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C.O.R.E. (Chronicles of Resident Evil) - is a fan made movie project which was started in 2006 by Russian filmmaker Pipps and submitted exclusively to

The film takes place in Raccoon City during the events of the first three Biohazard titles, in addition to Outbreak. The focus of this project is to show the viewpoints of the R.P.D., U.B.C.S. and Mercenaries during the tragic events of Raccoon City.

Check out the latest episode titled The Darkside Chronicles:

September 26, early morning. The hired arms of Umbrella Corporation whose job is to eliminate any biologic and chemical treat are deployed in to the Raccoon city. Their mission is to provide help to the police forces and try to evacuate as many civilians as possible. But are there any one left in the city,who can be saved?

The Darkside Chronicles C.O.R.E.
Length: 09 Mins. Length: 35 Mins.
Download: Subtitled Download: Subtitled - Raw
YouTube: Coming Soon YouTube: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Release Date: November 2009 Release Date: Winter 2009

Length: 19 Mins.  
YouTube: 1 - 2   
Release Date: Summer 2006  


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