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Posted: Jan 06, 2018 6:04

Time for Fallout , the popular game series set 200 or so years after a nuclear war.
Considering how massive this series is, don't expect my lists to be completely comprehensive. I will cover only those monsters I consider most creative, ghastly, and cool looking. Giant insects and animals are not included, so no Radscorpions, Giant Mole Rats, Bloatflies, etc.

Monsters in Fallout are mutant creatures that are the result of radiation exposure from the nuclear fallout, or Pre-war lab experiments that escaped and reproduced in the wasteland. This post will cover radiation mutants, and a second one will cover engineered ones.

Radiation Mutants, part 1 : Brahmim - Two headed cows used as beasts of labor by wastlanders.
Bighorner - Derived from Big Horn Sheep.
Mongrel - While some dogs are comparatively unaltered by radiation, some (like humans) are more affected than others. Mongrels are the mutant variety, and feral packs hunt in the wasteland.
Radstag - Two headed deer.
Ghoul - Humans who are heavily irradiated will either die or become Ghouls. Some Ghouls are still sane and capable of reasonable thought, but others have degenerated into hostile animals (Feral Ghouls). Both types are healed by radiation, and can live hundreds of years.
Ghoul (sane) - Still mentally human, but commonly treated as lesser beings by the non-Ghoul wastelanders (or "Smoothskins"). They rarely have hair exeeding whisps, have no noses or exterior ears, and are covered in radiation burns and necrotic skin.
Feral Ghoul - Essentially zombies. While they can be found outside, they prefer dark areas, like old buildings or underground areas.
Radiation Mutants, part 2 : Mirelurk - Mutant crustaceans, they come in several varieties based on the species they are descendants of, but all species live together and even interbreed. Mirelurk (standard) - Descendants of crabs, these have a variety of appearances. Some have an extra set of claws, others have a darker shell. Some walk on typical crab legs, others on legs greatly resembling those of a human.
Mirelurk Hatchling - Hatched from eggs presumably laid by a Queen, these are violent themselves, but have low attack power. About the size of Radroaches (or small dogs).
Mirelurk Hunter - Mutated from Lobsters. These spit acid.
Lakelurk - Living together in and around lakes or amongst other Mirelurks, these humanoid creatures are descendants of turtles. They have a sonic attack. Called "Mirelurk King" in Fallout 3 , but this was retconned in Fallout: New Vegas .
Mirelurk King - Mutated from frogs, these have taken the title "Mirelurk King" from Lakelurks in Fallout 4 .
Mirelurk Queen - Enormous Mirelurk mothers that spit acid, launch eggs, and crush anything in their path.
Nukalurk - Mirelurks that live in water contaminated with Nuka Cola Quantum, a pre-war soft drink. Due to an isotope found in the drink, they glow blue.
Yao Guai - Mutant bears, named by Chinese prisoners in the US. They might be Ghouls.
Radiation Mutants, part 3 : Slurper - Salamanders in Far Harbor.
Angler - Likely descendants of Angler fish, these use the lures on their heads (which look like fruit that grows from the surface of water) to ambush prey by submerging themselves.
Fog Crawler - Giant Shrimp. These hunt in the radioactive fog of Far Harbor, and are the toughest enemy type in all of Fallout 4 .
Bloodworm - Mutated bloodworms are about the size of a fully grown human. Their larvae infest Brahmin corpses, and burst out to attack nearby targets. Able to burrow underground and sporting four-pronged mouths, these are similar to the RE3 Gravedigger.
Trog - Humans in the final stages of infection with the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (or TDC). TDC is a disease native to the settlement known as "The Pitt" (post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh), created by a mixture of radiation and the pollutants/toxins found in the area. While early stages are characterized by skin lesions, in mid-stages the chemical makeup of the brain is altered, turning people into the savage "Wildmen". Wildmen eventually degenerate into Trogs - hideous quadropetes that feed on human flesh. They are sensitive to light, and so are kept out of The Pitt by spotlights. But if power ever went out...
They can be heard speaking occasionally, usually begging to be killed, and let out sounds of relief upon death.
Tunneler - Creatures found in the Divide. After the eruption of a nuclear warhead still in it's silo, the ground split open, and these began to pour out. Natural creatures or underground mutants, they are expanding their territory to the surface, threatening everyone. While hunting in groups, they can rip apart Deathclaws with ease. They look like Sleestack from Land of the Lost , and reuse Trog animations.
Swampfolk - Denizens of Point Lookout who have mutated in response to radiation and inbreeding.
Many enemies in Fallout 4 have "Glowing" subtypes. These are so saturated with radiation that they glow green, and do radiation damage to enemies. Before this game, the only Glowing enemies were the "Glowing Ones", Ghouls (usually Feral, but not always) that can emit large blasts of radiation capable of healing and reviving other Ghouls.

Stay tuned for a second part.
Posted: Jan 06, 2018 6:34 

Guys, i just had a strange epiphany that is so weird and probably unrealistic that i need to post here:

What if "The Connections" is just a fake name without real organizations behind it, just a excuse invented by the own Umbrella to have a real motivation to intervene, erase their past involvement and get Eveline?

Umbrella tried to make contact with Lucas through this fake name and agenda, making him study the virus for them and letting the Baker family to be the perfect controlled scenario to test the weapon's capabilities and a outbreak accident, while cautiously trying to get her back by using him.

When Ethan showed up things got completely out of control and especially, he would be the one alive to tell the story. So they went there with Chris and their real name to save everyone, and promote their "good guy" image and reputation while getting what they wanted. It's the perfect scenario for them.

This is just a weird idea that popped up in my mind and i actually would never believe that it's real, but it could be a cool twist as everybody knows that his blue Umbrella is not so good after all.

NB had the same idea a while ago. It would definitely be a cool twist.
Posted: Sep 09, 2017 12:13 

Even without this information, Umbrella's connections with Raccoon City and major bio-terrorist attacks is well known to public as you guys are saying? Don't get me wrong, it's a real question. Because from what i know, it was all covered up from the government. Adam Benford died trying to reveal the truth behind Racoon City, so if they didn't reveal after RE6, people don't actually know what happened there, at least not the whole truth.

Comparing to a "ISIS" flag being a RE fan and knowing everything that they did is fine, but actual civilians inside RE's universe know what we know? I can't say for sure because i'm not very educated with the franchise's lore, but someone here could answer that for me.
Umbrella was publicly found guilty by the US government of being behind Raccoon. Benford wanted to expose the government's cooperation with Umbrella (they were their biggest customers/sponsors).

The public knows Umbrella created the first BOWs, but they likely do not know that it was founded on that basis. Meaning they probably think only some of Umbrella was crooked. They knew enough that Neo-Umbrella was named to strike fear into people.

@EvilResident. Oh I know all that it's just hard to swallow all this.
some fans even think the writing for the series is so bad it's reached fan fiction level.
I say let's wait and see how this all unfolds.
The only part hard to swallow is the name, but we don't even have the full story yet.
Playing 7 again, I am reminded of how masterfully it was put together. I trust the devs.
 Post subject: Re: Did You Know?
Posted: Dec 14, 2017 9:58 

Kevin Ryman wrote:
Weskers Report wrote:
S.T.A.R.S. were their link inside authority essentially.

Irons was their link as well, at least from the backstage.

And the mayor.
 Post subject: Re: RE Fanbase Gripes
Posted: Jan 08, 2018 8:04 

The funniest part about this is how there was a time when some fans actually believed that RE4 is the result of "executive meddling", where the "suits" and the "higher ups" of Capcom ordered Mikami to change the game mechanics against the will of Mikami and his team.

And then you get posts like "give the series back to Mikami", "Mikami will return to fix RE" and people talking about "freedom of artistic expression".

But then it was revealed that RE4 is the result of Mikami & co.'s "artistic freedom".
Mikami and Kobayashi have been saying since 2004 about how they were tired of the classic RE format and a lot of people seem to have missed this, despite being old news.
Suddenly, everybody who used the whole "artistic freedom" as a moral high ground against change in RE stopped talking about it.

All because it fits their agenda. They want something they can use to rally against CAPCOM, and cling to it, true or not. They want something to validate their complaints.

You’re not, I use to be like that.

I appreciate all the games in the series now for what they are as they all have something to offer.

It's perfectly fine with me if you or anyone else dislikes any of them. Just the vocal minority that ruins it for everyone else by spamming forums with the same complaints over and over that bothers me.
Don't see that much at Biohaze, which I'm thankful for.
 Post subject: Re: RE Fanbase Gripes
Posted: Jan 07, 2018 19:44 

I think a big part of my problem with this fanbase is how picky and narrow minded it is.

"RE is not RE unless it does exactly what I want it to. That means this specific camera style, Zombies, no hallucinations, no other science fiction elements (AI, cloning, lasers, etc), a very specific amount of action (little or large), realism (despite that being dropped by CV, or even earlier, debatably), etc."

I have seen endless, childish rants over every single one of those examples more times than I can count. It's like acid reflux when I think about it. If it weren't for a very select few sites, I would wash my hands of the whole community.

Sorry if I come across as condescending or anything saying that. I'm just tired of it.
Posted: Nov 22, 2017 10:17 

I was against that idea too, it would be a waste to kill off Chris after all he's been through.
I was against the idea simply because of the lingering loose ends between him and Jill.
After that, it could work. It wouldn't waste the lives he's saved, and it would feel natural at this point: dedicates his life to the fight, dies in the fight.
Posted: Nov 22, 2017 18:22 

I'm glad we can discuss such things here without people overreacting and turning things into a "nuh uh, this character is the best/worst and can't be used in any way I don't like" type of thing.

I was relieved when he wasn't killed in 6, btw. Not saying I was happy it was Piers, but I was happy it was Piers.
Posted: Sep 26, 2017 11:45 

I'm just glad I started this thread. I can't believe how much it has grown in just a couple days.
NaH megathread would have been bloated.
Posted: Jan 07, 2018 19:16 

Rott Klein? lol "HEY MISTA!"

Made these off the top of my head, so the difficulty curve is all over the place. The questions marked with "be specific" require more than two worded answers to qualify.

1. Albert Wesker was an avid war enthusiast during his days with STARS, as well as participating in what hobby?

2. Biohazard became Resident Evil outside Japan for what reason? (be specific)

3. How many canon games do not feature crows of any sort? Name them.

4. Who extracts Chris and Jill in Resident Evil: Revelations?

5. Marguerite Baker represents what sub genre?

6. Who was Jessica speaking with in Jessica's report?

7. One scrapped idea involving Ada in RE6 would have her all this time being... (be specific)

8. What turned Jill's hair blonde?

9. RE5 was largely inspired by what movie?

10. Claire's TerraSave companion in Heavenly Island was named what?
 Post subject: Re: The Wesker Conundrum
Posted: Aug 09, 2017 10:29 

It's impressive how RE5 brought you guys into the series and already spreaded the magic of the RE story by making you feel interested for the characters and whole RE universe.
I started with RE1 but RE5 was a really well made game in every single aspect of it.
Yeah, this is a pretty unique way to get into the series compared to those of us who have been following it since the mid-90's. A lot of us viewed RE5 through the lens of already being long-time fans of the series but it's interesting to hear the perspective of those who started with it. I think it was a good game for sure, but it felt like less horror and more action so if I'm going to complain about anything, it's that. Although you don't get the same feeling anymore, playing the originals when they were fresh and new really did give off a scary vibe that's hard to capture nowadays. I miss that part but the universe still means a lot to me.
I definitely see were your coming from.

I have been a fan of horror since I was 4.
Growing up, I had toys of monsters that were actually from RE, without knowing it!
I also liked Lickers and Nemesis from the Anderson films at first.

My first experience with the series was with Deadly Silence.
I got to the intro to the first zombie and turned it off in panic lol
I also watched a friend of mine play a small bit of 4.
The Regenorators freaked me out in the perfect way.

5 was what hooked me, but I already saw RE as a horror franchise.
Even 6 had horror themes and elements.

I guess what I'm getting at is, I think RE works as Action Horror as well as Survival Horror, but i will always love it for what it is: unique.
Posted: Aug 09, 2017 16:27 

I'm actually glad the guy who did the dlc for the first one is more involved with this one.
He did a better job than Mikami imo.
 Post subject: Re: Most hilarious villain?
Posted: Aug 10, 2017 4:47 

Alfred came across as mad as a hatter.
Irving seemed slimy and crooked.

Salazar... is a Napoleon cosplayer.

By the way, RipvanX, I like your avatar pic.
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 15:12 

Weskers second report says Birkin envisioned and made the Hunter.
Wesker would know the truth, considering his involvement.

You're talking about this bit.

Away from Spencer's true goal, at that time Birkin devised a Bio Organic Weapon emphasizing combat abilities. It was to create "them" by incorporating not only the t-Virus' genetic manipulation, but also the genetic information of other creatures.
A "Bio Organic Weapon for combat" later called "Hunter" which exterminates humans who escape the onset of infection or possess anti-viral weapons and equipment.
However, the experiment had to be interrupted for a while.
It was to protect the test subjects from Birkin.

You have to take into account that there's a reason Capcom made this 'Wesker's Report,' as in written from a certain person's (Albert) perspective.
It's not from Capcom themselves, therefore not 100% official, its from a point of view.

Furthermore, if you scroll down to the next paragraph, interestingly, look what you see.

With his meaningless haste, Birkin began to take erratic actions against Alexia.

Birkin may have very well took credit for the Hunter's creation to help him against his rivalry with Alexia.

Wesker wrote the report for his own eyes, his own notes. So he may have just written this part to discredit Marcus, I can picture him getting a smirk every time he reads it.
shoehorning words into his report like 'devised' as if Birkin carefully prepped their creation for years when there's absolutely nothing to suggest any complexity involving a Hunter's creation with the T Virus, Dr. Marcus was easily capable of doing such:

It was caused by the nature of the T-Virus.
Although the t-Virus variant for manufacturing Zombies and Hunters was adaptable for most humans , there was a problem which eroded brain tissue.
If a certain amount of intelligence couldn't be maintained, they couldn't become a Tyrant.
Just because any human would do for infection doesn't mean Hunters were easy to make.
If they were, Umbrella would have finished making them long before the mansion incident.
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 7:31 

Good arguments, but one thing the demo did convey from the final game was atmosphere.

The "Go tell Aunt Rhody" teaser gave me goosbumps.
When the music reaches it's climax, and images representing the final game flash onscreen, like Evelyn in her chair it was like a high of sorts.

The problems people had with story presentation are understandable. But I always assumed everything linked somehow back to the series.

My biggest fear was it was going to be totally stand alone. And while it didn't connect things as much as, say 5,
building on the subtle hints from Umbrella Corp and potentialy bringing back the rival organization made me happy.

When I saw the three simple letters "HCF" my jaw literally dropped. Was NOT expecting that.
Hopefully Capcom are planning a long range plot centered around BU.

Added the spoiler tags in case anyone reading somehow hasn't played it yet.
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 9:06 

I decided to make an argument for the C-virus, and why I think it is not inconsistent or random:

Each of C's mutations can all be attributed to the T, G, and T-Veronica viruses.
The "DNA mutation factor" of T was combined with the weakened T-Veronica to create t-02. t-02 eliminated the need for the cryogenic adaption period. This would mean it could create powerfull super soldiers influenced by both viruses without brain damage, or J'avo. They would retain the flamable blood of T-Veronica, and develop insect like eyes.

t-02 was then combined with the weakened strain of G found in Sherry Birkin. G amplified the V-act process, causing hosts to mutate in response to damage, and more than once, unlike many Tyrants, Crimson Heads, and Lickers. G also allowed host cells to change on the most basic level, creating entirely new organisms (compare G-1 to G-5). These characteristics were carried over to t-02, creating the first strain of C. J'avo could now instantaniosly regenerate from otherwise fatal wounds. This often resulted in missing parts being replaced with new kinds of tissue, comprised of the insect DNA found in T-Veronica.

The J'avo were not immortal, however. Their bodies could only heal so fast, as shown with Bindi. The T-Veronica virus also caused internal body temperature to increase as the body was dealt damage, eventually causing the combustable blood to incinerate the host. This was not always the case, however, as shown with Complete Mutation Species.

Complete Mutation is where the powers of G are fully harnessed in ways even Birkin couldn't envision. When a host was near death, a sort of V-ACT would occur, causing the G element of C to completely rewrite host cells, essentialy creating a new organism with the body mass of the old. At first, and by default, these mutations would be random, like G. The outer layers of the hosts would burn and harden into a Chrysilis, while the rest of the body was disolved, then recreated as a new being.

Carla and company capitalized on this. Like the t-virus, C could bond cells from different organisms, creating complex chimeras. By inserting the DNA of different animals into C, they could create hunter-like monsters with very little effort. Even more drastic than hunters, actually, thanks to C being able to essentially turn hosts into putty, that could be reshaped into anything the user with the right know-how could want. This led to the whole clone thing, as well as the creation of highly specialized and powerfull BOWs, such as Brzak, Ogroman, Napads, Illujia, Strelats, etc..

Then there's C-Zombies. The Lepotica CMS (Complete Mutation Species) discovered during Project Ada carried a mutant strain of C that was field tested with Nanan (C-16), then refined into a powerfull BOW. This strain of C largely relied on the T-virus within it, creating a Zombie mutation. These Zombies could also be created from corpses, like G-Zombies. C-Zombies appeared to have less brain damage than regular T-Zombies (I know that's not an official name, but I like the sound of it), likely due to C solving that particular problem. Thus, C-Zombies were more intelligent, and had greater motor controll. Another attribute unique to C-Zombies is that they appear to have greater mutagenic potential, again due to C. This leads to irregular mutants such as the Whopper, Shrieker, and Bloodshot.

A common complaint I hear is the camoflage abilities of Illujia (I'm probably misspelling all sorts of things). This monster was a crafted BOW, and as such could very well have had this ability programed in. Or it could be a freak mutation, as is common with anything in this series. How could the Albiniod generate electricity, for example.

In conclusion, each ability shown by the C virus can be explained fairly well. The writers put a fair amount of effort into it. Just because it is a sort of jack-of-all-trades virus doesn't make it inconsistent.

Enhanced C, on the other hand...
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 15:09 

Complete Mutation is where the powers of G are fully harnessed in ways even Birkin couldn't envision.

I guess Carla was more brilliant than Birkin and Alexia?
So anything coming out of these Chrysalids have enhanced G then.
To be fair, she used Birkin and Alexia's work as a starting point. Like she continued what they started.

Then there's C-Zombies. The Lepotica CMS (Complete Mutation Species) discovered during Project Ada carried a mutant strain of C that was field tested with Nanan (C-16), then refined into a powerfull BOW. This strain of C largely relied on the T-virus within it, creating a Zombie mutation. These Zombies could also be created from corpses, like G-Zombies. C-Zombies appeared to have less brain damage than regular T-Zombies (I know that's not an official name, but I like the sound of it), likely due to C solving that particular problem. Thus, C-Zombies were more intelligent, and had greater motor controll. Another attribute unique to C-Zombies is that they appear to have greater mutagenic potential, again due to C. This leads to irregular mutants such as the Whopper, Shrieker, and Bloodshot.

Right, these all came to fruition during the Ada clone project.
I think the standard C zombies are pretty much T zombies no? Don't see much more intelligence here.
This could explain how we see zombies in the crypt though.
What did you mean by G Zombie? Also we never see Lepotista, Whoppers or Shriekers, Bloodshots coming out of a Chrysalid.
We do see Lepotica come out of a Chrysalid on the airplane.
The others are mutant zombies, like the suspended.
Bloodshots are like the C version of Lickers.

It would make sense if salamanders could generate electricity or certain species of snakes could turn partially invisible but otherwise it's like where does this come from? These are more like triats than mutations right?
The most ridiculous though are bees (again the T-Veronica aspect of insects thanks for that) but how would a person reshape into a bunch of bees? How would the bees know to form a person and what is that weak spot they have even? As in, what are we shooting at?
They could have aquired the traits through random mutation. DNA and all that are building blocks.
The Progenitor Viruses have the hidden potential to rearrange those blocks. You never know what shape it could take.
Carla could also have added something that has natural camoflauge abilities in that mix.

The bees are a bit silly, but the weak point is the large queen at the center.

Thanks for the feedback btw
 Post subject: Re: Random Thoughts Thread
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 17:57 

I just noticed I've been posting ALOT lately.
Better ease up. Don't want to overstay my welcome.
Posted: Aug 14, 2017 18:47 

Did he outright say that? I thought he said he was just disappointed in the decline of scary games.

"A game that is kinda bad but sold a lot".
I just love and have a huge respect towards RE5 and I'm really not trying to sound like a fanboy. But anti-RE5 rants, obsessed horror fanboys and people who know nothing about the franchise and threat RE5 like trash are the kind of fans I'd rather avoid and not have a single conversation with.
Hey, I agree that 5 is fantastic. I also think 7 is fantastic. Shinji Mikami is not the final word on what makes a good RE game.
Posted: Aug 14, 2017 22:05 

It's not a popular opinion, but I don't think the love triangle thing was completely terrible.
The idea of people with too much power destroying innocent lives in pursuit of personal affection is interesting, and not exactly unheard of in real life.
Plus, I like the twisted relationship between Carla and Simmons, with the former enthralled with the latter, and the latter using and corrupting the former into his idealised version of an obsession that wants nothing to do with him.
And Carla's broken mental state, trying to punish Simmons, while still yearning for his love and affection.

All true man.

It just think it's not too popular an opinion because the plot came out of nowhere. We're all of a sudden suppose to believe they have this whole history together etc.

Capcom can do some good in RE2 Remake by throwing in some Ada / Simmons backstory!
At the very least show Simmons give the order to nuke the city! The more references to other titles the better!

And 6 definitely had more than a few shortcomings.
I hated the unfinished files, and am not a fan of some of the over the top action segments like Leon flying a helicopter through a building. And the self-contained nature of the plot.

But it had redeeming qualities, like what I said above, as well as the C-virus in general and the monster designs (opinion, of course). And I thought that it was fun from a gameplay standpoint.
Wesker suddenly having a son was offset by seeing Sherry again.
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