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Posted: Dec 15, 2017 23:12 

New world order?I didn't get it...

He wants you guys to be a part of his BU. He's secretly making plans to start a new world order with an advanced race of human beings who have RE7 as their favorite game, it is believed that those people have superior genes fit for survival and are the chosen ones for the upcoming new world order.
At least that's my conclusion regarding this, I'm going to fill in my report to the BSAA's HQ.

These new Umbrella SOB's need to learn their place. The world shall never surrender to their ilk, especially when there are better games in the series like 5 and Code Veronica! Whatever he's spewing just a bunch of crazy talk, another Umbrella psycho like those before. You file that report, Captain. We need all the info we can get.
Poor BSAA rejects that think they can topple us down, we shall put their skills to the test in a series of rounds playing(suffering) Umbrella Corps. They shall serve as excellent guinea pigs for improving our CQBZ. Those that survive shall be injected with the b-Virus (aka Blonde-Virus) for better likeness to our great leader.

It's alright, I think the real question should be which Gold Edition is better RE5 or RE7?
Could be interesting in his own thread, much like what is the RE4 vs RE7 thread.
Posted: Dec 09, 2017 18:37 

I'm referring to consistency with it's own contained game. Bulky action Chris is just one variation of the character. Picking apart consistency with the series would be silly. What, Jill has a Julia Voth face, goes to Rev1 with a new face/design and then goes into RE5 with a semi-Julia Voth face plus a big nose? Consistency is out the window, and we can be lenient when it comes to a new generation, new hardware and new perspective.

The problem is that I think those of us who are upset over the appearance understand why it was done and some of us, like myself, even accept it. Yes it works for RE7, but it takes us out of the bigger picture. Its like watching Saavik in Wrath of Khan and then getting a completely new actress in Search for Spock. I understand why it happened, but it takes me out of the movie a little bit. Its simply annoying. I have a distinct image in my head of Chris and that doesnt fit it. Simple as that.

I know I have said this over and over again. The consistency with Jill is not an issue of the same caliber. Small changes were made, it still looks like Jill. Normal humans that were not nitpicking her looks to death would never even notice. If they had a redhead with short hair and green eyes model then it would be the same. The nose in RE5 is so subtle I didnt even know it was a thing until I came on here back in the day.

Edit: Spelling.
 Post subject: Re: Virus Adaption
Posted: Sep 09, 2017 22:43 

It hurts the credibility of the series though.
countless times Capcom adds things because they look 'cool' without any rhyme or reason to i it.

everything in the first 3 games felt so natural and organic.

They have no real rhyme or reason at times because they use the fact that these viruses cause random mutations to the benefit of their designs. Sometimes they're just quite eccentric. Umbrella Chronicles also introduced the host's psyche having some influence on transformations, which probably isn't far from reality .
Posted: Sep 09, 2017 22:57 

But I would never call the Resident Evil timeline or continuity as carefully constructed.

It is. But the localizations certainly don't give the impression.
Posted: Dec 06, 2017 13:05 

Not too many gas masked fellas in this thread. Thought this one deserved a share. Made by the author of the mangas Naoki Serizawa.


RIP, unnamed squad of Shen Ya Pharmaceutical.
Posted: Dec 06, 2017 17:20 

Hey all, you can find Biohazard The Voice of Gaia with English Subtitles here.

As far as Biohazard The Experience goes. There is nothing yet however something tell's me we may get an English translation for that one sometime after Christmas.
 Post subject: Re: Did You Know?
Posted: Dec 14, 2017 10:43 

in Outbreak when you ad lib when the characters are in the main hall of the University if you do it long enough one of them explains that Umbrella invested funds in 1994 which allowed them to put many of their researches in the city which explains why Greg Mueller is in there and how he was able to put a lab in there and conduct research.

also...the first signs of an Outbreak were not in the city itself but as early as 93 (Lester) in the Forest areas.
 Post subject: Re: Login problems
Posted: Dec 15, 2017 20:44 

I went ahead and forwarded Mr. Rod the thread and a message regarding our log in issues. He should be taking a look at it very soon, so I'm going to go ahead and halt the thread (since its a member-wide issue and there is no solution as of yet) until its all fixed an then update y'all as soon as another mod or I hear anything. :)

Thanks for your patience and I apologize for any inconveniences when posting!
Posted: Dec 15, 2017 17:48 

New world order?I didn't get it...

He wants you guys to be a part of his BU. He's secretly making plans to start a new world order with an advanced race of human beings who have RE7 as their favorite game, it is believed that those people have superior genes fit for survival and are the chosen ones for the upcoming new world order.
At least that's my conclusion regarding this, I'm going to fill in my report to the BSAA's HQ.
Posted: Sep 26, 2017 13:10 

Success is defined by far more than just that. And I'm sure he wasn't talking specifically about sell numbers.

And setting the dominant trend of the next generation is a bigger achievement that just selling well, but that depends on the expectations they set for themselves.

Oh I know pretty well what he meant. This isn't the first time he mentioned this about Takeuchi.

RE5 is the best selling game in Capcom's history bro...

Critically though, bro.

Critically no other RE game ever will achieve RE4 highs. Everybody knows this. There's no shame in that. Takeuchi did amazing job with RE5. It's pointless to think he's try to atone for RE5 :lol:
Posted: Oct 25, 2017 16:26 

Made with ink, paint, and some charcoal pencil for the background shadows if i recall.
Posted: May 31, 2017 6:25 

Managed to pick this up today and am scanning through it. Here's what I've picked up so far by reading the final chapter:

- After the US and Russia invade Eastern Slav, Svetlana dismisses her staff and attempts to shoot herself
- The assistant talks Svetlana out of it, promising that the people of Eastern Slav are still on her side
- Svetlana has disappeared and the Russians and Americans are looking for her
- The final scene with Leon takes place in Poland
- Hunnigan knows about Ada, and talks to Leon about her activities
- Ada's Interpol alert was deleted without any explanation as to who did it or why
- Buddy was detained by the BSAA after Leon shot him to confirm that the Plaga infection was eradicated; there were some traces it was still active, but it does disappear
Posted: Jan 08, 2018 9:34 

U-2, Bono specifically
lol, just lol.

1. in Resident Evil Survivor, the boy's name that Ark runs into is Lott Klein.
but in the Official Prima strategy guide what does it show his name as?

2. name all the family that Dario Rosso lost in RE 3.

3. what B.O.W. was Lord Saddler referring to when he said , 'It.'

4. name the researcher that was writing to his dear Alma in Bio 1.
describe the room he was writing from and who prevented him from talking to her.

5. "I am the daughter of a former Umbrella Corporation researcher, have an IQ of 230, and a full adapter to the T-Virus!
I am the ultimate being and wish a mass extinction of humanity due to the flawed species.
Who am I?"

1. No idea.
2. Nada.
3. U3.
4. A spooky lab? ...with some test vials...? errr... who prevented? humm... a zombie perhaps?
5. the hot girl from the experience, Mary Grey.

Made these off the top of my head, so the difficulty curve is all over the place. The questions marked with "be specific" require more than two worded answers to qualify.

1. Albert Wesker was an avid war enthusiast during his days with STARS, as well as participating in what hobby?

2. Biohazard became Resident Evil outside Japan for what reason? (be specific)

3. How many canon games do not feature crows of any sort? Name them.

4. Who extracts Chris and Jill in Resident Evil: Revelations?

5. Marguerite Baker represents what sub genre?

6. Who was Jessica speaking with in Jessica's report?

7. One scrapped idea involving Ada in RE6 would have her all this time being... (be specific)

8. What turned Jill's hair blonde?

9. RE5 was largely inspired by what movie?

10. Claire's TerraSave companion in Heavenly Island was named what?

1. Shooting practice with Cerberus's to make a good impression in Remake's intro cinematic.
2. It was for two reasons: an american metal band called like that and the second i don't remember properly... something separate Bio - Hazard.... a tv show maybe?
3. This one's tricky, i'm gonna go with... Biohazard Heroes Never Die and Biohazard 7.
4. Unnamed BSAA pilot.... NONO wait!... Lone Wolf.
5. Nothing.
6. Excella Gione.
7. No clue. Please don't tell me she was meant to be another bloody Wesker.
8. Traces of the t-Virus, it causes pigmentation loss as seen with the tyrants.
9. Huh?
10. Inez Diago, not so sure with the last name.
Posted: Dec 13, 2017 21:03 

Here's my overall impressions, but summarizing, i enjoyed it a lot:

" I'm still collecting my thoughts, but honestly, i enjoyed both pieces of DLC a lot.

End of Zoe was surprising and not in the way i was expecting, at all. I'm very pleased with how the combat was handled and worked in this chapter, it's fun and responsive even with the limitations of both Resi 7 and the first person view. Joe is awesome and i loved how they finished the events of the Baker accident, it was a powerful journey and it deserved a better ending.

Also, that final sequence is amazing.

Not a Hero, on the other hand, was just about what i was expecting, but it didn't fell apart because of that. They finally made the mines interesting and added a level of diversity that the main game needed, with interesting combat scenarios and a good final boss fight. I was very flattered by seeing a decent sense of pacing even with a modern, action oriented version of RE, even by keeping it simple, it was short and sweet.

I'm just not sold on Chris's portrayal (not his actual appearence, i was never bothered by that anyway), it felt like they tried too hard to appeal for his "badass" and "military" persona, sometimes making his lines feel out of place and way too cold for his personality. I can see them changing that in the near future, with this voice actor being more in tune with the character, but it will take time.

Overall i'm pleased and i enjoyed my time with both expansions. I'm just a little bit sad because i was expecting a more "horror" focused experience with End of Zoe. But in the end (no pun intended), i'm glad to see the RE team experimenting more with the mainline series and surprising me with stuff which i normally wouldn't be interested, it makes me very happy.

If they continue with that vision with RE8, but just a little bit more focused and planned like 7, i'm sure it will be great. "
Posted: Nov 12, 2017 19:19 

Check this out,this was some behind the scenes that happenend in november 5th
Posted: Nov 12, 2017 16:39 

CQBZ stands for Close Quarter Quarantined Battle Zone. "Specialized close combat techniques under virus circumstances." It particularly doesn't involve rifles, which is why Blue Umbrella carry the Thor's Hammer shotgun instead.

Also, there is another hint that HUNK helped form CQBZ and several of the weapons seen in UC in some press material.



The following are unique "CQBZ" equipment designed to face "infected individuals" etc. It's said that this equipment and "CQBZ" itself were devised by a legendary mercenary known as the "Grim Reaper."
Posted: Nov 12, 2017 19:46 

The Molded screen says "ウイルスで動くカビの怪物" / "Monsters Of The Virus-Actuated Mold."

ウイルスで動く in this case basically means "virus-powered." Could be nothing or could imply that maybe H.C.F.'s technical assistance was providing a virus for enhancement.
 Post subject: Re: PG67A/W
Posted: Dec 02, 2017 12:08 

Wesker not always wanted to evolve humanity but that was indeed his main purpose all along, even if it was unbeknownst to him during his upbringing. This is what I'm trying to say.

Wesker felt the way he did about humanity from the start. He always intended mass extinction and forced evolution, it had nothing to do with Spencer. His talents were by design, the only other thing Spencer imprinted was a curiosity about him.

The only thing that changed was Wesker believing he could evolve humanity without also turning them into new creatures. Bringing chosen ones to his level.

I doubt any of Wesker's plans are obsolete. He has made various plays in the past such as putting t-Veronica in a madman's hands and maybe even some involvement with t-Abyss. 7 has also introduced more things we didn't know he had a hand in such as anti-B.O.W. research, weapons development and the Mold. Then there's Umbrella Corps.

It appears that the series is simply returning to the UC/4 plot of Umbrella's revival that was skipped over for 5.
Posted: Jun 01, 2017 3:05 

Eastern Slav is located on the north coast of the Black Sea (Ukraine in real life)
Controlled by Austrian and Russian Empires at the end of the 18th century
After WWI and Russian Revolution, Eastern Slav tried to declare independence but was absorbed by Soviet Union
Independent in 1989
Oil, gas, energy discovered at beginning of 20th century
The separatists controlled land where oil was newly discovered
Svetlana comes from this land

BOW rumors come about, used by separatists

Leon was assigned to Project Oz as the Tin Man just the night before
Scarecrow was a CIA agent

She explains three types of bio weapons: 1) bacteria based weapons 2) ones that use toxins (snakes, plants, etc) 3) BOWs
"The Raccoon City incident instigated by Umbrella is classified information, so I cannot share the details with you, but there are parts of the rumors that are fact." (Subtle nod to President Benford's speech in RE6)

Ada believes the plaga have existed since ancient times
Ada shows Svetlana pictures of infected Ganado
Ada asks the generals how they feel about infecting subordinates with the Plaga if they become disobedient
Svetlana finds this comment very interesting
Ada says that the terrorists have gotten their hands on bioweapons and that she would like to investigate
Svetlana tells Ada it's too dangerous to do so now, but promises to show her later, which Ada accepts

Leon thinks the Tyrants are larger than the one he ran into in Raccoon City
Leon figures out it was Ada who probably reactivated the elevator

Svetlana deep down actually wishes for world peace and happiness for all
That is why she decided to get her hands dirty
When Svetlana was 13, her father was imprisoned in Siberia
She never saw him again
She received news of her father's death in a simple letter
She later participated in an anti-Soviet movement as a means of exacting revenge on the country that murdered her father
She was accused by the KGB of being a spy and tortured
Posted: Dec 02, 2017 13:00 

Also in the Umbrella Chronicles novels, Wesker does say that Sergei will work for him one day. Him not immediately killing him in the game seems to support this notion too. So maybe Wesker did in fact recruit HUNK and other former Umbrella employees.

"As long as nothing changes for you, you do not care if anyone else is ruling and dominating you."

"What do you mean?"

"The fact that one day you will eventually work for me, Sergei."

His conversation with Birkin also hints toward the latter's goal of world peace:

"Dammit, the whole world swims in shit these days! Shit running around, shit laughing you in the face, shit lying to you and shitfaced assholes who make your life a living hell. And you can try all you like: the shit's just not backing down!" The man in the lab coat grimaced, a clearly disgusted expression adorning his features.

"Yeah, right," the guy with the sunglasses said, obviously not interested in the other's rant.

"With the technology we developed here we're at least able to find some use for the goddamn scum out there. Don't you think, Wesker?"

Wesker didn't answer. He kept his expression perfectly blank which seemed to irritate William Birkin, the man in the lab coat. His voice grew louder and almost beseeching.

"When you use shit as fertilizer you get excellent soil and therefore a good harvest. That's exactly what we did! We used the scum as fertilizer. That's what all this is about! That's what all our research was for!" Birkin had talked himself into a rage and was now getting off his chair. "That was my mission: to turn this shit-encrusted world into a better place!"
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