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PostPosted: May 18, 2009 22:44 
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Review of Resident Evil Degeneration
By: Seth Wilson

I turned on my iphone to check my messages when it occurred to me I should see if there are any new Apps well to my surprise there was and it was Resident Evil Degeneration! I immediately started the download which was surprisingly quick and easy.
Resident Evil Degeneration isn’t just for resident evil fans this game is for anyone with spare time and an iphone and I will tell you why below.

Gameplay : What if you would play Resident Evil 4 on your phone would you….of course you would and this is basically what this game is with a new story. You move with a virtual stick on your iphone and to aim you hit the aim button and then you go to shooting stance just like in RE4 and RE5. You can also if you hit the zombies in the head or leg with a shot can run up and kick them although since the controls aren’t perfect due to the fact your on an iphone your better off just finishing them off.
Weapons: There are 8 Weapons in RE: Degeneration, two handguns, two shotguns, a rifle, a machine gun, a magnum, and hand grenades. All are upgradeable besides the hand grenades. The guns are pretty good and upgrading them is as rewarding as ever. When you upgrade your shotguns the zombies will do back flips as you shoot them away with a fully upgraded 12 gauge. The hand grenades are the only real problem with the weapons as throwing them is a little difficult more than once I hurt myself from the blast radius and it was major damage.

Iphone Features: With the Iphone there are some cool features that make this Resident Evil unique. When a zombie grabs you, you can shake the Iphone to throw him off of you also when you need to reload just move your Iphone like you are reloading a real weapon and you will reload this makes the game even more immersive and that’s really a feat considering your playing on a phone.

Story: I must admit the story to this Resident Evil is very weak but it does set up some cool locations for Leon to explore. Basically the story is right after Leon finds Claire in the Airport in the movie. After that instead of helping them escape one soldier tells him there is a greater danger than just these few zombies in the airport and that sets off a chain reaction that put Leon in the middle of some highly dangerous situations. Without giving too much away I will say there are some cool locations besides just in an airport.

Enemies: There are some cool enemies in Re: Degeneration! I don’t want to give them away but there are multiple different zombies and dogs of course and some cool bosses but let’s just say you almost feel like you are in a classic Resident Evil title with some of the enemy bosses you will fight in this game.

Difficulty: Now you are playing with Resident Evil 4 controls but with slow moving zombies so how will the difficulty be handled? Well unfortunately I can say the game is easy after you learn the controls because the zombies are slow and you can run away and then just shoot them from far away. Then though when the dogs come you start to curse yourself as you can’t aim fast enough to stop them not to mention when there are more than two dogs and some zombies then you are in trouble. So overall the game keeps the difficulty high enough that I wasn’t bored especially with the random boss battles and different objectives through the game even though they all are similar.

Replay value: There is some replay value in this title although small. I beat the game my first time in less than three hours and most will beat it in fewer than two. So what is left after that? Well, you can beat the game with your weapons you already had and try to get them all, all the way upgraded. But, your first play through will lead to tons of cash and you will be able to upgrade most if not all your weapons by the end of the game. There is also a mercenary’s game like in RE4 but it only has two levels and no other characters but, you can choose four different weapon sets which are nice but overall not a great or lasting extra mode.

Sound/Video: The game looks great for an Iphone game. The zombies look ok and there are enough of them that you don’t see the same zombies everywhere. As for Leon his model has the most character and he and his guns even look nice when you go into target mode. All bosses and other enemies also look nice for a phone game. The sound is ok all your guns make different noises and they are generally all realistic sounding. The only real complaint is that the way you must hold the Iphone actually covers up the Iphone’s speakers so this causes you not to hear anything unless you change hand placement but even that doesn’t help too much.

Overall: Overall this game is a great addition to any Resident Evil fans phone. I recommend it and although you may only play it once or twice those 2-5 hours spent will be with a real Resident Evil game not some clone. For a price of 6.99 what more can you ask for?

Let me know what you guys think of my full review!

The Seth

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PostPosted: May 19, 2009 1:29 
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Pretty good!
Shame this doesn't come to consoles. I never got a chance to see the entire movie so the story would be completely new to me.


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