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Bio Hazard Director's Cut for the PlayStation Portable is currently available via the Japanese and Hong Kong PlayStation Store for $5.99. A stateside and Canadian release is likely in the near future. A PlayStation 3 is needed to access the store and transfer the game to the PSP.

Biohazard Director's Cut for the PlayStation Portable is a perfect translation of the original. Long time fans of the series will appreciate the quality of the port. Being the Japanese version, the true uncut intro and first zombie encounter scene are in their entirety, something a NTSC version has yet to see. The only addition is the ability to change the aspect ratio of the game. This option is enabled by the PSP menu, it is not an in-game option.

The perfect translation is accompanied by a near identical button layout, thanks to the PSP's similarity to the original PSone controller. The commands are identical because of this, there were no substitutions or alterations made to the default control scheme. Response time is identical to the original and there is no 180 degree quick turn, being a direct translation.

With all of the similarities mentioned, I'm sure some wonder if anything is better? The answer is yes. The graphics as a whole look sharper and the colors more vivid. The difference is quite impressive actually. The load times have also improved. Despite the original door (load) scenes staying in the game, they serve as nostalgia and keep the perfect port intact. Saves are transferred to the Memory Stick instead of a Memory Card. This allows players more freedom to use all of the available save lines.

Overall this is the most solid port of the game to date, competing with both the Saturn and PC versions. If you are lucky enough to own both a PSP and PlayStation 3, definitely part with the small asking price of $5.99 and enjoy Bio Hazard anywhere you go.


  • Sharper and more vivid display.

  • Faster load times.

  • Easier save system.

  • Identical controls.

  • Bio Hazard on the go.


  • Complicated process to get the game.

  • Doesn't always feel the same on a small display.


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