disturbing that it made me feel sick after playing it.
Posted: Sep 05, 2017 18:58 

Fair enough, however i'm not accepting that. If what Golem said is true and this was unintentional, not only does that contradict Nakanishi's explanation, it also makes no fucking sense whatsoever. If Capcom were truly dissatisfied with the final look of Chris, they'd simply do what they could after the fact to make him resemble Chris as they originally wanted.

Since they haven't done that, either it isn't him or, more likely, it was intentional as said by Nakanishi.

Maybe you are aiming at something different here, what Dusk said about being "unintentional" probably is directly related with them choosing this actor. They wanted someone who looks like Chris and they thought that David Vaughn could do the job, based solely on his appearance.

But the change to actual actors, like Nakanishi already said, was intentional. The team didn't wanted Chris looking off putting or strange by using his original 3D model on a engine based on photogrammetry, it would be odd for players and it wouldn't blend with the rest of their work.

You are free to believe on everything you want, but game development is often an nebulous area and consumers may think it's always more simple than it actually is. But the sad truth is, many of us will never truly know. Dusk on the other hand, he has a great relashionship with people who work on that area, so it's a bit different for him.
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