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Posted: Feb 07, 2010 5:26

Two new functions have been added to the Biohaze Community Forums:

1. Reputation System , which consists of giving 'thanks' to a user when their post(s) are helpful. By clicking this button below a members post, you are giving them one reputation point.

Users may use this feature as many times as they wish, although obvious abuse will result in a warning. Users with the most reputation points will be added to a special ranking and receive special privileges.

If you want to receive a PM when someone thanks you, go to User Control Panel > Board preferences > Notify me if someone thanks my post (select 'Yes'). For a complete list of these actions, you can check the ' Reputation ' link in the navigation bar.

2. Facebook integration . You can now login with your Facebook account and link it with Biohaze (optional). To link/unlink your accounts or invite your Facebook friends to Biohaze, go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Facebook settings.

If you are a new user reading this news, you can register simply by clicking "Facebook Connect" at the bottom of the board index without the need of a password. Select your desired username and become part of the Biohaze community in a simplified manner.
Posted: Feb 07, 2010 5:27 

The beginning of Biohaze's February update, enjoy everyone.
 Post subject: Biohaze Log In Errors
Posted: Feb 11, 2010 22:16 

A handful of members have expressed difficulty logging in to the community forums today. After checking on phpBB's official website, this is caused by a recent upgrade. As of now there is no easy fix and the number of accounts affected is completely random. However, we should manually be able to get your accounts back and running. Please read the following steps carefully:

A few adjustments have been made since the upgrade, so the first step is to try and log out and in once more. If this fails, please attempt resetting the password to your account. If you are still experiencing issues, then please send me an e-mail ( to have your account password reset. To prevent any misuse, this must be done by the e-mail account tied to your Biohaze account.

If your problem is solved make sure to post or 'thank' here so I know your case is closed.
Posted: Feb 13, 2010 0:34 


Playr has uploaded a three and a half minutes gameplay video of Chris and Jill solving some puzzles in Lost In Nightmares. You can watch the video at BiohazeTV in high definition.

Thanks to Archelon for the tip!
Posted: Feb 16, 2010 0:01 

Proper topic I'd say. Got those off the PS3 save data:


This one is larger and has a mansion exterior background.
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 21:23

By: Yama & cvxfreak

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition (known as Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition outside Asia) is an expansion release of the original 2009 game, containing two new chapters, an additional minigame, a new set of costumes and new playable characters, shedding more light on the important plot developments left unanswered in the original release. It is available as DLC for both the PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live), and as a complete disc for the PlayStation 3 only. The DLC and PS3 disc-release content are otherwise identical.

In August 2006, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield travel to Europe to seek the location of Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the three original founders of the former Umbrella Corporation. Infiltrating his giant residence, Chris and Jill are reminded of their first encounter in the Spencer Mansion thanks to the architectural similarities. This mansion looks empty, but they soon discover creatures running loose and booby traps set to prevent them from advancing.

After Chris and Sheva Alomar save Jill, they leave her behind to pursue Wesker at her insistence. Soon, she encounters Josh Stone, who assisted Chris and Sheva earlier. Jill realizes that she has vital information that can help Chris in his fight against Wesker, so together, she and Josh fight through Majini hoards in order to retrieve a helicopter that can take them to Chris and Sheva before it’s too late.

The Mercenaries Reunion plays the same as the original mode, which involves killing enemies within small timeframes to form chain combinations in order to score points. The Mercenaries Reunion features modified stages and a new set of characters.

Rebecca Chambers
Barry Burton
Excella Gionne
Josh Stone

A fourth costume option for Chris showing him in an exoskeleton-like armor suit.

Sheva in a similar outfit to Ingrid Hunnigan, who was Leon S. Kennedy’s support during Biohazard 4 and Biohazard Degeneration. Originally from the PC version.

The closest thing anyone will ever get to a shirtless Chris. Originally from the PC version.

Sheva in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition was originally to include functionality with the PS3 Wand, allowing an aiming system previously seen with Biohazard 4: Wii Edition. By moving the wand, an on-screen reticule would move accordingly, allowing for easier and faster aiming. Capcom has promised to include the functionality at a later date via download, when Sony launches the new controller in 2010.

PlayStation 3 Premium Theme (¥200) - Japanese PlayStation Store Only

Xbox 360 Avatar Clothing
Coming Soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace
*$ Prices in USD

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition – JAPAN – February 18, 2010 - ¥4990
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 – Various

NOTE: All Xbox 360 disc SKUs contain the original game with download codes for the same DLC detailed below.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – NORTH AMERICA – March 9, 2010 - $49.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – PAL – March 12, 2010 - Various

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $4.99

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥500
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 – $4.99

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 11, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – February 18, 2010 - $1.99

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 25, 2010 - ¥200
NORTH AMERICA – March 4, 2010 - $1.99

Lost In Nightmares
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 400 MSP

Desperate Escape
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 400 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 400 MSP

Costume Pack 1 (Exoskeleton, Office Lady)
JAPAN – March 4, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – February 17, 2010 – 160 MSP

Costume Pack 2 (Warrior, Folklore)
JAPAN – March 18, 2010 – 160 MSP
NORTH AMERICA – March 3, 2010 – 160 MSP
 Post subject: Biohaze Forum Updates
Posted: Jan 09, 2011 15:22

- Users can now select different forum banners from their profile. Legacy styles have been removed (deprecated code). Keep up to date with new styles here .

- Maximum width for images is now 1440px. Large images will automatically be resized to fit the forum width with a zoom option available.

- Broken images are now replaced by a lightweight graphic to reduce loading.

- All compatibility issues with Internet Explorer have been fixed.

- Last posted thread titles are now displayed on the index page.

- Every user profile now displays their last post and it's location.

- Subscribe/Unsubscribe links have been added to each forum index near the new topic button.

Huge thanks to Mr. Rod for handling all of the coding procedures!
Posted: Apr 28, 2011 16:12 

It's a decent article i think, and hopefully the positive words will be enough to persuade anyone that slags the game off having not even played it to think again in future. I honestly hope/think it'll come out on the 3DS' Virtual Shop if enough of the community asks for it.

Only problem i have with the article is i keep thinking what if? I couldn't help thinking it might've been better put on hold until RG were able to get the GBC Dino Crisis and GBA Gaiden images from the guys at M4, would've added a whole new layer to the story!

Aside from that, much love.
 Post subject: Re: Hosting Fee Donations
Posted: Jun 13, 2011 22:37 

Yama as usual you take the last 1$ in my account. I keep donating my widows mite. And I'm just a n00b nobody here. :razz:
Posted: Aug 25, 2011 17:30 

How about we point out the coincidences in RE1?
1. How Richard is still alive by the time Rebecca and Chris or Jill find him.
2. Wesker regaining consciousness with just enough time to spare before the Mansion blows up.
3. Brad having enough patience, and fuel, to hover over the Arklay Forest for his friends. (I mean Shit, why not just go back to RPD and call in backup to find your friends?)
4. If neither Jill nor Chris aren't kidnapped by Wesker and held in the prison for the whole game, then its a coincidence that neither of their groups (Chris & Rebecca, Jill & Barry) don't run into each other in the mansion, not to mention Wesker. (<He was in the Lab for a while, wasn't he?)
5. Barry being just in the same vicinity as Jill when she activated the good ol' Shotgun trap.
 Post subject: A few months ago...
Posted: Jan 19, 2012 18:26 

...Biohaze updated with a few banner selections, one being titled 'Mystery.'


All I can say is, trust in the Haze. :heart:
 Post subject: Re: DLC
Posted: Mar 24, 2012 19:29 

They should pay me to keep playing this garbage.
Posted: Apr 19, 2012 23:59

République is a videogame project developed by independent studios Camouflaj and Logan Games (same people behind Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R. and Kinect to name a few). Aimed for an iOS release, République is an ambitious stealth-based adventure game with the goal of raising the bar in terms of presentation, graphical power and story-telling in mobile videogaming.

The story is centered around Hope, a girl who lives in a mysterious, totalitarian nation. Using a stolen phone, she calls and begs you to hack into the nation's surveillance system, assume control, and help her escape from the clutches of the omnipresent Overseer.

République is currently in developing stages and requires funding to become a reality. If you want to help them, please donate to the game's Kickstarter page here . Be sure to finish your donations in units of $0.96 to help them identify us as Biohaze contributors!

Links of interest: Camouflaj's Facebook | République's Kickstarter Page (Trailer included)
Posted: Apr 20, 2012 0:00 


Thanks to the global proliferation of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, hundreds of millions of people are now carrying a powerful gaming device with them every day. Finally, game makers can truly speak to a global audience, an audience that – thanks to touch controls – can easily jump into the interactive experience.

iOS is becoming a great gaming platform, but where are the games for people who love intense action and story-driven experiences? Where are the AAA games designed specifically for touch-based devices? As someone who loathes virtual joysticks, I have great respect for what Chair Entertainment did with Infinity Blade : they built an action game specifically for touch devices. We aim to do the same.


Digital platforms like Steam and the App Store are great, but there's something lacking with digital products. I miss the physical connection (and smell!) of game boxes, strategy guides, and maps. This is why I’m excited to announce the RÉPUBLIQUE JOURNAL , the physical half to the game experience. This high-quality book is a "replica" of the one Hope finds in the game: a musty-worn book passed between secret revolutionaries that features hand-drawn maps, writings from undercover dissenters, newspaper clippings from "The Outside", sketches of the Overseer's inner circle, and even a translation guide to the graffiti found in the world that may lead to hidden supply caches and audio tapes.
This pocket-sized book is the ultimate companion to the République experience. While it's not required to finish the game and understand the story, we know players are going to love it.
Just like the République Journal, the Collector's Edition is being designed as a believable artifact from the game world. More specifically, the Collector's Edition features a hollowed-out copy of the Overseer's Manifesto that Hope uses to hide contraband items. Everything from the journal to the CD and DVD are designed to look exactly like they do in the world of République.

- Ryan Payton (Camouflaj).
Posted: Apr 30, 2012 11:09

We recently reported on the Kickstarter Campaign for République by Camouflaj and Logan. République has since been announced for PC and Mac in addition to iOS. And now, Biohaze is proud to announce that Staff Member cvxfreak has been participating in the game's development as a consultant.

What does that mean for fans of the Resident Evil series and people intrigued by République? Please read on to find out how Biohaze has become involved in this title.
Posted: Apr 30, 2012 11:57 

Sounds interesting, will look into it at is comes closer to release. Although slightly off-topic, I always get slightly annoyed when I hear anyone (for any media) claim themselves or get labeled by the media as so and so's 'biggest fan'. And usually the 'biggest fan' is someone who owns a shit ton of merchandise which comes across as like "They love it more than you simply because they have more disposable income than you do". It just feels slightly insulting is all. No offense intended. Just a personal gripe.
Posted: Apr 30, 2012 11:58 

Exciting stuff. Fully supporting this in every way possible.

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 Post subject: Biohaze Yearly Statistics
Posted: Nov 03, 2012 22:48

With Biohaze turning seven years old today, it's time to look back on the year that has passed and examine the statistics for the website. I'm proud to announce that with the help of Biohazard 6 we have surpassed both our monthly and yearly record, acting as the best birthday present possible for the site.

October 2012 provided 13,089,808 (thirteen million) hits and through out 2012 we garnered (one hundred and eleven million) 111,943,440 hits with over half a million unique visits.

Thank you to everyone for making Biohaze one of the largest and most welcoming Biohazard communities on the internet! Here's to continual love and success all around.
Posted: Mar 25, 2011 20:45 

NICE!!!... ohhh also if anyone noticed... it seems like they adjusted the camera angles (compare both pics)... and hopefully they fix steves hair and voice (sucked in CV (DC) and CVX (PS2)... ohh and hopefully alfreds voice is still that of a high pitched whiny psycho...
 Post subject: LGBT Thread
Posted: Jun 14, 2012 13:03

Starting this thread right this time without any nonsense. This thread is for any and all discussion for LGBT and LGBT friendly users. Feel free to discuss whatever you like whether it be your current crush, related news, personal experiences, troubles or ask for help dealing with your sexuality and coming out.


If you are not a fan of homosexuality, you do not need to take part in this topic.
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