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PostPosted: Jan 18, 2018 21:39 
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Hey all, I wanted to make this post due to the recent influx of Bots and Solicitation accounts that have been made in the last couple of months.

This is a reminder that you should not click on external links that you do not trust.
If you see a post that you believe breaks the Biohaze Terms of Service, please report the post so that a moderator can review it. If you believe a user is posting inappropriate links or trying to sell items not related to the topic at hand, please report the post and PM a moderator so that they can take care of the issue. Believe it or not, sometimes things like this slip through the radar.

Also- if a user that you do not know/has just created an account PM's you asking for personal or private information- please respond at your own risk. Once more, do not click external links or download files if you do not trust them. If you receive what you believe to be solicitations or unwanted spam, you CAN report the PM for moderator viewing using the PM menu on the message.

I'm sure some of you may have seen the mass posts made by a bot the other day offering illegal services with links. Please don't respond to these posts and just report them. It makes my job a lot easier.

Bottom line is to only share private or personal information with those you trust and through private messaging at your own risk and not to post sensitive information on the boards as anyone can view the information. Thank you so much for your time and feel free to ask me any questions.


The Dragon!

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