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We at Biohaze strive to keep our users up to date on news as it breaks and thus have decided to create
this new feature: The Keeper's Log. Every week we will provide in-depth analysis and perspective
for all news stories as well as speculate what is to come next within the realm of Biohazard.

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Volume 001
September 28th, 2008

Week Status:

After much speculation within the Biohazard community, it has finally been confirmed this week that Umbrella mastermind Albert Wesker will be featured in Biohazard 5. As seen in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Wesker is pictured donning ominously black attire and appears to have experienced some slight anatomical changes; appearing rather virile and showing no signs of the reverberations of time.

Also revealed this week was the existence of a new character: Excella Gionne. Ms. Gionne is the presumed heiress to the TriCell Pharmaceutical Company and acts as the head of the firm’s branch in Africa. She appears to be the financier behind Wesker’s operations within Africa and presumably also supplies Wesker with valuable data and support regarding certain biological “projects.”

Also announced this week was the plan to release Biohazard Remake for the Nintendo Wii console. This new iteration of the title will feature Wiimote support as well as support for the popular GameCube controller. The title is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 25th of this year.

This week also marks the start of a special contest on The contest is open to all forum members who register within the respective section. The prize is a copy of the Sega Saturn version of first Biohazard title; which was released a year after the original Biohazard on the PlayStation. reactions for the week:

· Relief over the end of speculation over key elements of Biohazard 5.

· The announcement of a release of another Biohazard title remake is promising for those who want to see titles such as Bio 2 & Bio 3. Such announcements have a funny way of acting as precedent…….

· Nice to see that Capcom is taking all the necessary steps in order to preserve the integrity and spirit of Biohazard for the long haul. We suspect that they have much more surprises in store for us as time goes on…..Especially as time in Tokyo “approaches”…..

As Always, we @ Biohaze work tirelessly to ensure our users are updated with all the relevant news and info as it breaks. So be sure to check in often, because you may never know what might sa’TURN’ up at any moment!

Volume 002
October 5th, 2008

Week Status:

According to the latest issue of games TM magazine, which featured Biohazard 5 as the cover story, a demo for the game is likely to be released early next year for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over their online platforms, PSN and Xbox Live respectively. The demo will most likely be set in the urban areas shown in the footage at this past years E3 expo. The issue also revealed the presence of a new control scheme which allows for strafing; the first title to offer such a feature in the Biohazard series. This new scheme was apparently heavily influenced by the Xbox 360 game Gears of War and has officially been given the name “D-Type.” Keep in mind however that this control scheme will be optional and will accompany a more traditional control scheme. Other details from the magazine include the confirmation of an alliance between Albert Wesker and TriCell’s Excella Gionne, and the fact that certain BOWs from previous titles will appear in the game as well. The magazine also showed screenshots that had recently appeared in Famitsu Magazine.

Also announced this week via a Sony Pictures press release was the world premiere of the new animated feature film, RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION. The press release can be viewed here.

Finally this week, a new Interview with Jun Takeuchi, the man behind Biohazard 5, was posted by Capcom IR. The interview can be viewed here. reactions for the week:

· Excitement over the news of a Playable demo coming in mere months!!

· The “D-Type” control scheme most likely represents Capcom’s desire to make Biohazard 5 more appealing to as many gamers as possible. We feel that this shows Capcom’s desire to further enter the mainstream in an effort to convert new gamers to the series as well. It is great news however that the scheme is also optional and having a two scheme configuration should provide two unique gameplay experiences for us in the community.

· We’re also pretty excited that the film DEGENERATION is premiering within weeks!! It feels great to actually look forward to seeing a Biohazard film for a change..…..

As Always, be sure to check in often, because you may never know what might turn up at any moment!

Volume 003
October 19th, 2008

Week Status:

What a time to be a Biohazard fan! Over the last two weeks we have seen a deluge of information and footage which we here at Biohaze have painstakingly updated into the main site. The Tokyo Game Show was an impressive show to say the least and we gained tremendous insight into Biohazard 5 and the upcoming film DEGENERATION. Luckily for us at Biohaze, we were even able to sneak staff member cvxfreak into the show and he was able to snag some exclusive video and photographic footage for us along with some extensive impressions of the floor demo!

Regarding Biohazard 5; here are some key details:

· Offline Co-op is confirmed for both versions
· The control sets for both versions were revealed, including exact button layouts and both control schemes (View)

· New in-game environments were shown, including a cave area which harks back to the level design found in Biohazard 4.

· Biohazard 5 producer Takeuchi has agreed to promote Biohazard 5 vis-à-vis PlayStation's Home space.

· Biohazard 5 will also support Sony’s PlayStation 3 Trophy system.

· On the last day of the Tokyo Game Show, Biohazard 5 received the "Future Award" from the show patrons as one of the most anticipated games.

· Bio 5 will be playable at the European Expo October 28-29 in the United Kingdom. The article can be viewed here: (View)

Regarding the upcoming film DEGENERATION, here is what we have found out:

· A new trailer was released at the show; the direct feed version can be viewed here: (View)
· The Degeneration OST will be released in Japan on December 12th for ¥ 3,990.

· The mobile game based on Degeneration is going to utilize the newly developed Airplay SDK kit, which should allow for grant unprecedented graphics and unparalleled gameplay for handheld devices.

· The popular game magazine Game Informer featured a short preview of Degeneration accompanied with an interview with developers Kobayashi and Kamiya.

· In another interview Kamiya went on the record and spoke of a possible sequel; stating that as long as sales of Degeneration are strong on the Blu-ray and DVD formats, a sequel will become more likely.


· In a rather disturbing development, Paul W.S. Anderson is currently scheduled to pen the narrative for the fourth Resident Evil film, tentatively called: Resident Evil: Afterlife. The news article can be viewed here, under extreme caution: (View)

· The Nintendo Wii version of Biohazard Remake is now available for pre-order through the online vendor The official website for the game has also been updated with a new distinct look which can be viewed here: (View)

Regarding updates to itself, a number of new features include:

· Videos, screenshots, and impressions regarding Biohazard 5 and Biohazard DEGENERATION
· New Web poll
· Biohazard 5 control schematic diagram
· Biohazard 5 game page makeover
· Cosmetic makeover for entire site
· New “Africa” theme for the forum
· Biohaze member news submission feature launched
· Raffle for the Sega Saturn version of Biohazard
· Official DEGENERATION wallpapers uploaded (HERE) reactions for the week:

· Extreme fatigue!! The sheer volume of footage and information regarding Biohazard has been unfathomable. While there is not enough room within this log to cover all of the nuances and details regarding all of the developments of Biohazard 5, be sure to look at our hands-on feature done by cvxfreak as well as the Biohazard 5 page itself to get caught up with all the exciting developments.

· Overall, we feel extremely excited about Bio 5 and the anticipation for March seems to be fervent amongst the entire community. The return of Albert Wesker is obviously a HUGE part of this and his expanded presence in Biohazard 5 leads to some interesting speculation. The other major bombshell would have to be the alleged “death” of Jill Valentine and the presence of the mysterious Birdwoman. Combine that with the appearances of Spencer and the “girl in the cryotube” and you have one hell of a survival horror mystery. The next few months should prove to be very interesting; I suspect that the Biohazard community at large will be enveloped in a certain level of elaborate and exhausting discourse and that no detail or element of any trailer or demo will pass unnoticed.

· Regarding Bio 5 gameplay, the game mechanics seem much more fluid and tight than we have seen in previous builds. The game engine seems to be coming into its own now and along with the audio and graphical components the game is beginning to form its own identity unique from the previous titles in the series. While there is still much more to be seen from Biohazard 5, (including an upcoming playable demo!) we here at Biohaze have seen our reservations towards the title dissipate considerably and our confidence in Capcom has been renewed. We feel that as long as the traditional control scheme remains intact and that no radical gameplay elements are introduced late into the development process; Biohazard 5 will be a title that transcends the gaming industry and will represent the paragon of artistic creativity within the gaming community. We feel that the title has the potential to be the landmark next generation title within the gaming industry and that it could become the benchmark in game design for generations to come. In the same notion that Biohazard 4 “revolutionized” the gaming world; we feel that Biohazard 5 could have the same effect, except on a much vaster scale.

This update would not be possible if it was not for the Biohaze staff; many thanks are in order for Yama, cvxfreak, and Sandbox for their continuous efforts in updating the various sections of the site and for their hard work and diligent content management. Please understand that in times of such rapid news turnover, some site features and elements may take longer to become fully updated completely supported. It is in times like these that we need the support of the members of Biohaze community in directing news stories and articles our way in order to make the comprehensive Biohazard site on the web. We are happy to say that since the submit news feature was implemented, we have received tremendous support from the community and it has lead to improved site management. We would like to thank all of you who have participated in the program so far and we encourage all of you to submit news or articles that you find interesting or beneficial to the whole of the Biohazard community. This site is only as strong as the people who use it and we would like to get as many of you involved in the process for the betterment of the community and for the sake of promoting stimulating and provocative discourse within the realm of Biohazard. Thanks again for all of your collective efforts!

As Always, be sure to check in often, because you may never know what might turn up at any moment!

Volume 004
October 29th, 2008

Week Status:

After the tremendous fallout of the Tokyo Game Show, things are starting to get back to normal within the world of Biohazard. It was an arduous process to upload and sift through all of the various media but we here at Biohaze felt that it was worth the time to get everything just right for our loyal supporters. Be sure to check out the Biohazard 5 game page as well as Cvxfreak’s hands-on impressions of the game at TGS.

Regarding Biohazard 5:

· In an interview with Wesker's motion actor Ken Lally, it was confirmed that the enigmatic Spencer will appear in the game.

· A new trailer was shown at the premiere of the new Biohazard CGI film Degeneration. The trailer showed the girl in the red dress covered in blood pleading for assistance from Chris and Sheva on a boat.

BrotherSoft reports Capcom is working on an iPhone port of Biohazard 5.

· BrotherSoft reports Capcom is working on an iPhone port of Biohazard 5.

· In a recent Game Trailers interview with director Jun Takeuchi, a variety of issues are discussed related to the game including the number of hours of the gameplay; the game is supposedly to feature more than 30 hours of action!

· Producer Kawata was recently interviewed by Computer and Videogames.

Regarding the upcoming film DEGENERATION:

· has written a synopsis for Degeneration, detailing various special features and pricing structure.

· The New York City premiere of Degeneration will be held on November 13th at Tribeca Cinemas. reactions for the week:

· More exciting news this week regarding Biohazard 5. The game looks to be the biggest title as far as scope is concerned within the series. The appearance of Spencer in the game is a delightful surprise while the thirty hours of gameplay is certainly more than most of us here expected and this leads us to wonder what else Capcom has up their sleeves. What other surprises they will throw at us before March?

· Degeneration continues to intrigue here at Biohaze and we cannot wait for the premiere to hit the US in mere weeks!

As Always, be sure to check in often, because you may never know what might turn up at any moment!
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