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Biohazard 5 (バイオハザード 5) Controls
(Tokyo Game Show 2008 Demonstration)

(Hover over image to switch Pad Type)

(L) + Fwd Move  (L) + Fwd  Move 
(L) + Back  Move Back  (L) + Back  Move Back 
(L) + L/R Rotate  (L) + L/R  Strafe 
(R)  Camera  (R) (Rotate) 
(L1)  Ready Knife  (L1)  Ready Gun 
(L1) + Square  Swing Knife  (L1) + (R1)  Shoot Gun 
(R1)  Ready Gun  (L1) + X  Reload 
(R1) + Square  Shoot Gun  (L2)  Ready Knife 
(R1) + X  Reload  (L2) + (R1)  Swing Knife 
Square  Action Button / OK Square  Action Button / OK
Cancel  Cancel 
Circle  Team Action / Call
Circle  Team Action / Call
Triangle  Change Weapon
Triangle  Change Weapon



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