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2009 was definitely one of the more memorable years in Biohazard history. Biohazard 5 was finally released after more than three and a half years passed since the initial trailer debuted in Japan in July 2005. It was, in many ways, the true plot successor to Biohazard CODE: Veronica in a way that Biohazard 4 wasn't. It also gave series fans another chance at playing online Biohazard following the cessation of Western online service for the Outbreak titles several years back.

Capcom also capitalized on the Wii's success and Biohazard fans' nostalgia with Biohazard Darkside Chronicles, the lightgun-style shooter sequel, which allowed gamers to relive through the bulk of Biohazard 2 and CODE: Veronica. As a sequel to Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside was thought to be a huge improvement over the original game, and was another attempt by Capcom to develop plot details that seemingly came out of nowhere in Biohazard 4. Capcom also finally released the remaining two GameCube ports of Rebirth and Zero onto the Wii outside Japan.

The fact 2009 saw two new Biohazard games in the same year is remarkable, as this only previously happened in 2002 (and the years 2000 and 2003 if the Gun Survivor games are counted).

Unlike 2007 and 2008, no Biohazard movies were created, although the publicity regarding Resident Evil Afterlife picked up, particularly through the Twitter page of Milla Jovovich.

2010 looks to be another interesting year for the series. Capcom is giving fans what they asked for with Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, which expands Jill's role tremendously. And the first original game for a handheld system, Biohazard Portable, is scheduled to hit the PSP assuming it's not vaporware like a certain other Capcom franchise that was once PSP-bound. The PSP game can certainly be another groundbreaking game in the series, just as Biohazard 4 was.

Segment written by: Yama

2009 was undoubtedly a huge year for the Biohazard franchise worldwide. To personally reflect, it started with a group of us from Biohaze participating in the Capcom Kijuju Competition. Having endured multiple nights of bitter cold, we ended up winning the competition and had a Biohazard influenced week none of us would ever forget. It was an excuse to raise the hype level one more notch in anticipation of Biohazard 5. A couple of months later the inevitable happened, we all had the game in our hands, after years of waiting on the edge of our seats. So, was it worth the hype? No, I don’t think it was. Not to confuse this statement with complete dissatisfaction, because it doesn’t fall under that category at all. I feel it was a fun game, though it simply could have been a better Biohazard. Without getting into personal detail, many shared similar sentiments around the world and Capcom would eventually cater to these groups later that year with the announcement of Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition.

Regardless of its mixed outcome, hype regarding the series was in full effect and what better time to announce a new title? On the night of Biohazard 5’s release in San Francisco, CA - Capcom announced Biohazard Darkside Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii, a follow up to Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles. That would mark the release of two fairly large Biohazard titles in 2009, something that hadn’t happened for quite some time. Darkside eventually released to mixed reviews, though the overall consensus was average. I felt it was a decent improvement on the first game and while the re-telling took several liberties, it was a fun experience with a fast release turn around.

Lost yet not completely forgotten was the announcement of Biohazard Portable on the PlayStation Portable system. Announced in the summer at E-3, most of us at Biohaze expected to see more of it at Tokyo Game Show 2009. The game was a no-show and remains completely mysterious at this point. Personally I am very excited for this title and it gives us something to look forward to in 2010, along with Alternative Edition’s ‘classic-esque’ offering. I’m interested in what can be done on the PlayStation Portable and if it’ll feature the classic or post-Biohazard 4 engine.

On the site end of things 2009 couldn’t be any better. was added to the official Resident Evil 5 website, won the Kijuju competition and was completely redesigned from the ground up later that year. Unannounced until this very paragraph, we broke our record in December 2009 with over 5,000,000 hits in a single month.

Looking ahead to 2010, things seem to be on par with 2009 and could potentially turn out even better. With two titles likely to release in 2010, a huge informational update hitting Biohaze in February and the potential announcement of the series future, we have a lot to look forward to as Biohazard fans / Biohaze users.

Segment written by: TheBatMan

2009 was definitely an important year for the franchise. Who would have thought that when we first completed Code Veronica we would have to wait almost a decade for a continuation of that particular story?

I actually liked RE5, enjoyed it a lot and class it as a more than worthy entry to the series. I thought the story and back story was impressive, it answered all the questions I had, and for me personally it answered them well. Graphically it was impressive, the soundtrack was well done and the voice acting and script was easily the best in the series.

Yes it had its flaws but i think Capcom deserve a pat on the back for finally answering some of the long running questions the series had and not simply putting them off for another 4 years like past titles have done. It saddens me a lot that RE5 seemed to gather a lot of criticism both from the professional media and the RE community at large. I genuinely believe that Capcom tried to take the fans perspective on board whilst they were developing this title and I hope that with the release of the two new downloadable episodes, people will go back and re-evaluate their opinion on this fine game.

We also gained Darkside Chronicles on the Wii, a throughly enjoyable title for a rail-shooter yet from a plot point of view it was a real big missed opportunity. I wasn't impressed with Operation Javier and the ludicrousness of the final boss served as a reminder to me just how far the franchise seems to have departed from the good old days of RE1.

I predict 2010 will be a quiet year for the franchise simply because Capcom need to sit down and have a really hard think as to where to go next. For me, I would go no further, there is no main villan left, do we really need an RE6? Resident Evil is no longer the premier product in the survival horror genre and so something special will be required. Once the downloadable episodes come out, i'm guessing the rest of the year will be quiet, with the odd rumour and capcom quote taken out of context to keep us all talking.

One thing I will confidently predict though; RE: Afterlife will be just as awful as the first three!


Segment written by: dvader

For me 2009 will go down as the year where Biohazard returned to its former glory as one of the premier gaming franchises. I witnessed the decline in popularity, it's decent to near obscurity only to see it revived by Biohazard 4. The build up to Biohazard 5 was exciting, it gave me flashbacks of 1998 when Biohazard 2 was one of THE events of the year. Biohazard 5 hit and it sold like mad, everyone was talking Biohazard, everyone was playing Biohazard. It felt like old times.

2009 also gave us Darkside Chronicles for the Wii, another lightgun game. Thankfully it was very well done giving us recreations of two of the most beloved games in the series. To many this game will go down as the missed opportunity, why another on rails shooter? Why not give fans the classic style games we want, don't we deserve more? Doesn't the Wii deserve more?

The series is entering the unknown. 2009 saw the end of the main storyline that has been tying the series together for years. With the death of the series main villain comes the question where do we go from here? I honestly don't know, I have no expectations, to me the future is unknown and it is actually kind of refreshing. Even more important than story is the gameplay. Are we done with the Biohazard 4 style? Will the next game be a mix of old and new elements?

At the start of 2010 the first expansion of any Biohazard game will be released. I am thrilled to be getting new Biohazard content, I don't want to wait 4 years again. "Lost In Nightmares" could be a test run for the Biohazard game we all want, a mix of the old with the new. At some point a new PSP game will be shown, so far it is a mystery. Some want Outbreak, some want a new classic Biohazard style game. As long as it is not another Biohazard 4 clone I will be satisfied, I feel that should stay on consoles.

I predict that we will get out first word on Biohazard 6. It may be quick teaser or it may just be someone at Capcom stating that work has begun. What we won't know is what kind of game will it be, that is a question that will linger all year long. We are entering the year of mystery, the year of hope, the year of fear, the series can go anywhere from here. This will be a year where we reflect on how far this series has come and discuss what is best for it in the future. Sadly, I feel that 2010 won't give us any answers.


Segment written by: Mr. Rod

2009 was a great year for the Biohazard series and its fans. We got two brand new games, one of them the long awaited sequel Biohazard 5. Overall, I feel it was great but one of the points I critizice about it is the forced co-op element on the main game. This is certainly a great addition to the series, but should only be optional or in mini-games like Mercenaries and Versus. Each new title since biohazard 0 has incorporated some form of partner system, and my hopes are that the developers not only focus on the controls of the game or the way it is played but also the atmosphere, one of the key elements in the series that sadly has been diminished in favour of realistic graphics. While this is certainly welcomed, there needs to be a balance between how you play the game, how it is presented and the level of immersion you want players to experience, which involves more than pretty graphics and lighting effects. This year could bring us a few surprises in that aspect...

The other big title was The Darkside Chronicles. Announced the same day RE5 was released, it turned out to be an improvement over Umbrella Chronicles in many aspects, but this is not what fans and consumers want of Resident Evil in the Wii. I would like to see new projects in that console that are not on-rail shooters. RE4 Wii proves the new formula works on the console and should be implemented in future games. It's surprising Capcom hasn't taken advantage of the huge success of that game. One can only hope they will do something like it on the Wii soon.

Hopefully 2010 will be as good as last year for both the series and Biohaze. With the upcoming release of Biohazard 5 Alternative/Gold Edition and the yet to be announced Biohazard Portable (as revealed during E3 2009) we'll keep bringing you the latest info in our recently revamped site and new, faster host.


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