RE7 Xbox One and Windows Store Version Cross Buy


The head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer, tweeted the news earlier today. It's a great deal of course if you're opting for the digital console version and as revealed months ago, those two versions are also cross-save compatible.

Source: Phil Spencer via Twitter

RE7 Trophy List Revealed


As many are well aware by now, the game has leaked in the Middle East and with that, we've got access to the game's trophy list (among many spoilers). Needless to say, it's filled with spoilers so check it as your own risk.

Source: Imgur

Thanks to RipvanX for the heads up.

RE7 First DLC Out This Spring


The first story episode entitled "Not a Hero" is out this spring. This one is reportedly not a part of the season pass and is free, and more details will follow.

Steam has updated the season pass listing with a vague, general one instead. So for those curious what it includes, our friends at Biohazard France had copied it earlier while it was up.

Source: Famitsu via and Biohazard France

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Content


The Steam listing of the pass was updated with additional information today. It will include an unnamed story episode in addition to two volumes of tape footage. The content is said to be delivered fully by the end of the year.

Source: Steam.

Resident Evil 7 Soundtrack Pre-order and Preview


Priced at $8.99, the game's soundtrack will be released on the same day as the game itself on January 24. There are previews available for most of the hefty 81 track set as well.

Source: Amazon

Fan Created RE 3.5 and Resident Evil 7 PC + Trailer


A fan with the Youtube handle ShiguWorks re-created sections of the scrapped version of RE4 aka RE3.5. Of course it's not meant to be a 1:1 recreation of one version of it, so thematically, he's seemingly meshed the fog and the hallucination versions. Also, few of the areas' assets are based on RE5's Lost In Nightmares and the final version of RE4. It's very interesting work so have a look at his channel here. Check out the last video in particular with a link to a playable code he released today.

Lastly, with RE7 less than two weeks away, Capcom has updated the PC specs section on Steam. They're largely unchanged with the exception of a recommend GPU listing of a 4GB GTX 1060. If you're planning on picking up that version, pre-orders are still up with promotional prices at Green Man Gaming and GamesPlanet. The codes do work internationally and they are officially licensed retailers for those worried about their legitimacy.

Amazon UK has a lower price but we've seen claims of recently released boxed versions of Capcom games (namely Revelations 2) shipped with regionally locked codes.

They've also released a new trailer for the game through Twitter. The choice of music is an interesting one to say the least.

Thanks to everyone who brought the matters to our attention.

Biohazard The Experience Announced


Capcom announced another stage performance with the aforementioned title. It's currently set for February in Tokyo and Kobe.

Source: Biohazard The Experience

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New Biohazard Vendetta Trailer


New trailer for the third CGI movie was just released. You can see it here.

Source: Famitsu

Biohazard Vendetta to release May 27th 2017


The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed the Japanese release date of Biohazard: Vendetta to be May 27th 2017. Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy must work together to overcome an unprecedented terrorist threat. We also get our first small glimpse at Rebecca Chambers.

Source: Famitsu

More Resident Evil 7 Details


Our friends over at Biohazard France recently got to play the four-hour portion of the game that was recently unveiled to the press. Their impressions were promising and here is a summary of what they discovered:

*The game has a 'progression flow' that's been confirmed. If you walk to new locations and transition like in the older RE games, there is something of a chapter system to help divide progress. The section of the game they played was a bit from Chapter 3. Apparently this is the segment most journalist played recently, as Chapter 3 starts off with the Baker Dinner Table scene.

*The trailer vehicle is apparently the 'shop' in the game, you can collect Old Coins from around the game, and use them to purchase permanent upgrades (either to skills like accuracy or health increase, etc.), or even new weapons (like a magnum is available in the section of the game they played). Trailer is also said to follow you through the game to different locations as the shop.

*Ethan can find a backpack to give you more inventory space.

*To get the Shotgun, you need to solve an optional puzzle.

*There are insect enemies in the second location, smaller than typical RE fair but they do come at you, sometimes alone and sometimes in swarms. These include Bees, Spiders, & Centipedes.

*You can sharpen some weapons to give them increased piercing powers.

*There's different types of grenades you can craft from chemicals, including a poison cloud grenade and a incendiary grenade.

*You can develop photos that show the locations of hidden treasures around the place.

*Lockpicks can be used to open up certain doors for shortcuts around the house, drawers and lockers with supplies in them, and such things.

*Every time you complete an objective, the telephone will ring for a bit for more dialogue with the mysterious caller who will reveal a bit more and give a clue for progression.

*You have a map in the game that your character updates details about as you progress.

*There is a classic "Item hidden in bathtub" scene.

The next details include minor easter eggs concerning references from previous characters and hints about possible other locations. Not really spoilers but obviously don't look if you want to go in completely blind:

*One of the written files is a newspaper article about missing persons in and around the Baker plantation area. This article is written by Alyssa Ashcroft. A separate file is written by Clive O'Brian. Other files talk about a crashed boat stranded after a storm, corruption surrounding a local church and a hospital investigating the strange mould that is surfacing in and around the area and its potential medical properties.

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