Biohazard 7 Inside Report Translation


cvxfreak is currently translating the report that was included with the Complete Edition of the game's Japanese version. It gives a good insight on the creative process that ultimately led the game down the final path.

He's translated two so far and plans to eventually get through all fourteen of them. Have a look here

You can follow him on his blog as well at Frequent Gamer Miles

Composer & Singer Interviews Plus DLC 2


We're late on this, but there are a couple of interviews uploaded by Capcom Japan with the theme song's composer and singer.

Also, the 2nd set of DLC's was released on PS4 last week and the entire set released so far will be out on Xbox One and PC on the 21st.

Lastly, for those interested in the game's soundtrack, it's worth noting that there is a lossless version offered on Steam priced at $10. You do get both MP3 and FLAC files.

Source: Capcom, Steam.

RE7 First DLC Trailer


The first DLC was released today on PS4 accompanied by a trailer. The 2nd volume will be released on Feb 14 on the console as well, while Xbox and PC owners will need to wait until Feb 21 for both volumes.

Source: Capcom

Resident Evil 7 Ships 2.5 Million Worldwide


Capcom shared the news through their Investors Relations page today. The figure is nearly 63% of the game's target so it's off to a good start, especially that it's been less than a week (and just one day in Japan).

Source: Capcom

Thank to cvxfreak for the heads up.

Resident Evil Escape Experience


Starting next month, the haunted mansion style experience will be available for a limited time across 6 major US cities. It'll include recreations of the Spencer mansion and the Baker residence as well. For more details and tickets' availability, have a look here

Source: Capcom

Thanks to SupraDoom for the heads up.

RE7 Xbox One and Windows Store Version Cross Buy


The head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer, tweeted the news earlier today. It's a great deal of course if you're opting for the digital console version and as revealed months ago, those two versions are also cross-save compatible.

Source: Phil Spencer via Twitter

RE7 Trophy List Revealed


As many are well aware by now, the game has leaked in the Middle East and with that, we've got access to the game's trophy list (among many spoilers). Needless to say, it's filled with spoilers so check it as your own risk.

Source: Imgur

Thanks to RipvanX for the heads up.

RE7 First DLC Out This Spring


The first story episode entitled "Not a Hero" is out this spring. This one is reportedly not a part of the season pass and is free, and more details will follow.

Steam has updated the season pass listing with a vague, general one instead. So for those curious what it includes, our friends at Biohazard France had copied it earlier while it was up.

Source: Famitsu via and Biohazard France

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Content


The Steam listing of the pass was updated with additional information today. It will include an unnamed story episode in addition to two volumes of tape footage. The content is said to be delivered fully by the end of the year.

Source: Steam.

Resident Evil 7 Soundtrack Pre-order and Preview


Priced at $8.99, the game's soundtrack will be released on the same day as the game itself on January 24. There are previews available for most of the hefty 81 track set as well.

Source: Amazon