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PostPosted: Mar 11, 2011 0:06 
"You did a fine job."
"You did a fine job."
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Interesting discussion about Mikami's work, but the nugget on Onimusha 3 is interestling. Specifically according to him if it had been "better," he probably wouldn't have made Bio4 or at least the Bio4 we got.

"Probably if Onimusha 3 had been better, I wouldn't have thought of BioHazard 4," he laughed.

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PostPosted: Mar 17, 2011 22:23 
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A week late, but if there was ever an example of how selective quoting can be misleading, this is it :p

The full quote and reasoning isn't bad at all:

"For BioHazard 4 (RE4) it came from playing Onimusha 3," he said, remembering that he enjoyed the game but thought it could be better if a few elements were different. "If only the camera was behind the player, it would have been so much better," he thought at the time. "That stemmed the idea for creating the camera system--the [third-person shooter] style--in BioHazard 4."

On God Hand, it's probably my second favorite Mikami directed game. I bet if they had a bigger budget, it would've made a big mark. It really was that good.

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