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PostPosted: Mar 19, 2010 13:21 
Rodimus Prime
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Written by Mr. Rod and dvader as of 07/30/17:

Welcome to Biohaze.com. We hope you will assist us in making this site the best place to discuss Biohazard on the net. Please follow the following rules in order to help maintain the quality of the community and the site.

1. Under no circumstance should there be direct insults or threats between users or directed towards staff. This includes an abstention from name calling, threats, sexual and racial slurs, or insults of any kind. A certain level of respect and accord is expected from all forum participants.

2. No SPAM of any kind is allowed. Any form of explicit/implicit advertising or solicitation will not be tolerated.

3. Pornography of any kind is strictly prohibited. Always maintain the "safe-for-work" mentality on these boards.

4. No Warez or illegal materials are to be posted, promulgated or asked for within the boards. This includes postings which link to material that infringes copyright or trademark properties of any kind (pirated games, software, ROMs, music, etc). Failure to comply with this policy will result in a permanent ban.

5. Users are to have only one account. Abuse of this policy will result in having ALL accounts being terminated. This includes the creation of new accounts to circumvent a ban. If you want to change your username, contact one of the administrators (2 changes per year as maximum).

6. Bumping threads more than a year old is fine as long as your post has enough substance and helps revive the topic, otherwise, don't reply and start a new thread if needed. One word/emoticon only posts are not allowed.

7. GameFAQs-quality threads are not allowed. Ie: "who's your favorite character?", "X vs Y: who would win?", etc. Let's keep Biohaze a place to discuss the series in thoughtful ways.

8. Good grammar and punctuation are required for a comprehensive reading. Walls of text (no paragraphs and punctuation) are strictly disallowed and can result in a temporary ban if said behavior is constant.

9. The Biohaze administrators and moderators have the right to lock, delete, split, and move split threads at any time. Users need not ask the reasons behind these decisions.

Please follow these rules when visiting our forums. Failure to comply with any of these rules can result in suspension and/or ultimately a ban.


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